Racist Alabama County Commissioner Still Has Job

Written by Brent Wilson on September 24, 2020 | Opinion Article

Dean Calvert, a Blount County Commissioner, should be an easy fix when it comes to 2020 problems. Yet he still collects tax payer dollars after calling an African-American contractor the n-word.

“That n-word is just throwing them together.”

You get the above within the first two minutes of the video below. While Calvert is talking to a police officer who is supposed to be enforcing laws while clearly breaking them based on his speed limit. At least he was using the speaker phone.

If you can keep going for the next 28 minutes you can hear vulgar language, discussion about Nick Washburn, who is also a Blount County Commissioner, and the gossip about their sex lives.

I’m not even going to lecture you or give you my opinion, outside the title of this article and the above paragraphs. You do your own due diligence.


His initial apology. Which he ended up deleting from his Facebook page.

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