2022 Alabama Senate Bills

A list of all 2022 Alabama Senate Bills. Click any bill to read the full text and get the current status.

BillTitleSponsorLast ActionSigned
SB339Land bank authorities, creation of local land bank authorities, acquisition of property, taxes and fees, coneyance, Secs. 29-4-11, 29-4-12 added; Secs. 24-9-4, 24-9-6, 24-9-10, 40-1-3, 40-10-1, 40-10-18, 40-10-29, 40-10-120, 40-10-184 am'd.Linda Coleman-Madison04/07/2022
SB338Retirement Systems, Employees Retirement System, procedure for funding benefit increases for retirees provided, actual annual cost identified in annual appropriation actDel Marsh04/06/2022
SB337Alcoholic beverage licenses, Hospitality Management Program license created at certain state universities, activities under license authorizedTom Whatley03/31/2022
SB336Baldwin Co., South Baldwin Regional Workforce Development Authority, established.Greg Albritton04/07/2022Signed
SB335Class 3 municipalities, Blight Review Board, createdKirk Hatcher04/06/2022
SB331Education Trust Fund Rolling Reserve Act, to clarify current practices, delete obsolete provisions, and modify certain transfer dates to improve cash flow for the Education Trust Fund, Secs. 29-9-2, 29-9-3, 29-9-4, 29-9-6 am'd.Arthur Orr04/07/2022Signed
SB329Etowah County, Mega Sports Complex Authority, membership, distribution, treatment of debt, and rountine audits provided further, Secs. 45-28-220.03, 45-28-243.02 am'd.Andrew Jones04/07/2022Signed
SB330Lee Co., sheriff, salary increased, Sec. 45-41-230 am'd.Tom Whatley04/07/2022Signed
SB332Cherokee Ridge, corp. limits alt.Clay Scofield04/07/2022
SB333Marshall Co., Personnel Board, apppointments, expense allowance of members, Secs. 45-48-121.03, 45-48-121.04 am'd.Clay Scofield04/07/2022
SB334Homewood, alcoholic beverages, entertainment districts, established in certain historic villages in city, open containers from licensees authorizedRodger Smitherman03/31/2022
SB327Healing History Act, created, preservation of history, authorizing legislative members representing Dallas Co., to add names to the Edmund W. Pettus Bridge, Sec. 40-8-3 am'd.Malika Sanders-Fortier04/06/2022
SB328Health care, practice of midwifery, scope of licensed practice further provided for, Sec. 34-19-14 am'd.Malika Sanders-Fortier03/17/2022
SB326Controlled substances, to prohibit psychoactive cannabinoids from being sold, marketed, or possessed by any individual under 21 years old, to provide for penaltiesTim Melson04/06/2022
SB325Land redemptions; clarifies that judicial redemption actions by landowner to recover property sold for delinquent taxes does not by itself revest property to delinquent ownerTom Whatley04/06/2022
SB324Cannabis, women of childbearing age, certain requirements established for medical cannabis use, Sec. 20-2A-64 am'd.Larry Stutts04/06/2022
SB323Colbert Co., simplified seller use tax, distrib. of the county's share, local acts in conflict, repealedLarry Stutts04/07/2022
SB320Abortion, Every Mother Matters Act, Pregnancy Launch Program created, resource access assistance offers required to be made before performance of an abortionApril Weaver03/17/2022
SB321Municipal business license, rental and leasing services, not required to obtain a business license in each municipality in which its equipment is rented or leasedDonnie Chesteen04/06/2022Signed
SB322Firearms, revise definition of shotgun, Sec. 13A-11-62 am'd.Gerald H. Allen03/17/2022
SB315Alcoholic beverages, wine festival licensure, further provided, collection and reporting of taxes, further provided, Sec. 28-3A-20.4 am'd.Andrew Jones04/06/2022
SB314Lieutenant Governor, Alabama Council on Law Enforcement Policy, created, powers and duties providedChris Elliott03/17/2022
SB316Open Meetings Act, participation in meetings by electronic communication further provided, Sec. 36-25A-5.1 am'd.Tim Melson03/17/2022
SB317Agriculture authorities, estab. by counties, power to sell property, contracts for sewer service, sales and use tax exemption, further provided for, Secs. 11-20-73, 11-20-80, 11-20-81 am'd.Tim Melson04/07/2022Signed
SB319Agriculture and Industries, Commissioner, salary set beginning the next term of office, Sec. 2-2-5 am'd.David Sessions04/07/2022Signed
SB318Motor vehicles, driver's licenses, renewal period increased from 4 to 8 years, Sec. 32-6-1 am'd.David Sessions03/17/2022
SB313Educational institutions, including colleges and universities, local boards of education, and schools, prohibited from using public funds to advocate for or against ballot measuresArthur Orr04/07/2022Signed
SB312COVID-19, occupational licensing boards prohibited to take adverse action based on physician's recommended COVID-19 treatment, health care facilities and pharmacies required to fulfill patient's COVID-19 treatment request, cause of action providedArthur Orr04/06/2022
SB311Deer hunting, commercial deer hunting operation licensing program, established, licenses and licensing fees, special hunting seasons, Conservation and Natural Resources Dept. to enforce and adopt rules, criminal penalties for violationsJack W. Williams04/06/2022Signed
SB310Geneva, alcoholic beverages, sale of draft or keg beer, city council may authorizeDonnie Chesteen03/31/2022Signed
SB309Colbert Co., severance tax proceeds, 7.5 percent for railway overpass in City of Sheffield and 7.5 percent for broadband, tax applied on all severed material, regardless of mode of transportation, const. amend.Larry Stutts04/06/2022
