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Status: Out of Office
Party: Republican
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Birthday: July 25, 1959 64

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Elmore Co., and Tallapoosa Co., formation of districts for fire protection and emergency medical services near Lake Martin authorized, formation fee
Public employees, to receive annual summary of benefits received from employer
Elmore Co., lodging tax, proceeds to co. commission for capital improvements
Taxation, carried forward period of five years for certain projects, Sec. 40-18-194 am'd.
Veterans, permanently and totally disabled, state income tax, credit for sales tax paid up to a certain amount
Alcoholic beverages, brewpubs selling beer for off-premises consumption, additional license, terms and conditions, Secs. 28-3A-6, 28-4A-3 am'd.
Unemployment compensation, substitute employees of schools, exempt from collecting, Sec. 25-4-10 am'd.
Motor vehicles, low speed motor vehicles, limited operation on public roads, restrictions and equipment, Sec. 32-19-1 am'd.
Public education employees, salary increase, including K-12 and certain other designated education institutions, liability insurance program to be established by Finance Department in consultation with Education Department
Elmore Co., alcoholic beverages, Sunday sales for on-premises consumption
Wetumpka, alcoholic beverages, draft or keg beer or malt beverages, sale authorized, referendum
Economic development, tax increment district, 21st Century Manufacturing Zone, authority to form extended to counties, Secs. 11-99-1, 11-99-2 am'd.; Act 2013-51, 2013 Reg. Sess., am'd.
Taxation, factor presence nexus standard based on business activity established for purpose of being subject to income taxation in the state, in state residence or domicile for individuals, businesses organized in state are subject to tax, nonresident individuals and businesses organized out of state that do business in the state are subject to state tax on income, Sec. 40-18-31.27 added
Colleges and universities, residency for determining admission and tuition, active duty service members, spouses, dependents, veterans and other students considered resident students under certain conditions, Sec. 16-24-2 am'd.
Alcoholic beverages, draft or keg beer, defined, Sec. 28-3-1 am'd.
Aircraft, manufacturers of commercial aircraft or aircraft parts, statute of limitations, statute of repose, forum non conveniens provided in civil liability actions, allocation of fault, Alabama Commercial Aviation Business Improvement Act of 2013
State employees, cost-of-living increase authorized
Youthful Offender Act, persons charged with a Class A felony excluded, Sec. 15-19-1 am'd.
Ten Commandments, display of on state property and at public schools, authorized, const. amend.
Taxation, expanding the tax incentive reform act, industrial development property, Sec. 40-9B-3 am'd.
Infants, age of majority designated as 18 years for participation in college or university research, Sec. 26-1-1 am'd.
Motor vehicles, Alabama Move Over Act, garbage, trash, refuse, or recycling collection vehicles included, Sec. 32-5A-58.2 am'd.
Prattville, alcoholic beverages, draft beer, city council may authorize sale
Taxation, tax exemption for Class 1-5 municipalities cultural districts
Firearms, infringement on the right to keep and bear arms by federal government prohibited, federal acts violating Second Amendment declared void, Second Amendment Preservation Act
Motor vehicles, license tags and distinctive license tags, issuance further provided for through Revenue Department, commitments, National Guard tags, distribution of money to foundation, motorcycle tags, out-of-state college tags, retired volunteer firefighters tags, tags honoring law enforcement officers killed in line of duty, heavy truck tags, renewal procedures for license tags, driver's license required for only one party, Secs. 32-6-58, 32-6-64, 32-6-67, 32-6-68, 32-6-111.2, 32-6-270, 32-6-272, 32-7A-17 am'd; Sec. 40-12-267 repealed
Driving or operating a vehicle or vessel under the influence of alcohol or drugs, criminal negligent homicide or assault in the first degree amended to include, Secs. 13A-6-4, 13A-6-20 am'd.
