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Huntsville City Council President To Introduce Resolution To Remove Courthouse Confederate Monument

Written by on June 8, 2020
Madison County Courthouse, Huntsville AL, West view
Madison County Courthouse, Huntsville AL, West view

On Wednesday, Huntsville City Council President Devyn Keith issued a short statement on Facebook saying that he would be introducing a resolution at Thursday’s city council meeting to support the removal of the Confederate monument located outside of the Madison County Courthouse.

Madison County commissioners are ultimately the ones that have control over the removal of the monument.

The Facebook post reads:

Thursday. At council.
I will be introducing a resolution for the City of Huntsville to support (monetary/labor/location) the County Commission in the removal (and or relocation) of the Confederate moment that sits on the court house square.
I trust my colleagues will join me in support.
Thank you Huntsville.
Blessed to be in this with you


The movement comes as other monuments have been removed across the state, such as Birmingham and Mobile, despite having to pay the state a $25,000 fine for doing so.

The Tennessee Valley Progressive Alliance says they have raised the money to pay the fine if Madison County chooses to remove the monument.

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