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AL Sen. Jim McClendon: Cancer Patients Can Get Marijuana On Streets If Needed

Written by on May 20, 2019
Jim McClendon

It has been a busy day for the Matt & Aunie show. Dustin Chandler was on earlier talking about how the medical marijuana bill he supports may be a victim to stall tactics and how another law named after his daughter may disappear.

On after Dustin was State Sen. Jim McClendon (R-Springville) and he was asked why he voted against the medical marijuana bill when it came up in the Senate.

“I guess what bothers me as much as anything is I know what we’re doing is, some time along the way we are going to open a door that will eventually lead to recreational marijuana,” McClendon said. “I figure as long as I can kind of push against that door the better it will be.”

McClendon goes to say it is the best bill that he has seen and that Sen. Tim Melson did a good job putting it together.

“I wasn’t fighting this bill big time I just had the urge at the last minute ‘I’m going to vote no on this and see what happens.'”

Matt Murphy said that recreational marijuana “wasn’t an automatic” to which McClendon replied “oh no no no it’s the old camel’s nose under the tent” basically implying that if you give an inch people will take a mile.

Murphy goes on to say that marijuana is already in McClendon’s district and that he could go and get it any time he wants and that pretending that marijuana isn’t already in Alabama is just fear and “I think a little bit ignorant”.

McClendon wasn’t backing down.

“Well, let me give you the counter to that,” McClendon said. “Well if there is someone that needs it, let’s say there is someone doing the cancer treatment, they have nausea problems and they need something to control it, they can get it!”.

Andrea Lindenberg then asked if that means they can get it legally in the state to which McClendon simply replied with a flat “no”.

The floored hosts pointed out that under McClendon’s solution, he would turn cancer patients “into criminals.”

McClendon didn’t seem concerned. “They’re probably not too worried about that.”

Matt Muphy ends the show with a suggestion for McClendon to reach out to current cancer patients and tell them that to their face. The clip then ends.

You can listen to the clip embedded above or over at AudioBoom.

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