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Jeff Sessions Releases New Ad: “Democrats Fear Trump”

Written by on February 10, 2020

On Friday, Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions campaign released an ad titled, “Democrats Fear Trump.” According to the campaign, the 60-second ad will run on radio stations across the state of Alabama for at least two weeks.

“The Washington Democrats hate President Trump, we all know that,” Sessions says. “But did you know that secretly, they fear Trump even more than they hate him? Let me explain.”

“President Trump is bypassing the liberal media and assembling a new majority of Americans, and the blame-America-first Democrats in Washington are terrified,” he continues. “I’m Jeff Sessions and I traveled all over the country with Trump, I’ve seen it first-hand.”

“Independent voters, and even many Democrats, realize that President Trump is right. He’s right about stopping illegal immigration and securing our borders, he’s right about forcing trade deals that favor American workers, and Trump’s right about killing terrorists but also about making sure we are not in endless wars,” Sessions outlines.

“Trump is delivering on these common-sense pro-American policies that can bring our country together. … I’m committed to helping President Trump. I know we can destroy the radical left’s socialist dreams. Let’s roll,” he concludes.

Sessions will face former Auburn football coach Tommy Tuberville, Bradley ByrneRoy MooreArnold MooneyRuth Page-Nelson, and Stanley Adair.

The Republican Primary will be held on March 3, 2020.

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