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Hometown Action Endorses Tabitha Isner for AL Democratic Party Chair

Written by on May 8, 2019
Tabitha Isner with Justin Vest of Hometown Action

Hometown Action issued a press release endorsing Tabitha Isner for the Chair of the Alabama Democratic Party. New elections were called after the national Democratic Party found a number of procedural irregularities in the vote. Isner, State Sen. Vivian Figures, and former candidate for Lt. Governor Will Boyd are all running against the current sitting chair, Nancy Worley. A date for the new elections has yet to be set.

Press Release

Today, Hometown Action proudly announces its endorsement of Tabitha Isner for Chair of the Alabama Democratic Party.  

In 2018, Tabitha Isner ran for Congress as a Hometown Action member candidate on a progressive populist platform reflective of Hometown Action’s values and a bold vision for Alabama’s 2nd Congressional District. Hometown Action members voted unanimously to endorse her campaign and worked to get out the vote because they knew she would be a true representative of everyday people and was committed to co-govern with her constituents. When Ms. Isner announced her candidacy for Chair of the Alabama Democratic Party, Hometown Action members again voted to support her because she has demonstrated her commitment to moving multiracial, working class interests to the forefront of the political movement in Alabama.

According to Justin Vest, Executive Director of Hometown Action, “Ms. Isner is one of the few candidates who ran for elected office in 2018 who took the time to listen to the needs of her constituents–regardless of party–and sought to address those concerns directly. She has demonstrated that when we lead with values and organize around solutions, not sides, we can grow our base of engaged citizens across race, class, and even partisan affiliation.”

During the 2018 Midterm election, the existing political infrastructure in our state was in need of major modernization and reform. Many progressive Alabama voters were energized by the victory of Doug Jones in December 2017, and their enthusiasm could have been harnessed by bold political leadership to move Alabama forward. Unfortunately, the leadership of the Alabama Democratic Party did not take advantage of that momentum.

It was grassroots organizations like Hometown Action that took the lead in going door-to-door, organizing, and volunteering to bring a progressive populist vision for Alabama to every voter possible, especially in rural communities that had never seen a political canvasser. Hometown Action led sweeping canvasses in small towns and rural communities while the state Democratic Party remained mired in dysfunction.

Beth Cox, a Hometown Action activist, emphasized the urgency of the issue saying, “The critical 2020 election cycle is just around the corner and key positions at the federal, state, county and municipal levels are at stake. The time for effective political organizing in Alabama is now. Tabitha Isner is the person who can lead us down that path.”

Hometown Action is a member-owned, member-led collective that aims to revitalize Alabama communities through multiracial working class organizing at the local and state level.

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