Child abuse and neglect, mandatory reporting for all persons, training required for certain persons, criminal penalties for making false child abuse or neglect reports, criminal penalties for discharging, disciplining, or penalizing an employee for making a false report, The Savannah Hardin Mandatory Reporting Act, Sec. 26-14-3 am'd

Humane Society of Elmore County, Inc., exempt from state, county, and municipal sales and use tax
Driving or operating a vehicle as defined (including vessels) under the influence of alcohol or drugs, criminal negligent homicide or assault in the first degree amended to include, Secs. 13A-6-4, 13A-6-20 am'd.
Commercial development authorities, formation, requirement that incorporator be a natural person or qualified elector remove; Secs. 11-54-171, 11-54-173, 11-54-174, 11-54-178, 11-54-190 am'd
Wetumpka, corp. limits alt.
Farm to School Procurement Act, established, coordination effort between Department of Education and Department of Agriculture and Industries to provide local grown food to schools, certain purchases of food by local board exempt from competitive bid law, Sec. 16-13B-2 am'd
Alabama Parking Deck Authority, bond maturity date of 30 years, parking deck specifications altered, Secs. 41-10-502, 41-10-513, am'd
Fire protection sprinkler systems, State Fire Marshal authorized to issue permits for installation, Secs. 34-33-1, 34-33-2, 34-33-3, 34-33-4, 34-33-5 am'd.
Immigration law, provision barring unlawfully present alien from attending postsecondary school clarified, lawsuits for failure to enforce laws, procedures revised, documentation for lawful presence, military identification authorized, voter registration provisions modified, certain lawful presence verification for certain subsequent issuance and renewals of certain licenses, procedures and penalties for employing unauthorized alien, penalties for certain lawsuits relating to employment practices, Secs. 31-13-3, 31-13-5, 31-13-6, 31-13-8, 31-13-9, 31-13-13, 31-13-19, 31-13-20, 31-13-23, 31-13-26, 31-13-28, 31-13-29, 32-6-9, 32-6-10.1 am'd; Act 2011-535, 2011 Reg. Sess., am'd
Local boards of education, written reduction in force policies, consideration of certain credentials in making staff decisions, temporary interim reduction-in-force policy provided, Sec. 16-1-33 am'd
Alabama Tourism Attraction Incentive Act, established, tax incentive and capital credits authorized for certain tourism attractions, Secs. 40-9B-3, 40-18-190, 40-18-193 am'd
Education, school grading system to be developed by State Superintendent of Education for K-12 schools
Court reporters, contracts for providing court reporting services, further provided for
Motor vehicles, distinctive tags, veterans, motorcycle available at same cost as car tag of same designation
Crimes and offenses, gambling, person defined, penalties, Secs. 13A-12-20, 13A-12-22, 13A-12-23, 13A-12-24, 13A-12-27 am'd
Military museum, Baldwin County designated as site for museum, Military Department authorized to cooperate with (2012-20417)
Crime of promoting prison contraband in the first, second, and third degrees, attempt included, increased penalties, Secs. 13A-10-36, 13A-10-37, 13A-10-38 am'd.
