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Tuberville Ties Sessions to John Bolton Amidst Sessions’ Efforts to Tie Himself to Trump

Written by on February 1, 2020

In light of new revelations against President Trump in his former national security advisor, John Bolton’s new book, Jeff Sessions sent out a series of tweets in which he gave his own thoughts on the situation. He sought to reassure voters that despite their sometimes rocky past, Sessions is still loyal to Trump and in contrast to Bolton, he has maturely avoided publicly criticizing the President or writing a book about one of their controversial moments that have led some Republicans to believe that he is not sufficiently loyal to him.

In his four-part twitter episode, he said the following:

“With regard to the @AmbJohnBolton situation, let me just say this: I did not write a book or go on CNN or criticize @realDonaldTrump for 3 VERY IMPORTANT REASONS…”

“FIRST – I don’t believe it is the honorable thing to do. You are there to serve his agenda, not your own. He was elected, not you.”

“SECOND – It is an act of disloyalty to the administration one serves, and tends to undermine the unity and teamwork needed to reach the highest level of effectiveness.”

“THIRD – it sets a very damaging and dangerous precedent. A President must have the ability to have candid conversations with his National Security Advisor, his AG, his SOS, etc., without fear that those conversations will end up in a book or a newspaper.”

Tommy Tuberville gave a sharp rebuke of Sessions, saying that Sessions was disloyal to Trump and to the entire United States when he recused himself from the Russia related investigation into Trump. He also equivocated Sessions to Bolton.

“This election boils down to one simple question – who will be loyal to our president and our nation. When Donald Trump needed him most, Jeff Sessions was neither, but I’ll be both,” Tuberville said. “For Jeff Sessions to call anyone else ‘disloyal’ is the ultimate hypocrisy after he abandoned the president during the travesty of the Russia collusion investigation.”

“One thing is for certain – when the attacks start coming, you don’t want to share a foxhole with John Bolton or Jeff Sessions. They’re two peas in a pod,” he added. “Mitt Romney and the other Republicans waffling on impeachment are proving that we’ve already got enough cut-and-run congressman on Capitol Hill, and Alabama doesn’t need to send them another.”

“Instead of sending tweets, perhaps Jeff Sessions should spend his time reading the president’s tweets about his time as attorney general,” Tuberville concluded. “As U.S. senator, I’ll be unabashedly loyal to Donald Trump, and he’ll know that Alabama will always have his back.”

We shall see whether or not Tuberville’s attacks against Sessions are effective on March 3 when AL GOP voters cast their ballots.

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