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Alabama’s Healthcare System Isn’t Built to Withstand A COVID-19 Pandemic

By Dakota Layton on March 28, 2020

As of today, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has confirmed 103,321 cases of COVID-19 within the United States of America and they…

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AL Democrats Look To Tackle Coronavirus And Healthcare Issues

By Brent Wilson on March 12, 2020

In the next few hours, Rep. Laura Hall (D-Huntsville), Rep. Mary Moore (D-Birmingham), and Rep. Neil Rafferty (D-Birmingham) will hold a press conference to introduce four pieces of legislation…

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Alabama Hospitals To Benefit From $78 Million Additional State, Federal Funds

By Brent Wilson on October 2, 2019

Governor Kay Ivey on Wednesday announced that she has released an extra, conditional state appropriation that when matched with federal dollars will provide a total of $78 million in extra payments to state hospitals…

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Expanding Alabama Medicaid Needs to Happen Now

By Clete Wetli on May 13, 2019 | Opinion

Medicaid expansion shouldn’t be a politically polarizing issue when it’s clear that our current path is unsustainable…

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