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How To Improve Alabama’s Rural Healthcare Options

David Preston | October 28, 2019 Healthcare

This election season you’re going to hear a lot about rural healthcare and how to solve the ever-increasing crisis of access to healthcare in rural and poor parts of Alabama. It is a crisis that needs to be tackled head-on, however, most of the solutions...

Alabama Medical Marijuana Bill Passes Senate

Brent Wilson | May 9, 2019

Alabama took a big step today to becoming the 34th state with Medical Marijuana. The Alabama Senate has passed a medical marijuana bill, known as the CARE Act. SB 236, sponsored by Sen. Tim Melson (R-Florence) passed 17-6. The bill survived a filibuster from Sen....

Alabama Medical Marijuana Bill Passes Senate Committee

Brent Wilson | April 24, 2019

The Senate version of the CARE Act, a medical marijuana bill, has passed its first hurdle. The Senate Committee voted in favor of the CARE Act by a vote of 6-2, with three people abstaining. Greg Albritton and Larry Stutts were no votes. Will Barfoot,...

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