Bill To Exempt Disabled Vets From Paying Issuance Fee On License Plates Passes Committee

Dakota Layton | February 12, 2020

Under current Alabama law, disabled veterans have to pay an issuance fee of less than $10 (varies by county) when they renew their license plates. However, Rep. Rhett Marques (R-Enterprise) has authored a bill, HB80, that would exempt them from paying this fee.

“[D]isabled vets already don’t have to pay a lot of other fees, this just eliminates the issuance fee,” Marques said.

The bill passed through the House Ways and Means General Fund committee on Tuesday with no opposition.

Dakota Layton graduated from the University of Alabama in Huntsville with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy. He is currently enrolled at the University of Mississippi where he is working to earn his Master of Arts in Philosophy.

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