2014 Alabama Senate Bills

A list of all 2014 Alabama Senate Bills. Click any bill to read the full text and get the current status.

BillTitleSponsorLast ActionSigned
SB479Brewers, craft brewers license provided, Sec. 28-3A-6.1addedDick Brewbaker04/01/2014
SB478Emergency Medical Services, Advisory Board, membership reduced, meetings, Sec. 22-18-5 am'd.Paul Sanford03/18/2014
SB477Crimes and offenses, enhanced penalty for conviction of a Class A felony, with at least three prior felonies, eliminated, trafficking of certain drugs, penalties revised, Secs.13A-5-9, 13A-12-231am'd.Rodger Smitherman03/18/2014
SB476Jackson Co., parks and recreation, transfer of surplus funds for operation of to the county general fundDel Marsh04/02/2014Signed
SB475Jackson Co., Lake Guntersville Reservoir Aquatic Plant Management Board created, implement aquatic plant management program, provide membership, board authorize to receive and disburse fundsDel Marsh04/02/2014Signed
SB474Jackson Co., solid waste program, reimbursement of payments from General Fund relating to the operation of, administrative fee payable to co. commission authorizedDel Marsh04/02/2014Signed
SB472Homicide, criminally negligent homicide, person commits criminally negligent homicide if person operates motor vehicle, aircraft, or watercraft while fatigued, Sec. 13A-6-4 am'd.J.T. Waggoner03/18/2014
SB473Economic Development, entertain industry incentives, qualifed production project, qualified expenditure available for rebate or exemption increased, Sec. 41-7A-48, am'd; Act 2012-212, 2012 Reg. Sess., am'dDel Marsh04/01/2014
SB471Taxation, phase-out sales and use tax on food, increase state tax over four-year period on cigarettes, const. amend.J.T. Waggoner03/18/2014
SB470Elections, prohibit gambling interest or person or agent on behalf of a gambling interest from contributing money or a thing of value to any candidate for public office in this state, Sec. 17-5-15.2 addedJ.T. Waggoner04/01/2014
SB469Fair Campaign Practices Act, certain reporting excluded, civil penalties authorized by Secretary of State, probate judges, administrative rules authorized, administrative review of contested fines, Secs. 17-5-19.1, 17-5-19.2, 17-5-21 added; Secs. 17-5-8, 17-5-19 am'd.J.T. Waggoner04/01/2014
SB468Macon Co., Little Texas Volunteer Fire Department, assess a service charge for fire protection services, collection, referendumWilliam “Bill” M. Beasley04/02/2014Signed
SB467Franklin Co., Water Coordinating and Fire Prevention Authority, services expanded to include sewage and broadband services, const. amend.Roger Bedford, Jr.04/02/2014Signed
SB466Clarke Co., voter centers, additional centers establishedGeorge M. “Marc” Keahey03/20/2014
SB464Alcoholic beverages, retail sale by state phased out, privilege granted to Class A and Class B licensees, inventory bailment system, tax, displaced employees benefits, leases, market zones established, Secs. 28-1-4, 28-2-22, 28-3-43, 28-3-53.1, 28-3-53.2, 28-3-202, 28-3-205, 28-3-207, 28-3-241, 28-3A-11, 28-3A-12, 28-3A-19, 28-3A-20, 28-3A-21, 28-3A-22, 28-7-16 am'd.; Secs. 28-3-74, 28-3-280 to 28-3-286, inclusive, repealed on October 1, 2012Arthur Orr03/13/2014
SB465Tallassee, alcoholic beverages, Sunday sales authorized under certain conditions, referendumArthur Orr04/02/2014Signed
SB463Jackson Co., relief for Willie Dean Mount, futher provided for, Act 84-540, 1984 Reg. Sess., am'd.Cam Ward04/02/2014Signed
SB462Chilton Co., sales and use tax, co. commission authorized to levy add'l. for hospital, Act 2014-162, 2014 Reg. Sess., repealed and supersededCam Ward04/03/2014Signed
SB461Tuscaloosa, City of, corp. limits alt.Gerald H. Allen03/11/2014
SB460Psychiatric residential treatment facilities for individuals under age 21, license by State Board of Health, coverage under Certificate of Need Law, grandfather of existing facilities, Secs. 22-21-20, 22-21-260 am'd.Greg J. Reed03/11/2014
SB459Medicaid, Regional Care Organizations, membership and eligibility of board of directors revised, appointment of executive committee, creation of provider standards committee, establishment of minimum reimbursement rates by the Medicaid Agency, review of provider contract terms, rulemaking authority of the Medicaid Agency, Secs. 22-6-151, 22-6-153, 22-6-155, 22-6-158, 22-6-163, 22-6-164 am'd.Greg J. Reed04/02/2014Signed
SB457Alabaster, corp. limits alt.Cam Ward04/01/2014Signed
SB458Adoption, contact by biological parent prohibited under certain conditions, restraining order for violationsPaul Bussman04/01/2014
SB456Elmore Co., Millbrook and Wetumpka, alcoholic beverages, Sunday sales and draft beer authorizedDel Marsh03/11/2014
SB455Pike Co., draft beer, sale, authorized in the unincorporated areas of the county, municipalities may authorize by ordinanceDel Marsh03/20/2014Signed
SB454Elmore Co., Millbrook and Wetumpka, alcoholic beverages, Sunday sales and draft beer authorizedDel Marsh03/19/2014
SB453Victims' Compensation Act, to ensure that victims obtain a pro-rata share of court-ordered restitution collected before other distributions are made, Sec. 12-17-225.4 am'd.Del Marsh03/19/2014
SB452Military, Code of Justice, disciplinary penalties, reduction in rank prohibited in certain cases, commanding officer defined to include certain warrant officers, summary court martial, authority, Secs. 31-2A-1, 31-2A-15, 31-2A-20 am'd.Bill Holtzclaw03/06/2014
SB451Donated leave, limitation on hours of leave a state employee may contribute to another state employee who has qualified for catastrophic sick leave, removed, Sec. 36-26-35.2 am'd.Rusty Glover04/01/2014
SB450Mobile Co., office of license commissioner abolish, duties, functions, and employees transferred to the office of revenue commissioner, compensation, co. commission provide adequate space for expanded office, const. amend.Rusty Glover03/06/2014
SB448Elmore Co., court costs, criminal cases in circuit and district courts, booking fee for convicted defendants booked or incarcerated in county jail, distrib. to county general fundDick Brewbaker04/02/2014
SB449Vintage vehicles, use for regular transportation purposes, payment of regular license tax and fees in addition to vintage tag, Sec. 40-12-290 am'd.Rusty Glover03/06/2014
SB447Primary elections, pollwatchers appointed by political parties authorized to observe, Secs. 17-8-7, 17-13-11 am'd.Del Marsh04/01/2014
SB446Political party, allowed to make contributions to local party affiliate and subsets, Sec. 17-5-15 am'd.Del Marsh03/06/2014
SB445Police animals, trained or handled by Class One Railroad Officer or special agent, included in protection laws, Sec. 13A-11-260 am'd.Clay Scofield04/01/2014
SB444Firearms, accessories, and ammunition manufactured in this state, under Commerce Clause of U. S. Constitution exempt from federal regulation, Firearms Freedom ActGerald H. Allen04/01/2014
SB442Sex Offenders, registration and community notification, technical revisions and citations update various sections, petition for relief from employment, residency living restriction, civil division of circuit courts, absconding without registering, penalty, Secs. 12-15-107, 12-15-116, 13A-5-2, 13A-5-6, 14-9-41, 15-18-8, 15-19-7, 15-20A-4 to 15-20A-7, incl., 15-20A-9, 15-20A-11, 15-20A-14, 15-20A-16, 15-20A-18, 15-20A-21 to 15-20A-26, incl., 15-20A-28, 15-20A-29, 15-20A-32, 15-20A-34, 15-20A-35, 15-20A-37, 15-20A-39, 15-20A-40, 15-20A-43, 15-20A-45, 15-20A-46, 15-22-27.3, 32-6-49.24, 36-18-24, 36-18-25, 38-13-2, 38-13-4Cam Ward04/01/2014
SB443Public K-12 Education, moratorium on further adoption of common core until 1/1/17, local board of education may opt out and use alternative curriculum, advisory commission createdScott Beason04/01/2014
SB441Midfield, motor vehicles, automated photographic speeding enforcement, authorized, procedures, posting of informational signs, adoption of municipal ordinances, civil fines, record keeping, municipal court jurisdiction, appeals, Midfield Speed Limit Safety ActPriscilla Dunn04/03/2014Signed
SB440Judges, recusals, appearance of impartiality based on campaign contribution, rebuttable presumption if contribution represents 25 percent of total contribution for election cycle, Secs. 12-24-1, 12-24-2 repealedCam Ward04/01/2014
SB438State Superintendant of Education, change from appointed to elected, term provided, amend Amendment 284, const. amend.Scott Beason03/05/2014
SB439Beer manufacturer, allowed to operate a restaurant and dispense alcoholic beverages, Sec. 28-3A-6 am'd.Dick Brewbaker04/01/2014
SB437HIV clinics, redispensing of prescription drugs not used by patients, pharmacies allowedLinda Coleman-Madison04/01/2014
SB436Baldwin Co., court employees, compensation increase from Law Library and Judicial Administration Fund under certain conditionsTrip Pittman03/20/2014
SB435Animal Control Officer, training and certification, Alabama Animal Control Association, Alabama Peace Officers' Standard and Training Commission, develop uniform program, continuing educationDel Marsh04/01/2014
SB434Political parties, qualifying fees for candidates for election to public office at primary elections, amount of fee increased to up to 5 percent of salary of office sought, Sec. 17-13-47 am'd.Del Marsh04/01/2014
SB433Taxation, tax on motor fuels, Secs. 8-17-95, 8-17-96, 8-17-97, 8-17-98, 8-17-99, 8-17-100, 8-17-101, 8-17-102 added; Sec. 8-17-89 repealed; Secs. 8-17-80, 8-17-84, 8-17-87, 8-17-91, 8-17-92, 8-17-93, 40-17-325, 40-17-329, 40-17-359, 40-17-362 am'd.Roger Bedford, Jr.04/01/2014
SB432Taxation, local sales, use and rental taxes, uniform date for one-spot collection of sales, use and rental taxes due and payableMark Slade Blackwell03/04/2014
SB431Massage Therapy, Board of, massage therapists further regulated, penalties increased, Secs. 34-43-3, 34-43-5, 34-43-6, 34-43-7, 34-43-9, 34-43-11, 34-43-12, 34-43-14, 34-43-15, 34-43-17, 34-43-20, 34-43-21 am'd; Sec. 34-43-10 repealedRodger Smitherman04/01/2014
SB430Public education, institutions of higher education under direction of Alabama Council of College and University Presidents to create digital textbooks for free download by public K-12 schoolsScott Beason03/04/2014
SB428Virtual Public Schools Act, local boards of education may provide alternative choice for education via the InternetQuinton Ross03/18/2014
SB429Anniston, employees of city, police and fire to remain under civil service, new employees and certain other employees made at-will employees, Act 404, 1953 Reg. Sess., Act 592, 1953 Reg. Sess., am'd.; Secs. 45-8A-22.01, 45-8A-22.02, 45-8A-22.03, 45-8A-22.08, 45-8A-22.09, 45-8A-22.10, 45-8A-22.11, 45-8A-22.12, 45-8A-22.13, 45-8A-23.091 am'd.Del Marsh03/06/2014
SB427Debtors, homestead exemption and personal property exemption, increased, Secs. 6-10-2, 6-10-6, 6-10-7, 6-10-11, 43-8-110, 43-8-111, 43-8-113, 43-8-115 am'd.Cam Ward04/01/2014
SB426Taxation, Wallace State Community College in Hanceville Future Foundation, exempt from state, county, and local ad valorem taxes, Act 2013-170, 2013 Reg. Sess., am'd.; Sec. 40-9-25.19 am'd.Paul Bussman04/01/2014
SB425Student data, use of by providers of cloud computing serviceRusty Glover04/01/2014
SB424Firefighters, death or disability for occupational disease for firefighters, no time limitation upon filing a claim for disability benefits, may resubmit claims under certain conditions, Secs. 11-43-144, 36-30-5, 36-30-20, 36-30-22, 36-30-40, 36-30-41 am'd.Paul Sanford04/01/2014
SB423Victims of Crime and Leniency, Inc., exempt from state, county, and municipal sales and use taxesWilliam “Bill” M. Beasley04/01/2014
SB422Elections, secretary of state to provide free computerized statewide voter registration list to other state chief election officials upon request Sec. 17-4-38 am'd.Bill Holtzclaw04/01/2014
SB420Schools, nonpublic K-12 schools, autonomy of clarified, Secs. 16-28-1, 16-28-5, 16-28-7 repealedDick Brewbaker02/27/2014
SB421Crime Victims Compensation Commission, definition of funeral expenses and work loss, payments to victims, administrative expense of commission, Secs. 15-23-3, 15-23-5, 15-23-15 am'd.Bill Hightower04/01/2014
