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Doug Jones Floor Speech on Donald Trump

Jones Votes “Yea” and Shelby Votes “Nay” on Motion to Subpoena Witnesses and Documents

By Dakota Layton on February 1, 2020

The motion to subpoena witnesses for testimony in the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump failed last night in a 51-49 vote. Senators Susan Collins…

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Bradley Byrne

Bradley Byrne: Impeachment Is Nothing to Smile About

By Bradley Byrne on January 21, 2020 | Opinion

For three years now, the American people have been forced to endure the efforts by Democrats and the liberal mainstream media to impeach President Trump and remove him from office in the face of his…

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Doug Jones & Richard Shelby Vote For USMCA Trade Agreement

By Dakota Layton on January 17, 2020

A rare show of overwhelming bipartisanship happened in Washington, D.C. on Thursday. After passing the House in a 385-41 vote that included yeas from President…

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Geneva County Commissioner, Weston Spivey Endorses Bradley Byrne for U.S. Senate

By Dakota Layton on December 26, 2019

On Monday, Geneva County Commissioner, Weston Spivey wrote an article for Yellowhammer News in which he gave an endorsement to Congressman Bradley…

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Jeff Sessions Backs Keeping the Electoral College

By Dakota Layton on December 24, 2019

On Saturday, December 21st, former Attorney General and 2020 Alabama GOP Senate front-runner, Jeff Sessions tweeted a viral meme of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, House Financial Services Committee…

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Bradley Byrne

Bradley Byrne: Star Chamber Impeachment Driven by Trump Hatred, Not American Values

By Bradley Byrne on November 4, 2019 | Opinion

An abusive, unlawful practice of the English courts from the 15th to 17th centuries was so rampant and unfair that protections against it were written into our U.S. Constitution.

This hated and feared practice took…

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