SB308Madison Co., Tennessee Valley Authority, payments in-lieu-of-taxes increased by Sec. 40-28-2, Code of Alabama 1975, portion of increases distrib. to county legislative delegation office, Sec. 45-45-161 am'd.Tom Butler03/10/2022
SB307Pharmacists, authorized to prescribe vaccines and immunizations allowed to administer, required to recommend annual well-child visits for certain children administered a vaccine or immunization, Sec. 34-23-13 added.William “Bill” M. Beasley04/06/2022
SB306Education, K-12, mental health service coordinator for each school system, subject to Legislative appropriation, Dept. of Mental Health and State Department of Education duties specified, qualifications providedRodger Smitherman04/06/2022
SB305Utilities, portable electric generators, certain requirement for use, provided, criminal penalties for violationChris Elliott04/06/2022Signed
SB304Plumbers and gas fitters, journeyman plumber replaced with a residential plumber as a member of the board, expand examination options for a journeyman plumber or gas fitter, definitions, Secs. 34-37-1, 34-37-3, 34-37-6, 34-37-8, 34-37-12 am'd.Kirk Hatcher04/06/2022
SB303Economic tax incentives, reporting requirements of state agencies, Sec. 40-1-50 am'd.Arthur Orr04/06/2022
SB302Education, charter schools, Alabama School Choice and Student Opportunity Act, operational and categorical funding of public charter schools further provided, Sec. 16-6F-10 am'd.Del Marsh03/29/2022
SB301Firearms, sentencing requirements established, certain offenders excluded from being eligible for certain correctional programs, Sec. 13A-11-72.2 added.Will Barfoot03/31/2022
SB300Tuscaloosa , mun. elections for mayor, city council, and city board of education, reset, Sec. 11-44B-4.1 am'd.Gerald H. Allen03/08/2022
SB298Bullock Co., judge of probate, motor vehicle tags, issue by mail and over the Internet, feesWilliam “Bill” M. Beasley03/31/2022Signed
SB299Bullock Co., judge of probate, operation of the office of, provide special recording fee for documents in probate office, Sec. 45-6-82.21 am'd.William “Bill” M. Beasley03/31/2022Signed
SB296Economic development, counties and municipalities, requirements revised for incurring indebtedness and for selling or granting public property for private economic development and for certain public notices, Amendment 772, Constitution of Alabama of 1901, am'd., const. amend.Steve Livingston03/31/2022
SB297State government, authority of the Attorney General to enter into settlement agreements, Sec. 36-15-12 am'd.Jim McClendon04/06/2022
SB295Campaign Finance, candidates, failure to timely file statement of appointing committee, forfeits qualification to run, Sec. 17-5-4 am'd.Andrew Jones04/06/2022
SB294Gaming, Alabama Education Lottery and Gambling Commission, established, issuance of casino gaming licenses, casino sports betting licenses, lottery retailer licenses and charitable fundraising raffle licenses, provided, criminal penalties for violations, provided, Secs. 13A-12-32 to 13A-12-39, inclusive, 41-30-1 to 41-30-51, inclusive, added; Secs. 11-47-111, 13A-12-29, 13A-12-50 to 13A-12-58, inclusive, 13A-12-70 to 13A-12-76, inclusive, 13A-12-90 to 13A-12-92, inclusive, repealed; Secs. 13A-11-9, 13A-12-20 to 13A-12-28, inclusive, 13A-12-30 am'd.Greg Albritton04/06/2022
SB293Gaming, Alabama Education Lottery and Gambling Commission, established, Alabama Education Lottery, established, casino-style games, sports betting, bingo, and charitable raffle authorized to be conducted subject to licensure and supervision by the commission, const. amend.Greg Albritton04/06/2022
SB292Education and training, divisive concepts, prohibits teaching of the concepts under certain circumstances, allows teaching of the concepts in public institutions of higher education as long as assent to the concept is not compelledWill Barfoot04/06/2022
SB291Education, Alabama Community College System, workforce reform, requires certain reporting, provides further for duties of board of trustees, Secs. 16-60-111, 16-60-111.4 am'd.Tim Melson04/06/2022
SB290Business privilege tax, minimum business privilege tax for taxable years beginning after December 31, 2022, reduced a full exemption on amounts due of $100 or less for taxable years beginning after December 31, 2023, Section 40-14A-22 am'd.Tom Butler03/17/2022
SB289Alcoholic beverages, Alcoholic Beverage Control Board to allow private liquor stores opportunity to add liquor to inventory prior to delivery to ABC liquor stores, ABC may adopt rulesTom Whatley04/06/2022
SB288Campaign finance reports, deadline for final pre-election report revised, Sec. 17-5-8 am'd.April Weaver03/02/2022
SB277Rebuild Alabama Act, removing index provisions, motor fuel excise taxes, Sec. 40-17-370 am'd.Larry Stutts03/01/2022
SB287Elections, provide for election of associate justices of the Supreme Court and judges of the appellate courts, const. amend.Bobby D. Singleton03/01/2022
SB285Lawrence and Limestone Counties, Board of Registrars, maximum number of days increased, Sec. 17-3-8 am'd.Garlan Gudger03/01/2022
SB286Crimes and offenses, to further provide for the crime of criminal homicide, Sec. 13A-6-5 added.April Weaver03/01/2022
SB284Medicaid, extend postpartum coverage for eligible pregnant women to one year after birthLinda Coleman-Madison03/01/2022
SB283Firefighters and rescue squad members, income tax credit for training under certain conditionsGarlan Gudger03/01/2022
SB282Municipal courts, traffic tickets, fines and penalties, municipalities limited in the amount of money a municipality may retain, transfer of excess to State Finance Department for further distributionGarlan Gudger04/05/2022Signed
