SB28 Vote on April 05, 2023 – Read A Third Time And Passed As Amended

Bill Status: Passed
Read A Third Time And Passed As Amended
Chamber: Senate
William "Bill" M. BeasleyDemocratAbsent
Merika ColemanDemocratAbsent
Gerald H. AllenRepublicanYes
J.T. WaggonerRepublicanYes
Rodger SmithermanDemocratYes
Linda Coleman-MadisonDemocratYes
Arthur OrrRepublicanYes
Bobby D. SingletonDemocratYes
Tom ButlerRepublicanNo
Vivian Davis FiguresDemocratYes
Greg J. ReedRepublicanYes
Clay ScofieldRepublicanYes
April WeaverRepublicanNo
Donnie ChesteenRepublicanYes
David SessionsRepublicanNo
Greg AlbrittonRepublicanYes
Clyde ChamblissRepublicanYes
Steve LivingstonRepublicanYes
Shay ShelnuttRepublicanAbsent
Tim MelsonRepublicanYes
Larry StuttsRepublicanAbsent
Jack W. WilliamsRepublicanYes
Chris ElliottRepublicanYes
Randy PriceRepublicanYes
Andrew JonesRepublicanYes
Dan RobertsRepublicanNo
Kirk HatcherDemocratYes
Will BarfootRepublicanAbsent
Sam GivhanRepublicanNo
Garlan GudgerRepublicanYes
Lance BellRepublicanYes
Robert L. StewartDemocratYes
Josh CarnleyRepublicanYes
Keith KelleyRepublicanYes
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