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AL GOP Senate Candidates Slam Doug Jones After Impeachment Votes

Written by on February 6, 2020
Jeff Sessions
Jeff Sessions

Doug Jones arguably made the toughest vote of his political career when he voted to convict President Trump on both articles of impeachment yesterday. It was expected to draw much backlash from his GOP opponents and his conservative Alabama constituency. The first round of backlash came from Terry Lathan, the chairman of the Alabama Republican Party. The second round is coming from Jones’ potential general election opponents.

Former Attorney General and front-runner Jeff Sessions said, “Doug Jones is deeply complicit in this grave wrong. In voting to remove our duly-elected President, Doug Jones personifies the left’s irrational enmity against President Trump.”

“Doug Jones is a foot soldier for Chuck Schumer and the radical left, and he has made it clear that he is in the U.S. Senate to represent Washington Democrats, not the people of Alabama,” he concluded.

Congressman Bradley Byrne said, “This is the final straw. Doug Jones continues to show his true colors and put his liberal D.C. buddies ahead of the people of Alabama.”

“I’ve never been so fired up to take back this Senate seat and give Alabama the Pro-Trump, conservative fighter in the Senate that they deserve!” he added.

Former Auburn football coach Tommy Tuberville said, “I know millions of Alabamians and millions more across the country join me in thanking God for answering our prayers and guiding President Trump safely through Nancy Pelosi’s bogus impeachment effort.”

“History’s greatest president can now return his full attention to guiding the world’s greatest nation,” he continued.

“When Doug Jones cast his impeachment vote with the Democrat leadership instead of the Alabamians he swore an oath to represent, the leopard showed his spots,” Tuberville said. “It’s time for Doug Jones to buy a one-way ticket to California and live with his liberal donors and supporters.”

Tuberville is noteworthy for being the political outsider in the AL GOP primary because he is the only viable candidate with no political experience. He took this opportunity to give a political indictment of his opponents and urge voters to choose him because he will be the most ardent and loyal supporter of Trump.

“Alabama must send President Trump a senator who will fight alongside him and support his agenda through thick and thin,” he stated.

“As attorney general, Jeff Sessions abandoned our president when he needed him most, and Bradley Byrne demanded that Donald Trump step down as the Republican nominee in 2016,” he continued.

“Capitol Hill already has enough cut-and-run congressmen and sunshine patriots. Alabama doesn’t need to elect another one. We must elect a senator who understands the meaning of the word ‘loyalty’ and lives by it,”

“I remain convinced that God sent us Donald Trump because He knew our nation was in trouble, and I’m ready to go to Washington and help our president but things back on track,” he concluded.

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