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Alabama Medical Marijuana Bill Passes Senate

By Brent Wilson on March 12, 2020

Alabama is one step closer to having access to medical marijuana.

The Alabama Senate passed SB165 from Senator Tim Melson (R-Florence) with a vote of 22-11. The bill would be the strictest…

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Marijuana cannabis leaves and stethoscope isolated on white background.

Alabama Medical Marijuana Bill Passes Committee

By Brent Wilson on February 19, 2020

The Senate Judiciary Committee voted 8-1 in favor of a bill filed by Tim Melson (R-Florence) called the Compassion Act which would legalize medical marijuana in the state of Alabama. One person…

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Hearing and Possible Vote on Medical Marijuana Bill Expected This Week

By Dakota Layton on February 17, 2020

On Wednesday, the Alabama Senate Judiciary Committee is expected to have a hearing on Senator Tim Melson’s medical marijuana bill, SB165. It is possible that the Senate will have a vote on the…

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