SB281Navigation, operation of vessels, wake boarding and wake surfing restrictions and requirements, provided, criminal penalty for violation, providedGarlan Gudger04/07/2022
SB280Tuscaloosa Co., judge of probate, compensation further providedGerald H. Allen03/17/2022
SB279Courts, the further provide for the election of justices of the Supreme Court and judges of the appellate courts, Sec. 12-3-4 repealed; Secs. 12-2-1, 12-3-2, 12-3-3, 12-3-4, 17-6-48, 17-6-48.1 am'd.Bobby D. Singleton03/01/2022
SB278Cannabis, women of childbearing age, certain requirements established for medical cannabis use, Sec. 20-2A-64 am'd.Larry Stutts03/01/2022
SB276Sales taxes, motor vehicles, drive out exclusion if requested in another state, to include travel trailers or housecars, proof or out-of-state residency, Sec. 40-23-2 am'd.Tom Whatley03/01/2022
SB275Taxation, grain bins exempt from ad valorem taxation, Sec. 40-9-1 am'd.Larry Stutts04/06/2022
SB274Sales and use tax, agricultural products, producer value added agricultural products exempt from sales tax, Sec. 40-23-1, 40-23-4 am'd.Steve Livingston04/06/2022Signed
SB273Counties, license taxes, prohibited on farmersTom Butler04/06/2022
SB272Health, telehealth and telemedicine further provided for, reg. by Bd. of Medical Examiners and Medical Licensure Commission, Secs. 34-24-700 to 34-24-707, inclusive, added; Secs. 34-24-500 to 34-24-508, inclusive, re practice of medicine across state lines, repealed.Dan Roberts04/06/2022Signed
SB271Lincoln, corp. limits alt.Jim McClendon03/30/2022
SB270Montgomery Co. and municipalities with population of 5,000 or more, certain city employees, exempt , return to classified service, provided, Sec. 45-51A-32.113 am'd.Kirk Hatcher04/06/2022Signed
SB269Governor, authorize the appoint honorary generals in the National GuardJ.T. Waggoner03/30/2022
SB268Elections, prefilling of any field on voter registration application or absentee ballot application, prohibited, criminal penalties for violations imposed, Secs. 17-3-54, 17-11-4 am'd.Shay Shelnutt04/06/2022
SB267Secretary of State, Legislature, bills and resolutions, authorized to provide digital copies only, Sec. 36-14-1 am'd.Linda Coleman-Madison03/01/2022
SB266Education, K-12, mental health service coordinator for each school system, subject to Legislative appropriation, Dept. of Mental Health and State Department of Education duties specified, qualifications providedRodger Smitherman03/01/2022
SB265Jefferson Co., Tenth Judicial Circuit, Bessemer Division, add'l assistant district attorney provided for, approval by Jefferson County Commission, Sec. 45-37-82.01 am'd.Rodger Smitherman04/07/2022Signed
SB264Construction contracts, indemnification provision for damages caused by another party, prohibitedGreg Albritton02/24/2022
SB263Education, National Guard, to limit amount of private tuition reimbursed to eligible guard members, Secs. 31-10-20 to 31-10-25, inclusive, repealed; Secs. 31-10-2, 31-10-3, 31-10-4.1 am'd.Clyde Chambliss04/06/2022
SB262Secretary of State, boards and commissions, membership, maintenance on website, annual reports of board membership to Legislature, Dept. of Examiners of Public Accounts to review appointment expiration dates for statutory authority and compliance, Sec. 36-14-17 am'd.J.T. Waggoner04/06/2022Signed
SB261Schools, failing, scholarships for students assigned to in order to attend another public or nonpublic school, income tax credits for contributions to scholarship granting organizations increased, Sec. 16-6D-9 am'd.Dan Roberts04/05/2022Signed
SB260Tax increment districts, redevelopment projects authorizes to continue through a subsequent tax increment district, Secs. 11-99-2, 11-99-4, 11-99-5, 11-99-6, 11-99-8, 11-99-10 am'd.Rodger Smitherman04/06/2022Signed
SB259Alcoholic beverages, brewpubs, annual barrel production limit that allows a beer manufacturer to have a financial interest in a brewpub, further provided, Sec. 28-4A-3 am'd.Rodger Smitherman03/29/2022
SB258Public notices, virtual method, provided forJack W. Williams04/06/2022
SB257Banking and financial institutions, small loans, authorizing limited closing fees, Sec. 5-18-15 am'd.Will Barfoot04/06/2022
SB256Wills and estates, will contests, probate courts jurisdiction, removed to circuit courts under certain conditionsWill Barfoot04/07/2022Signed
SB255State Health Officer, order issued in response to outbreak of a disease has full force of law if approved by Governor and filed with Secretary of State in state of emergency, Sec. 22-2-8 am'd.Arthur Orr04/07/2022
SB254Child care, day care centers required to allow entry to parents and guardians during state public health emergencyClyde Chambliss02/23/2022
SB253Optometric Scholarship Awards Board, meetings conducted remotely, scholarship program expanded to include loans and revise program parameters, Secs. 34-22-60 to 34-22-65, inclusive, am'd.Andrew Jones04/06/2022
SB252Bullock Co., sheriff, salary and expense allowance, provided forWilliam “Bill” M. Beasley03/31/2022Signed
SB251Education, Math and Science Teacher Education Program, to increase the loan repayment award for qualified math and science teachers per semester, Secs. 16-5-54, 16-5-55 am'd.Tom Butler04/07/2022
SB250Drycleaning and Environmental Response Trust Fund Act, all owners, operators, and wholesale distributors required to participate in program, former owner or operator may pay annual fee to participate, Secs. 22-30D-3 to 22-30D-7, inclusive, 22-30D-9 to 22-30D-12, inclusive, am'd.Jimmy Holley02/23/2022
