2018 Alabama House Bills

HB 526

Lawrence Co., sheriff, salary, feeding of prisoners further provided for, Prisoner Food Fund established, const. amend.

HB 525

Taxation, National Federation of the Blind of Alabama, exempt from sales and use taxes

HB 524

Public welfare, Medicaid, income threshold provided, const. amend.

HB 523

Cherokee Co., coroner, salary, appointment of a deputy coroner, repeal of certain prior acts

HB 522

Russell Co., sheriff authorized to sell certain abandoned, unclaimed, or stolen property, and firearms, notice, record keeping requirement, distribution of funds for law enforcement purposes

HB 521

Russell Co, courts, domestic violence cases, additional court costs authorized to operate domestic violence shelter

HB 520

Etowah Co., sheriff, feeding of prisoners further provided for, Prisoner Food Fund established, const. amend.

HB 519

Colleges and universities, Alabama State University, authority and responsibilities of the board of trustees and president of university, further provided for, Secs. 16-50-20, 16-50-23, 16-50-27 am'd.

HB 518

Asset forfeitures, reporting and publication requirements, Criminal Justice Information Center, Sec. 41-9-620.1 added.

HB 517

Jasper, automated traffic safety law enforcement, authorized, provide certain procedures to follow, civil violation

HB 516

Spanish Fort, corp. limits alt.

HB 515

Worker's compensation, prescription benefits, employer liability further provided, Secs. 25-5-77, 25-5-293, 25-5-314 am'd.

HB 514

Montgomery Co., municipal court, abolished, cases transferred to district court, const. amend.

HB 513

Assault weapons, prohibit sale or transfer of an assault weapon to anyone under 21 years of age, to prohibit anyone under 21 years of age from possessing an assault weapon

HB 512

Supernumerary court reporters, death benefits for surviving spouse provided

HB 511

Education, public schools, grades 6 to 12, allow elective courses on the study of the Bible, provide immunity for teachers who teach in good faith with proper historical context, State Board of Education to implement rules and policies

HB 510

Privately owned/leased property; cemetary or burial site thereon; requirement to allow access to certain persons to graves, gravesites; Section 35-1-4 amd.

HB 509

Coosa Co., probate court, add'l fee for marriage license and petition for adoption, distrib.

HB 508

Time; to adopt Daylight Savings Time statewide if Congress amends Federal law to allow it.

HB 507

Etowah Co., board of registrars, working days increased, Sec. 17-3-8 am'd.