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Madison Wholesalers Inc. Pleads Guilty to Evading Tobacco Taxes

Written by on January 3, 2020
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According to the Alabama Department of Revenue, Madison Wholesalers Inc. plead guilty to evading tobacco taxes from 2013-2016 through the use of fake invoices to hide what was being purchased from the company in Pennsylvania.

Tobacco taxes are levied against the person or entity that imports the product into the state. The false invoices used by Madison Wholesalers Inc. resulted in unreported taxes of $119,937.

“The failure to pay the tobacco tax due saved Madison Wholesalers thousands of dollars and allowed them to sell tobacco products at a significantly lower price than their competitors,” the revenue department said in a statement.

The company will pay restitution of $214,606 in taxes, penalties, and interest to the state. Madison County Circuit Judge Claude Hundley III also prohibited the company from selling or dealing in cigarettes and other tobacco products.

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