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Offensive Twitter History For Valley, AL Council Candidate Bo Colley

Written by on June 24, 2020

Bo Colley, a candidate for Valley, AL City Council District 1, extensively used the n-word on Twitter as well as other offensive words and phrases from 2014-2015. As of publication, a search of his profile for the n-word on Twitter returns 124 results. (Editor’s note: Colley has appeared to delete, make private or block us from viewing all tweets referenced in this article.) Colley also made extensive use of the F-word and used a homophobic slur towards Twitter users.

Colley has unsuccessfully run for office in the past, in 2016 for the same City Council seat he is seeking today and in 2018 for Chambers County Commissioner District 6.

A campaign video posted on his Twitter page states that Colley serves on the Chambers County Republican Executive Committee and that he has worked alongside State Rep. Debbie Wood and State Senator Randy Price.

Editor’s note: Colley has since deleted and/or protected his Twitter account but the video is still available below on Facebook.

I’m Bo Colley and I’m running for Valley City Council district 1. During my time in public service I’ve had a chance to work with some amazing people. Starting out working for Rep Debbie Wood and Senator Randy Price, I’ve seen first hand how elected officials should conduct themselves. Since then I was elected to serve on the Chambers County Republican executive committee. Since 2018, I’ve worked for the State of Alabama and Lisa Burdette as a felony court specialist at the Chambers County clerks office! In 2019, I was named one of the 20 under 40 inaugural class by the Valley Times News! This year I won Chambers County as delegate for Donald Trump. My goals are to bring the City of Valley together and make it stronger than ever. My plans are to *Make trash payments online * public private partnerships* Destruction of dilapidated housing * The beautification of the city * Work with the development authority to help bring business here while keeping that small town feel. * Be a voice for our youth programs. * And the list goes on. I’m someone you can trust! I make it a point to give each and everyone of you my personal phone number so you can reach out to me at any time!

Posted by Bo Colley on Tuesday, June 23, 2020

You can view all tweets flagged during the search of his profile below.

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