SB249Elections, voter fraud, election offenses, revising and consolidating election offenses, Secs. 17-1-6, 17-1-7, 17-1-8, 17-9-50.2, 17-9-52, 17-17A-1, 17-17A-2, 17-17A-10, 17-17A-11, 17-17A-12, 17-17A-30, 17-17A-31, 17-17A-40 added; Secs. 17-17-1 to 17-17-56, inclusive, repealed; Secs. 17-1-5, 17-9-50 am'd.Sam Givhan04/06/2022
SB247Notaries public, process for remote notarization and certification of accuracy of certain electronic records provided, Secs. 36-20-73.2, 36-20-73.3, 36-20-76, 36-20-77 added; Sec. 36-20-73.1 repealed; Secs. 35-4-66, 36-20-73, 36-20-74 am'd.Tom Whatley02/22/2022
SB245Parole, to further provide for parole eligibility of offenders convicted of manslaughter in certain circumstances, Sec. 15-22-28 am'd.Larry Stutts04/06/2022
SB242Morgan Co., simplified sellers use tax, distribution of the proceeds for public schools and volunteer fire depts, retroactive application, const. amend.Arthur Orr03/03/2022Signed
SB241Court costs, attorney compensation in commitment proceeding further provided for, Sec. 22-52-14 am'd.Bobby D. Singleton04/05/2022
SB240911 telephone calls, procedure for release of records, transcripts, further provided, Sec. 11-98-12 am'd.Arthur Orr03/30/2022
SB248Child-care facilities, Dept of Human Resources, require DHR to revise certain standards regulating child-care facilities, requires DHR to adopt rules, Sec. 38-7-22 added; Secs. 38-7-2, 38-7-3, 38-7-5, 38-7-7, 38-7-12, 38-7-13, 38-7-14, 38-7-20, 38-13-4 am'd.Dan Roberts04/06/2022
SB246Home building, Alabama Residential Building Code Advisory Council, established, provides for powers and authority, provides for adoption of Alabama Residential Building Code, establishes Alabama Residential Building Code Division within the Home Builders Licensure Board, Secs. 27-2-39, 34-14A-1, 34-14A-2, 34-14A-7, 34-14A-12, 34-14A-20, 41-23-80, 41-23-81, 41-23-82, 41-23-84, 41-23-85 am'd.Sam Givhan02/22/2022
SB244Nourish One Child, a non-profit corporation, exempt from state, county, and municipal sales and use taxes, Sec. 40-23-5 am'd.Steve Livingston03/29/2022
SB243Taxation, sales and use taxes, Upper Sand Mountain United Methodist Larger Parish Incorporated exempt from state, county, and municipal taxesSteve Livingston02/22/2022
SB239Taxation, Long Ranch, exempt from state, county and local ad valorem tax and municipal sales and use taxSteve Livingston02/22/2022
SB238Montgomery Co., mayors allowed to participate in Employees' Retirement System, const. amend.Kirk Hatcher04/06/2022Signed
SB237Class 1 municipality (B'ham), photo traffic enforcement of stop signs and speeding, civil fines, proceduresRodger Smitherman02/24/2022
SB236Teachers, St. Superintendent of Education, authorized to issue temporary senior educator certificates to certain individuals age 65 and over, Sec. 16-23-3 am'd.Greg Albritton02/17/2022
SB235Criminal procedure, protected person defined, child under 16 a person with intellectual disability, protected person to be offered protection in criminal prosecutions for physical offenses, sexual offenses, and violent offenses, use of anatomically correct dolls or mannequins during testimony of a child under 12 or a protected person, authorized, Sec. 15-25-7 added; Sec. 15-25-33 repealed; Secs. 15-25-1, 15-25-2, 15-25-3, 15-25-5, 15-25-6, 15-25-30, 15-25-31, 15-25-32, 15-25-34, 15-25-36, 15-25-37, 15-25-38, 15-25-39 am'd.Vivian Davis Figures04/06/2022
SB234Solid waste management sites, local approval, Sec. 22-27-48 am'd.Greg Albritton04/06/2022
SB233Courts, criminal cases, virtual hearings, objections by defendant, Secs. 15-26-1, 15-26-2 am'd.Will Barfoot04/06/2022Signed
SB232Criminal procedure, to further provide for pretrial supervision of certain offenders by a community punishment and corrections program as a condition of his or her bond in certain circumstancesWill Barfoot04/05/2022
SB231Criminal procedures, to revise the statute of limitations for misdemeanors in certain circumstances, Sec. 15-3-2 am'd.Sam Givhan04/06/2022
SB230Employees' Retirement System, retirement benefits for Tier II plan members modified to provide 30-year service retirement, conversion of sick leave, and hazardous duty time for firefighters, law enforcement, and correctional officers, contribution rate increased, Secs. 36-26-36.1, 36-27-16, 36-27-24, 36-27-59 am'd.Greg Albritton04/06/2022
SB229Court Reporting, Board of, freelance, official, and supervising court reporter defined, board staff, investigations and hearings pursuant to APA, temporary licensure, lapsed and expired licenses, and fees, Secs. 34-8B-2, 34-8B-4, 34-8B-5, 34-8B-6, 34-8B-8, 34-8B-10, 34-8B-12, 34-8B-13, 34-8B-15, 34-8B-16, 34-8B-17 am'd.Vivian Davis Figures02/16/2022
SB228Open Meetings Act, participation in meetings by electronic communication further provided, Sec. 36-25A-5.1 am'd.Vivian Davis Figures02/16/2022
SB227Mobile Co., judicial nominating commission established for circuit court and district court vacancies after January 2023, const. amend.Vivian Davis Figures03/10/2022Signed
SB226Child custody, prioritizing custody decisions, pre-placment investigations authorized in certain custody cases, Secs. 30-3-1, 30-3-152 am'd.Tom Whatley04/06/2022
SB225Public education employees, including K-12, postsecondary education, and AIDB, salary increaseRodger Smitherman02/16/2022
SB224Unemployment compensation, individual required to search for work a certain number of times per week to be eligible to receive benefits, Sec. 25-4-77 am'd.Arthur Orr04/06/2022Signed
SB223Corrections Department, inmates, to apply certain sentencing provisions to certain defendants, Sec. 15-22-26.2 am'd.Larry Stutts04/06/2022