Taxation, exemption from sales and use tax for metal sold for investment purposes, Secs. 40-23-4, 40-23-62 am'd (2012-20369)
Insurance, State Employees' Insurance Board to include one year of hazardous duty time for every five years as a correctional officer awarded to correctional officers under Employees' Retirement System and Teachers' Retirement System, Sec. 36-29-19.7 am'd; Act 2011-698, 2011 Regular Sesssion am'd (2012-20347)
Transportation Department, deputy directors, appointment by director of department with approval of Governor
Beer, cider, and wine, homebrewing in limited amounts by person 21 years of age or older for personal use authorized without taxation or licensure, penalties, convicted felon prohibited from homebrewing (2012-20414)
Use of life jackets, persons operating vessels or boats on state waters with a child under 13 years of age aboard without an approved lifejacket, prohibited, Sec. 33-5-69 am'd
Health benefit plans, group insurance, coverage of autism spectrum disorder to age 18 under certain conditions, Secs. 10A-20-6.16, 27-21A-23 am'd
Crime of Looting, established, penalties, violation would be Class C felony
Prattville, corp. limits alt. to deannex certain property
Counties, sewer system, operating, prohibited from charging any fee to person or entity not connected to the sewer system
Municipalities, mayors, spouses, parents, or adult child of, prohibited from serving as city clerk, city treasurer, or finance officer
Unemployment compensation, compensable week further defined, Sec. 25-4-73 am'd
Secondary metals recycler, additional records to be maintained, purchases of specified metal property limited, registration with ACJIC, required, database of metal property sales created, criminal penalties, purchase of specified metal property prohibited, Secs. 13A-8-30 to 13A-8-37, inclusive, 13A-8-39 am'd; Secs. 13A-8-31.1, 13A-8-31.2, 13A-8-35.1, 13A-8-37.1, 13A-8-37.2 added
Government, local, prohibited from competing with private sector in waste management
Taxation, state income tax credit relating to Class 1, 2, 3 municipalities for rehabilitation of historic structures
Public assistance, fraud in obtaining, crime established, penalties, theft of services, knowledge requirement deleted, Sec. 13A-8-10 am'd.
Supplemental appropriations from Education Trust Fund to Education Department for teachers certified by National Board of Professional Teaching Standards (2012-20090)
Ethics, employees of local school system may receive up to two seasonal gifts valued less than $25, Sec. 36-25-1 am'd; Act 2010-764, 2010 First Sp. Sess. am'd
Judge of probate may publish a list of qualified electors in a newspaper of general circulation in the county, Sec. 17-4-1 am'd.
Economic Development, tax incentives for certain qualifying projects developing or expanding in state, job creation, retention component, Alabama Development Office and Finance Director to recommend to Governor to approve the project, Alabama Job Creation and Retention Act
Economic Development, incentive program authorized for projects that provide economic development and job creation, const. amend.
Health Care Compact established, consent of U. S. Congress secured for return of authority to member states to regulate health care, Interstate Advisory Health Care Commission established, membership, duties, terms, funding
Aircraft, certain, any parts, components, and systems used in the conversion, reconfiguration, or maintenance of, exempt from sales tax, not applicable to local sales tax unless approved, Sec. 40-23-4 am'd.

Economic development, certain actions authorized by the state to create jobs and promote economic and industrial development, const. amend.
Economic development, tariff tax credits of capital investment costs for qualifying projects, job creation a qualifying factor, Tariff Credit Act
Foreign law, application in violation of rights guaranteed United States and Alabama citizens, prohibited, exceptions, American and Alabama Laws for Alabama Courts Amendment, const. amend.
Elmore Co., court costs, additional in certain circuit and district court cases, distrib. of proceeds to circuit clerk and for operation of judicial complex
Health care providers, physicians, etc., requiring disclosure regarding firearm ownership, prohibited, medical record inclusion of firearm information or disclosure of information about firearm ownership, prohibited, civil penalties, exceptions
Data processing centers locating in Alabama, certain ad valorem tax and construction related transaction tax abatements authorized, requirements, Data Processing Center Economic Incentive Enhancement Act, Secs. 40-9B-3, 40-9B-4, 40-18-193 am'd. (2011-20579)
Economic development, tax incentives authorized to certain companies and educational institutions for locating new or expanding business in state, or a retention project, capital investment and job requirements, Alabama Development Office and Revenue Department to recommend to Governor, Industrial Development Authority to approve project for incentive (2011-20902)
Industrial Development Authority, members, composition altered to include President Pro Tempore of Senate or designee and Speaker of the House or designee, Sec. 41-10-25 am'd.
Toll bridges, authorized distance between decreased, Sec. 23-1-81 am'd.