SB419Lincoln, corp. limits alt.Rusty Glover03/19/2014Signed
SB418Colleges and universities, participation in reciprocity agreements with other member states to generate without additional state approval or authorization in other member states, Secs. 10A-1-7.02, 16-46-3 am'd.Rusty Glover04/01/2014
SB417Health care workers, infected health care workers, add Hepatitis C infection to definition of, Secs. 22-11A-60, 22-11A-61, 22-11A-62, 22-11A-63, 22-11A-66, 22-11A-67, 22-11A-73 am'd.Bill Hightower04/01/2014
SB416Electrical contractors, person holding municipal or county license or permit required to obtain provisional license from Board of Electrical Contractors, date for license under nationally standardized examination, extended, journeyman electrician, licensure further provided for, Secs. 34-36-7, 34-36-16 am'd.Phillip W. Williams02/27/2014
SB415Schools, students taught at home by either private tutor or under church school law may participate in public K-12 extracurricular activitiesPaul Bussman02/26/2014
SB414Abortions, redefining the term personPaul Bussman02/26/2014
SB413Bail bond surety insurers, regulation by Insurance Department, amount of unearned premium reserve specific required, Sec. 27-36-3.1 addedPaul Bussman04/01/2014
SB412Pardons and Paroles, Division of Probation and Parole, created within Department of Corrections, supervising offenders on probation, transfer of duties, responsibilities and other effects of the Board of Pardons and Paroles as they relate to supervision of offenders, Secs. 12-23A-2, 12-25-37, 12-25-38, 14-1-1.2, 15-18-71, 15-18-74, 15-18-76, 15-18-77, 15-20A-20, 15-20A-39, 15-22-1.3, 15-22-2, 15-22-24, 15-22-28, 15-22-30, 15-22-33, 15-22-35, 15-22-36, 15-22-36.1, 15-22-36.2, 15-22-37, 15-22-51, 15-22-53, 15-22-56, 15-23-72, 36-21-2, 41-9-1060 am'd.Arthur Orr04/01/2014
SB411State Forestry Commission, Department of Agriculture and Industries renamed as Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Industries, Division of State Forestry within Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Industries created, transfer of responsibilities and other effects of the State Forestry Commission to the Division of State Forestry, Sec. 9-3-16 repealed; Secs. 9-3-1, 9-3-2, 9-3-4, 9-3-5 to 9-3-10, inclusive, 9-3-10.1, 9-3-11 to 9-3-15, inclusive, 9-3-17, 9-3-19, 9-8A-3, 9-10A-4, 9-13-1, 9-13-3, 9-13-4, 9-13-5, 9-13-6, 9-13-8, 9-13-9, 9-13-10, 9-13-10.1, 9-13-11, 9-13-24, 9-13-40 to 9-13-47, inclusive, 9-13-49, 9-13-50, 9-13-63, 9-13-64, 9-13-65, 9-13-80, 9-13-84, 9-13-103, 9-13-104, 9-13-122, 9-13-124, 9-13-125, 9-13-126, 9-13-140, 9-13-141, 9-13-161 to 9-13-164, inclusive, 9-13-166, 9-13-167, 9-13-181, 9-13-182, 9-13-185, 9-13-189, 9-13-190, 9-13-192 to 9-13-196, inclusive, 9-13-201, 9-13-225, 9-13-226, 9-13-272, 9-13-273, 9-15-3, 9-15-30, 9-15-82, 11-84-2, 23-1-293, 31-9C-2, 32-6-272, 32-6-410, 32-6-411, 32-6-413, 36-16-11, 36-21-8, 36-27-59, 36-30-1, 36-30-2, 36-32-1, 40-7-25.1, 41-4-33.1, 41-6A-8, 41-23-141 am'd.Arthur Orr04/01/2014
SB410Deferred presentment transactions, customer repayment period revised, extensions prohibited, collection of a bad check fee under certain conditions, use of database by licensees required, Secs. 5-18A-2, 5-18A-12, 5-18A-13 am'd.Arthur Orr04/01/2014
SB409Lee Co., additional circuit judge, conditioned on funding for compensation and benefits by county commission, electionTom Whatley04/01/2014
SB408Trails Commission, and advisory board, members, terms, commission may be transferred from Department of Economic and Community Affairs to another agency, Secs. 41-23-140, 41-23-141 am'd.Trip Pittman04/01/2014
SB407Bear Creek Watershed, Board of Directors, Governor authorized to appoint one member at large, Sec. 33-15-4 am'd.Roger Bedford, Jr.04/01/2014
SB405Postsecondary Education Department, Chancellor may appoint interim president of two-year schools and colleges, Sec. 16-60-111.9 am'd.J.T. Waggoner04/01/2014
SB406Washington Co., Act 2008-491, 2008 Reg, Sess., providing a solicitor's fee repealedGeorge M. “Marc” Keahey04/01/2014Signed
SB404Taxation, allow tax credits to transfer, awarded on a calendar year basis, Act 2013-241, 2013 Reg. Sess, am'd.; Secs. 40-9F-3, 40-9F-4, 40-9F-5 am'd.J.T. Waggoner02/25/2014
SB403Etowah Co., wind energy conversion systems, permitting and regulation of by municipal governing body or county commission, certification by licensed engineer required, regulation of location, design, and operation of systemsPhillip W. Williams03/19/2014Signed
SB402Cherokee Co., wind energy conversion systems, permitting and regulation of by municipal governing body or county commission, certification by licensed engineer required, regulation of location, design, and operation of systemsPhillip W. Williams03/18/2014Signed
SB401Tobacco products, definitions revised, archaic language removed, invoices, penalties, Sec. 40-25-16.1 added; Secs. 40-25-1, 40-25-2, 40-25-4, 40-25-7, 40-25-8, 40-25-9, 40-25-13, 40-25-20, 40-2A-10 am'd.Bill Hightower04/01/2014
SB400Counties, co. commission, adoption of taxes, effective until rates change, notification of certain taxes, Sec. 40-7-42 am'd.Paul Bussman04/03/2014Signed
SB398Youthful offenders, records and photographs of, access to by district attorneys and Attorney General, Secs. 12-15-133. 15-19-7 am'd.Gerald O. Dial04/03/2014Signed
SB399Motor vehicles, distinctive license tags, Legion of Valor member authorized to receive license tag without cost, Secs. 32-6-250, 32-6-251 am'd.Gerald O. Dial04/01/2014
SB397Tuscaloosa Co., retirement system for police officers and firefighters, pension benefits, member contribution, Act 99-568, 1999 Reg. Sess., am'd.Gerald H. Allen02/20/2014
SB396State employees, cost-of-living incr., for certain state employees and public education employeesGeorge M. “Marc” Keahey02/20/2014
SB395Animals, nonhuman primates for which there is no rabies vaccine, possession and sale prohibited, exceptions, Sec. 3-8-1 am'd.George M. “Marc” Keahey02/20/2014
SB394State employees, cost-of-living increase authorizedGeorge M. “Marc” Keahey02/20/2014
SB393Conservation and Natural Resources Department, regulation of public exhibition of wildlife, additional fee authorized, exemptions revised, Secs. 9-11-324, 9-11-328 am'd.George M. “Marc” Keahey04/01/2014
SB392Evidence, rebuttable presumption that an emergency call to a law enforcement agency or 911 by a defendant in certain criminal cases is inadmissibleCam Ward04/01/2014
SB390Board of Hearing Instrument Dealers, to provide further for definitions, remove specific fees and authorize board to set by rule, Sec. 34-14-34 added; Secs. 34-14-1 to 34-14-9, inclusive, 34-14-11, 34-14-30, 34-14-32, 34-14-33 am'd.Jimmy Holley04/01/2014
SB391Aggravated theft of property, crime of created, limitations specified, Sec. 13A-8-2.1 added; Secs. 13A-8-3-, 15-3-1 am'd.Cam Ward04/01/2014
SB389Code of Ethics, definition of principal expanded, lobbyist required to identify principals that stand to benefit from lobbyist activities, Secs. 36-25-1, 36-25-18 am'd.Dick Brewbaker04/01/2014
SB388Retirement, retiree bonus payment, beneficiaries of Teachers' Retirement SystemRoger Bedford, Jr.02/20/2014
SB387Schools, students taught at home by either private tutor or under church school law may participate in public K-12 extracurricular activitiesDel Marsh03/20/2014
SB386Contracts, payment of state contractors, state may not increase time for payment beyond 30 days, time frame to hold pre-bid meetings specified, review of invoices in specified time frame required, alteration of contract allowed under certain circumstances, Sec. 39-2-2, 39-2-12 am'd.Del Marsh04/01/2014
SB385Gambling crimes, enhanced penalties for promoting gambling, conspiracy to promote gambling, possession of a gambling device, Secs. 13A-12-22, 13A-12-23, 13A-12-27 am'd.Gerald H. Allen03/05/2014
SB384Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, licensing and regulation of, establishedGerald H. Allen02/20/2014
SB383Athletic Commission, certain requirements for holding professional wrestling matches made permissive with commission, Sec. 41-9-1033 am'd.Gerald H. Allen04/01/2014
SB381Title loan business, licensure and regulation of, charges concerning title loans, definitions, penalties, Alabama Title Loan Act, Secs. 5-18A-3, 5-18A-12, 5-18A-13 am'd.Scott Beason02/20/2014
SB382Taxation, band instruments of certain value exempt from sales and use tax during tax holiday, Sec. 40-23-210 am'd.Scott Beason04/01/2014
SB380Common Core Curriculum Standards, terminated, prior courses of study to be implementedScott Beason02/20/2014
SB379Real property, affordable rental housing, appraisal of certain Class II property having restrictions by law or covenant must take into account net operating income based on restrictions, requiring Revenue Department to adopt rules to implementJ.T. Waggoner02/20/2014
SB378Auctioneers, Board of, fees for reciprocity, Board of Auctioneers Account, renamed, Secs. 34-4-21, 34-4-25, 34-4-54 am'd.Phillip W. Williams04/01/2014
SB377Alcoholic beverages, distillers, rectifers authorized to sell souvenir bottles of distilled spiritsWilliam “Bill” M. Beasley02/18/2014
SB376Authorities formed to develop former military installations, competitive bids, requirement that authority bid contracts removed, Sec.11-92B-24 am'd.Del Marsh04/01/2014
SB375Cosmetology and Barbering, Alabama Board of, name changed to State Board of Cosmetology, barbers removed from licensure and regulation by the board, board membership revised, Sec. 34-7B-17 repealed; Secs. 34-7B-1, 34-7B-2, 34-7B-6, 34-7B-7, 34-7B-13, 34-7B-26, 34-7B-27, 34-7B-29 am'd.Clay Scofield02/18/2014
SB374Legislature, elections, vacancy in office of senator or representative, Governor to fill vacancy if it occurs after the last day of third regular session in any quadrennium, Sec. 17-15-1 am'd.Bill Hightower04/01/2014
SB373Retirement, DROP reestablished, exceptions, Secs. 16-25-150, 36-27-170 am'd.Quinton Ross02/18/2014
SB372Legislature, fill vacant position in certain circumstances, Section 46 (Section 46, Recompiled Constitution of Alabama of 1901, as amended) am'd., const. amend.Bill Hightower04/01/2014
SB371Climatologist, office established, powers and dutiesBill Holtzclaw02/18/2014
SB370Disabled persons, preference for services provided by under direction of the Department of Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind, Sec. 21-2-2 am'd.Bill Holtzclaw04/01/2014
SB368Unified Carrier Registration Act of 2005 (UCRA), Department of Public Safety responsible for enforcement of UCRA, collection of fees, disbursement, Secs. 37-3-32, 37-3-32.1 am'd.Rusty Glover02/13/2014
SB369Taxation, all property owned or used by college exempt, Sec. 40-9-17 am'd.Tammy Irons02/18/2014
SB366Oil and Gas Board, oil and gas wells, drainage or production units, regulation of horizontal wells in oil reservoirs and offshore wells in gas reservoirs, Secs. 9-17-1, 9-17-12 am'd.George M. “Marc” Keahey03/20/2014Signed
SB367County commissions, home rule, limited power to establish, personnel policies, community, transportation and emergency assistance programs, policies for operation of county offices and elections and polling places, const. amend.Del Marsh04/01/2014
SB365Salaries, public education employees, six percent pay increase providedGeorge M. “Marc” Keahey02/13/2014
SB364Summerdale, municipal courts, warrant recall fee, distrib. to municipal corrections fundTrip Pittman03/05/2014Signed
SB363Administrative Procedure Act, proposed rule changes, posting on website, business authorized to object, agency required to file a Business Economic Impact Statement with committee and Legislative Reference Service, review of all rules, Red Tape Reduction Act, Sec. 41-22-5.1 am'd.Trip Pittman04/01/2014
SB362Alabama Poultry Farm Revolving Loan Fund, established, administered by the Department of Agriculture and Industries, revenue bonds authorizedClay Scofield02/13/2014
