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Concealed Carry Supporters Slam Alabama Sheriffs Association

Written by on February 27, 2020
United States constitution and gun rights
A handgun symbolizing gun rights while framed against the United States constitution.

A large gun-rights organization in Alabama is taking to social media to call for opposition to three bills filed in Alabama that would create a centralized database of citizens that are approved for a concealed carry permit.

Eddie Fulmer, the founder of Bama Carry, INC and a former City Council member in Northport, AL, created a post under the Bama Carry Facebook page calling for all members to oppose HB308 (Shane Stringer), SB47 (Randy Price), and HB39 (Proncey Robertson).


Of the bills listed, HB308 is the one that seems to have the most momentum. The Alabama Sheriffs Association has publicly endorsed the bill and is supported by Republicans Shane StringerRex ReynoldsAllen FarleyGil IsbellRhett MarquesPhillip PettusMatt SimpsonJeff SorrellsGinny ShaverTommy HanesNathaniel Ledbetter, and Kerry Rich with one Democrat Artis McCampbell.

HB308 would create a statewide information database relating to pistol permits issued by the sheriff of each county, to be known as the Alabama Responding Officer Warning System (AROWS). The bill would also create a streamlined pistol permit that is the same across each county.

The National Association for Gun Rights President Dudley Brown also opposed all three bills in an email sent out to supporters writing, “If this bill passes, President of the ASA and Montgomery County Sheriff, Derrick Cunningham — who is no friend to gun owners — would be placed in charge of this ever-expanding repository of gun owners.”

Brown goes on to ask, “Why is Sheriff Cunningham and the ASA focused on infringing on the rights of law-abiding gun owners instead of spending their time stopping criminals?”

The Alabama Sheriffs Association says that HB308 will help law enforcement writing, “The Alabama Responding Officer Warning System (AROWS) is designed to verify the validity of an Alabama issued Concealed Carry Permit and will be automatically accessed by law enforcement through the L.E.T.S./ACJIC criminal justice information system any time an officer performs a traffic stop or engages in other law enforcement investigations. Among other data, it will contain critical information such as recent arrests for violent offenses to give officers a clear picture of the persons they are dealing with.”

All three bills have been referred to a committee that will decide whether or not to give favor to the bills and send them to the full House or Senate.

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