Education employees, procedures regarding employment actions of revised, Teacher Tenure Law and Fair Dismissal Act repealed, Students First Act, Sec. 16-24B-7, 16-24-1 to 16-24-22, inclusive, 36-26-100 to 36-26-116, inclusive, repealed
Dental Examiners of Alabama, Board of, dentists and dental hygienists, regulation and licensure, substantially revised, Sec. 34-9-7.2 added; Secs. 34-9-2, 34-9-3, 34-9-5, 34-9-6, 34-9-6.1, 34-9-7, 34-9-8, 34-9-9, 34-9-10, 34-9-13, 34-9-15, 34-9-15.1, 34-9-16, 34-9-18, 34-9-20, 34-9-21, 34-9-22, 34-9-24, 34-9-26, 34-9-27, 34-9-28, 34-9-40, 34-9-41, 34-9-43, 34-9-44, 34-9-60, 34-9-63, 34-9-82, 34-9-89 am'd. (2011-20608)
Small wineries, sales and distribution of wine by wineries, wine tasting facilities, direct sale of small wineries' wine, license fee and excise tax, Small Winery Business Viability Act, Secs. 28-7-13, 28-7-18 am'd.
Homestead exemptions, income qualification amount increased, Secs. 40-9-19, 40-9-21 am'd.
Child custody, parenting plan required, requirements, shared parenting unless parent found not fit by court, appellate review, Children's Family Act, Sec. 30-3-158 added; Secs. 30-3-150 to 30-3-155, inclusive, 30-3-157 am'd.; Secs. 30-3-1, 30-3-2, repealed
Alabama Development Office and Director of Development changed to Commerce Department and Secretary of Commerce, assistant secretaries of commerce, employment of certain persons outside of Merit System, authorized, Secs. 41-9-201, 41-9-202, 41-9-202.1, 41-9-203, 41-9-204 am'd. (2011-20679)
Beer, cider, and wine, homebrewing by adult persons for personal use authorized without taxation or licensure
Solid waste disposal, application, approval by regional planning commission, deemed denied if not approved within certain number of days, Sec. 22-27-48 am'd.
Income tax credit authorized for employers creating jobs, under certain conditions, Full Employment Act, Secs. 40-18-270, 40-18-271, 40-18-272 repealed; Act 2010-557, 2010 Reg. Sess. repealed
Economic development, financial commitments to build or expand in Alabama, written contracts required within certain time period, existing commitments without written contract void after certain period of time
Teachers, educational support personnel, and other certified educational employees and student teachers, professional liability insurance, Education Department and Finance Department to purchase or provide by July 1, 2012, rules authorized, Teacher and Education Employee Protection Act
Polling places, proximity of persons to door of building, distance increased, Sec. 17-9-50 am'd.
Euthanasia of cats and dogs in animal shelters, gas chambers prohibited, delayed effective date, Beckham's Act, Sec. 34-29-131 am'd.
Forever Wild Land Trust, payments into extended 20 years
Motor vehicles, licensing and registration of trucks and truck tractors, motor vehicle wreckers (tow trucks), licensing and registration based on gross vehicle weight not to include vehicle towed, Sec. 40-12-248 am'd.
Underwater Cultural Resources Act, definition of cultural resources amended to specify articles associated with shipwrecks, artifacts defined, recovery of abandoned artifacts not cultural resources in certain locations authorized, Secs. 41-9-291, 41-9-292 am'd. (2011-20030)
Motor vehicles, text messaging or operating a handheld wireless telecommunication device while operating a motor vehicle on public street, road, or highway prohibited, penalties, law enforcement agencies to report statistical information to Public Safety Department and Attorney General
Veterans' Affairs, State Department of, veterans organizations making nominations, Alabama Alliance of the Military Officers Association of America, Inc., added to nominating organizations, Sec. 31-5-3 am'd.
