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ALGOP Officially Sells Its Soul To Trump

Written by on September 30, 2019 | Opinion

Especially in politics, there are far too many who have perverted the original intent of Winston Churchill’s famous quote, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” In context, Churchill was referring to the formation of the United Nations after World War 2. Sadly, the Alabama Republican Party thinks that the president extorting Ukraine for his own personal gain, and engaging in an unprecedented cover-up, is a crisis that can be twisted into a massive fundraising effort.

On 9/26/19, the ALGOP sent out a fundraising tweet to its base asking for donations to defend Trump against “Pelosi’s impeachment witch-hunt.” For your generosity, they’ll send you two Trump bumper stickers!

Look, we all understand that the ALGOP exists in a Fox media/ ultra-conservative echo-chamber, but did they not read the whistle-blower complaint, the call transcript, or ask themselves why Trump’s personal lawyer was conducting shadow foreign policy in Ukraine? Did they not catch the part where Trump also hid transcripts of calls with Putin and Mohammed Bin Salman?

And if that wasn’t enough, the disgraced former Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio was the featured speaker at the Talladega County Republican’s Patriot Dinner the same day as the pathetic ALGOP tweet was released. Arpaio said to crowd gorging on figurative red meat, “Now they want to impeach him. For what? The Democrats are nuts.” Yeah, nuts for expecting the president to not act like a B-movie gangster. Coming from the likes of Arpaio, its quintessential irony and grotesque surrealism mixed with a huge dose of cultish partisanship.

Not to be outdone and eager to show that the proverbial bar will never be too low for him, AL Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Huntsville) literally sent out a tweet with a picture of a turd with a statement, “UKRAINE WHISTLEBLOWER REPORT IS PUBLIC! It is ALL rumor, gossip, hearsay. NO PERSONAL KNOWLEDGE OR EVIDENCE OF ANYTHING! I recommend reading it. In the alternative, a picture is worth a thousand words, so here is a picture that fully describes the whistleblower & his report. Mo.”

Way to keep it classy, Mo. Alternatively, the picture is more illustrative of Mo’s shoddy legislative record and all the good he’s done for Alabama’s reputation. Maybe, it’s his attempt at some new type of symbolic political selfie, who knows.

Of course, every other AL Republican jumped on the Defend-Trump-At-All-Costs Bandwagon as quickly as they could tweet or schedule an interview with any reporter they could find. Never mind that Trump’s own appointed Inspector General found the whistle-blower complaint to be credible and urgent. Never mind that Trump’s own words on the call transcript are damning and prima facie illegal. Never mind the whole plausible allegations of a major cover-up. It’s all just a big ol’ witch-hunt, right? Right?

Folks, the Alabama Republican Party has officially sold its soul. It’s a party that now only gives lip service to the US Constitution and seems to have adopted the works of Machiavelli as its new guiding document. Their new battle cry is “Party before people!”, or as Arpaio proclaimed in his sick love ballad to Trump, “I will be with him to the end. I hope all of you will be with him to the end.”

Well, the end may be coming sooner than they think. It was only a matter of time before the Grifter-In-Chief finally became too arrogant and ignorantly careless in his quest for personal power and pathological obsession with self-enrichment. Deep in their hearts, they know what a horrible and petty person Trump is, but they’ve sold their souls in fear of mean tweets and the promise of two new bumper stickers.

For the sake of our nation, it’s time for the ALGOP to do some real soul-searching and to also learn the definition of patriotism.

Trump and his sycophants’ actions are and have been, illegal and unethical and no amount of money, MAGA hats, or bumper stickers are worth trading your soul.

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