SB222Landscape Architects, Board of Examiners of, use of the landscape architect title, by individuals and certain business entities, Secs. 34-17-4, 34-17-7, 34-17-24, 34-17-25 am'd.Linda Coleman-Madison03/31/2022Signed
SB221Class 6 municipality, with staggered terms, mayor and council terms revised and extendedJ.T. Waggoner03/10/2022Signed
SB220Pardons and Paroles, relating to confinement, requiring that any time served or reductions received from the terms of confinement be applied retroactively, Sec. 15-22-32 am'd.Linda Coleman-Madison04/06/2022
SB219State holidays, designate Alabama Peace Officers' Memorial DayWill Barfoot04/06/2022
SB218Shelby Co., motor vehicles, low speed vehicles, operation authorized, const. amend.April Weaver02/22/2022
SB217Radiation Control Agency of Public Health Dept., radiography, diagnostic imaging, and radiation therapy, health care personnel performing, licensing and reg. advisory, committee establishedWilliam “Bill” M. Beasley02/15/2022
SB216Tobacco products, tax, enforcement by Revenue Dept and law enforcement, tobacco account required, transporting when unstamped and untaxed, civil penalites by Dept., criminal penalties, forfeiture of motor vehicles authorized, Secs. 40-25-8.1, 40-25-8.2, 40-25-26.1 added; Sec. 40-25-16.1 am'd.Bobby D. Singleton04/05/2022Signed
SB214Arts,State Council on the, award of grants and honorariums further provided for, Secs. 41-9-41, 41-9-44 am'd.Jim McClendon04/05/2022Signed
SB215Pardons and Parole Board, to create the Criminal Justice Policy Development Council, to specify membership of the council, to specify the duties of the council, require the board use parole release guidelines, parole proceedings revised, Sec. 15-22-26 am'd.Bobby D. Singleton04/06/2022
SB213Public contracts, competitive bids, exceptions to requirement further provided, Sec. 41-16-51 am'd.Rodger Smitherman04/06/2022
SB212Class 1 municipalities (Birmingham), racing commission, appointment of members by county legislative delegation, all members to vote, chairs to call meeting, Secs. 11-65-2, 11-65-5 am'd.J.T. Waggoner02/15/2022
SB210Retirement, person retired under a retirement plan within the Retirement Systems of Alabama, prohibited from accruing membership service in another retirement plan within the system, Sec. 12-1-15 am'd.Del Marsh02/10/2022
SB211Vessels, certificate of title, uniform act, requirements, issuance by State Law Enforcement Agency, security agreement, perfectionChris Elliott03/09/2022Signed
SB208Driving under the influence, pretrial diversion programs, ignition interlock devices required, provision repealing in July 2023 deleted, Act 2018-517, 2018 Reg. Sess., am'd; Sec. 32-5A-191 repealed.Gerald H. Allen04/06/2022
SB209Education, issuance of professional educator certificate to individuals completing approved alternative teacher preparation programs, further provided for, St. Board of Education to adopt policies, Sec. 16-23-3.01 added; Sec. 16-23-3 am'd.Donnie Chesteen03/31/2022
SB207Motor vehicles, false or secret compartments prohibited under certain conditions including to conceal a person, drugs, or contraband, installation prohibited, criminal penalties, forfeiture of vehicleBobby D. Singleton04/07/2022Signed
SB206Athlete agents, Alabama Athlete Agents Commission, meetings by virtual means, authorized under certain conditions, Sec. 8-26B-30 am'd.Gerald H. Allen03/30/2022
SB205Code of Alabama, procedure for transmitting sets to members of Legislature, revised, Sec. 41-21-1 am'd.William “Bill” M. Beasley04/05/2022Signed
SB204Law enforcement officers, judges, and prosecutors, confidentiality, to restrict disclosure of personal information ofSteve Livingston03/17/2022
SB203Municipal courts, fines and fees, Administrative Office of Courts to annually collect data on revenue, budgets, etc., municipal courts to utilize the Ala. state judicial information system or information system integrated with state system, penalties, Finance Dept to provide report forms, Examiners of Public Accounts or CPA authorized to auditArthur Orr04/07/2022Signed
SB202Public writings and public records, confidentiality of law enforcement investigative reports and material, further provided, exceptions, Sec. 12-21-3.1 am'd.Arthur Orr02/09/2022
SB201Class 3 municipality, organized under Act 618, 1973 Reg. Sess. (Montg.), airport authority, board of directors, appointed by mayor of municipality, Act 283, 1971 Third Sp. Sess., am'd.Kirk Hatcher02/09/2022
SB200Literacy Act, reading proficiency, third grade retention requirement postponed until 2023-2024 school year, additional duties to State Superintendent of Ed. re implementation of law, Sec. 16-6G-5 am'd.Rodger Smitherman04/06/2022Signed
SB199Chiropractic Examiners, Board of, to authorize the board to acquire, convey, and hold real property, Sec. 34-24-143 am'd.Randy Price04/05/2022
SB198Board of registrars, registrars, reallocation of days a registrar may annually work to another registrar, approval of county commission required, Sec. 17-3-8.1 addedKirk Hatcher03/03/2022Signed
SB193Shelby Co., motor vehicles, low speed vehicles, operation authorized, const. amend.April Weaver02/08/2022
SB197Taxation, tax credits, Alabama employers provided a tax credit for employees eligible under the federal Work Opportunity Tax Credit ProgramBobby D. Singleton02/08/2022
SB196Death sentences, Governor required to provide prior notice when granting a reprieve or commutation to Attorney General and to family member of victim, const. amend.Steve Livingston04/06/2022Signed
