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Alabama Democratic Party Seeks Resignation of “Confederate Apologist” State Rep. Will Dismukes

Written by on June 19, 2020

In a press release today, Alabama Democratic Party Executive Director Wade Perry called for the resignation of State Representative Will Dismukes (R-Millbrook), who is the Chaplain of the Prattville Dragoons: Sons of Confederate Veterans.

Dismukes, who dropped his bid for Congress in the 2nd Congressional District last October, was recently praised in the Confederate group’s newsletter as being representative of the Confederacy’s “Godly heritage.”

You can read the Alabama Democratic Party press release below as well as the associated screenshots of Dismukes’ Facebook post and the newsletter referenced in the release.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Alabama Democratic Party Executive Director, Wade Perry Calls for Confederate Apologist State Representative to Resign.

Divisive Republican State Representative Will Dismukes (District 88) is receiving mounting criticism for his public support of the lost Confederate cause. As elected officials of all stripes seek to move Alabama forward, Dismukes is stuck in the past.

Rep. Dismukes, Chaplain of the “Prattville Dragoons: Sons of Confederate Veterans,” was recently praised in the group’s newsletter as being representative of the Confederacy’s “Godly heritage.”

“We need elected officials who work for a better tomorrow for all Alabamians,” said Wade Perry, Executive Director of Alabama Democratic Party. “That should go without saying. If little Will wants to play dress-up and pretend to fight for the lost cause, he should resign. His job is to pass laws that help Alabamians, not honor folks who fought to preserve the institution of slavery.”

Dismukes posted this picture (see attached) of himself in Confederate regalia, as he and his family celebrated “Confederate Flag Day” last March.

Update: Dismukes has responded to Alabama Democrats in a Facebook post.

“Haha, the Democrats are raising money in Alabama using a picture of Stone Mountain Ga. I’m honored that they would also mention me to fundraise…. We can move our state forward without erasing the past!!! Deo Vindice!”


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