HB 317 Vote on March 28, 2018 – Motion to Read a Third Time and Pass

Bill Status: Failed
Motion to Read a Third Time and Pass
Legislator Party Vote
William BeasleyDemocratNay
Robert WardRepublicanAbstained
Gerald AllenRepublicanYes
Jim McClendonRepublicanNay
J.T. WaggonerRepublicanYes
Del MarshRepublicanYes
Trip PittmanRepublicanNay
Rodger SmithermanDemocratNay
Paul SanfordRepublicanNay
Rusty GloverRepublicanAbsent
Hank SandersDemocratNay
Linda Coleman-MadisonDemocratNay
Priscilla DunnDemocratNay
Arthur OrrRepublicanYes
Bobby SingletonDemocratNay
Vivian FiguresDemocratNay
Jimmy HolleyRepublicanYes
Harri SmithIndependentNay
Greg ReedRepublicanYes
Dick BrewbakerRepublicanNay
Paul BussmanRepublicanNay
Bill HoltzclawRepublicanNay
Phillip WilliamsRepublicanYes
Clay ScofieldRepublicanYes
Gerald DialRepublicanAbsent
Thomas WhatleyRepublicanYes
Slade BlackwellRepublicanAbsent
Bill HightowerRepublicanYes
Greg AlbrittonRepublicanYes
Clyde ChamblissRepublicanYes
Steve LivingstonRepublicanYes
Shay ShelnuttRepublicanAbsent
Tim MelsonRepublicanYes
Larry StuttsRepublicanYes