SB360Alcoholic beverages, City of Riverside, Sunday sales of alcoholic beverages authorized by electionDel Marsh02/13/2014
SB361Pell City, alcoholic beverages, Sunday salesDel Marsh02/13/2014
SB359Attorney General's Litigation Support Fund, limitation on deposits removed, detailed reporting required, Sec. 36-15-4.2 am'd.Arthur Orr04/01/2014Signed
SB358Courts, circuit clerk reports to Administrative Office of Courts on quarterly basis on court cost, fees, etc., reports forwarded to Legislature and State Budget OfficeMark Slade Blackwell04/02/2014
SB357Board of Examiners of Landscape Architects, maximum administrative fine increased from $250 to $2,500, board authorized to assess costs against person found guilty, Sec. 34-17-5 am'd.Tom Whatley04/01/2014
SB356Human Trafficking Safe Harbor Act, crimes of prostitution, sexually exploited children, conviction or delinquency adjudication of prostitution prohibited under certain conditions, retention of jurisdiction by juvenile court, additional fines, counseling required, detention of foreign nationals under certain conditions, Sec. 13A-12-123 addedDick Brewbaker02/13/2014
SB355Municipalities, storm sewer system, regulation, Sec. 11-89C-15 added; Secs. 11-89C-1, 11-89C-2, 11-89C-4, 11-89C-9, 11-89C-10 am'd.Cam Ward04/03/2014Signed
SB354Disorderly conduct, definition revised, carrying a pistol in a vehicle without a pistol permit, authorized, discretion of sheriff in concealed pistol licensing eliminated under certain conditions, certain provisions of concealed pistol licensing revised, Secs. 13A-11-7, 13A-11-73, 13A-11-74, 13A-11-75 am'd.Scott Beason03/20/2014
SB353Public education, reduction-in-force policies, contents further provided for, significant factors specified, compliance with antidiscrimination laws required, Sec. 16-1-33 am'd.Del Marsh04/01/2014
SB352Montgomery Co., service of process fees for civil or criminal documents increased, exceptionsDick Brewbaker03/20/2014
SB351Montgomery Co., alcoholic beverages, sale of wine, business relations between suppliers and wholesalers of wine, Montgomery County Wine Franchise Jobs Protection Act, establishedDick Brewbaker03/18/2014Signed
SB350Alcoholic beverages, liquor tastings at state liquor stores, Sec. 28-3A-25 am'd.William “Bill” M. Beasley04/01/2014
SB349Subdivisions, contracts to pre-sale lots prior to recording plat, laws applicable to counties and municipalities amended and made consistent, Secs. 11-19-1, 11-19-15, 11-24-1, 11-24-2, 11-24-3, 11-52-1, 11-52-33 am'd.Trip Pittman04/01/2014
SB348Public officials, rewards for exemplary public service from a third party not considered using his or her position for personal gain, Sec. 36-25-5 am'd.Greg J. Reed03/18/2014
SB347Voter registration, to allow persons to register up to and on date of election, Sec. 17-3-50 am'd.Hank Sanders02/12/2014
SB346Nineteenth Judicial Circuit Judicial Commission, creation, membership, appointments to fill vacancies in offices of circuit and district judge, circuit clerk, and district attorney, const. amend.Dick Brewbaker04/01/2014
SB343Taxation, tax deduction for taxpayers who made contributions to a catastrophe savings account, increase in state tax deduction, technical corrections to remove ambiguities, Homeowner's Insurance Catastrophic Event Planning Act, Secs. 40-18-311, 40-18-312 am'd.Bill Hightower03/20/2014
SB344Water works boards, serving counties other than co., where organized, additional board members, term, compensation, coverage by Ethics Law, notice and hearing regarding rate increasesJ.T. Waggoner03/18/2014
SB345Virtual Public Schools Act, local boards of education may provide alternative choice for education via the InternetJimmy Holley02/12/2014
SB342Real Estate Commission, renewal research and education fee, increased, distribute proceeds to Alabama Center for Real Estate, Sec. 34-27-35 am'd.Greg J. Reed04/01/2014
SB341Public Service Commission, regulation of pipelines for gas and hazardous liquids, penalties for violation of safety standards increased, Secs. 37-4-87, 37-4-96 am'd.Greg J. Reed04/01/2014
SB340Hunting and fishing, right to clarified, subject to reasonable rules that promote conservation and management, const. amend.Scott Beason04/01/2014
SB339Negotiating a worthless negotiable instrument, crime of, electronic drafts included, Sec. 13A-9-13.1 am'd.Scott Beason03/13/2014
SB338Motor Vehicles, dump trucks, operation with bed raised prohibited, penaltiesScott Beason04/01/2014
SB337Juvenile court, adoptions, exclusive jurisdiction of termination of parental rights cases, Legislative intent, Sec. 12-15-114 am'd.Cam Ward02/11/2014
SB335Food service establishments, listing of country of origin of food containing fish product of the Order of Siluriformes, methods of display, Sec. 22-20A-31 am'd.Bobby D. Singleton04/01/2014
SB336Board of Optometry, practice of optometry through telemedicine provided, Secs. 34-22-80 to 34-22-87, inclusive, am'd.; Sec. 34-22-88 repealedCam Ward04/01/2014
SB334Tobacco Master Settlement agreement, deposit of funds into escrow, certain cigarette sales included, tobacco importers liable for escrow deposit obligations under certain conditions, seizure and forfeiture of cigarettes under certain conditions, permitting and bond requirements, Secs. 6-12-2, 6-12-3, 6-12A-2, 6-12A-3, 6-12A-5 am'd.Vivian Davis Figures03/13/2014
SB333Controlled substances, Schedule I, additional synthetic controlled substances and analogue substances included in, trafficking in controlled substance analogues, requisite weight increased, Secs. 13A-12-231, 20-2-23 am'd.Arthur Orr03/13/2014Signed
SB332Forfeitures, Comprehensive Criminal Proceeds Forfeiture Act, seizure and forfeiture of property and proceeds related to certain criminal offenses further provided for, disposal of forfeited property, interests of owners and lienholders in property provided for, abandoned propertyArthur Orr04/01/2014Signed
SB331Weaver, corp. limits alt.Del Marsh03/13/2014Signed
SB329Jefferson County, personnel board, Citizens Supervisory Commission, composition and duties, Act 248, 1945 Reg. Sess., am'dJ.T. Waggoner02/11/2014
SB330Weaver, corp. limits, alt.Del Marsh03/13/2014Signed
SB328Labor Department, maximum compensation of members of Board of Appeals increased from $100 to $150 daily with maximum annually increased from $24,000 to $36,000 annually, Sec. 25-2-12 am'd.Linda Coleman-Madison04/01/2014Signed
SB327Fire protection sprinkler systems, State Fire Marshall authorized to issue permits for installation, Secs. 34-33-1, 34-33-2, 34-33-3, 34-33-4, 34-33-5 am'd.Greg J. Reed02/11/2014
SB326Class 6 municipalities, weed abatement as nuisance, alternate procedures, alternate procedure liens under certain conditionsBill Holtzclaw04/01/2014
SB325Capital punishment, person or entity who participates in an execution or performs any ancillary function shall be confidential, Sec. 15-18-82.1 am'd.Bill Holtzclaw04/01/2014
SB324Emergencies, broadcasters, radio, t.v., and cable, emergency response broadcasters, training and certification by Homeland Security Department, access to facilities to repair and restart broadcasting during emergenciesGreg J. Reed04/01/2014
SB323Firearms, accessories, and ammunition manufactured in this state, under Commerce Clause of U. S. Constitution exempt from federal regulation, Firearms Freedom ActGerald H. Allen02/06/2014
SB321Bishop State Community College, Southern Union State Community College, Bevill State Community College, and the Alabama Department of Postsecondary Education, who are part of the Alabama Career Center System to Department of LaborQuinton Ross02/06/2014
SB322Motor vehicles, to regulate manufacturer's and dealer's agreement, Sec. 8-20-2 am'd.Greg J. Reed02/06/2014
SB320Wrongful death, federal agency or other entity that is immune from liability for punitive damages is liable for compensatory damages, Sec. 6-5-410 am'd.Tammy Irons02/06/2014
SB319Motor vehicles, ignition interlock device, reduction of period of license suspension or revocation authorized, distribution of fees collected from defendants opting for installation of device, Secs. 32-5A-191, 32-5A-191.4, 32-5A-301, 32-5A-304 am'd.Bill Holtzclaw03/18/2014Signed
SB318Mental Health Finance Authority, sale and lease of real property, exempt from requirement that State Land Division of Conservation and Natural Resources Department competitively bid, Sec. 9-15-82 am'd.Roger Bedford, Jr.04/01/2014Signed
SB317Statewide 911 Board, additional members, 911 charges per account limited, application to digital transmission links, clarified, Secs. 11-98-1, 11-98-4.1, 11-98-5 am'd.Del Marsh04/03/2014Signed
SB316Education, State Board of, intervention in educational operations of local boards of education, conditions warranting intervention revised, Sec. 16-6E-4 am'd.Dick Brewbaker03/18/2014
SB314Taxation, exempt certain advertisers from use tax, Sec. 40-23-62.1 addedPaul Sanford04/01/2014
SB315Revenue Department, local governments using department for collection and administration services given the same free filing and payment services as local governments which only accept returns and payments through ONE SPOT system, Secs. 11-3-11.3, 11-51-183, 11-51-208, 40-12-4, 40-12-7 am'd.Mark Slade Blackwell03/20/2014
SB313Employment regulation, counties, municipalities, or other political subdivision may not require employers to grant vacation or other leave to employeesRusty Glover04/01/2014
SB312Business Licenses, Department of Revenue, applicants for licenses required to submit federal tax identification number or Social Security number, Sec. 40-12-30 am'd.Mark Slade Blackwell04/03/2014Signed
SB311Community development districts, sale of alcoholic beverages in dry counties, definition of expanded, Sec. 35-8B-1 am'd.Roger Bedford, Jr.03/06/2014
SB310Montgomery Co., revenue commissioner, duties regarding ad valorem taxes on motor vehicles and non-motorized vehicles assessment and collection duties transferred from revenue commissioner to judge of probateQuinton Ross03/11/2014Signed
SB309Facilitating Business Rapid Response to Declared Disasters Act, provides out-of-state businesses and entities means to establish temporary presence and residency in state for declared emergency in stateGreg J. Reed04/01/2014
SB308Education, State Board of, intervention in educational operations of local boards of education, conditions warranting intervention revised, Sec. 16-6E-4 am'd.Dick Brewbaker02/04/2014
SB307Goodwater, alcoholic beverage Sunday sales, referendumDick Brewbaker03/05/2014Signed
SB306Faulkner University, police officers, appointment, Sec. 16-22-1 am'd.Dick Brewbaker04/01/2014
SB305Motor vehicle dealers, licenses, uniform licenses, off-site sales, time to obtain license decreased, surety bond, dealer license tags further provided for, penalties, Secs. 40-12-264, 40-12-390, 40-12-391, 40-12-392, 40-12-395, 40-12-396, 40-12-398, 40-12-400 am'd.Dick Brewbaker04/01/2014
SB304Workers' compensation, coverage exemption filed only with carrier, limited liability company added, Sec. 25-5-50 am'd.Cam Ward04/02/2014
SB303Food stamps and welfare, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), persons with felony drug conviction, federal law provisions making ineligible, provision for persons to be eligible under certain conditionsLinda Coleman-Madison03/13/2014
SB302Court costs in circuit, district, and municipal court, electronic citation fee in misdemeanor, traffic, municipal ordinance, or conservation cases, distribution to court clerk, use for electronic citationRoger Bedford, Jr.03/05/2014
SB300Retirement, retirees of Employees' Retirement System limited to certain annual amount, annual compensation limitation removed for certain law enforcement officers who are retired, Sec. 36-27-8.2 am'd.Phillip W. Williams01/30/2014
SB301Franklin Co., county commission, sales tax authorized for schools, use of a portion for roads for two years, extension by referendum, const. amend.Roger Bedford, Jr.02/13/2014Signed
SB299Competitive bids, expands the time period for letting of contracts, Sec. 16-13B-7 am'd.Gerald O. Dial04/01/2014
