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Blaine Galliher

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Status: Out of Office
Party: Republican
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Birthday: January 13, 1949 75

Sponsored Bills

View legislative bills that Blaine Galliher has sponsored.

St. Clair Co., warrant recall fee for City of Moody
Methamphetamine laboratories (meth labs), decontamination and certificate of inspection by Health Department, public disclosure of location required to be recorded on website
Bail bonds, fees collected by person issuing, fee paid upon adjudication of case, distrib. to Unified Judicial Systems, Solicitor's Fund, court clerks and sheriff
Immigration law, provision barring unlawfully present alien from attending postsecondary school clarified, lawsuits for failure to enforce laws, procedures revised, documentation for lawful presence, military identification authorized, voter registration provisions modified, certain lawful presence verification for certain subsequent issuance and renewals of certain licenses, procedures and penalties for employing unauthorized alien, penalties for certain lawsuits relating to employment practices, Secs. 31-13-3, 31-13-5, 31-13-6, 31-13-8, 31-13-9, 31-13-13, 31-13-19, 31-13-20, 31-13-23, 31-13-26, 31-13-28, 31-13-29, 32-6-9, 32-6-10.1 am'd; Act 2011-535, 2011 Reg. Sess., am'd
Etowah Co., elected officials authorized to participate in Employees' Retirement System in lieu of supernumerary program, const. amend.
Taxation, income tax credit for K-12 teachers for purchase of qualified classroom supplies, Article 12, Sec. 40-18-320, Title 40, Code of Alabama 1975, added
Crimes and offenses, gambling, person defined, penalties, Secs. 13A-12-20, 13A-12-22, 13A-12-23, 13A-12-24, 13A-12-27 am'd
Insurance, State Employees' Insurance Board to include one year of hazardous duty time for every five years as a correctional officer awarded to correctional officers under Employees' Retirement System and Teachers' Retirement System, Sec. 36-29-19.7 am'd; Act 2011-698, 2011 Regular Sesssion am'd (2012-20347)
Controlled substances, crime of possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute, created, penalties, Sec. 13A-12-211 am'd (2012-20422)
Methamphetamines, further regulation of the sale of ephedrine and pseudoephedrine products, licensed pharmacies solely authorized to sell, criminal penalties enhanced, membership of Alabama Drug Abuse Task Force revised, Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center to create an electronic drug offender tracking system, Secs. 13A-12-260, 20-2-190 am'd; Sec. 20-2-190.2 added
Health benefit plans, group insurance, coverage of autism spectrum disorder to age 18 under certain conditions, Secs. 10A-20-6.16, 27-21A-23 am'd
Health Care Sharing Ministries Freedom to Share Act, program for matching of health care and financial needs, disclaimers required, program not subject to Insurance Department regulations
Crime of Looting, established, penalties, violation would be Class C felony
Vital Records, State Registrar authorized to issue Certificate of Foreign Birth without judicial proceedings if certain criteria are satisfied, Karina's Law, Sec. 22-9A-11.1 added
Public School and College Authority, authorized to sell and issue additional bonds for capital improvements for public education and for training workers for industries, Education Training Act
Secondary metals recycler, additional records to be maintained, purchases of specified metal property limited, registration with ACJIC, required, database of metal property sales created, criminal penalties, purchase of specified metal property prohibited, Secs. 13A-8-30 to 13A-8-37, inclusive, 13A-8-39 am'd; Secs. 13A-8-31.1, 13A-8-31.2, 13A-8-35.1, 13A-8-37.1, 13A-8-37.2 added
Public assistance, fraud in obtaining, crime established, penalties, theft of services, knowledge requirement deleted, Sec. 13A-8-10 am'd.
Department of Labor, Child Labor Division, terms clarified, public display of Child Labor Certificate, adult establishment defined and employment of children at limited; civil penalties provided, role of department further provided for, Secs. 25-8-32.1, 25-8-33, 25-8-38, 25-8-44, 25-8-52, 25-8-59, 25-8-60 am'd
Supplemental appropriations from Education Trust Fund to Education Department for teachers certified by National Board of Professional Teaching Standards (2012-20090)
Human Resources Dept, TANF, drug testing for substance abuse based on reasonable suspicion for eligibility for benefits, required, ineligibility under certain conditions, department to implement
Veterans, additional tax credits for previously unemployed veterans who became employed or began a business, "Heroes for Hire " Act
Administrative Procedure Act, rules affecting small business, small business economic impact and regulatory flexibility analysis required under certain conditions, agencies to review rules every five years for effect on small businesses, Secs. 41-22-5.1, 41-22-5.2 added
Education, local boards of education authorized to provide for released time religious instruction in public high schools as an elective course for credit
Health Care Compact established, consent of U. S. Congress secured for return of authority to member states to regulate health care, Interstate Advisory Health Care Commission established, membership, duties, terms, funding
Student harassment prevention, reassignment of students to another school, Education Department to post model policy on Internet website, immunity for reporting harassment, Student Harassment Prevention Act or the Alex Moore Anti-Bullying Act, Secs. 16-28B-1, 16-28B-4, 16-28B-5, 16-28B-9 am'd.
Aircraft, certain, any parts, components, and systems used in the conversion, reconfiguration, or maintenance of, exempt from sales tax, not applicable to local sales tax unless approved, Sec. 40-23-4 am'd.
Immigration, legal status and/or proof of citizenship, verification of eligibility to enter into business transactions with state or political subdivision, Uniformed Services Privilege and Identification card authorized, Act 2011-535, 2011 Reg. Sess. am'd.; Sec. 31-13-29 am'd.
Motor vehicles, self-propelled camper, house car, recreational vehicle, annual registration fee, exception, Sec. 40-12-248 am'd.
Property, crimes of falsely removing an instrument from recording and falsely filing instruments against public official, penalties, transfer of proceedings for removal to circuit court, Sec. 13A-9-12 am'd.

