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Airbus News & Articles

Mobile Air Passenger Traffic Grows

David Preston | November 6, 2019

Mobile Airport passenger traffic grew almost 7.4% in the fiscal year 2019 over the fiscal year 2018. This growth rate is double their normal growth rate for Mobile and over three times the projected growth rate of passenger traffic nationwide. Several factors led to this...

Five Questions with Kiani Gardner

David Preston | October 28, 2019 Kiani Gardner

This article continues an ongoing series of articles where will ask questions of the candidates running for federal office in 2020. These articles are designed to give our readers an introduction to each candidate and give you a better understanding of why they are...

Mr. President: Promote Alabama Jobs By Working With Airbus

David Preston | September 19, 2019

If the tariff policies of President Donald Trump are about protecting American jobs and promoting American businesses and products, then the tariff proposal by the administration that was recently approved by the World Trade Organization on the European Union provides the Federal Government the perfect...

Airbus: ‘Hard’ To Invest In Mobile During Trade War

David Preston | September 16, 2019 Airbus Mobile, AL

On Thursday, September 12, 2019, Canadian aviation news and information site FliegetFaust reported that government officials from Mobile and Baldwin County toured the Airbus A220 manufacturing facility at Mirabel, Canada. Mobile City Councilman C.J. Small wrote in his district email newsletter, “All of (Airbus’) FAL...

Airbus Is As American As Apple Pie, President Trump

David Preston | August 1, 2019

If you have ever used the phrase ‘As American as apple pie’ to describe something as uniquely American, well you are probably right in ways that you didn’t realize and wrong in your intended use. Like almost every other food or cultural experience America has,...

Paris Air Show Airbus Previews

David Preston | June 13, 2019

With the new leadership at the top of Airbus, it’s time for them to start laying the groundwork for the type of company Airbus is going to be under Guillaume Faury.  This will be the first European Air Show for Airbus with Faury at the...

A Preview of Alabama’s Impact At The Paris Air Show

David Preston | June 11, 2019

I am too young ever to have attended the World’s Fair. I have also never been to a European Airshow either.  I can only imagine that the atmosphere at both is very similar. The excitement and buzz around the events must be electrifying. Today’s article...

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