SB298Charitable food donation, immunity for expanded to include foods prepared by a restaurant or food service establishment, Sec. 20-1-6 am'd.Rusty Glover04/01/2014
SB297Sex offenders, convicted of crime with a minor, prohibited within 500 feet of public school K-12 property during instructional hours, Class C felony, Sec. 15-20A-17 am'd.Vivian Davis Figures04/03/2014Signed
SB296Labor, restriction on the percentage of temporary employees a company that received incentives may employ, Sec. 41-9-202.2 addedBobby D. Singleton01/30/2014
SB295Compensation, Alabama Minimum Wage Act, set state minimum wage for hourly and tipped employees, Commissioner of Labor to enforce, establish civil penaltiesBobby D. Singleton01/30/2014
SB294Hospitals, infants, pertussis information, required to provide information to new mothersGreg J. Reed03/20/2014Signed
SB292Circuit judgeships, Chief Justice of Alabama Supreme Court auth. to reallocate judgeships to a different circuit after vacancy, study by Judicial System Study Commission to make recommendationsCam Ward04/01/2014
SB293Law enforcement officers, authorized to issue traffic citations at the scene of the crash for traffic offenses, under certain conditions, additional fines, Sec. 32-5-171 am'd.Cam Ward01/30/2014
SB291Landlord and tenant act, refunds of deposits, landlord obligation, termination of lease, abandonment of property and eviction procedures, further provided for, Secs. 35-9A-201, 35-9A-421, 35-9A-423 am'd.Del Marsh03/20/2014Signed
SB290Flexible School Calendar Act, temporary calendar parameters removed, local board of education may provide for 1080 instructional hours, Sec. 16-13-231am'd.Del Marsh04/01/2014
SB289Federal Aid Highway Finance Authority, membership, gasoline tax revenues pledged to secure bonds of authority, parity of pledge provided, investments further provided for, Secs. 23-1-181, 23-1-301, 23-1-305, 23-1-309, 23-1-311, 23-1-313, 23-1-314, 23-1-315 am'd.Gerald O. Dial02/26/2014Signed
SB288Public Safety Department and State Personnel Department, establish a new classification, Trooper First Class, recover cost of trainingGerald O. Dial04/01/2014
SB287State sales and use tax increased, phase-in period, sales and use tax on food phased out, exempt by 2017, counties and municipalities prohibited from increasing sales tax on food, Secs. 40-23-2, 40-23-61 am'd.Gerald O. Dial04/01/2014
SB285Code of Alabama 1975, Acts of 2013 Regular Session as contained in 2013 supplements and replacement volumes, codified with certain corrections, local laws of certain counties codified, duties of Secretary of StateJimmy Holley04/01/2014
SB286Motor vehicle, disability, disabled parking, placards to contain full name of person with disability, Sec. 32-6-231 am'd.Jimmy Holley02/20/2014
SB284Recycling, biodegradable plastic containers to meet standards for compostable products and be clearly labeled to prevent contamination of recyclable plastic containersJimmy Holley02/27/2014Signed
SB283Piedmont, alcoholic beverages, Sunday sales, off-premises sales, referendumDel Marsh02/06/2014
SB282Samford University Foundation, Inc., exempt from sales and use taxesJ.T. Waggoner02/27/2014
SB281Revenue Dept., Office of Debt Recovery created, collection of debt of political subdivisions, electronic debt registry, Debt Recovery Fund createdArthur Orr04/01/2014
SB280Elections, computerized statewide voter registration list, residential address of domestic violence victims omitted, Secs. 11-46-36, 11-46-107, 17-4-33, 17-9-15, 17-11-5 am'd.Priscilla Dunn03/18/2014Signed
SB279Controlled substances, additional penalties for convictions of, addition drug-related crimes included, driver's license suspension required for additional convictions for drug-related convictions, Secs. 13A-12-281, 13A-12-291 am'd.Trip Pittman04/01/2014
SB277Public Service Commission, telecommunication services, retail services, complaints procedure not to apply, Sec. 37-2A-4 am'd.J.T. Waggoner04/01/2014
SB278Criminal Procedure, criminal surveillance, judge authorized to issue warrant for installation, removal, maintenance, use, and monitoring of tracking device upon written application of law enforcement officer or district attorneyGeorge M. “Marc” Keahey01/23/2014
SB276Article X, Homestead exemptions, repealed and readopted as a new Article X to the Constitution of Alabama of 1901, const. amend.Del Marsh04/01/2014
SB275Voter registration list, investigating report of death or nonresidence of voter in order to purge name, county board of registrars, procedure for, Sec. 17-4-6.1 addedGerald H. Allen04/01/2014
SB274Local constitutional amendments, adoption procedure by Legislature revised, three negative votes in Senate and nine in House to require local amendment to be voted on statewide, Amendments 425 and 555, Constitution of Alabama of 1901, repealed, const. amend.Linda Coleman-Madison03/20/2014
SB273Municipalities, weeds, abatement, alternative procedures to declare a public nuisance after prior abatementWilliam “Bill” M. Beasley04/01/2014Signed
SB272Emergency Management Act, States of emergency, declared by Governor or Legislature for less than entire state, required to designate affected counties, Sec. 31-9-8 am'd.Priscilla Dunn02/13/2014Signed
SB271Retirement, elected co. official may receive both supernumerary and Teachers' Retirement System or Employees' Retirement System benefits, Sec. 40-6-4.1 am'd.George M. “Marc” Keahey01/23/2014
SB269State Employee Insurance Board, election of state employee representatives by full-time state employees, Sec. 36-29-2 am'd.Clay Scofield04/01/2014
SB270Contracts, use of restrictive covenants clarified, Sec. 8-1-1 repealedPhillip W. Williams04/01/2014
SB268Construction Recruitment Institute, membership of Board of Directors increased, appointing authorities altered, Sec. 40-10-724 am'd.Del Marsh03/06/2014
SB267Employees' Retirement System, one-time lump-sum additional payment to retirement allowance of certain retirees and beneficiariesDel Marsh04/03/2014Signed
SB266Mental Health, substance abuse, counties and municipalities, drug rehabilitation homes to be approved by governing authority of municipality or county, Sec. 22-50-17 am'd.Del Marsh01/23/2014
SB265Motor vehicle license plates and validation decals, Revenue Department authorized to contract with third party to print and deliver tags, Department of Corrections to receive same funds, Sec. 32-6-64.1 addedGerald O. Dial04/01/2014Signed
SB264Distinctive motor vehicle tags, disabled veterans, members of Armed Forces, volunteer firefighters and volunteer rescue squads, except from license tax and registration fees, number of vehicles eligible increased, Secs. 40-12-244, 40-12-254 am'd.Gerald O. Dial01/23/2014
SB263Age of majority, designated as 18 years for participation in college or university research, Sec. 26-1-1 am'd.Tom Whatley04/01/2014
SB261Separation of powers, Article III and Amendment 582 of the Constitution of Alabama of 1901, combined into one section in modernized language but no substantive change, Article III and Amendment 582 repealed and Article III addedCam Ward04/01/2014
SB262Taxation, exempt tangible assets, exempt real property whose original acquisition cost was less than $250.00, Sec. 40-9-1 am'd.Cam Ward04/02/2014
SB260Local governmental entities, counties, municipalities and political subdivisions, employees included in definition of government entity, Sec. 11-93-1 am'd.Cam Ward01/22/2014
SB259Executive Department, Article V and amendments related thereto of the Constitutional of Alabama of 1901, technical nonsubtantive changes and substantive changes, repeal and readopt Article VCam Ward01/21/2014
SB258Legislative department, constitutional provisions, Article IV Constitution of Alabama of 1901, repealed certain provisions of Article 10 moved to Articles XVII and XVIII, new Article IV added, Amendments 1,12, 22, 26A, 39, 40, 49, 53, 57, 58, 88, 92, 93, 97, 112, 142, 159, 201, 214, 227, 247, 257, 315, 327, 339, 341, 354, 375, 383, 388, 389, 390, 397, 400, 401, 411, 427, 428, 443, 448, 449, 451, 452, 453, 454, 472, 474, 475, 491, 492, 513, 556, 558, 621, 715, 766, 772, 798, 871; Secs. 122, 280, 281, 282 repealedCam Ward01/21/2014
SB257Taxation, transfer of tax credit for rehabilitation, income tax credits for rehabilitation of historic structures, Act 2013-241, 2013 Reg. Sess., am'd; Secs. 40-9F-2, 40-9F-3, 40-9F-5 am'd.; Sec. 40-9F-7 repealedTammy Irons01/21/2014
SB256Cotton producers, assessments to promote cotton, referendum without refund provisions authorized, Sec. 2-8-193 am'd.William “Bill” M. Beasley03/20/2014Signed
SB255Cotton producers, assessments for promotion of cotton, refund provisions deleted, Amendment 388, Sec. 93.06 of Recompiled Constitution of Alabama of 1901, const. amend.William “Bill” M. Beasley03/20/2014Signed
SB254Homeowners insurance, counties contiguous to Mobile Bay and Gulf of Mexico, credits against insurance premium taxes for private property carriers who write coverage in Zones 1, 2, 3, and 4, geographic areas covered by Alabama Insurance Underwriting Association, Sec. 27-1-24.1 am'd.Bill Hightower04/03/2014Signed
SB253Impeachment, Article 7, Constitution of Alabama of 1901, repealed and readopted, const. amend.Del Marsh04/01/2014
SB252State employees, cost-of-living increase authorizedDick Brewbaker01/21/2014
SB251Cost of living increase for certain retirees and beneficiaries beginning Oct. 1, 2014Dick Brewbaker01/21/2014
SB250Health benefit plans, breast cancer reconstruction surgery, coverage required on health benefit plans after a mastectomy, Secs. 10A-20-6.16, 27-21A-23 am'dHarri Anne Smith01/21/2014
SB249Professional Bondsman, certification and examination of required, continuing education required, fees, disbursement of fees, suspensionJimmy Holley04/01/2014
SB247Criminal procedure, death penalty, death row inmates' right to challenge death sentence if obtained on basis of raceHank Sanders01/21/2014
SB248Death penalty repealed, Secs. 13A-5-39, 13A-5-43, 13A-5-44, 15-18-100 am'd; Secs. 13A-5-45 to 13A-5-53, inclusive, 13A-5-55, 13A-5-59, 15-18-80 to 15-18-86, inclusive, repealedHank Sanders01/21/2014
SB246Death penalty, persons under certain age exemptHank Sanders01/21/2014
SB245Death penalty, moratorium on imposition and execution not to exceed three years, procedure for administeringHank Sanders01/21/2014
SB244Capital cases, sentencing, court prohibited from overriding jury verdict, Secs. 13A-5-45, 13A-5-46, 13A-5-47 am'd.Hank Sanders01/21/2014
SB243Capital punishment, mentally retarded defendant, procedures for court to determine, established, Sec. 13A-5-60 addedHank Sanders01/21/2014
SB242Crimes and offenses, Rape 1st degree, parental rights of defendant of child, terminated, Sec. 13A-6-61 am'd.Hank Sanders01/21/2014
SB241Elections, write-in votes, procedures to count, duties to judge of probate in co. elections, Secretary of State for state election, Secs. 17-6-28, 17-12-1 am'd.Tom Whatley02/06/2014
SB240Hunting and fishing, use of drones to harass persons, prohibition, Sec. 9-11-270 am'd.Roger Bedford, Jr.04/03/2014
SB239Hunting and fishing, waterfowl stamps, fee raised, periodic adjustment by Conservation and Natural Resources, Sec. 9-11-433 am'd.Roger Bedford, Jr.01/21/2014
SB238English, official language of State of Alabama, fines and penalties authorized for failure to use English as primary language, legislation to accommodate non-English speaking people prohibited, Amendment 509, Constitution of Alabama of 1901, (Section 36.01 Recompiled Constitution of Alabama of 1901) am'd., const. amend.Gerald H. Allen01/21/2014
SB237Taxation, remove Liquefied Petroleum Gas from the decal program, Secs. 40-17-160, 40-17-161 am'd.Cam Ward04/01/2014
SB236Insurance Department, bail bond surety companies, examination and continuing education requirements, fees, Sec 15-13-160.1 added; Secs. 15-13-159, 15-13-160 am'd.J.T. Waggoner04/01/2014
SB235Voter registration, deadline of 14 days before an election set, exception for counties 600,000 or more deleted, printing of voter list provided for, Sec. 17-3-50, 17-4-2 am'd.Bill Holtzclaw04/03/2014Signed
