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Alabama Officials React to Trump Impeachment Inquiry

Written by on September 26, 2019

On Tuesday, September 24th, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi announced that the House Representatives would launch a formal inquiry of impeachment into the actions of U.S. President Donald Trump.  It had been reported earlier that an anonymous whistleblower complaint had been filed against the President in relation to a phone call with the newly elected President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky.  It is alleged by Democrats that President Trump offered a Quid Pro Quo to President Zelensky.  Reports are that President Trump implied that he would unfreeze $400 million dollars in defense monetary aid to the country in exchange for President Zelensky ‘finding dirt’ or Former Vice President and current frontrunner for the Democratic Nomination for President, Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

Democrats have promised the impeachment inquiry will focus on this potential abuse of power breach of American Election Law.  The impeachment of President Trump is also something that the base of the Democratic voter block has demanded since the 2016 Presidential Elections.

This political earthquake out of Washington D.C. has rocked the nation, and voters and elected official alike are reacting.

Responses from Alabama’s congressional delegation include Representative Terri Sewell who had this to say:

This is a sobering moment in our nation’s history, when the rule of law and constitutional duty require Congress to move swiftly to protect our national security and the integrity of our democracy. The President, by his own admission, has put Congress in an untenable position. Yesterday, the President admitted to asking the Ukrainian government to interfere with a political rival and threatened to withhold critical military aid to our ally if their government did not comply with his demand. The events surrounding the whistleblower complaint are the final straw in a series of troubling and disconcerting actions by President Trump and his administration. This failure of the Trump Administration to disclose the whistleblower complaint to Congress flies in the face of the intent of the law; the President’s stunning admission shows a complete disregard for the constitutional duties he has sworn to uphold. No one is above the law, including the President of the United States of America.

Representative Robert Aderholt, who represents the 4th district:

Since the Democrats took control of the House of Representatives in January, impeachment has been first and foremost on the minds of most of the Democrat Caucus.  While most of their constituents hoped to see the Democrat majority work on better trade deals, infrastructure funding, and real immigration reform, the new majority has been working on overturning the results of the 2016 election, as it did not turn out as they expected.  I think most Americans want Congress to focus on issues that help families and strengthen the economy, rather than impeaching this President.

Representative Bradley Byrne, who represents coastal Alabama and is running for the United States Senate seat held by Senator Doug Jones said:

I will vehemently fight these efforts to impeach President Trump. The radical Squad has taken over the Democrat Party, and the American people will see right through this nonsense.  President Trump has been the conservative leader that our country needs and Democrats just can’t stand that he is getting the job done. I have a straightforward question for Alabama’s Democrat Senator Doug Jones: do you support these impeachment proceedings? Every leader in our country should have to say whether they stand with President Trump and the American people or if they stand with the Socialist Squad.

Representative Mo Brooks replied:

The Constitution states a president can only be impeached for ‘Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.’ Hatred, dislike or a desire for Socialism & Open Borders do not support gutting the people’s will and overturning properly held elections. Socialist Democrats have yet to produce ANY credible evidence of President Trump’s violation of a SINGLE, SPECIFIC federal criminal statute that constitutes ‘Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors. Frankly, if Socialist Democrats had evidence proving guilt, they would have already impeached President Trump. Further, the Bill Clinton fiasco established the Congressional standard for impeachment. Under the 14th Amendment’s Equal Protection Clause, Congress should not impeach ANY president for any crime equal to or less than the felonies committed by President Clinton: felony perjury and obstruction of justice. After all, President Clinton was not removed from office even though he confessed to committing felonies while in office. Treating different presidents “unequally” is a hyper-partisan miscarriage of justice & violation of the 14th Amendment. I look forward to upcoming hearings revealing whether there is credible evidence of an impeachable offense or whether this is just another ‘Russian Collusion Witch-Hunt,’ as everything to date suggests it is. In any event, I will abide by my oath of office to defend and protect the Constitution. I will examine all the evidence. I will apply that evidence to governing federal criminal statutes. I will apply the 14th Amendment equal protection principles. I will vote accordingly.

While not directly commenting on the inquiry announced by Speaker Pelosi, Alabama’s Senior Senator, Richard Shelby did say those impeachment proceedings could shut down the Federal Government again, less than a year after the last one.

Elected officials were not the only ones to chime in.  Candidates looking to challenge Senator Doug Jones also released statements. 

In addition to the statement released by Rep. Byrne, Roy Moore said:

I am sick and tired of petty party politics. President Trump has been under investigation ever since he took office. Were the Clintons or Obamas ever under as much scrutiny as Trump currently is? Both parties should spend more time focusing on real issues and stop using their positions to play political games with the media. It is ridiculous that this is the subject of national news when there are so many other things to address.” Tommy Tuberville responded with “They are focused on a fairytale instead of what they were elected to do. The people of the state of Alabama aren’t going to listen to that mess. We have a crisis at our border; we have homeless veterans, we have crumbling infrastructure, and yet the democrats are focused on this…. Democrats need to be like the rest of America and get to work. As your Senator, I will stand with the President and fight the attack on America by the left.

Candidates looking to replace Byrne as Congressperson from the First Congressional District were also asked to weigh in.  Former State Senator Bill Hightower said:

The radical Left’s obsession with somehow invalidating the election of Donald Trump as President has gone too far.  This distraction toward impeachment just creates another round of costly taxpayer-funded investigations that will lead nowhere.  It is high time this Congress stops these political games and starts doing the people’s business.  We have so many other issues that need to be addressed in this country and spending more time and money on this obsession must stop.

Mobile County Commissioner Jerry Carl responded:

The Democrat party’s hysteria is at an all-time high and they still cannot accept the fact that Donald Trump is President. Much like what Nancy Pelosi said in 1998, the Democrats are “paralyzed with hatred,” and until they “free themselves of this hatred our country will suffer.”  Businessman Wes Lambert weighed in by saying, “I believe the impeachment inquiry is a continued way to stretch the impeachment narrative without the formal impeachment process according to the constitution.  With regards to Ukraine, I believe we need to wait and see the facts that come out of the story and not jump to conclusions as the democrats always do.

Kiani Gardner, a scientist, foster and adoptive mother running as a Democrat for the 1st Congressional District stated:

I believe it is a sad day for every American when we find ourselves questioning the integrity and fidelity of the President of the United States. All elected officials, regardless of party, should be held to the highest ethical standards. The accusations against the President and the transcript released of the phone call between Mr. Trump and Mr. Zelensky are certainly alarming if proved to be true. An impeachment inquiry provides the opportunity for a full investigation and I have full faith in the inquiry process and subsequent recommendations. The American people deserve to know the truth and they deserve a leader who speaks the truth and conducts himself in a way that is above reproach.

Gary Palmer released a statement on Twitter that he will vote no for impeachment.

I plan to stand with the Constitution in the impeachment inquiry into President Trump. This is not about high crimes & misdemeanors, but politics. If this progresses to articles of impeachment, I will vote no, consistent with the Constitution.

Representatives Mike Rogers, Martha Roby, along with Senator Doug Jones and other candidates for federal office did not respond to requests for comment on this story. If comments are provided this story will be updated.

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