Alabama Medical Marijuana Bill Passes Committee

Brent Wilson | February 19, 2020
Marijuana cannabis leaves and stethoscope.

The Senate Judiciary Committee voted 8-1 in favor of a bill filed by Tim Melson (R-Florence) called the Compassion Act which would legalize medical marijuana in the state of Alabama. One person abstained from voting.

The bill moves on to the full Senate for a debate and vote. The Alabama Senate passed a similar bill last year, only to see it die in the House.

Alabama Senate Pro Tem Del Marsh, (R-Anniston) says he believes there is strong support for the bill in the Senate. However, House Speaker Mac McCutcheon, (R-Monrovia) has said that opposition to the bill still remains in the House.

Brent Wilson was born and raised in Huntsville, Alabama and is the Owner and Chief Editor of
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