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Dustin Chandler: If Alabama’s Medical Marijuana Bill Fails, Carly’s Law Will Go Away

Written by on May 20, 2019
Dustin Chandler on the Matt & Aunie show. Skip to 8:00 for Medical Marijuana discussion.

Dustin Chandler appeared on the Matt & Aunie Show today to discuss the Medical Marijuana bill which he fears may be in danger of not getting a vote in the House.

If you don’t know who Dustin Chandler is, he is the father of Carly, which Carly’s Law is named after. Carly’s law allows for CBD based oil to be used to treat severe seizures, which his daughter suffered from. He also is a very strong advocate of the CARE Act, which would bring medical marijuana to the state.

The conversation starts off talking about how Paul Lee (R-Dothan) may be intentionally stalling the bill in Committee and then goes on to talk about the bill itself.

“This is something if you read the bill, it is so well written, in my opinion, that it is a no brainer”, Chandler said.

“I do know this, that Mac McCutcheon has been a supporter. I think Speaker McCutcheon needs to know there is a lot of support out in the public.”

The interview soon takes a more personal turn when the discussion turns to why the bill is being stalled.

“We’re not talking about, oh, this is your typical medical marijuana bill and here we go and the opposition likes to say we are just going to recreational next,” he said. “That’s not true. There is no basis for that statement. That is playing on fear and ignorance, which they have always done in this state.”

A bit later he further expands on his fear and ignorance statement.

“We can do so much with this bill with the Universities in Alabama, every one of them has a stake in this, however, we want to go and play the fear and ignorance card and discount all of that.

Chandler goes on to say that if the CARE Act fails then Carly’s Law will “go away”. Carly’s Law is up for renewal and the renewal of the law is tied into the CARE Act.

Chandler says that he is going to talk to as many lawmakers as he can and let them know that if the bill dies people will be hurt and that will be on their hands.

If you are interested in following updates on the bill, Carly’s Law Facebook page is actively updating its followers. Please take some time to listen to the full interview which can be found embedded above or here at 8:00 minutes.

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