2019 Alabama Senate Joint Resolutions

A list of all 2019 Alabama Senate Joint Resolutions. Click any bill to read the full text and get the current status.

Bill Title Sponsor Last Action Signed
SJR111Alabama Wilson, Michael, commended Rodger Smitherman 05/31/2019
SJR110Alabama Mountain Brook, boys varsity lacrosse team, commended Dan Roberts 05/31/2019
SJR109Alabama Bramblett, Rod and Paula, death mourned Tom Whatley 05/31/2019
SJR100Alabama Starr, Bryan Bartlett, death mourned J.T. Waggoner 05/31/2019
SJR99Alabama Alabama Open Records Study Task Force, created Cam Ward 05/29/2019
SJR98Alabama Car Surfing Death Awareness Day, July 1 annually, named Cam Ward 05/31/2019
SJR97Alabama Briarwood Christian School Boys Soccer Team, commended Dan Roberts 05/31/2019
SJR96Alabama Briarwood Christian School Boys Tennis Team, commended Dan Roberts 05/31/2019
SJR95Alabama Natural disasters, encouraging federal, state, and local agencies to develop a policy for removing debris after a natural disaster Tom Whatley 05/30/2019
SJR92Alabama Advanced Small Wireless Facilities Deployment Task Force, established J.T. Waggoner 05/29/2019
SJR89Alabama Avery, Helen Grace Yarbrough, 90th birthday, commended Clyde Chambliss 05/29/2019
SJR88Alabama Retired coal miners and widows, keeping America's promise Greg J. Reed 05/28/2019
SJR87Alabama Joint Legislative Task Force on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, established Dan Roberts 05/28/2019
SJR85Alabama March of Dimes Day, recognized Vivian Davis Figures 05/21/2019
SJR82Alabama Cochrane-Africatown, U.S.A. Bridge, redesignated as the Africatown Bridge Vivian Davis Figures 05/23/2019
SJR81Alabama Granger, John L., death mourned Jim McClendon 05/23/2019
SJR80Alabama Adams, John Quincy, II., death mourned Jim McClendon 05/23/2019
SJR79Alabama Alabama Open Records Study Task Force, created Cam Ward 05/21/2019
SJR78Alabama Federal government, urged to release 2019-2024 National Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Leasing Program Gerald H. Allen 05/23/2019
SJR77Alabama Long, Caleb, commended Shay Shelnutt 05/23/2019
SJR72Alabama Parker, Pam, commended Gerald H. Allen 05/21/2019
SJR71Alabama Artificial intelligence, Ala. Comm. on, estab. to study and advise Governor and Legislature on state policy issues J.T. Waggoner 05/21/2019
SJR70Alabama Skin Cancer Awareness Month, May 2019, recognized J.T. Waggoner 05/21/2019
SJR68Alabama Love Luggage Day, May 22, 2019, recognized Steve Livingston 05/21/2019
SJR66Alabama Spears, Connie, outstanding professional achievement, commended Arthur Orr 05/14/2019
SJR65Alabama Adams, Jesse David, attaining rank of Eagle Scout, commended William “Bill” M. Beasley 05/14/2019
SJR64Alabama Wine, Task Force to Study the Direct Shipment, established J.T. Waggoner 05/14/2019
SJR61Alabama Shelton, Clint, professional achievements, commended Arthur Orr 05/14/2019
SJR60Alabama Renew Our Rivers, recognized J.T. Waggoner 05/14/2019
SJR57Alabama Hill, Tom, professional achievements, commended Arthur Orr 05/08/2019
SJR56Alabama Burnette, Suzanne Girard, outstanding professional achievement, commended William “Bill” M. Beasley 05/08/2019
SJR55Alabama Waggoner, James Thomas, commended Dan Roberts 05/08/2019
SJR54Alabama Burke, Donna, commended J.T. Waggoner 05/08/2019
SJR53Alabama Fitzpatrick, Thaddeus, professional achievements, commended Gerald H. Allen 05/07/2019
SJR52Alabama Autism CARES Act, Congress urged to support Cam Ward 05/07/2019
SJR51Alabama The Greatest Save Teen PSA Program, commended J.T. Waggoner 05/23/2019