Alcoholic beverages, brewpubs, sale of beer manufactured or brewed by the brewpub in original, unopened keg or barrel containers to certain licensed wholesalers, authorized, distribution and resale by licensed wholesalers to retail licensees, authorized, purchase of beer brewed by other manufacturers in original, unopened containers from any licensed wholesaler for resale of the beer by the brewpub for consumption on its premises, authorized, Secs. 28-4A-2, 28-4A-3, 28-4A-4 am'd.
Retirement under Employees' Retirement System and Teachers' Retirement System, Deferred Retirement Option Plan (DROP) repealed, participants electing DROP prior to effective date not affected, Secs. 16-25-150, 16-25-151, 16-25-152, 16-25-153, 16-25-154, 36-27-170, 36-27-171, 36-27-172, 36-27-173, 36-27-174, 36-27-175 repealed
Municipalities, municipal ordinances, fines in certain cases designated and recodified, Sec. 11-45-9 am'd.; Sec. 13A-5-12.1 repealed

Federal cap and trade regulations, goods produced and distributed only in Alabama (intrastate), exempt from cap and trade regulations
Coosa Co., sheriff, pistol permits, fee amount set for persons under and over age 65, distrib. for law enforcement purposes, Act 81-297, 1981 Reg. Sess. am'd.
Health care, persons, employers, or health care providers, mandatory participation in any health care system prohibited, const. amend.
Elmore Co., board of registrars, meeting days increased, Sec. 17-3-8 am'd.
Gangs, criminal street gang defined, membership prohibited, graffiti prohibited, murder as part of street gang activity made a capital offense, Street Gang Act, Sec. 13A-5-49 am'd.; Sec. 13A-6-26 repealed
Elmore Co., coroner, additional expense allowance and salary
Corrections Department, certain employees who work inside a security fence under certain conditions, compensation increased
Elmore Co., sheriff, service of process, contracts for, fees imposed on all criminal and civil documents served, distrib. to sheriff's fund for law enforcement purposes upon agreement with county commission (2010-20919)
Motor carriers, federal Unified Carrier Registration Act of 2005, responsibility for administration transferred from Public Service Commission to Revenue Department, distrib. of net fees to Public Safety Department, Sec. 37-3-32.1 amended and renumbered as Sec. 40-12-435
Divorce, property division, military retired pay, division limited to a percent based on military spouse's rank and pay rate on date of final order and any cost-of-living increases in effect on date military spouse begins drawing retirement, factors for court to consider when awarding, military disability ay may not be used to offset income, Sec. 30-2-51 am'd.
Teachers' Retirement System, membership and retirement credit for administrators, teachers, and support personnel whose place of work is outside the State of Alabama, prohibited, retirement contributions not authorized on salary earned for certain correspondence courses and on-line courses under certain conditions
Businesses or public employers, reguired to verify legal status of new employees through federal E-verify program, penalties
Motor vehicles, distinctive license tags, out-of-state colleges and universities authorized with minimum commitments prior to manufacture, Sec. 32-6-67 am'd.
Granite and limestone surface mining, local approval prior to issuance of state permit required, public hearings required, Sec. 22-22A-5.1 added
Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation, Inc., exempt from state, county, and municipal sales and use tax
Private toll roads and bridges, Public Service Commission to regulate rates
Toll bridges, authorized distance between decreased, Sec. 23-1-81 am'd.
Elections, person who is convicted of certain election offense prohibited from serving in certain capacities
Human trafficking, coercion or deception causing a person to work or to perform services having financial value or to perform certain sexual activities, prohibited, criminal penalties, Representatives Jack Williams and Merika Coleman Act (2010-20826)
Municipalities, municipal courts, court costs for jails, distrib. for municipal jails, Sec. 11-47-7.1 am'd.
Hemophilia and other blood disorders, blood clotting products used at home, specifications, duties to health care insurers, physicians, and pharmacies, Health Department to administer, Hemophilia Standards of Care Act
Campaign contributions, limitation imposed on contributions by political action committees to candidates
Ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, and phenylpropanolamine, State Board of Health required to classify as controlled substances, exemptions, removed from list of precursor chemicals maintained by State Board of Pharmacy, Secs. 20-2-20, 20-2-181 am'd.