SB195Jackson Co., water authority, operation of board, reports to co. commission, replacement of board members, subject to Open Meetings Act, Sec. 45-36-252.03 am'd.Steve Livingston02/16/2022
SB194Commerce, online marketplaces, certain disclosures required to be made by certain high-volume third-party sellers, consumer protections providedJ.T. Waggoner04/06/2022
SB192Taxation, Preceptor Tax Incentive Program, established, income tax credit incentives provided for certain medical studentsApril Weaver02/08/2022
SB191Supplemental appropriations, from the American Rescue Plan Act - State Small Business Credit Initiative Fund for fiscal year ending September 30, 2022.Greg Albritton03/30/2022Signed
SB190Redistricting, legal challenges against statewide plans, establish venue before 3-judge panel to hear challenge, Sec. 29-1-2.5 am'd.Jim McClendon04/07/2022
SB186Port Authority, authorized to build and operate internmodal and multi-modal transfer facilities, Secs. 33-1-16, 33-1-31am'd.Kirk Hatcher03/09/2022
SB189Small Business Relief and Revitalization Act of 2022, cancellation of indebtedness income exempt from income tax, financial institution excise tax and corporate income tax due date extension, certain business tangible personal property ad valorem tax exemption, deposit of certified funds with Revenue in lieu of one-time surety bond for licensure, average monthly sales tax liability for estimated payments increased, Secs. 40-16-3.1, 40-18-39.1 added; Secs. 40-9-1, 40-23-6, 40-23-6.1, 40-23-7 am'd.Garlan Gudger02/17/2022
SB188Retirement System, retirees required to work for a least a year before returning to compensated work for a participating employer, Secs. 16-25-26, 29-4-6, 36-27-8.2 repealed; Secs. 16-25-14, 36-27-16 am'd.Chris Elliott02/03/2022
SB187State Employee Retirees' Trust Fund Funding Act, State Employee Retirees' Trust Fund created in State Treasury as permanent trust and investment account to fund periodic bonus checks for state employee retireesGreg Albritton04/05/2022
SB185Code of Alabama 1975, Acts of 2021 Regular Session, supplements and certain replacement volumes, codified with certain corrections, local laws of certain counties codified, duties of Secretary of StateJimmy Holley04/06/2022Signed
SB183Emergency medical services, declared to be for a public purposeJ.T. Waggoner03/01/2022Signed
SB182Motor fuel, retailers and transportation infrastructure, state and political subdivisions prohibited from regulating exception for Chapter 17, Title 40.Steve Livingston04/06/2022Signed
SB184Public health, minors, biological male or female, sexual state, practices to alter or affirm minor's sexual identity or perception such as prescribing puberty blocking medication or surgeries, prohibited, exceptions, nurses and school personnel not to withhold information from parents, violations a Class C felonyShay Shelnutt04/07/2022Signed
SB180Maternal and infant health care, Maternal and Infant Health Board, established, membership and duties, to provide for health clinics to serve pregnant women, newborns, infants, and young mothersJimmy Holley02/02/2022
SB178Counties and municipalities, investment of certain funds in commercial paper and banker's acceptances, authorized under certain conditions, Sec. 11-81-21 am'd.Sam Givhan03/10/2022Signed
SB171Alabama Numeracy Act, established for K-5 public school students, Elementary Mathematics Task force and Postsecondary Mathematics Task Forces created, Office of Mathematics Improvement created, use of assessments, intervention services, summer programs, and mathematics coaches provided, use of Common Core State Standards in K-12 schools terminated and prohibitedArthur Orr03/30/2022Signed
SB169Abuse, registry for individuals convicted of certain crimes against elders, require certain care providers to query the registry, criminal penalties, Sec. 38-9-8 am'd.Vivian Davis Figures02/23/2022
SB168Controlled substances, drug paraphernalia, exception for items used to test for the presence of fentanyl drugs, Sec. 13A-12-260 am'd.Jim McClendon03/10/2022Signed
SB165Taxation, exempts from rental, sales and use taxes, the gross proceeds from the sale or lease of detection dogs, Secs. 40-12-223, 40-23-4 am'd.Tom Whatley03/02/2022
SB181Animals, motor vehicles, persons prohibited from leaving unattended domestic animal in motor vehicle, civil and criminal immunity for rescuers, Secs. 13A-11-241.1, 13A-11-241.2, 13A-11-241.3 added; Secs. 13A-11-240 to 13A-11-246, inclusive, am'd.Jimmy Holley02/02/2022
SB179Community Development Districts, certain districts meeting certain criteria in unincorp. area of county, rate of taxation on sale of alcoholic beverages specified, Sec. 35-8B-1 am'd.Garlan Gudger03/10/2022Signed
SB177Montgomery Co., county commission, salary, existing expense allowance converted to salary, Act 85-550, 1985 Reg. Sess., and Act 2007-331, 2007 Reg. Sess., repealedKirk Hatcher03/17/2022
SB176Montgomery Co., county commission, salary increaseKirk Hatcher02/02/2022
SB175Education Trust Fund Rolling Reserve Act, to allow Education Trust Fund Advancement and Technology Fund to be used for capital outlay, Sec. 29-9-4 am'd.Arthur Orr03/08/2022Signed
SB174Finance Dept., Chief Procurement Officer, powers and duties further provided, Rehabilitation Services Dept., exempt, Secs. 41-4-122, 41-4-126, 41-4-132, 41-4-133, 41-4-171 am'd.Arthur Orr04/07/2022Signed
SB173Courts, additional circuit judgeships in various judicial circuits, district judgeships in various counties throughout the state, compensation and benefits, electionTom Whatley02/02/2022
