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Jeff Sessions Goes On a Twitter Tirade Against House Democrats After Impeachment Articles Pass

Written by on December 19, 2019

On Wednesday, former Attorney General and 2020 Alabama GOP Senate front-runner, Jeff Sessions went on an 8-part Twitter tirade against House Democrats after both articles of impeachment passed the House on a party-line vote with the exception of one Independent (Justin Amash of Michigan, a former Republican voted ‘yes’ on both articles). Sessions tweeted the following:

“The Democratic House is abusing the awesome impeachment power in our Constitution. In our long Constitutional history, there has never been such an unjustified impeachment. These charges are vague and utterly lacking in merit and entirely political. (1/8). #alsen”

“Obstruction of Congress”? Really? What do these vague words even mean? The Congress obstructs President Trump every single day. The courts obstruct the Congress and the Executive Branch on a regular basis. It is built into our system. (2/8). #alsen”

“Abuse of power”? Really? What a joke. For the Democrats, “abuse of power” simply means anything that they do not agree with — anything that makes them angry. (3/8). #alsen”

“This action is certain to produce lasting consequences. Some things in this life can’t be undone. This will be a stain on the House of Representatives forever. (4/8). #alsen”

“This country is booming under President Trump’s policies — it has never been stronger. His policies are common sense, are working, and are what the American people want. (5/8). #alsen”

“President Trump stands up for the average American every single day, and the elitist Democrats respond with personal attacks. They will rue the day that they did this. They are not hurting President Trump; they are hurting America and themselves. (6/8). #alsen”

“The Senate Democratic leader, Sen. Chuck Schumer, will try all his antics. He is all politics, all the time. He will try to send the Senate on a fishing expedition for evidence. Why? Because he knows there exists no evidence that comes close to justifying impeachment. (7/8).”

“When this is all over, the Democrats will owe an apology to President Trump, and more importantly, they will owe an apology to the American people. This is true because it is the people’s will, and the public interest, that is being obstructed. (8/8). #alsen”

According to the latest polling data, Sessions is the front-runner to take on Democratic incumbent, Doug Jones. Regardless of their past disagreements and the President’s series of demeaning remarks about him, Sessions seems to firmly support President Trump and his policy priorities.

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