SB234Ethics, lobbyists required to report any item excluded from definition of thing of value whatever the actual cost, Sec. 36-25-19 am'd.Phillip W. Williams04/01/2014
SB233Tanning facilities, use regulatedGreg J. Reed04/01/2014
SB231Consumer, regulate the lending of money, Sec. 6-8-120 added; Secs. 5-19-1, 5-19-3, 5-19-16 am'd.Cam Ward04/01/2014
SB232Public education employees, salary increase, including K-12 and certain other designated education institutions, liability insurance program to be established by Finance Department in consultation with Education DepartmentCam Ward02/27/2014
SB230Tax sale property, redemption, payment of excess to persons negotiating redemption or purchasing at a tax sale, further provided for, Sec. 40-10-28 am'd.Cam Ward01/21/2014
SB229Trapping of fur-bearing animals, licensing by Conservation and Natural Resources Department, fees, use of plastic tags on traps and the requirement that the license number of the owner of a trap be contained on any tag, deleted, Sec. 9-11-59 am'd.Gerald H. Allen03/13/2014Signed
SB228Terrorism, forfeiture of property derived from, authorization of claims by injured parties and law enforcement, allocation of proceeds from forfeiture, civil action for damages, limitationsGerald H. Allen01/21/2014
SB227Municipal subdivision regulation, nothing shall impair or limit a lawful contract for the purchase or sale of any lot in a proposed subdivision, Sec. 11-52-33 am'd.Gerald H. Allen04/01/2014
SB226Pain Management Act, physicians, requirement for physicians to have criminal background check deleted under certain conditions, Act 2013-257, 2013 Reg. Sess., am'd.; Sec. 34-24-604 am'd.Greg J. Reed04/01/2014
SB225Voter registration, board of registrars, prohibited time of registering any person as a qualified elector extended from 10 to 17 days prior to election, probate judge required to print voter list within 10 days of an election, Sec. 17-3-50, 17-4-2 am'd.Trip Pittman01/21/2014
SB223Children, endangering the welfare, delinquent child and dependent child for purposes of conviction, technical citation corrected, Secs. 12-15-102, 13A-13-6 am'd.Trip Pittman04/01/2014
SB224Criminal procedure, hearsay statements of a child, admissible if child was under 12 years of age at the time statement was given, Sec. 15-25-31 am'd.Trip Pittman04/01/2014
SB222Legislature, members, required to be tested if reasonable suspicion person might be using controlled substances, Section 47 (Section 47, Recompiled Constitution of Alabama of 1901, as amended), am'd., const. amend.Trip Pittman04/01/2014
SB221Driving or operating a vehicle or vessel under the influence of alcohol or drugs, criminal negligent homicide or assault in the first degree amended to include, Secs. 13A-6-4, 13A-6-20 am'd; Sec. 32-5A-192 repealedClay Scofield01/21/2014
SB220Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, certain provisions of declared null and void, Attorney General authorized to file an action for injunctive relief for persons injured by implementation of the act, tax credit for payment of penalties, certain involuntary in-home visitations for Early Childhood Care, prohibitedClay Scofield04/01/2014
SB219School attendance, a child who withdraws from public school to attend an accredited online school, prohibited from being considered a drop-out or non-graduate for determining graduation rates, Sec. 16-28-3 am'd.Clay Scofield04/01/2014
SB218Judge of probate, estates, bond of conservators, executors, administrators, liability limited unless grossly negligent, judicial immunity further provided for, Secs. 26-3-13, 43-2-82 am'd.Clay Scofield04/01/2014
SB217Alabama Workforce Council, created, duties, workforce development, membership, advisement of Postsecondary and Education Departments, administration by Commerce DepartmentPaul Bussman02/13/2014Signed
SB216Appropriations, supplemental for fiscal year ending September 2014, transfer of funds from certain funds, transfer of funds from Attorney General to Office of Prosecution Services and use of funds from National Mortgage Settlement further providedArthur Orr02/27/2014Signed
SB215Crimes and offenses, public safety communications, interference with, crime established, interferences with a public safety communication or damage to equipment, penaltiesGreg J. Reed04/01/2014
SB214Elections, independent candidate and political parties, ballot access, filing fee, Secs. 17-6-22, 17-9-3 am'd.Cam Ward01/16/2014
SB213Bids, competitive, contracts for which bids required, threshold amount increased for certain governmental entities, retroactive, Sec. 41-16-21 am'd.J.T. Waggoner03/11/2014Signed
SB212Credit Unions, Credit Union Administration, supervision and regulation of credit unions further provided for, fees, Secs. 5-17-3, 5-17-6, 5-17-7, 5-17-8, 5-17-11, 5-17-15, 5-17-16, 5-17-19, 5-17-22, 5-17-45, 5-17-56 am'd.; Secs. 5-17-25 to 5-17-28, inclusive, 5-17-49, 5-17-53, 5-2A-100 to 5-2A-103, inclusive, repealedMark Slade Blackwell04/01/2014
SB211Funeral Service, Board of, definitions revised, notice by electronic format, display of casket prices regulated, meetings, appeals, qualifications for licensure, reporting to board, independent contractors authorized to enter establishments to inspect, Secs. 34-13-1, 34-13-4, 34-13-6, 34-13-9, 34-13-20, 34-13-22, 34-13-23, 34-13-26, 34-13-31, 34-13-53, 34-13-56, 34-13-57, 34-13-70, 34-13-71, 34-13-72, 34-13-73, 34-13-91, 34-13-92, 34-13-93, 34-13-94, 34-13-111, 34-13-113, 34-13-132, 34-13-134 am'd.George M. “Marc” Keahey04/01/2014
SB209Orville, beer tax, distribution of proceeds of the uniform beer tax, Sec. 28-3-190 am'd.Hank Sanders01/15/2014
SB210Funeral Service Board, continuing education required of licensees, exemptions, renewal notices provided electronically, Sec. 34-13-53 am'd.George M. “Marc” Keahey04/01/2014Signed
SB208Criminal history records, expunction authorized upon court order for certain offenses, Public Safety Department required to issue certificates of eligibility, procedures, penaltiesCam Ward01/15/2014
SB207Municipalities, business license tax on residential rental property, levy on per unit basis prohibited, Sec. 11-51-90.3 addedVivian Davis Figures02/11/2014Signed
SB206Fishing, additional licenses, new resident and nonresident state lake fishing license, new nonresident 3-day license, public fishing pier and annual saltwater fishing pier licenses, disabled 3-day fishing license, Sec. 9-11-56.3 am'd.Greg J. Reed01/30/2014
SB205Workers' compensation, medicines, employee may choose his or her own pharmacy, Sec. 25-5-77 am'd.William “Bill” M. Beasley01/15/2014
SB204Blood donations, plasma donations, minors age 18 and older, participation in donation programs, Sec. 26-1-3.1 am'd; Sec. 26-1-3 repealedGreg J. Reed02/20/2014
SB203Parental right, to make decisions regarding child's education, upbringing, and carePaul Sanford04/01/2014
SB201Court costs, docket fee for distribution, distribute to clerk, administrative rules, promulgation by Administrative Office of CourtsDick Brewbaker01/15/2014
SB202Jurors, persons 70 years of age or older authorized to request exemption from jury service, removal from master list of potential jurors, reinstatementPriscilla Dunn03/18/2014
SB200Article V Convention, appointment of delegates by the Legislature, qualifications, recall, oathArthur Orr04/01/2014
SB199Article V Convention, appointment of delegates to represent Alabama by Legislature, qualifications, duties, criminal penalty for exceeding scope of appointmentTrip Pittman04/01/2014
SB198General fund budget, appropriations for ordinary expenses of executive, legislative, and judicial departmentsArthur Orr01/15/2014
SB197Athens State University, president included on Council of Presidents, university is 4-year institution for purposes of tuition and distance learning, code commissioner authorized to insert appropriate language regarding university in code, Secs. 16-5-5, 16-64-4, 16-64-5 am'd.Arthur Orr04/01/2014
SB196Drivers' licenses, autism spectrum disorder, persons with autism spectrum disorder to have "ASD" displayed on driver's licenseArthur Orr04/01/2014
SB194Criminal procedure, new classes of capital offense, reduce appeal time, Fair Justice ActBill Holtzclaw04/01/2014
SB195Housing Finance Authority, mortgage guarantee fund, use of funds for, alternative housing programs authorized under Home Buyers Initiative Act, guidelines, Sec. 24-1A-44 added; Sec. 24-1A-42 am'd.Cam Ward04/01/2014
SB193Criminal procedure, new classes of capital offense, Secs. 13A-5-40, 13A-5-49 am'd.Bill Holtzclaw04/01/2014
SB192Public education, definitions, arrest warrants, public school employees, issuance of arrest warrant for actions occurring while performing official duties, proceduresCam Ward04/01/2014
SB191Alabama Open Meetings Act, prohibit serial meetings, to clarify Open Meetings Act applies to meeting of the Legislature, committees, or subcommittees of governmental bodies, penalties, Secs. 36-25A-1, 36-25A-2, 36-25A-3, 36-25A-9 am'd.Cam Ward04/03/2014
SB190Grandparents, visitation with grandchildren, petition procedure and burden of proof established, Sec. 30-3-4.1 repealedGerald H. Allen01/15/2014
SB189Massage Therapy, Board of, massage therapists further regulated, penalties increased, Secs. 34-43-3, 34-43-5, 34-43-6, 34-43-7, 34-43-9, 34-43-10, 34-43-11, 34-43-12, 34-43-14, 34-43-15, 34-43-17, 34-43-20, 34-43-21 am'd.Rodger Smitherman01/15/2014
SB188Motor vehicle registrations, counties authorized to offer two-year registrations, payment of fees and taxesLinda Coleman-Madison04/01/2014Signed
SB186Motor vehicles, child passenger restraints, penalties for violations, portion of penalty distributed for vouchers for limited income families, distributed for administration to Health Department in lieu of Head Injury Foundaion, Sec. 32-5-222 am'd.Linda Coleman-Madison04/01/2014Signed
SB187Schools, Alabama Accountability Act, Act 2013-64, 2013 Reg. Sess., repealed; Secs. 16-6D-1 to 16-6D-10, inclusive, repealedRoger Bedford, Jr.01/15/2014
SB185Perry Co., co. commission, business license tax, rate in municipality and collection by municipality, outside corp. limits, collection by judge of probateBobby D. Singleton03/06/2014
SB184Education budget, appropriations for the support, maintenance, and development of public educationTrip Pittman04/03/2014Signed
SB183Appropriations, 2013-2014 fiscal year, Education Trust Fund, Auburn University Aviation Program and Rainy Day Account Repayment, Act 2013-264, 2013 Reg. Sess., am'd.Trip Pittman04/01/2014
SB182Talladega College, appropriationTrip Pittman03/19/2014Signed
SB180Tuskegee University, appropriationTrip Pittman03/19/2014Signed
SB181Lyman Ward Military Academy, appropriationTrip Pittman03/19/2014Signed
SB179Cosmetology and Barbering, Board of, exemption provided for any barber who has practiced for at least 10 years before August 1, 2013, Sec. 34-7B-13 am'd.Del Marsh03/06/2014Signed
SB178Administrative Procedure Act, rules, approval and disapproval by Joint Legislative Committee, procedures, appeal of disapproval to Lt. Gov., Secs. 41-22-5, 41-22-6, 41-22-22, 41-22-23, 41-22-24 am'd.Jimmy Holley03/20/2014
SB177Manufactured homes, abandoned, storage and sale of further provided for, notice to tenants and lienholders, Sec. 35-12A-9 repealed; Secs. 35-12A-1, 35-12A-2, 35-12A-3, 35-12A-4, 35-12A-5, 35-12A-6, 35-12A-7, 35-12A-8, 35-12A-10, 35-12A-11, 35-12A-12, 35-12A-13, 35-12A-14 am'd.Gerald H. Allen03/06/2014Signed
SB176Prichard, Water Works and Sewer Board, merger with Mobile Area Water and Sewer System, assumption of assets and debt, election date, const. amend.Vivian Davis Figures02/27/2014Signed
SB175State Law Enforcement Agency, enforcement unit of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division, transferred to, Act 2013-67, 2013 Reg. Sess., am'd.; Sec. 41-27-6 am'd.Del Marsh01/14/2014