SB172Alcoholic beverages, direct line shippers, fulfillment centers, may ship to any county or municipality, application further provided for, exempt from registration as foreign entity with Sec. of State, Secs. 28-3A-6.1, 28-3A-6.2 am'd.Bobby D. Singleton04/06/2022
SB170Education, school grading system, certain English language learners exempt from proficiency assessments considered in grading public K-12 schools, State Superintendent of Education to amend state plan under Every Student Succeeds Act, Sec. 16-6C-2 am'd.Arthur Orr04/06/2022Signed
SB167Occupational therapy, Occupational Therapy Licensure Compact, occupational therapists authorized to practice on a limited basis among compact statesShay Shelnutt03/01/2022Signed
SB166Insurance Dept., life and annuity policies, standard nonforfeiture law for individual deferred annuities, group capital calculation and stress test, providing for holding companies, duties to Commission and lead state commissioner, small company alternative valuation provision, exemptions, exemption premium based on valuation manual of NAIC, Commissioner of Insurance may regulate by rule, Secs. 27-15-28.2, 27-29-1, 27-29-3, 27-29-4, 27-29-7, 27-36A-20 am'd.Shay Shelnutt02/02/2022
SB164Driving under the influence, ignition interlock devices, other alcohol monitoring device approved by the court, Secs. 32-5A-191, 32-5A-191.4 am'd.Tom Whatley02/02/2022
SB142Armory Commission, membership increased from nine to 15 members, Secs. 31-4-1, 31-4-3 am'd.Tom Whatley02/24/2022
SB163State holidays, list of state holidays revised, Sec. 1-3-8 am'd.Vivian Davis Figures04/06/2022
SB162Revenue Department, writs of garnishment, authorized to be issued by mail, Sec. 40-2-11am'd.Linda Coleman-Madison03/17/2022Signed
SB161U.S. Congressional, districts redrawn, Sec. 17-14-70 repealed; Sec. 17-14-70 addedBobby D. Singleton02/01/2022
SB160Crimes and offenses, unlawful possession of marijuana, crime revised, Secs. 13A-12-213, 13A-12-214 am'd.Bobby D. Singleton04/06/2022
SB159Alabama State University, board of trustees, meetings by electronic means, including for establishment of quorum, further provided for, Sec. 16-50-26 am'd.Bobby D. Singleton03/29/2022Signed
SB157Rural economic development, Rural Logging Support Act, established, taxpayers authorized to receive a tax credit for contributions to logging support organizations, exceptions for weight restrictions for certain vehicles used in forest commerceWill Barfoot04/06/2022
SB158Lead reduction, Alabama Lead Reduction Act, lead abatement and further regulation of lead hazard reductions, Secs. 22-37A-2 to 22-37A-7, inclusive, am'd.Bobby D. Singleton04/07/2022Signed
SB156Public assistance, requires compliance with child support enforcement programs to qualify for food assistance, Sec. 38-4-15 added.Arthur Orr04/06/2022
SB155Deferred compensation plans, portion of income exempt from income tax, Sec. 40-18-19 am'd.Larry Stutts02/01/2022
SB154Motor vehicles, uniform vehicle width restriction, provided, Sec. 32-9-20 am'd.Randy Price03/17/2022Signed
SB153Schools, K-12, local boards of education required to provide feminine hygiene products in women's restrooms of certain schools, no cost to studentsLinda Coleman-Madison03/03/2022
SB152Taxation, income tax, exclusion of enhanced federal child tax credits from American Rescue Plan Act from calculation of federal income tax deduction for tax year 2021, extension of the due date for certain taxpayers, Secs. 40-16-3.1, 40-18-39.2 added.Dan Roberts02/22/2022Signed
SB151Education budget, appropriations for the support, maintenance, and development of public educationArthur Orr02/01/2022
SB150Labor, definitions of employment, marketplace contractors under certain conditions not an employee of marketplace platform, Sec. 25-4-121 repealed; Sec. 25-4-10, 25-5-1 am'd.Arthur Orr03/31/2022Signed
SB149Class 1 municipality (B'ham), traffic violations, red light, stop signs, and speeding, automated camera enforcementRodger Smitherman02/01/2022
SB148Veterinary Examiners, State Board of, daily stipend increased for board members, board authorized to increase stipend by rule, Sec. 34-29-67 am'd.Tom Butler04/05/2022
SB147Meetings of governmental bodies, with members from two or more counties, participation by electronic means authorized under certain conditions, may be counted for a quorum, means of access required to be published, Sec. 36-25A-5.1 am'd.Arthur Orr04/06/2022Signed
SB146Retirement, person retired under Judicial Retirement Fund prohibited from accruing membership service in TRS, ERS, or Judicial Retirement Fund while drawing retirement allowance from Judicial Retirement Fund, Sec. 12-1-15 am'd.Del Marsh02/01/2022
SB145Municipalities, business license tax on gross receipts, gross receipts not to include any other taxes on gasoline or motor fuels, Sec. 11-51-90.1 am'd.Shay Shelnutt02/01/2022
SB143Elections, public testing of voting machines, Sec. 17-7-21 am'd.Tim Melson02/01/2022
SB144Controlled substances, to exempt non-psychoactive cannabinols derived from hemp from the controlled substance list, Sec. 20-2-23 am'd.Tim Melson02/01/2022
SB141Military, and certain federal employees, including spouses, occupational licensing boards, date extended to implement, time extended for temporary permits to practice, Sec. 31-1-6 am'd.Tom Butler03/01/2022Signed
SB140Education, education savings accounts, Parent's Choice Program created, membership and duties provided, process for awarding education savings accounts, requirements for education service providersDel Marsh04/06/2022