Emergency Management Agency, required to issue photo identification cards to first responders, i.e., firefighters, law enforcement officers, and emergency medical personnel, who assist in disaster relief
Etowah Co., sales and use tax, portion of proceeds distributed to capital projects, use for salary of certified personnel of school systems and Gadsden State Community College authorized during proration, Act 95-284, 1995 Reg. Sess.; Act 2009-591, 2009 Reg. Sess. am'd.
Education, local boards of education authorized to provide for released time religious instruction in public high schools as an elective course for credit
Etowah Co., alcoholic beverages, beer tax pursuant to Section 28-3-190, Code of Alabama 1975, distribution further provided for
Health care providers, physicians, etc., requiring disclosure regarding firearm ownership, prohibited, medical record inclusion of firearm information or disclosure of information about firearm ownership, prohibited, civil penalties, exceptions
Public contracts, competitive bids, potential conflict of interest, members and officers of public entities may have financial interest in public contract if contract existed before public service begins or member or officer does not participate in decision process, Sec. 41-16-60 am'd.
Mental Health Department, licensure for care or treatment for mental or emotional illness or intellectual disability, licensed professional counselor and a church or ministry providing religious services excepted, mental illness and substance abuse treatment defined, Secs. 22-50-1, 22-50-17 am'd. (2011-20665)
Economic development, tax incentives authorized to certain companies and educational institutions for locating new or expanding business in state, or a retention project, capital investment and job requirements, Alabama Development Office and Revenue Department to recommend to Governor, Industrial Development Authority to approve project for incentive (2011-20902)
Industrial Development Authority, members, composition altered to include President Pro Tempore of Senate or designee and Speaker of the House or designee, Sec. 41-10-25 am'd.
Dental Examiners of Alabama, Board of, dentists and dental hygienists, regulation and licensure, substantially revised, Sec. 34-9-7.2 added; Secs. 34-9-2, 34-9-3, 34-9-5, 34-9-6, 34-9-6.1, 34-9-7, 34-9-8, 34-9-9, 34-9-10, 34-9-13, 34-9-15, 34-9-15.1, 34-9-16, 34-9-18, 34-9-20, 34-9-21, 34-9-22, 34-9-24, 34-9-26, 34-9-27, 34-9-28, 34-9-40, 34-9-41, 34-9-43, 34-9-44, 34-9-60, 34-9-63, 34-9-82, 34-9-89 am'd. (2011-20608)
Firearms, soliciting or encouraging a licensed dealer or private seller of firearms or ammunition to transfer a firearm or ammunition if the person knows the transfer violates state and federal law and providing false information to dealer or seller of firearms or ammunition with intent to deceive, crimes established, exceptions, penalties
Firearms, seized by law enforcement agency, disposal at auction to certain persons, proceeds for law enforcement purposes (2011-20970)
Sex offenders, notification and registration, comprehensive procedure for registration by adult and juvenile sex offenders, notification by law enforcement, employment and residency limited, registration fees authorized, Sex Offender Registration and Community Notification Act, Secs. 13A-11-200, 13A-11-201, 13A-11-202, 15-20-1 to 15-20-38, inclusive, repealed
Nursing scholarships, qualifications altered, funding increased, appropriation, Secs. 34-21-60, 34-21-61, 34-21-62, 34-21-63 am'd.
Public education employees and law enforcement officers, offenses committed in the line of duty, arrest warrants, procedures for arrest
Stalking in the first and second degree, aggravated stalking in the first and second degree, crimes further provided for, Tracy's Law, Secs. 13A-6-90.1, 13A-6-91.1 added; Secs. 13A-6-90, 13A-6-91 am'd.
Income tax credit authorized for employers creating jobs, under certain conditions, Full Employment Act, Secs. 40-18-270, 40-18-271, 40-18-272 repealed; Act 2010-557, 2010 Reg. Sess. repealed
Continuous sexual abuse of a child, crime of established, penalties
Agricultural tourist attractions, to be defined by rule and approved by Agriculture and Industries Department, application and renewal fees, directional signs under certain conditions (2011-20698)
Business licenses, municipality, county, or other political subdivision of this state to use E-verify to determine legal status of person applying for business license
Euthanasia of cats and dogs in animal shelters, gas chambers prohibited, delayed effective date, Beckham's Act, Sec. 34-29-131 am'd.
Underwater Cultural Resources Act, definition of cultural resources amended to specify articles associated with shipwrecks, artifacts defined, recovery of abandoned artifacts not cultural resources in certain locations authorized, Secs. 41-9-291, 41-9-292 am'd. (2011-20030)
Motor vehicles, text messaging or operating a handheld wireless telecommunication device while operating a motor vehicle on public street, road, or highway prohibited, penalties, law enforcement agencies to report statistical information to Public Safety Department and Attorney General
Health care, persons, employers, or health care providers, mandatory participation in any health care system prohibited, const. amend.

