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AL Rep. Mo Brooks and the Straw Man of Socialism

By Clete Wetli on August 12, 2019 | Opinion

Brooks has built his whole career on creating straw men that he haphazardly associates with his opposition in defiance of facts and logic.

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Let’s Understand the Full Impact of Tourism, Mobile

By David Preston on August 9, 2019 | Opinion

It’s time that the city of Mobile stops using a whack-a-mole approach to handling, developing, and managing the different tourist attractions and tourist draws to the city.

It seems like this administration hops from…

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Alabama Gun Worship Must End

By Clete Wetli on August 5, 2019 | Opinion

So, instead of recognizing the obvious epidemic and widespread carnage of growing gun violence, Alabama politicians keep pushing bills to make gun ownership easier and less accountable. In fact, the cliché of all clichés in Alabama is to watch a conservative campaign ad with the candidate firing a gun.

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Airbus Is As American As Apple Pie, President Trump

By David Preston on August 1, 2019 | Opinion

If you have ever used the phrase ‘As American as apple pie’ to describe something as uniquely American, well you are probably right in ways that you didn’t realize and wrong in your intended use….

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Let’s Take A Step Back On The Civic Center, Mobile

By David Preston on July 29, 2019 | Opinion

Since joining, I have written several times about the ongoing saga that is the re-development of the Mobile Civic Center property. I’m sure this piece will not be the last time I write…

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What Channel Is AL Sen. Candidate John Merrill Watching?

By Clete Wetli on July 29, 2019 | Opinion

So, that’s why Merrill wants voters to blame cable television, because he thinks the world would be so much better if it just looked more like Mayberry, right?

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An Open Letter To AL Dem Chair Nancy Worley

By Clete Wetli on July 22, 2019 | Opinion

It’s time for you to step down. It’s time for you to let someone else lead the party. Under your tenure, no one knows the party message, candidates aren’t supported or recruited, and you’ve left nothing but a trail of embarrassing media gaffes.

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AL House Minority Leader Daniels Right To Call For Comprehensive Prison Reform

By Clete Wetli on July 15, 2019 | Opinion

The state has known for many years that its prisons were overcrowded and understaffed. Further, it has perennially ignored the widespread abuse and neglect of prisoners in its care.

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More Questions and Concerns About the Mobile Civic Center

By David Preston on July 15, 2019 | Opinion

Today, the Mobile City Council will meet in executive session to review the final to proposals for the redevelopment of the Mobile Civic Center property. This is not the final step in the process…

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