Aliens, illegal, forfeiture of property acquired while illegal alien, procedures, exceptions
Motor vehicles, driving without license or insurance or proof of legal entry into the United States, motor vehicle may be impounded, Secs. 32-6-18, 32-7A-4 am'd.
Nursing scholarships, qualifications altered, funding increased, appropriation, Graduate Degree Scholarship for Nurses, Secs. 34-21-60, 34-21-61, 34-21-62, 34-21-63 am'd.
Lakes with restrictions for houseboats and vessel size and speed, Lake Jordan included, Sec. 33-6A-3.1 am'd.
Library boards, county and municipal boards, additional members, terms, Sec. 11-90-2 am'd.
Attorneys, legal services provided state, fees limited, contracts submitted to Contract Review Committee, Private Attorney Retention Sunshine Act
Child custody or visitation, motion to stay proceeding pending adjudication of criminal charge involving parent, court to consider best interest of child
Alabama Residential Energy Code Board changed to Alabama Energy and Residential Codes Board, Model Energy Code replaced with Alabama Energy and Residential Codes, adoption of modern building and energy codes in compliance with federal law to be implemented by counties and municipalities, board members increased, certain farm structures excluded, sprinkler systems provided for, Secs. 41-23-80, 41-23-81, 41-23-82, 41-23-83, 41-23-84, 41-23-85 am'd.
Driving or operating a vehicle as defined (including vessels) under the influence of alcohol or drugs, criminal negligent homicide or assault in the first degree amended to include, Secs. 13A-6-4, 13A-6-20 am'd.
State Docks Bulk Handling Facility Trust Fund, excess funds, all transfers removed except transfer to General Fund, Sec. 40-13-6 am'd.
Elections, photo identification required, Public Safety Department required to issue identification cards to persons without photo identification, Sec. 17-9-30 am'd.
Corrections Department, certain correctional officers authorized to participate in Deferred Retirement Option Plan after meeting certain requirements, Sec. 36-27-170 am'd.
State of Alabama, counties and municipalities prohibited from issuing business licenses without proof of citizenship or legal status in United States
Businesses, certain companies that create jobs, tax incentives authorized, requirements and standards for qualification
Greenhouse gas emissions, state agency prohibited from adopting or enforcing a state or regional program to limit or regulate motor vehicle fuel economy or from implementing a cap and trade program without legislative authorization
Federal law enforcement officers, permission of sheriff or Attorney General required before conducting arrest or search and seizure, district attorney required to prosecute violations, supremacy of sheriff as chief law enforcement officer of county declared
Income tax, employer's deduction for health insurance premiums, compensation paid to qualifying employees for calculation of employer's deduction further provided for, Sec. 40-18-15.3 am'd.
Motor vehicles, students, drivers' licenses, suspension of by Public Safety Department for disruptive behavior in classrooms resulting in suspension or expulsion from school, based on recommendation of principal, procedures for hearing, Sec. 16-28-40 am'd.
Campaign contributions, PAC to PAC transfers, prohibited, Campaign Finance Transparency Act, Secs. 17-5-7, 17-5-15 am'd.
Income tax, work opportunity income tax credit based on federal income tax credit, Sec. 40-18-182 added
Income tax, employer and employees, income tax credit for educational advancement and training to be defined by workforce development
Motor vehicles, text messaging or operating a handheld global positioning system (GPS) while operating a motor vehicle on public street, road, or highway prohibited, penalties

Elections, campaign contributions limited, corporations and political action committees, contributions prohibited for certain period prior to election, candidates contributions limited, PAC to PAC transfers prohibited, threshold for itemizing contributions raised, new reporting date, Political Campaign Contribution Reform Act, Secs. 17-5-3, 17-5-8 am'd.

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