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AL Sheriffs Release Statement On Changes To Concealed Carry Permits

Written by on February 24, 2020

In the past 13 months, Alabamians have encountered a terrible onslaught of violent conduct towards law enforcement officers. We have suffered a record seven deaths of law enforcement officers in Alabama alone as a result of handgun violence.

Recognizing this disturbing trend, the Alabama Sheriffs Association is announcing the creation of a new information system designed for the protection and assistance of all law enforcement officers in the State of Alabama. The Alabama Responding Officer Warning System (AROWS) is designed to verify the validity of an Alabama issued Concealed Carry Permit and will be automatically accessed by law enforcement through the L.E.T.S./ACJIC criminal justice information system any time an officer performs a traffic stop or engages in other law enforcement investigations. Among other data, it will contain critical information such as recent arrests for violent offenses to give officers a clear picture of the persons they are dealing with. 

House Bill 308, introduced in the Alabama Legislature last Thursday, codifies the AROWS system. It is sponsored by Representatives Shane Stringer, Rex Reynolds, Allen Farley, Gil Isbell, Rhett Marques, Phillip Pettus, Matt Simpson, Jeff Sorrells, Ginny Shaver, Artis McCampbell, Tommy Hanes, Nathaniel Ledbetter, and Kerry Rich.

In addition to the statewide concealed carry permit repository, HB308 also standardizes the appearance, size and information content of all concealed carry pistol permits across the state to better assist officers in recognizing fraudulent concealed carry permits.

Montgomery County Sheriff Derrick Cunningham, current president of the Alabama Sheriffs Association commented on the AROWS system saying, “We owe an absolute duty to every Alabama officer who puts his life on the line for us every day to see that he or she makes it home to their family safely. The AROWS system is a huge step towards arming him with as much information as possible to ensure that happens and we don’t suffer yet another officer shot or killed.” 

In recent legislative sessions there have been efforts to remove the local sheriff’s ability to oversee the issuance, monitoring, and revocation of pistol permits and transfer this duty to an overworked and understaffed state agency in Montgomery. Sheriffs are in our communities, at our schools, in our churches, and on our streets every day protecting and serving our citizens. They come in contact with both good law-abiding citizens as well as the bad ones. They know their constituents better than anyone and it is critical that he or she remain in this role. 

We applaud the Alabama Legislature for their assistance in this effort. Members of both the House of Representatives and the Alabama Senate have been extremely supportive and helpful in making sure our law enforcement officers are kept safe. This collaborative effort between the Alabama Legislature and the Alabama Sheriffs is a great example of governmental entities collaborating to keep all Alabama citizens safe and well protected. 

The Sheriffs of Alabama will hold a press conference on Tuesday, February 25th, at 1:30 pm on the front steps of the State House to discuss the above release.

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