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Former Chairman of Christian Coalition of Alabama Endorses Sessions for U.S. Senate

Written by on March 17, 2020

In an open letter published in Alabama Today, former Chairman of the Christian Coalition of Alabama Bob Russell endorsed former Attorney General Jeff Sessions ahead of the March 31 runoff between Sessions and former Auburn football coach Tommy Tuberville. Russell’s letter was addressed to “Pro-Family Conservative Believers” and it cautioned that “The Democrat Party as a whole has moved to the left and will support either of the candidates for the Presidency regardless of how far left they go.”

Russell believes the solution is “To re-elect President Trump, change the House to Republican majority, increase the number of conservative Senators.”

“Alabama has a huge role in the upcoming election increasing the Republican Senate majority. We failed in the last election by sending a liberal Senator to represent Alabama. We cannot afford another mistake; it is too critical. The person we elect as Alabama Senator must be tried and proven as a conservative.”

Russell says that Sessions’, “[T]wenty years of service in the United States Senate has always been conservative – he has never disappointed me. He will vote from his heart and vote conservatively. The fact Jeff has longevity in the Senate, he will know how to maneuver legislation through the Senate and will be an influential voice.”

He concludes, “[T]his election is so critical, let’s stick with a person that we know. A person that we can all get behind and win the Senate seat. The Republican majority is so thin in the Senate, now is not the time to go with an unknown – Let’s go with Jeff Sessions. We can’t go wrong with Jeff, he has proven himself as a conservative Senator for over twenty years.”

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