SB174Marijuana, Carly's law, unlawful possession of, affirmative defense for possession for use to treat a person with an epileptic condition under certain conditions, research and development study by and prescription provided by University of Alabama-Birmingham, Department of NeurologyPaul Sanford03/20/2014Signed
SB172Conservation and Natural Resource Department, Rule 220-2-.146, Antlered Buck and Turkey Harvest Record, penaltiesPaul Sanford04/01/2014
SB173Government disclosure of certain information regarding purchase of property by state or local governmentTrip Pittman02/27/2014Signed
SB171Unemployment compensation, recipient required to perform community serviceDel Marsh01/14/2014
SB170Courts, district, small claims division, jurisdiction increased, filing fees remain as were before increased jurisdiction, Secs. 12-11-30, 12-12-31, 12-19-71, 12-19-72 am'd.Del Marsh03/13/2014
SB169Income tax, counties and municipalities authorized to collect debt from income tax refunds, Secs. 40-18-100, 40-18-103 am'd.Tom Whatley04/01/2014
SB168Health, smoking prohibited in places of employment, public places and private clubs, outdoor areas, exceptions, responsibilities of Health Department and State Board of Health, penalties, Smoke-free Air Act, Secs. 22-15A-1 to 22-15A-10, inclusive, repealedVivian Davis Figures02/12/2014
SB167Probate court, court costs, payable at discretion of court when pleading filed, security deposits for court costs authorized, Sec. 12-19-43 am'd.Roger Bedford, Jr.03/13/2014
SB166Election, photo identification, operative for 2014 General Election, Sec. 17-9-30 am'd.Bobby D. Singleton01/14/2014
SB164Voter identification, penalties for crime of falsifying or fraudulently making an application for Alabama photo voter ID card reduced, Sec. 17-9-30 am'd.Bobby D. Singleton03/19/2014
SB165Income tax, married taxpayers, optional standard deduction authorized when filing separate tax returns, Sec. 40-18-15 am'd.Quinton Ross04/03/2014
SB163Airbag fraud, crime created, penalties, enhanced penalties for physical injury, Sec. 13A-11-270 am'd, Sec. 13A-11-271 repealedRodger Smitherman03/04/2014Signed
SB162Property, Alabama Uniform Partition of Heirs Property Act, createdMark Slade Blackwell04/01/2014Signed
SB161Public works, Fair and Open Competition in Governmental Construction Act, public agencies prohibited from entering contracts and making certain awards based on collective bargaining agreements, certain terms prohibited in certain documents, exemptionsPaul Sanford04/01/2014
SB160Physicians, Medical Licensure Commission or Board of Medical Examiners, administrative fines, physicians authorize to renew licenses when paying administrative fines in installments, Sec. 34-24-383 am'd.Clay Scofield04/01/2014
SB159Cottage food production operations, baked goods, exempt from obtaining food service permit from health department, labeling of baked goods, other food items, food safety course requiredRusty Glover03/13/2014Signed
SB158Jefferson Co., judge of probate, place No. 1, confidential judicial assistants, appointment of additional, compensation, retirementJ.T. Waggoner01/14/2014
SB156Pharmacy Board, members, add member who is a compounding pharmacist, appointment by Governor, Sec. 34-23-90 am'd.J.T. Waggoner01/14/2014
SB157Incarceration, claims for wrongful incarceration, payments subject to legal fee not exceeding 25 percent of claim, Sec. 29-2-160 am'd.J.T. Waggoner03/11/2014
SB155Professional bondsmen and recovery agents, initial certification by examination developed by Insurance Department required, continuing education required, penalties for noncomplianceJ.T. Waggoner01/14/2014
SB154School of Fine Arts, selection of executive committee to transact business in lieu of quorum authorized, Sec. 16-26B-6 am'd.J.T. Waggoner03/20/2014Signed
SB153Term limits, members of Senate and House of Representatives limited to three consecutive full terms, const. amend.Trip Pittman04/01/2014
SB152Public buildings, green building standards, wood products, use of certain forest certification standardsGeorge M. “Marc” Keahey04/01/2014
SB150Plumbers and Gas Fitters, definitions, examining board, disbursement of funds, certification, renewals, fees, disciplinary actions, Secs. 34-37-1, 34-37-2, 34-37-5, 34-37-6, 34-37-8, 34-37-9, 34-37-12, 34-37-13, 34-37-14, 34-37-15, 34-37-17 am'd.Gerald H. Allen04/01/2014
SB151Bestiality and possession of obscene matter depicting bestiality, crime established, penaltiesTom Whatley03/20/2014Signed
SB149Emergency Management Agency, surplus property, authorized to give to local emergency management agenciesGerald H. Allen02/20/2014Signed
SB148Utilities, all utilities required to participate in the "One-Call Notification System" or in-house program of utility, operation of system further provided for, damages limited under certain conditions, design and survey locate requests provided for, civil penalties increased, criminal penalties for destruction of line markers, Sec. 37-15-4.1 added; Secs. 37-15-2, 37-15-4 to 37-15-10, inclusive, am'd.Gerald H. Allen03/18/2014Signed
SB147Alarm systems, alarm monitoring companies, certain verification of alarm signal required, Electronic Security Board of Licensure to enforce, Sec. 34-1A-1 am'd; Sec. 34-1A-11 addedJimmy Holley03/05/2014Signed
SB146Certified Public Accountants (CPA's), Public Accountancy Act, terms "attest" and "report" defined, nonresident certified public accountants with practicing privileges required to meet professional standards, Secs. 34-1-2, 34-1-16, 34-1-17 am'd.Jimmy Holley03/13/2014Signed
SB145Lincoln, Talladega Co., alcoholic beverages, Sunday sales authorized under certain conditionsJimmy Holley01/21/2014
SB144School buses, automated civil enforcement of school bus violations, county and city boards of education may initiate and enforce, district and municipal courts, county and city law enforcementJimmy Holley04/01/2014
SB142Space, Alabama Space Authority created, Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs, Alabama Development Office, Alabama Department of Transportation, Governors office, Legislature, promote space explorationGerald O. Dial04/02/2014
SB143Armories, money from rental of armories to be paid to the Armory Commission, Sec. 31-4-15 am'd.Gerald O. Dial04/01/2014Signed
SB141Publication of conviction for certain driving under the influence offenses, fees, immunity for publication of noticePaul Bussman01/14/2014
SB140Surface Mining Commission, Sunset Law review, continued until October 1, 2018Paul Bussman02/20/2014Signed
SB139Construction Recruitment Institute, Sunset Law review, continued until October 1, 2018Paul Bussman02/20/2014Signed
SB138Prosthetists and Orthostists, State Board of, Sunset Law review, continued until October 1, 2015Paul Bussman02/18/2014Signed
SB137Oil and Gas Board, State, Sunset Law review, continued until October 1, 2018Paul Bussman02/18/2014Signed
SB135Podiatry, State Board of, Sunset Law review, continued until October 1, 2017Paul Bussman02/18/2014Signed
SB136Foresters, State Board of Registration for, Sunset Law review, continued until October 1, 2018Paul Bussman02/18/2014Signed
SB134Public Service Commission, Sunset Law review, continued until October 1, 2016Paul Bussman02/18/2014Signed
SB133Insurance Department, Sunset Law review, continued until October 1, 2016Paul Bussman02/18/2014Signed
SB132Athletic Commission, Sunset Law review, continued until October 1, 2015Paul Bussman02/20/2014Signed
SB131Sickle Cell Oversight and Regulatory Commission, Sunset Law review, continued until October 1, 2018Paul Bussman02/20/2014Signed
SB130Manufactured Housing Commission, Sunset Law review, continued until October 1, 2017Paul Bussman02/20/2014Signed
SB129Home Medical Equipment Service Providers, Board of, sunset law review, continued with modification, Sec. 34-14C-4 am'd.Paul Bussman02/20/2014Signed
SB128Radiation Control Agency, sunset law review, continued and removed from review by Sunset Committee, Radiation Advisory Board of Health abolished, Sec. 22-14-5 repealedPaul Bussman02/20/2014Signed
SB127Right to work, policy declared, cause of action declared, const. amend.Gerald O. Dial04/01/2014
SB126University of South Alabama, board of trustees, members, term decreased, chair pro tempore authorized to call special meetings, Secs. 16-55-2, 16-55-5, 16-55-6 am'd.Rusty Glover04/01/2014
SB125Anaphylaxis preparedness program, St. Department of Education to develop and each local board of education to implement by 2015-2016 scholastic year for use of premeasured autoinjectable epinephrine on each public school campusTom Whatley01/14/2014
SB124Heating and Air Conditioning Contractors, Board of, additional requirements regarding system filter replacement, duct cleaning, testing duct tightness, definition of terms, fees, classroom training, Secs. 34-31-18, 34-31-20, 34-31-21, 34-31-24, 34-31-25 am'd.Gerald H. Allen04/01/2014
SB123Insurance, health, Alabama Health Insurance Plan, authorized to cease operation, transfer of funds to State General Fund, Sec. 27-52-1 am'd.Mark Slade Blackwell03/18/2014Signed
SB120Employees' Retirement System and Teachers' Retirement System, part-time service by retirees as independent contractors authorized, written notice to system required, Secs. 16-25-26, 36-27-8.2 am'd.Arthur Orr04/01/2014Signed
SB121Patents, asserting claims of infringment of in bad faith prohibited, Attorney General authorized to investigate and initiate enforcement actions, targets of bad faith assertions authorized to initiate action for certain damages, filing of bond under certain conditionsArthur Orr03/18/2014Signed
SB122Taxation, limited state income tax credit for qualified research expenses under certain conditionsArthur Orr02/20/2014
SB119State parks, bond issue, park with hotel facility or golf course, exempt from requirement that facilities be operated exclusively by Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Amendment 617, Constitution of Alabama of 1901, am'd., const. amend.Arthur Orr01/14/2014
SB118Education, gifted or talented children, start-up grants for educational programs provided by State Department of Education if funds are availableArthur Orr04/01/2014
SB117Motor vehicles, driving under the influence, fourth conviction, mandatory minimum jail time increased, prior convictions, five-year limitation deleted and convictions from other states included, driving without a license from conviction, penalty for fourth offense, penalty increased, Secs. 32-5A-191, 32-6-19 am'd.Arthur Orr04/01/2014
SB116Public assistance benefits, purchase of alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, and lottery tickets with, prohibited, use of benefit funds in certain establishments prohibited, penalties for violations, Human Resources Department required to perform monthly matches to determine eligibility regarding incarceration or whether recipient is deceasedArthur Orr04/03/2014Signed
SB115Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), applicants for required to apply for at least three positions of unsubsidized employment, ineligibility under certain conditions, Secs.38-4-2, 38-4-4, 38-11A-2 am'd.Arthur Orr04/03/2014Signed
SB113Circuit and district courts, required to accept credit cards, charge cards, and debit cards for payment, fees authorized, Sec. 12-19-290 am'd.Arthur Orr03/06/2014Signed
SB114Public assistance, fraud in obtaining, crime established, penalties, theft of services, knowledge requirement deleted, Sec. 40-18-100 am'd.Arthur Orr04/03/2014Signed
SB112Jury trials, six member juries authorized in certain criminal proceedings and certain civil cases in which the amount in controversy does not exceed $50,000, Sec. 12-16-100, 12-16-101, 12-16-140 am'd.Arthur Orr04/01/2014
SB111Traffic schools, uniform requirements, oversight and approval by Administrative Office of CourtsArthur Orr01/14/2014
SB110Supreme Court, rules, publication by Secretary of State in Acts of Alabama, requirement deleted, Sec. 12-2-19 am'd.Cam Ward03/18/2014Signed
SB109Gambling crimes, enhanced penalties for promoting gambling, conspiracy to promote gambling, possession of a gambling device, Secs. 13A-12-22, 13A-12-23, 13A-12-27 am'd.Roger Bedford, Jr.01/14/2014
