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Alabama Gambles on Abortion Again

By David Preston on July 11, 2019 | Opinion

Who says we don’t have gambling in Alabama? We do, we just gamble on the weirdest things. Recently the state legislature went all-in on overturning Roe v. Wade with Alabama’s new Continue To Article

AL GOP Rep. Mo Brooks’ Petty Politics

By Clete Wetli on July 9, 2019 | Opinion

The greatest, and arguably, most intrinsic, foundational principal of the United States of America, is the guaranteed freedom to be able to voice political dissent, especially against the government and especially when it’s unpopular.

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Claudia Leatherwood

Youthful Offender Status Should Be Reserved For Youthful Crimes

By David Preston on July 2, 2019 | Opinion

Recently in Mobile, AL, a young man who drove down a residential street at 90 miles per hour where the speed limit was 30 mph was granted youthful offender status.

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Meth Attack Squirrel Makes Us Laugh, Treatment Funding Makes Us Cry

By Clete Wetli on July 1, 2019 | Opinion

If anything good came out of the Meth Attack Squirrel story, it’s that maybe people will realize that the opioid crisis is just one piece of a much larger issue.

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Alabama Democrats Need to Invest in Media

By Clete Wetli on June 28, 2019 | Opinion

It’s not enough to begin messaging a few months prior to an election. Promoting and discussing progressive policies should be a priority year-round. It needs to be engaging and visceral.

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Alabama College Free Speech Law Opens Door for Extremism and Hate

By Clete Wetli on June 17, 2019 | Opinion

This was just more absurdist political theater from the Republicans, but it also clearly shows that they have a real problem finding the courage to denounce prejudice and bigotry.

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Paris Air Show Airbus Previews

By David Preston on June 13, 2019 | Opinion

With the new leadership at the top of Airbus, it’s time for them to start laying the groundwork for the type of company Airbus is…

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Huntsville Employer Boeing: Preview For 2019 Paris Air Show

By David Preston on June 12, 2019 | Opinion

The Paris Air Show will be a different kind of show for Boeing this year due to two recent crashes of the Boeing 737 Max plane, the first a Lion Air 737…

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An Airbus A320 sits at the Paris Air Show. The A320 along with the A220 are built in Mobile, AL.

A Preview of Alabama’s Impact At The Paris Air Show

By David Preston on June 11, 2019 | Opinion

I am too young ever to have attended the World’s Fair. I have also never been to a European Airshow either.  I can only imagine that the atmosphere at both is very similar. The excitement…

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Alabama House of Representatives Chambers

2019 AL Legislative Session: Tragic and Pathetic

By Clete Wetli on June 10, 2019 | Opinion

Regardless of partisan affiliation, Alabama voters have got to abstain from their toxic addiction to identity politics and work together to address the real problems that are facing the state.

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