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Roy Moore: Federal Government Has No Business Regulating Marijuana

Written by on January 24, 2020
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At a Tuesday forum in Huntsville moderated by Jeff Poor, the host of WVNN’s “The Jeff Poor Show,” every AL GOP Senate candidate except for Roy Moore backed keeping marijuana illegal at the federal level.

Moore was asked, “Should the federal government tell the states they can’t regulate marijuana?”

“No, I don’t think they can because I don’t think the federal government has any business in that area just like the federal government didn’t have any business in marriage and divorce. We’ve got to go back to the Constitution, ladies, and gentlemen. That’s what the answer is.”

Other candidates had a much different view, all stating that it should remain illegal at the federal level.

Businessman Arnold Mooney said, “The federal government has it correct,”

“It’s an illegal product and it needs to stay that way. I’m not telling you to put people in jail who use it. We need to work with them and give them opportunities to recover and receive counseling and do the things they need to do to get off those things. But it leads to other stuff and it leads to a much worse lifestyle that’s going to destroy us because it creates more social services and more costs in the process of government.”

Former Auburn football coach Tommy Tuberville said, “They’re going to have to prove to me that medical marijuana is good. As long as it’s medical marijuana as long as you have to have a prescription. If we ever put marijuana on our streets legally, it’s over.”

Congressman Bradley Byrne said, “In a country as rich and as prosperous as America, why is life expectancy going down?”

“It’s because of suicide, alcohol abuse and drug abuse. People doing things that literally result in their own death. How in the world does that happen in our country? It’s because we’ve taken God out of the center of our lives. And when you try to take God out of the center of your life, you’ll keep trying to stick something else in there but nothing else will fill it – no drug, no alcohol, no power, no wealth, nothing will fill that hole.”

Marijuana is currently a schedule 1 drug at the federal level. Schedule 1 drugs are drugs that the U.S. Government considers as having no medicinal purpose.

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