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There Is Nothing To See Here, Alabama

Clete Wetli | November 15, 2019

If there’s one thing that the Republican Party has undeniably mastered over the last decade, both locally and nationally, it’s the art of misdirection. A misdirection is a tool that magicians and street corner hustlers use when engaging in sleight-of-hand trickery as a calculated way...

Mo Brooks Is Okay With Abandoning US Allies

Clete Wetli | October 21, 2019

So, it’s ok for America to go back on its word and abruptly walk away from its allies that were instrumental in defeating ISIS? Does Brooks really think this is going to end well or that this move won’t cost the US much more later?

Trump Derangement Syndrome Is Strongest in Alabama

Clete Wetli | October 14, 2019

Alabama Republicans will never question Trump’s self-described “great and unmatched wisdom” that seemingly only rivals his expertise on literally every subject, or his profound display of Christian values including profanity-laced speeches and petty, obsessive political vendettas.

ALGOP Officially Sells Its Soul To Trump

Clete Wetli | September 30, 2019

Sadly, the Alabama Republican Party thinks that the president extorting Ukraine for his own personal gain, and engaging in an unprecedented cover-up, is a crisis that can be twisted into a massive fundraising effort.

Nancy Worley’s Last Stand

Clete Wetli | September 23, 2019

The reality is that hundreds of thousands of Alabamians still lack access to affordable healthcare. The reality is that the state has slashed unemployment benefits and continues to neglect people who genuinely need help. The reality is that Alabama needs prison and education reform. In fact, Alabama has real problems and it needs real solutions.

Joe Biden Correct: “Hate is on the rise again.”

Clete Wetli | September 16, 2019

Biden is absolutely correct in his observation. Although he didn’t mention Trump or other prominent Republicans by name, they’ve been guilty of giving the hate a whole lot of oxygen and done their best to coax it out from under the rocks.

The Sharpie Effect in Alabama Politics

Clete Wetli | September 9, 2019

An integral part of effective leadership and sound statesmanship is accepting responsibility for mistakes and errors. It should also go without saying that making things up is unquestionably wrong on every level.

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