Federal cap and trade regulations, goods produced and distributed only in Alabama (intrastate), exempt from cap and trade regulations
Corrections Department, certain employees who work inside a security fence under certain conditions, compensation increased
Etowah Co., monies received by county commission from U. S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to be paid into Sheriff's Law Enforcement Fund, retroactive effect
Medical Examiners, State Board of, and Medical Licensure Commission, licensure hearings, attorney fees, assessment standard for violations, altered, Secs. 34-24-380, 34-24-381 am'd.
Businesses or public employers, reguired to verify legal status of new employees through federal E-verify program, penalties
Ephedrine and pseudoephedrine, over-the-counter products, sales further regulated, on-line electronic verification system operated by Criminal Justice Information Center, penalties, Drug Abuse Task Force, established, members, Sec. 20-2-190 am'd.; Act 2009-283, 2009 Reg. Sess. am'd.
Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation, Inc., exempt from state, county, and municipal sales and use tax
Health care, persons, employers, or health care providers, mandatory participation in any health care system prohibited, const. amend.
Churches, exempt from state, county, and municipal sales and use tax
Elections, person who is convicted of certain election offense prohibited from serving in certain capacities
Human trafficking, coercion or deception causing a person to work or to perform services having financial value or to perform certain sexual activities, prohibited, criminal penalties, Representatives Jack Williams and Merika Coleman Act (2010-20826)
Assault in the second degree, utility workers included as a protected class, utility worker defined, Sec. 13A-6-21 am'd.; Act 2009-586, 2009 Reg. Sess. am'd.
Vital statistics, fetal death of stillborn child, mother or father may request Certificate of Birth Resulting in Stillbirth, Brooklee Act, Sec. 22-9A-13 am'd.
Civil action for damages against convicted drug dealers for death of individual, established
Etowah Co., sales and use tax, portion of proceeds distributed to capital projects, use for salary of certified personnel of school systems and Gadsden State Community College authorized during proration, Act 95-284, 1995 Reg. Sess.; Act 2009-302, 2009 Reg. Sess.; Act 2009-591, 2009 Reg. Sess. am'd.
Etowah Co., elected officials authorized to participate in Employees' Retirement System in lieu of supernumerary program, const. amend.
Motor vehicles, distinctive license tags, new categories for members and former members of U. S. Air Force, Army, Navy, Coast Guard, and Merchant Marines, established, fees, designs by Veterans' Affairs Department
Alabama Residential Energy Code Board changed to Alabama Energy and Residential Codes Board, Model Energy Code replaced with Alabama Energy and Residential Codes, adoption of modern building and energy codes in compliance with federal law to be implemented by counties and municipalities, board members increased, certain farm structures excluded, sprinkler systems provided for, Secs. 41-23-80, 41-23-81, 41-23-82, 41-23-83, 41-23-84, 41-23-85 am'd.
Initiative, constitutional amendments, proposed by people, authorized, Legislature may offer alternate proposal, const. amend.
Professional and commercial licenses, state or political subdivisions of state prohibited from issuing or renewing license of person not lawfully and physically present in United States, confidentiality of verification documents
Public benefits, citizens age 18 or over required to prove lawful presence in United States to receive, verification process, penalties
Alabama Development Office, economic incentives prohibited for employers employing illegal immigrants, Sec. 41-9-202.2 added
Ethics Commission, granted subpoena power, Sec. 36-25-3 am'd.; Act 2009-225, 2009 Reg. Sess. am'd.

Appropriations, pass-through appropriations, defined and prohibited, exception for valid support of agency programs, administrative and criminal penalties for violations by agencies, line-item appropriations authorized, reporting requirements, Budget Accountability Act
Political action committees, transfer of funds between prohibited, transfers between principal campaign committees, prohibited, exceptions, certain receipts and expenditures of campaign funds from federal candidates limited, penalties, Congressman Mike Rogers/Jeff McLaughlin Campaign Finance Transparency Act, Secs. 17-5-7, 17-5-15 am'd. (2010-21164)

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