SB108Criminal charges or convictions for certain felony or misdemeanor offenses, petition for expungement of records authorized under certain conditions, proceduresRoger Bedford, Jr.04/01/2014Signed
SB107Electoral voting, electors voting for president unfaithfully, procedures to prevent, Alabama Uniform Faithful Presidential Electors ActCam Ward02/12/2014
SB105Manufactured homes, abandoned, storage and sale of further provided for, notice to tenants and lienholders, Sec. 35-12A-9 repealed; Secs. 35-12A-1, 35-12A-2, 35-12A-3, 35-12A-4, 35-12A-5, 35-12A-6, 35-12A-7, 35-12A-8, 35-12A-10, 35-12A-11, 35-12A-12, 35-12A-13, 35-12A-14 am'd.Gerald H. Allen01/14/2014
SB106Homeowners' Associations, disclosure of certain financial information to association board by declarant required, maintenance of association records, inspection by members, meeting requirements, enforcement of rules, assessment of charges for violations, liens, Alabama Homeowners' Association ActCam Ward01/14/2014
SB104Home Medical Equipment Board, Home Medical Equipment Services Providers Board, renamed, removal of board members, employment of administrator, practicing without a license, penalties, renewal of lapsed license, fees, grounds for revoking, denying, or suspending provided, Sec. 34-14C-1, 34-14C-2, 34-14C-3, 34-14C-4, 34-14C-4.1, 34-14C-5, 34-14C-6, 34-14C-7, 34-14C-8 am'd.Paul Bussman03/05/2014
SB103Health insurance and health benefit plans, registered nurse first assistants, reimbursement for services by insurers, Registered Nurse First Assistant Consumer ActPaul Bussman01/14/2014
SB102Architects, Board of, expiration of certificate of registration changed from September 30 to December 31, time period for renewal of certificate shortened from 90 to 30 days, Sec. 34-2-33, am'd.Paul Bussman04/01/2014
SB101Insurance Department, licensing of insurance producers, title insurance agents, or independent adjusters, applicants, fingerprinting for criminal background check, provisions regarding transfer to National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC's) deleted, Secs. 27-7-4.4, 27-9A-17, 27-25-4.6 am'd.Paul Bussman04/01/2014Signed
SB100Home Medical Equipment Services Providers, licensing of out-of-state providers, display of certificate, expiration of license, renewal and lapsed license, reinspection fee increased, Sec. 34-14C-4 am'd.Paul Bussman04/01/2014
SB99Midwives, physiologic childbirth, providing women the right to choose physiologic childbirth, providing immunity to midwives and certain healthcare providers who assist in physiologic childbirths, Sec. 34-19-11 addedPaul Bussman01/14/2014
SB97Real estate appraisers, licensure, Alabama Bureau of Investigation and Federal Bureau of Investigation criminal history background check required, confidentiality, Sec. 34-27A-7 am'd.Dick Brewbaker01/14/2014
SB98Funeral services, preneed, sales, further licensed and regulated by Insurance Department, criminal penalties for violations, Secs. 27-17A-2, 27-17A-3, 27-17A-10, 27-17A-11, 27-17A-12, 27-17A-13, 27-17A-14, 27-17A-18, 27-17A-22, 27-17A-23, 27-17A-25, 27-17A-31, 27-17A-32, 27-17A-34, 27-17A-40, 27-17A-42, 27-17A-44, 27-17A-47, 27-17A-50, 27-17A-55 am'd; Sec. 27-17A-11.1, 27-17A-57 addedPaul Bussman03/18/2014Signed
SB96Private schools, colleges, universities, sale of tangible property, including lunches sold within school buildings continue to be exempt from state and local sales and use taxes, Secs. 40-23-4, 40-23-62 am'd.Tom Whatley02/26/2014
SB95Insurance rate increase by personal line insurer, may take effect immediately unless objected to by the Commissioner of InsuranceMark Slade Blackwell01/14/2014
SB94Agriculture, entomological work, landscape irrigation to be regulated by the Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries, landscape irrigation contractor to obtain permit, restrictions on applicants for examination for permit to engage in structural pest control, Secs. 2-28-1 to 2-28-5, inclusive, 2-28-7, 2-28-12 am'dTom Whatley01/14/2014
SB93Agriculture and Industries Dept, public warehouses, permits, bonds filed with Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries, recording in office of judge of probate repealed, Sec. 8-15-8 repealedTom Whatley04/01/2014
SB92Medicaid, expanded to include persons for whom matching funds are available under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Alabama Medicaid Agency to implement, appropriationRoger Bedford, Jr.01/14/2014
SB91Elected state officials, Legislature authorized to recall by general law, const. amend.Roger Bedford, Jr.04/01/2014
SB89Driving or operating a vehicle under the influence, defined to include vessels, criminal negligent homicide or assault in the first degree amended to include vessels, Secs. 13A-6-4, 13A-6-20 am'd.Gerald H. Allen04/03/2014Signed
SB90Absentee voting, election deadlines revised, distribution of ballots, compliance with Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act, overseas voters authorized to use federal write-in absentee ballot, Sec. 17-11-43.1 added; Secs. 17-6-21, 17-9-3, 17-9-51, 17-11-5, 17-11-12, 17-11-18, 17-13-5, 17-13-18, 17-13-22, 17-13-23, 17-13-81, 17-13-82, 17-13-85, 17-13-86 am'd.Gerald H. Allen04/01/2014
SB88Garnishment, pertaining to garnishment of state employees wages, Secs. 6-6-482, 6-6-483 am'd.Gerald H. Allen04/01/2014
SB87Human Resources Department, food stamp program, Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program, commissioner prohibited from requesting waiver from federal requirement related to certain work requirementsGerald H. Allen03/13/2014
SB86Motor vehicle license tags, renewals, additional time for deployed military, Sec. 32-6-65 am'd.Gerald H. Allen04/01/2014Signed
SB85Veterans benefits, dependents, postsecondary education, scholarships, requirement for veteran's service to have been during war or hazardous duty, limited to undergraduate study, deleted, Sec. 31-6-11 am'd.Rusty Glover03/13/2014Signed
SB84Habitual Offender Act, retroactive application of law after 2000 amendment, provision repealed, Sec. 13A-5-9.1 repealedCam Ward03/06/2014Signed
SB82Baldwin Co., sheriff, qualifications, law enforcement service further provided for, Act 2013-227, 2013 Reg. Sess., am'd; Sec. 45-2-238 am'd.Trip Pittman02/11/2014Signed
SB83Kyle Graddy Act, possession and self-administration of auto-injectable epinephrine by students permitted, Sec. 16-1-39 am'dTom Whatley03/20/2014
SB81Public employees, certain employees on active military duty, compensation provided for, Secs. 31-12-5, 31-12-6 am'd.Tom Whatley01/14/2014
SB80Planning and zoning, Military Land Use Planning Act, municipalities and counties, military installations, notification of proposal of land use changes, Sec. 11-52-8 am'd.; Secs. 11-106-1 to 11-106-5, inclusive, addedGerald O. Dial02/11/2014Signed
SB79Public contracts, 5 percent preference for resident businesses under certain conditions, verification of satisfaction of criteria by Finance Department, Sec. 41-16-20 am'd.Dick Brewbaker02/26/2014
SB78Municipalities, elections under Title 11, procedures relating to death or withdrawal, absentee ballots, voting machines, provisions regarding the voter, Secs. 11-46-25, 11-46-26, 11-46-32, 11-46-33, 11-46-55 am'd.Cam Ward03/20/2014
SB77Insurance Department, insurance holding companies, regulation further provided for, purpose to conform with National Association of Insurance Commissioners, model act, Secs. 10A-20-6.16, 27-21A-23, 27-29-1 to 27-29-7, inclusive, 27-29-10, 27-34-54 am'd.; Secs. 27-29-3.1, 27-29-6.1, 27-29-11.1 addedMark Slade Blackwell04/01/2014
SB75Schools, meningococcal meningitis, local boards of education to provide information on disease and vaccine provided when other health information provided, Education Department, develop and make information availableTammy Irons03/20/2014Signed
SB76Competitive bid, preference given to certain responsible bidders, Sec. 41-16-20 am'd.Tom Whatley01/14/2014
SB74Taxpayers' Bill of Rights, Uniform Revenue Procedures Act, broader "innocent spouse" relief, taxpayer appeals, revenue rulings from Department of Revenue, Alabama Tax Appeals Commission, Secs. 40-2A-3, 40-2A-4, 40-2A-5, 40-2A-7, 40-2A-8, 40-2A-11, 40-18-27 am'd.; Sec. 40-2A-9 repealed; Secs. 40-2B-1 to 40-2B-25, inclusive, addedDick Brewbaker01/14/2014
SB73Real estate appraisers, licensure, consideration of applicant's criminal conviction, Sec. 34-27A-7 am'd.Dick Brewbaker04/01/2014Signed
SB72Elections, voter registration lists, publication by judge of probate on website of co. or Association of Co. Commissioners website, comp., Secs. 17-4-1, 17-4-10, 17-9-5 am'd.Paul Sanford04/01/2014
SB71Taxation, exempt health savings account contributions from income tax, Sec. 40-18-19 am'd.Paul Sanford04/02/2014
SB70Elections, political parties and independent candidates for statewide office, number of names required to gain ballot access, reduced, Secs. 17-6-22, 17-9-3 am'd.Cam Ward04/01/2014
SB69Agricultural equipment and machinery, sales and use tax exempt, Sec. 40-23-38, 40-23-64 repealed; Sec. 40-23-37, 40-23-63 am'd.Tom Whatley01/14/2014
SB67Insurance, Access to Eye Care Act, certain provisions revised to include other programs, private or public, insurance policy, plan, contract, or program prohibited activities expanded, Secs. 27-56-2, 27-56-3, 27-56-4, 27-56-5, 27-56-6, 27-56-7, 27-56-8 am'd.Mark Slade Blackwell01/14/2014
SB68Courts, private judges requirements to serve, former appellate judges eligible to serve, Attorney General, defense of cases brought against private judge, Secs. 12-11A-2, 12-11A-4, 12-11A-7, 12-11A-8 am'd.; Act 2012-266, 2012 Reg. Sess., am'd.Cam Ward04/01/2014
SB66Ethics Commission, statements of economic interest, electronic database, redaction of identifying information to include statements filed prior to August 1, 2013, Sec. 36-25-4.3 am'd.Clay Scofield02/20/2014Signed
SB65Telecommunications carriers, supervision and inspection fees reduced for fiscal year 2015-2016, 2016-2017, 2017-2018, Sec. 37-2A-10 am'd.Mark Slade Blackwell01/14/2014
SB64Ten Commandments, display of on state property and at public schools, authorized, const. amend.Gerald O. Dial01/14/2014
SB63Human Resources Department, public assistance, drug testing for applicants and recipients required upon reasonable suspicion, ineligibility under certain conditions, department to implement, rulemaking authorityTrip Pittman04/03/2014Signed
SB62Fair Ballot Commission created, membership and terms provided for, require Secretary of State provide explanation of measures and post on website, Alabama Informed Voter Act createdTrip Pittman04/01/2014
SB60Transportation Infrastructure Bank, established, members, powers, duties, terms, sources for capitalization, liability of bank, procedures for issuance of loans and financial assistance for qualified projects, annual report to Governor and Legislature, audit, Transportation Infrastructure Bank ActArthur Orr04/01/2014
SB61Business and Nonprofit Entities Code, merger and conversion provisions revised, Secs. 10A-1-4.02, 10A-1-8.01, 10A-1-8.02, 10A-1-8.04 am'd.Arthur Orr04/01/2014Signed
SB59Finance Department, Division of Purchasing, authorized to purchase personal property from vendors not on statewide contract under certain conditions, exemption, Sec. 41-4-110 am'd.Arthur Orr04/01/2014Signed
SB58Alabama Open Meetings Act, members of governmental bodies may participate in meetings and deliberation electronicallyArthur Orr02/06/2014
SB57Schools, diabetes, delegation of specific medical procedures and training of certain school personnel relating to insulin, limited liability of public schools and certain school personnel, Alabama Safe at Schools ActJ.T. Waggoner04/03/2014Signed
SB56Alcoholic beverages, wine, licensees may allow recorked or resealed bottle to be removed from premises, bottle not considered open in motor vehicle, manner of transportation specified, Sec. 28-3A-20.1 am'd.Paul Sanford03/06/2014Signed