SJR45Alabama Technology Industry and artificial intelligence, impact on state's workforce and economy, recognized J.T. Waggoner 04/30/2019
SJR44Alabama Robertson, Nancy, outstanding professional achievement, commended Arthur Orr 04/30/2019
SJR41Alabama Hardy, John L., outstanding professional achievement, commended Arthur Orr 04/30/2019
SJR40Alabama First Baptist Church of Fairview, 100th anniversary, commended Garlan Gudger 04/30/2019
SJR39Alabama Busy Bee Cafe, 100th anniversary, commended Garlan Gudger 04/30/2019
SJR38Alabama Alzheimer's Awareness Day, April 30, 2019, proclaimed Del Marsh 04/30/2019
SJR36Alabama Legislature, rescinding all previous resolutions of Alabama Legislature requesting Congress to call a convention pursuant to Article V of U.S. Constitution Cam Ward 04/09/2019
SJR34Alabama Auburn University Basketball Team, commended Tom Whatley 04/16/2019
SJR33Alabama National Women's History Month, March 2019, recognized Linda Coleman-Madison 04/16/2019
SJR32Alabama Alabama Centennial of Women's Suffrage Committee, recognized Linda Coleman-Madison 04/16/2019
SJR31Alabama Lieutenant Governor's Commission on 21st Century Workforce, created Clay Scofield 04/16/2019
SJR29Alabama Shelby, Senator Richard, Alabama's Education Senator, honored Gerald H. Allen 04/16/2019
SJR27Alabama Jerusalem, recognized as capital of Israel Arthur Orr 04/16/2019
SJR26Alabama Alabama, the band, 50th anniversary, commended Steve Livingston 04/09/2019
SJR24Alabama Congress, urged to grant additional authority to the Federal Communications Commission to stop robocalls and caller ID spoofing Tim Melson 04/09/2019
SJR23Alabama Thompson, Jacquelyn Dyar, death mourned Jimmy Holley 04/09/2019
SJR22Alabama Jerusalem, recognized as capital of Israel Arthur Orr 04/09/2019
SJR21Alabama Motor vehicles, self-driving vehicles, joint legislative committee established to study Tom Whatley 04/09/2019
SJR20Alabama Thomas E. Gilmore, Sr., Highway 43 in Greene Co., named Bobby D. Singleton 04/09/2019
SJR17Alabama Artesian water, Autauga Co., designated official state water Clyde Chambliss 04/16/2019
SJR16Alabama Daugherty, Mack, professional achievement, commended Clyde Chambliss 04/09/2019
SJR15Alabama Spann, Johnny Michael, honored Larry Stutts 04/09/2019
SJR13Alabama Joiner, Thomas Johnson, death mourned Gerald H. Allen 03/21/2019
SJR12Alabama England, John, Jr., commended Gerald H. Allen 04/02/2019
SJR11Alabama United States, Mexico, Canada Agreement, Congress urged to approve Gerald H. Allen 05/02/2019
SJR10Alabama Lambert Lake, in St. Clair Co., named for Vaudie V. Lambert Jim McClendon 03/21/2019
SJR9Alabama Shelby, Senator Richard, service to Alabama, commended David Sessions 03/21/2019
SJR8Alabama Exports, Alabama's record for 2018, commended J.T. Waggoner 03/21/2019
SJR7Alabama Stroke Awareness Month, May 2019, recognized David Burkette 03/21/2019
SJR6Alabama Legislative Services Agency Bassett Conference Room, named Del Marsh 03/21/2019
SJR5Alabama Coone, Brenda R., distinguished service, commended Arthur Orr 03/21/2019
SJR4Alabama Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, March 2019, recognized Jim McClendon 03/21/2019
SJR3Alabama Central-Phenix City Football Team, commended Tom Whatley 03/21/2019
SJR2Alabama Legislature, committee appointed to escort Governor to joint session J.T. Waggoner 03/21/2019
SJR1Alabama Governor, committee appointed to notify that Legislature is in session and ready for the transaction of business J.T. Waggoner 03/21/2019