2020 Legislative Session News & Articles

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Kay Ivey Makes Gambling Study Group Official

By Brent Wilson on February 14, 2020

Governor Kay Ivey on Friday signed Executive Order 719, which formed the Study Group for Gambling Policy. The Study Group is tasked with gathering detailed information to allow the governor, the Legislature, and the…

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AL Rep. John Rogers Thinks Cam Newton Is Gay

By Brent Wilson on February 13, 2020

John Rogers (D-Birmingham) seems to believe that Cam Newton is gay. This is after he first confused him as a transgender person. The comments came during a Committee hearing on HB35, a…

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Bill To Exempt Disabled Vets From Paying Issuance Fee On License Plates Passes Committee

By Dakota Layton on February 12, 2020

Under current Alabama law, disabled veterans have to pay an issuance fee of less than $10 (varies by county) when they renew their license plates. However, Rep. Rhett Marques (R-Enterprise) has authored a…

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Male hands behind prison yard bars, incarcerated captivated person in jail

AL Prisons Reform Should Be Top Priority

By Clete Wetli on February 12, 2020 | Opinion

Now, with the threat of a federal lawsuit and possible takeover of its prison system, Alabama is finally acknowledging that there’s a crisis.

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AL House Passes Bill Limiting A Cities Ability To Levy Occupational Taxes

By Dakota Layton on February 12, 2020

On Tuesday, Alabama lawmakers voted 74-27 to pass Rep. Chris Sells (R-Greenville) bill, HB147, that would prohibit cities from enacting new occupational taxes without legislative permission from the state. In other words,…

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Anthony Daniels State of the State Address

Alabama Democrat Anthony Daniels Delivers Response To Kay Ivey’s State of the State Address

By Brent Wilson on February 5, 2020

187 years ago, our ancestors looked up into the dark sky and witnessed a meteor shower that inspired family tales, song lyrics, and even license plates.

That was the night that the stars fell on…

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American Flag

Bill Forcing Schools To Play Star-Spangled Banner Weekly Passes Committee

By Brent Wilson on February 5, 2020

A bill requiring Alabama schools to play the Star-Spangled Banner at least once a week has passed a Senate Committee by voice vote.

The bill SB 13, sponsored by Sen. Gerald Allen (R-

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Kay Ivey State of the State Address

Kay Ivey: State Of The State Address

By Kay Ivey on February 4, 2020

Below is the full prepared transcript of the State of the State Address Kay Ivey delivered. It is not verbatim to how the speech was delivered.

Lieutenant Governor Ainsworth, Pro Tempore Marsh, Speaker…

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Proud American Army Soldier with National Flag in Hands During Heavy Thunderstorm and Rainfall. United States of America. Victory Concept. Military Theme.

State Sen. Donnie Chesteen Pre-Files Bill to Ease Tax Burden on Alabama Armed Service Members

By Dakota Layton on January 14, 2020

State Sen. Donnie Chesteen (R-Geneva) has pre-filed a bill, SB 5, for the 2020 legislative session that would allow members of the armed forces from Alabama who are serving outside of the state to…

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US flag waving in the wind. American flag symbol of United States of America USA

State Sen. Gerald Allen Defends Bill Requiring K-12 Schools to Play the Star-Spangled Banner Weekly

By Dakota Layton on January 13, 2020

During an appearance on “The Jeff Poor Show,” State Sen. Gerald Allen (R-Tuscaloosa) defended his proposed bill, SB 13, that would require Alabama K-12 schools to play the Star Spangled Banner at…

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