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Marshall County Sheriff Office Website Taken Offline By Former Sheriff Scott Walls

Written by on January 30, 2019
Scott Walls
Scott Walls

It appears that former Sheriff of Marshall County Scott Walls owned the domain name associated with the official website of the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office. The domain marshallcosheriff.org was the official website until around January 14th, 2019. That is when Walls changed the DNS entries that pointed the domain to the servers that were hosting the website. January 13th was Walls last day in office.

Now the website loads a default landing page provided by GoDaddy that asks you if you want to buy the domain name, which was registered for the first time on June 20th, 2005.

How Walls was able to obtain control of the domain name is not clear. If he had access to the account that registered the domain he could have easily transferred it out of that account to one of his own or simply just changed the password so that others could not gain access.

Phil Sims, the current Sheriff who unseated Scott Walls said Marshall County has had to resort to purchasing a new domain, marshallso.org which now loads the Marshall County Sheriff’s website.

Comparing archives of the old website to the current one at marshallso.org show that they are very different which also raises questions to whether or not that Walls had access to the data and servers and not just the domain name.

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