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Doug Jones: Iran Launching Ballistic Missiles Is A “Game Changer”

Written by on January 7, 2020

Doug Jones appeared on CNN tonight as news that ballistic missiles launched from Iran have hit the largest military base in Iraq, Al-Assad, and a second base Erbil.

Erin Burnett asked Jones about the use of ballistic missiles and what he wants to see from the Trump administration.

Jones called the launch of ballistic missiles a “game-changer” and called for the President to come forward with a plan and brief Congress.

“Well, I think it is significant, I think it is a game-changer,” Jones said. “What I think the President and the administration should do is follow through with their promise tomorrow and come brief the members of Congress and that is the one thing that is missing here is a full briefing of the members of Congress and the United States Senate is necessary. “

“Before we take any further military action I hope the President will come to the Senate, will come to the House, and get authorization for the use of that before anything further is done and this gets even greater and deeper into war than it appears we are heading into now.”

He ends with a question aimed at the Trump administration.

“What it is end game here? What is the outcome they are looking for here? We have not heard that from the administration.”

Jones serves on the United States Senate Committee on Armed Services.

This post will be updated as more information is available.

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