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Welcome To BamaPolitics.com

Written by on January 10, 2018
Bama Politics Cover
Bama Politics Cover

Today BamaPolitics is launching in what will be a never ending journey to provide the most reliable source of information for Alabamians when it comes to politics in the state of Alabama. Whether you wish to keep up with your immediate Representatives, follow the latest legislation or simply debate others in our forum, I hope this site can provide a great experience for you.

Things are still a bit messy but organization of data flow was my biggest concern going into this. I think there is a good system down now. For example, you can start by visiting our anemic but straight to the point Alabama page. This will open you up to being able to choose to browse our elected officials, choose to view legislation or choose to browse each county in the state.

I started working on this site in early November 2018 not really knowing where it would end up. So far it has exceeded my expectations and now, I guess you can say I am in it for the long haul.

This blog won’t just be used for site updates. There are far too many interesting things happening in Alabama not to cover them. Look forward to some interesting articles ahead.

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