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AL Attorney General Steve Marshall Dead Wrong, Again

By Clete Wetli on January 24, 2020 | Opinion

Attorney General Steve Marshall continues to show that he is all about pandering to his base, rather than putting real effort into fixing the problems that face Alabama.

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State Rep. Mike Ball Responds to AG Steve Marshall’s Opposition to Medical Marijuana

By Dakota Layton on January 13, 2020

After Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall announced his opposition to legislation that would legalize and regulate the use of medical marijuana in Alabama, State. Rep. Mike Ball (R-Madison) responded in a Friday…

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Blue: Legal; Dark Green: Legal For Medical Use; Light Green: Legal for medical use, limited THC content; Grey: Prohibited for any use; D: Decriminalized

Alabama Medical Marijuana Bill Likely To See Major Changes

By Brent Wilson on May 25, 2019

The CARE Act, Alabama’s medical marijuana bill, saw a relatively easy path through the Senate but the House is poised to completely change the current bill.

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Alabama Marijuana Decriminalization Bill Dies In House Committee

By Brent Wilson on May 8, 2019

An effort to decriminalize Marijuana in Alabama has died in a House Committee.

The bill, HB 96 sponsored by Rep. Laura Hall (D-Huntsville), originally changed the possession of an ounce or…

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Alabama State Rep. Mike Ball Talks CARE Act

By Matthew Tyson on March 29, 2019

In 2014, Rep. Mike Ball (R – Madison) introduced legislation that would go on to become Carly’s Law – a bill that authorized the University of Alabama in Birmingham to conduct a study…

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CARE Act – Alabama’s Medical Marijuana Legalization Bill

By Brent Wilson on March 22, 2019

UPDATE: The bill described in this article has been replaced with a substitute bill. You can view the new bill here.

Follow our latest updates on the CARE Act…

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