SB55Sovereign immunity, immunity for officers, employees, agents of the state, including certain employees of local school boards and State Board of Education, codifiedJimmy Holley01/14/2014
SB54National Guard Educational Assistance Act, definition of tuition revised, annual benefit increased, Sec. 31-10-2 am'd.Gerald O. Dial03/13/2014Signed
SB52Retirement Systems of Alabama, secretary-treasurer, investment decision authorized without approval of Board of Control, Employees' Retirement System, Teachers' Retirement System, Secs. 16-25-20, 36-27-25 am'd.Roger Bedford, Jr.01/14/2014
SB53Water suppliers, civil immunity provided for water suppliers that comply with or are exempted from Alabama Department of Environmental Management regulations, Sec. 22-23-54 addedRusty Glover01/14/2014
SB51Taxation, change adjusted gross income filing requirements, Sec. 40-18-27 am'd.Tammy Irons03/13/2014
SB50Motor vehicles, motorcycles, distinctive license tags, established for Ovarian Cancer Research, additional fee, portion distrib. to Norma Livingston Ovarian Cancer Foundation, duties to Revenue DepartmentMark Slade Blackwell01/14/2014
SB49Insurance policies, posting of on website of insurer without personal information, paper copy available without charge to policyholderMark Slade Blackwell01/14/2014
SB47Human Resources Department, public assistance, drug testing for applicants and recipients required upon reasonable suspicion, ineligibility under certain conditions, department to implement, rulemaking authorityMark Slade Blackwell01/14/2014
SB48Unemployment compensation, employing unit defined, Sec. 25-4-8 am'd.Clay Scofield04/02/2014Signed
SB46Sales tax, estimated payments, average monthly tax liability threshold increased, Sec. 40-23-7 am'd.Mark Slade Blackwell02/26/2014
SB45Insurance Department, health organizations, included in risk-based capital regulation, risk retention groups included in definition of insurers, risk retention acts, financial statements filed with commissioner, code of ethics, Secs. 27-2B-14.1, 27-31A-3.1 added; Secs. 10A-20-6.16, 22-21-374, 27-21A-23, 27-2B-2, 27-2B-3, 27-2B-4, 27-2B-7, 27-2B-10, 27-6B-2, 27-6B-4 am'd.; 27-31A-3 addedMark Slade Blackwell04/01/2014Signed
SB44Securities Commission, exemption to Secs. 8-6-3 to 8-6-9, inclusive, limited to offerings of securities conducted in state to residents of the state only, new parameters for the investments established, Sec. 8-6-11 am'd.Arthur Orr04/01/2014Signed
SB43Motor vehicles, commercial driver's licenses, military commercial motor vehicle, exempt from skills test under certain conditions, Sec. 32-6-49.8 am'd.Tom Whatley04/01/2014
SB41Kyle Graddy Act, possession and self-administration of auto-injectable epinephrine by students permitted, Sec. 16-1-39 am'dTom Whatley01/14/2014
SB42Competitive bids, expands the time period for letting of contracts, Sec. 16-13B-7 am'd.Gerald O. Dial01/14/2014
SB40Engineers and Land Surveyors, State Board of Licensure for Professional, applicants required to pass board approved versus an 8-hour written exam, board authorized to contract with independent testing agency, simple majority of board a quorum, Secs. 34-11-1, 34-11-4, 34-11-6, 34-11-34 am'd.Gerald H. Allen04/01/2014Signed
SB39Taxation, exempt private schools from sales and use taxTom Whatley01/14/2014
SB38Schools, nonpublic, including private and church schools, State Department of Education prohibited from regulating or licensing, public colleges and universities prohibted from denying admittance to students based on attendance at nonpublic schools, department may not deny certification to a person because of employment by a nonpublic school, Secs. 16-1-11, 16-28-1, 16-28-7, 16-46-1 to 16-46-10, inclusive, am'd.Dick Brewbaker03/19/2014Signed
SB37Education, institution of higher education, board of trustees, unlawful to be financially interested in any contract or transaction affecting interests of institutionBobby D. Singleton01/14/2014
SB36Ethics Law, lobbying, term legislative body defined to include members of both houses of Legislature, further restrictions of former members after term, Secs. 36-25-1, 36-25-23 am'd.Del Marsh04/03/2014Signed
SB35Motor vehicles, child passenger restraints, Alabama Head Injury Foundation, 20 percent of funds distributed to Alabama Head Injury Foundation earmarked to cover administrative costs, Sec. 32-5-222 am'd.Linda Coleman-Madison04/01/2014
SB34Transportation Department, highway projects, construction contract plan changes, approval by the Director of Transportation up to certain amounts without approval of Governor under certain conditions, Sec. 23-1-60 am'd.Gerald H. Allen01/14/2014
SB33Legislature, member of, prohibited from lobbying or representing clients before either chamber of the Legislature for three years, Secs. 36-25-1, 36-25-13 am'd.Dick Brewbaker01/14/2014
SB32Motor vehicles, distinctive license plate, Alabama State Nurses Association plate authorized, duties to Alabama State Nurses AssociationTom Whatley01/14/2014
SB31Railroads, required to pay one-half of active warning device installation costs upon request of municipality, deposit of funds in escrow, time frame for completion, determination of installation costsTom Whatley01/14/2014
SB30Vessels, liability insurance required prior to registration and licensing, admin. and enforcement, penalties, Secs. 33-5A-1 to 33-5A-22 addedQuinton Ross01/14/2014
SB29Liquefied Petroleum Gas Board, LP-Gas Recovery Fund abolished, board required to post rules in lieu of mailing, surety in cash requirement for permit holders deleted, permit F further provide for, Secs. 9-17-100, 9-17-101, 9-17-103, 9-17-104, 9-17-105, 9-17-106, 9-17-107, 9-17-109, 9-17-121, 9-17-122, 40-17-161, 40-17-164, 40-17-165 am'd.Quinton Ross04/01/2014
SB28Secured Transactions, Uniform Commercial Code, Secs. 7-9A-102, 7-9A-105, 7-9A-307, 7-9A-311, 7-9A-316, 7-9A-317, 7-9A-326, 7-9A-406, 7-9A-408, 7-9A-502, 7-9A-503, 7-9A-507, 7-9A-515, 7-9A-516, 7-9A-518, 7-9A-521, 7-9A-607 am'd; Secs. 7-9A-801 to 7-9A-809, inclusive, addedCam Ward04/01/2014Signed
SB26Motor vehicles, farm tags for truck tractors, provision limiting a farmer to one farm tag for truck tractors deleted, Sec. 40-12-248 am'd.Gerald O. Dial01/14/2014
SB27Alabama Public Service, to regulate waste collection companies, Sec. 37-1-80.2 addedTom Whatley01/14/2014
SB25Child support, post-minority education expense, courts prohibited from awarding, Sec. 26-1-1 am'd.Paul Sanford04/01/2014
SB24Municipalities with population less than 19,000, auth. to enforce speed limits on interstate highways, provision repealed, Sec. 32-5A-171 am'd.Gerald O. Dial04/01/2014
SB23Transportation Department, director authorized to appoint assistant counsel subject to State Merit System, Sec. 23-1-26 am'd.Cam Ward01/14/2014
SB22Health insurance, licensing of physicians, dentists, chiropractors, and optometrists, not to be conditioned on participation in health insurance plansPhillip W. Williams03/20/2014Signed
SB21Transportation Department, highway projects, construction contract plan changes, approval by the Director of Transportation up to certain amounts without approval of Governor under certain conditions, Sec. 23-1-60 am'd.Gerald H. Allen02/12/2014Signed
SB20Environment, Alabama Drought Assessment and Planning Team established, power and duties, the Monitoring and Impacts Group Subcommittee established, membership, duties, responsibilitiesWilliam “Bill” M. Beasley01/21/2014
SB19Competitive bids, contracts for public works, sealed bids, error in publication does not prevent contract from being bid if authority shows proof of submission of advertisement, Sec. 39-2-2, 41-16-24, 41-16-54 am'd.Arthur Orr04/01/2014Signed
SB17Tax Assessors, Tax Collector, Co. Revenue Commissioners, supernumerary status, salary cap, co. commission may remove, Sec. 40-6-3 am'd.Gerald O. Dial03/05/2014
SB18Schools, allow school district to educate students about traditional winter celebrations and offer traditional greetingsGerald H. Allen03/05/2014
SB16State agencies, Sunset bills, omnibus bill for agencies continued without modification, Sec. 41-20-11 am'd.Phillip W. Williams04/01/2014
SB15Voting, absentee voting when a gubernatorial declaration of a state of emergency, Secs. 17-11-3, 17-11-7 am'd.Greg J. Reed02/12/2014
SB14Civil liability, volunteer fire departments and rescue squads, protection from civil liability expanded to include responses to emergency calls for medical assistance, Sec. 6-5-335 am'd.Greg J. Reed01/14/2014
SB13Behavior Analyst Licensing Board, established, licensing and regulation of behavior analysts, appointment of members, powers, exemptions, penalties, subject to Sunset LawCam Ward03/06/2014Signed
SB12Wind Energy Conversion Systems, regulation provided for, Public Service Commission required to issue permit, certification by licensed engineer required, regulation of location, design, and installation of systems, Alabama Wind Energy Conversion ActPhillip W. Williams04/01/2014
SB11Legislative Council, reconstituted, Senate Legislative Council, House Legislative Council estab., Legislative Council, Joint Fiscal Committee, Legislative Building Authority, Permanent Legislative Committee on Reapportionment Committee abolished, Law Institute part of Legislative Department, Chief of Legislative Operations created, Secs. 29-1-5, 29-1-22, 29-2-52, 29-2-200, 29-2-201, 29-4-20, 29-4-22, 29-4-25, 29-4-30, 29-4-32, 29-4-35, 29-4-40, 29-4-42, 29-5-2, 29-5-3, 29-5-4, 29-5-13, 29-6-1, 29-6-2, 29-6-3, 29-6-4, 29-6-7, 29-7-4, 29-8-1,29-8-2, 29-8-3, 29-8-4, 29-8-5, 41-19-3, 41-19-3.1 am'd.; Secs. 29-6-8, 29-6-9 added; Secs. 29-2-50, 29-2-51, 29-7-5 repealedJimmy Holley04/03/2014
SB10Foundation for Local Schools, dissolved and monies disbursed to local schools and trust accounts, Secs. 16-26C-1 to 16-26C-13 repealedGerald H. Allen04/01/2014Signed
SB9Motor vehicles, overtaking and passing bicycles, must maintain safe distance of at least three feet from bicycle, definition of safe distance, Sec. 32-5A-82 am'd.Gerald H. Allen04/01/2014
SB8Legislative, sessions to consist of organizational, regular of 20 day, budget of 10 days, and special sessions, Secs. 71.01 and 76 of Article IV of Recompiled Constitution of Alabama of 1901, as amended, repealed, const. amend.Dick Brewbaker04/01/2014
SB7Boards of Education, city and county, unfunded mandates by legislative act, supermajority vote required to enact, exception for local boards of education deleted from Amendment 621, Amendment 621, (Section 111.05 of Recompiled Constitution of Alabama of 1901, as amended), am'd., const. amend.Dick Brewbaker03/18/2014Signed
SB6Entities, dormant, exempt from business privilege tax, Sec. 40-14A-44 addedMark Slade Blackwell01/14/2014
SB5Income tax deductions, carry forward capital loss for three years, Sec. 40-18-15 am'd.Mark Slade Blackwell01/14/2014
SB4Class action lawsuits filed in Alabama, plan for undistributed funds to be distributed to Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Department if class members cannot be located, or if distribution to class is not economically feasible, or if class members do not make a claim to the class fundsGerald O. Dial03/06/2014
SB3Limited liability companies, formation of company agreement, filing, notice third parties, rights where operating agreement silent, Alabama Limited Liability Law of 2014, Secs. 10A-1-1.03, 10A-1-1.08 am'd.; Secs. 10A-5-1.01 to 10A-5-9.06, inclusive, repealed; Secs. 10A-5A-1.01 to 10A-5A-12.08, inclusive, addedRodger Smitherman01/14/2014
SB2Capital offenses, murder of a person with a protection order issued against the defendant, included, Kelley's Law, Sec. 13A-5-40 am'd.Clay Scofield04/03/2014Signed
SB1Alabama Ahead Act. commencing with 2014-2015 school year, revised to delete pen-enabled requirement, phase-in requirement and reassignment provisions, advisory committee revised, schools given question of participating, local school systems to contribute 25 percent of funding, Secs. 16-16B-1, 16-16B-2 am'd.Gerald O. Dial04/02/2014
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