2019 Alabama Senate Joint Resolutions

A list of all 2019 Alabama Senate Joint Resolutions. Click any bill to read the full text and get the current status.

BillTitleSponsorLast ActionSigned
SJR111Wilson, Michael, commendedRodger Smitherman05/31/2019Signed
SJR110Mountain Brook, boys varsity lacrosse team, commendedDan Roberts05/31/2019Signed
SJR109Bramblett, Rod and Paula, death mournedTom Whatley05/31/2019Signed
SJR100Starr, Bryan Bartlett, death mournedJ.T. Waggoner05/31/2019Signed
SJR99Alabama Open Records Study Task Force, createdCam Ward05/29/2019
SJR98Car Surfing Death Awareness Day, July 1 annually, namedCam Ward05/31/2019Signed
SJR97Briarwood Christian School Boys Soccer Team, commendedDan Roberts05/31/2019Signed
SJR96Briarwood Christian School Boys Tennis Team, commendedDan Roberts05/31/2019Signed
SJR95Natural disasters, encouraging federal, state, and local agencies to develop a policy for removing debris after a natural disasterTom Whatley05/30/2019Signed
SJR92Advanced Small Wireless Facilities Deployment Task Force, establishedJ.T. Waggoner05/29/2019Signed
SJR89Avery, Helen Grace Yarbrough, 90th birthday, commendedClyde Chambliss05/29/2019Signed
SJR88Retired coal miners and widows, keeping America's promiseGreg J. Reed05/28/2019
SJR87Joint Legislative Task Force on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, establishedDan Roberts05/28/2019Signed
SJR85March of Dimes Day, recognizedVivian Davis Figures05/21/2019
SJR82Cochrane-Africatown, U.S.A. Bridge, redesignated as the Africatown BridgeVivian Davis Figures05/23/2019Signed
SJR81Granger, John L., death mournedJim McClendon05/23/2019Signed
SJR80Adams, John Quincy, II., death mournedJim McClendon05/23/2019Signed
SJR79Alabama Open Records Study Task Force, createdCam Ward05/21/2019
SJR78Federal government, urged to release 2019-2024 National Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Leasing ProgramGerald H. Allen05/23/2019Signed
SJR77Long, Caleb, commendedShay Shelnutt05/23/2019Signed
SJR72Parker, Pam, commendedGerald H. Allen05/21/2019Signed
SJR71Artificial intelligence, Ala. Comm. on, estab. to study and advise Governor and Legislature on state policy issuesJ.T. Waggoner05/21/2019Signed
SJR70Skin Cancer Awareness Month, May 2019, recognizedJ.T. Waggoner05/21/2019Signed
SJR68Love Luggage Day, May 22, 2019, recognizedSteve Livingston05/21/2019Signed
SJR66Spears, Connie, outstanding professional achievement, commendedArthur Orr05/14/2019Signed
SJR65Adams, Jesse David, attaining rank of Eagle Scout, commendedWilliam “Bill” M. Beasley05/14/2019Signed
SJR64Wine, Task Force to Study the Direct Shipment, establishedJ.T. Waggoner05/14/2019Signed
SJR61Shelton, Clint, professional achievements, commendedArthur Orr05/14/2019Signed
SJR60Renew Our Rivers, recognizedJ.T. Waggoner05/14/2019Signed
SJR57Hill, Tom, professional achievements, commendedArthur Orr05/08/2019Signed
SJR56Burnette, Suzanne Girard, outstanding professional achievement, commendedWilliam “Bill” M. Beasley05/08/2019Signed
SJR55Waggoner, James Thomas, commendedDan Roberts05/08/2019Signed
SJR54Burke, Donna, commendedJ.T. Waggoner05/08/2019Signed
SJR53Fitzpatrick, Thaddeus, professional achievements, commendedGerald H. Allen05/07/2019Signed
SJR52Autism CARES Act, Congress urged to supportCam Ward05/07/2019Signed
SJR51The Greatest Save Teen PSA Program, commendedJ.T. Waggoner05/23/2019Signed
