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Tommy Tuberville: Democrats Are Trying To Create A Civil War And Want A Dictatorship

Written by on January 16, 2020

During a Tuesday appearance on 99.5’s “Matt and Aunie Show,” former Auburn football coach and 2020 Alabama GOP Senate candidate, Tommy Tuberville gave a dire warning at the consequences of hyper-partisanship, but at the same time accused Democrats of attempting to create a civil war and also of desiring a dictatorship.

“I feel bad for the people because there’s nothing any of us can do,” he said. “It’s out of our hands because we watch it, and it is going in the other direction.”


“I tell people this: We got two sides that hate each other, and that’s normal in politics, OK? You have an election. One group wins. The other accepts it, and they say, ‘OK, we’ll just run hard and unelect a guy,’ then you’ve got a country because you work with each other,” Tuberville continued. “That’s not how it works anymore. You’ve got one group that doesn’t win. They don’t accept it, so what we’ve got now is a countdown for civil war. I mean, they are trying to create a civil war in this country instead of trying to get along and say we’ll beat him at the ballot box. They’re lying, stealing, cheating — doing everything they can to get this guy we elected. And it’s wrong. It’s absolutely wrong. They want a dictatorship — that’s what they want.”

Tuberville also accused former Vice President and 2020 Democratic Presidential front-runner, Joe Biden of being “as dirty as they come”.

“You know what people are mad about in this state, everywhere I talk to?” he said. “That nobody has gone to jail yet for this mess they tried to spy on the president. And Biden is as dirty as they come. My God, folks. Look at — his son is making $88,000 a month from a Ukraine oil deal that he was involved in? Are you kidding me?”

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