SB310 Vote on February 23, 2010 – Motion to Read a Third Time and Pass

Bill Status: Passed
Motion to Read a Third Time and Pass
Chamber: Senate
Steve FrenchRepublicanAbsent
J.T. WaggonerRepublicanAbsent
Del MarshRepublicanAbstained
Ben H. BrooksRepublicanNo
Trip PittmanRepublicanNo
Rodger SmithermanDemocratYes
Zeb LittleDemocratYes
Paul SanfordRepublicanAbstained
Larry MeansDemocratYes
Rusty GloverRepublicanAbsent
Hank SandersDemocratYes
Bobby DentonDemocratYes
Quinton RossDemocratYes
Roger Bedford, Jr.DemocratYes
Hinton MitchemDemocratYes
T.D. "Ted" LittleDemocratAbstained
Lowell BarronDemocratYes
Kim BenefieldDemocratAbsent
Henry Eugene "Hank" Erwin Jr.RepublicanAbsent
Linda Coleman-MadisonDemocratYes
Priscilla DunnDemocratYes
Arthur OrrRepublicanNo
Bobby D. SingletonDemocratYes
Wendell MitchellDemocratYes
Myron PennDemocratAbsent
George M. "Marc" KeaheyDemocratYes
Tom ButlerRepublicanNo
Phil PooleDemocratAbsent
Larry DixonRepublicanYes
Scott BeasonRepublicanNo
Vivian Davis FiguresDemocratYes
Jimmy HolleyRepublicanAbstained
Charles BishopRepublicanAbsent
Harri Anne SmithRepublicanNo
Jim PreuittRepublicanAbsent
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