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Gov. Ivey Signs Alabama Medical Marijuana Bill

By Brent Wilson on June 10, 2019

Gov. Kay Ivey signed SB 236 into law today. The bill, sponsored by Tim Melson (R-Florence), will set up a commission to study the best path forward for legalizing medical marijuana…

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AL Medical Marijuana Public Hearing Over; Sub. Bill Expected Wednesday

By Brent Wilson on May 28, 2019

A public hearing was held today to receive feedback on potentially legalizing medical marijuana in Alabama.

The House Health Committee heard from proponents and opponents of the bill during an hour-long hearing.

The proponents…

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Blue: Legal; Dark Green: Legal For Medical Use; Light Green: Legal for medical use, limited THC content; Grey: Prohibited for any use; D: Decriminalized

Alabama Medical Marijuana Bill Likely To See Major Changes

By Brent Wilson on May 25, 2019

The CARE Act, Alabama’s medical marijuana bill, saw a relatively easy path through the Senate but the House is poised to completely change the current bill.

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Dustin Chandler: If Alabama’s Medical Marijuana Bill Fails, Carly’s Law Will Go Away

By Brent Wilson on May 20, 2019

Dustin Chandler appeared on the Matt & Aunie Show today to discuss the Medical Marijuana bill which he fears may be in danger of not getting a vote in the House.

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