SJR45Technology Industry and artificial intelligence, impact on state's workforce and economy, recognizedJ.T. Waggoner04/30/2019Signed
SJR44Robertson, Nancy, outstanding professional achievement, commendedArthur Orr04/30/2019Signed
SJR41Hardy, John L., outstanding professional achievement, commendedArthur Orr04/30/2019Signed
SJR40First Baptist Church of Fairview, 100th anniversary, commendedGarlan Gudger04/30/2019Signed
SJR39Busy Bee Cafe, 100th anniversary, commendedGarlan Gudger04/30/2019Signed
SJR38Alzheimer's Awareness Day, April 30, 2019, proclaimedDel Marsh04/30/2019Signed
SJR36Legislature, rescinding all previous resolutions of Alabama Legislature requesting Congress to call a convention pursuant to Article V of U.S. ConstitutionCam Ward04/09/2019
SJR34Auburn University Basketball Team, commendedTom Whatley04/16/2019Signed
SJR33National Women's History Month, March 2019, recognizedLinda Coleman-Madison04/16/2019Signed
SJR32Alabama Centennial of Women's Suffrage Committee, recognizedLinda Coleman-Madison04/16/2019Signed
SJR31Lieutenant Governor's Commission on 21st Century Workforce, createdClay Scofield04/16/2019Signed
SJR29Shelby, Senator Richard, Alabama's Education Senator, honoredGerald H. Allen04/16/2019Signed
SJR27Jerusalem, recognized as capital of IsraelArthur Orr04/16/2019Signed
SJR26Alabama, the band, 50th anniversary, commendedSteve Livingston04/09/2019Signed
SJR24Congress, urged to grant additional authority to the Federal Communications Commission to stop robocalls and caller ID spoofingTim Melson04/09/2019Signed
SJR23Thompson, Jacquelyn Dyar, death mournedJimmy Holley04/09/2019Signed
SJR22Jerusalem, recognized as capital of IsraelArthur Orr04/09/2019
SJR21Motor vehicles, self-driving vehicles, joint legislative committee established to studyTom Whatley04/09/2019Signed
SJR20Thomas E. Gilmore, Sr., Highway 43 in Greene Co., namedBobby D. Singleton04/09/2019Signed
SJR17Artesian water, Autauga Co., designated official state waterClyde Chambliss04/16/2019Signed
SJR16Daugherty, Mack, professional achievement, commendedClyde Chambliss04/09/2019Signed
SJR15Spann, Johnny Michael, honoredLarry Stutts04/09/2019Signed
SJR13Joiner, Thomas Johnson, death mournedGerald H. Allen03/21/2019
SJR12England, John, Jr., commendedGerald H. Allen04/02/2019Signed
SJR11United States, Mexico, Canada Agreement, Congress urged to approveGerald H. Allen05/02/2019Signed
SJR10Lambert Lake, in St. Clair Co., named for Vaudie V. LambertJim McClendon03/21/2019
SJR9Shelby, Senator Richard, service to Alabama, commendedDavid Sessions03/21/2019
SJR8Exports, Alabama's record for 2018, commendedJ.T. Waggoner03/21/2019
SJR7Stroke Awareness Month, May 2019, recognizedDavid Burkette03/21/2019
SJR6Legislative Services Agency Bassett Conference Room, namedDel Marsh03/21/2019
SJR5Coone, Brenda R., distinguished service, commendedArthur Orr03/21/2019
SJR4Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, March 2019, recognizedJim McClendon03/21/2019
SJR3Central-Phenix City Football Team, commendedTom Whatley03/21/2019
SJR2Legislature, committee appointed to escort Governor to joint sessionJ.T. Waggoner03/21/2019
SJR1Governor, committee appointed to notify that Legislature is in session and ready for the transaction of businessJ.T. Waggoner03/21/2019
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