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Tuberville Implies COVID-19 Pandemic Could Be An Experiment for the Green New Deal

By Dakota Layton on April 14, 2020

During a Friday interview on WVNN’s “The Jeff Poor Show,” former Auburn football coach and AL GOP Senate front-runner Tommy Tuberville said that the current economic shutdown of the United States due to the…

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Doug Jones

Doug Jones Urges Alabamians To Prepare For An Economic Downturn Due to the Coronavirus

By Dakota Layton on March 17, 2020

In an appearance on WVNN’s “The Jeff Poor Show”, Senator Doug Jones urges all Alabamians to prepare for an economic downturn due to the Coronavirus.

“Well, we are in an economic downturn, Jeff,”…

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Sessions Attacks Tuberville’s Position on Trade: “It Undercuts Trump”

By Dakota Layton on February 28, 2020

During an interview on WVNN’s “The Jeff Poor Show” on Thursday, Jeff Sessions voiced his support for President Trump’s hawkish negotiating tactics with China in attempts to forge a trade deal. Tariffs have been…

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Marijuana farm. Growing industrially Marijuana for pharmaceutical needs. Marijuana plantation. Narcotic plants in agriculture industry. Cannabis sativa plants on the field.

Roy Moore: Federal Government Has No Business Regulating Marijuana

By Dakota Layton on January 24, 2020

At a Tuesday forum in Huntsville moderated by Jeff Poor, the host of WVNN’s “The Jeff Poor Show,” every AL GOP Senate candidate except for Roy Moore backed keeping marijuana illegal at the…

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Paper bag full of food

State Sen. Steve Clouse Explains Challenges to Eliminating the Grocery Tax

By Dakota Layton on January 16, 2020

Alabama, Mississippi, and South Dakota are the only states to levy the full sales tax on groceries. In Alabama, it is 4%, and when combined with other local sales taxes, the amount can be up…

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US flag waving in the wind. American flag symbol of United States of America USA

State Sen. Gerald Allen Defends Bill Requiring K-12 Schools to Play the Star-Spangled Banner Weekly

By Dakota Layton on January 13, 2020

During an appearance on “The Jeff Poor Show,” State Sen. Gerald Allen (R-Tuscaloosa) defended his proposed bill, SB 13, that would require Alabama K-12 schools to play the Star Spangled Banner at…

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State Rep. Mike Ball Responds to AG Steve Marshall’s Opposition to Medical Marijuana

By Dakota Layton on January 13, 2020

After Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall announced his opposition to legislation that would legalize and regulate the use of medical marijuana in Alabama, State. Rep. Mike Ball (R-Madison) responded in a Friday…

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An Open Letter To AL Dem Chair Nancy Worley

By Clete Wetli on July 22, 2019 | Opinion

It’s time for you to step down. It’s time for you to let someone else lead the party. Under your tenure, no one knows the party message, candidates aren’t supported or recruited, and you’ve left nothing but a trail of embarrassing media gaffes.

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