SB139Prattville, taxation, distribution of certain sales and use tax proceeds revised, Elmore County Commission to remit certain lodging tax proceeds to the City of Prattville, Secs. 45-1A-43, 45-26-246.05 am'd.Clyde Chambliss02/17/2022Signed
SB138Autauga Co., school district ad valorem tax in Central and Daniel Pratt school zones, use for public school purposes in the district, const. amend.Clyde Chambliss04/07/2022Signed
SB137Governor's Office of Minority Affairs, name changed to Alabama Office of Minority Affairs, established as a separate state agency, authorized to draft policy recommendations, merit and non-merit staff provided for, technical corrections re name change made to Historic Tax Credit Evaluating Committee, Secs. 36-13-50, 36-13-51, 36-13-53, 40-9F-38 am'd.Rodger Smitherman04/05/2022
SB136Etowah Co., constable, office abolishedAndrew Jones03/01/2022Signed
SB135Credit union administration, examiners, travel expenses to be set by the adminstrator, Sec. 5-17-7 am'd.Sam Givhan03/03/2022Signed
SB134Crimes and offenses, secondary metals recyclers, requirements for purchase, possession, and sale of detached catalytic converters, Secs. 13A-8-37.3 added; Sec. 13A-8-31.1, 13A-8-37.1 am'd.Donnie Chesteen03/02/2022Signed
SB133Public deposits, Security for Alabama Funds Enhancement (SAFE) Program board, to allow for virutal meetings, Sec. 41-14A-6 am'd.Donnie Chesteen04/07/2022Signed
SB132Cherokee Co., service of process fee, charged for service of documents by sheriffAndrew Jones03/03/2022Signed
SB131Solid waste recycling, advanced recycling defined, conversion of materials back to basis hydrocarbons, not waste disposal or incineration, Sec. 22-27-2 am'd.Gerald H. Allen02/01/2022
SB130Home inspectors, limitations period or liability, provided, Sec. 34-14B-11 added; Sec. 34-14B-3 am'd.Gerald H. Allen02/01/2022
SB127Education, constitutional amendment, public K-12 schools required to play Star-Spangled Banner on schools and at school athletic events, const. amend.Gerald H. Allen04/06/2022
SB129St. Clair Co., Davis Lake Volunteer Fire Department, fire protection fees, Revenue Comm. to separately state on ad valorem tax bill, Act 2017-265, 2017 Reg. Sess., am'd.Jim McClendon02/17/2022Signed
SB128Revenue, local tax collecting officials, authorized to conduct on-line public auctions for collection of delinquent property taxes, Sec. 40-10-199.1 added; Secs. 40-10-180 to 40-10-188, inclusive, 40-10-191, 40-10-193, 40-10-194, 40-10-197, 40-10-199 am'd.Jack W. Williams02/01/2022
SB126Crime Victims Compensation Commission, compensation claims, authority to authorize executive director to approve any claims, contested cases under Ala. Admin. Procedure Act, commission to meet quarterly, Secs. 15-23-4, 15-23-5 am'd.Tom Whatley03/29/2022Signed
SB125Broadband, authorizing the state, county, or a municipality to grant certain monies for broadband infrastructure, const. amend.Clay Scofield02/23/2022
SB124Broadband, revising broadband accessibility grant program, increasing minimum threshold speed, expanding program to governmental entities, revising grant application process, Sec. 41-23-211, 41-23-212, 41-23-213, 41-23-214 am'd.Clay Scofield03/08/2022Signed
SB123Broadband, Connect Alabama Act of 2021 amended, minimum service threshold increased, Alabama Digital Expansion Division chief authorized to enter nondisclosure agreements, Connect Alabama Fund expenditure amended, Secs. 41-23-271, 41-23-273, 41-23-274 am'd.Clay Scofield03/03/2022Signed
SB122Jackson Co., sheriff, salary increase, effective next termSteve Livingston02/17/2022Signed
SB121Scottsboro, mayor and city council, and city board of education, terms extended, election date revisedSteve Livingston02/03/2022
SB120Optometrists, practice of optometry further provided, Board of Optometry to regulate, to issue advisory opinions and declaratory rulings, Secs. 20-2-2, 34-22-1, 34-22-42 am'd.Del Marsh03/10/2022
SB119Colleges and Universities, Alabama G.I. and Dependents' Educational Benefit Act, use of scholarship benefits at 2 year or 4 year public or private institutions of higher education physically located in state provided, Sec. 31-6-8 repealed; Secs. 31-6-2, 31-6-2.1, 31-6-3, 31-6-4, 31-6-5, 31-6-6, 31-6-9, 31-6-11, 31-6-12, 31-6-13, 31-6-14, 31-6-15, 31-6-15.1, 31-6-16 am'd.Will Barfoot03/01/2022Signed
SB118Circuit clerks, salary, pay range increased effective January 2025, based on Unified Judicial System pay plan, Sec. 12-17-81 am'd.Will Barfoot01/18/2022
SB116Education, public K-12, establishing a program of advance enrollment for children of military familiesTom Whatley03/01/2022Signed
SB117Driver's license, provide for the elimination of the suspension of an individual's driver license or driving privilege in certain circumstancesWill Barfoot03/31/2022
SB115Crimes and offenses, assault against a first responder, created, riot and inciting to riot, further provided, aggravated riot, and unlawful traffic interference, created, holding period after arrest, provided, penalties for defunding police, provided, Secs. 13A-11-3.1, 13A-11-5.1 added; Secs. 13A-6-21, 13A-11-1, 13A-11-3, 13A-11-4, 15-10-3 am'd.Shay Shelnutt01/18/2022
SB114Jefferson Co., retirement system for county employees, reemployment with county, benefits not reduced if reemployed two years after retirement or after two years of reemployment, certain provisions for reduction amended and repealed, Sec. 45-37-123.54 am'd; Sec. 45-37-123.105 repealedShay Shelnutt02/24/2022
SB113Motor vehicles, electric bicycles, age and equipment requirements, further provided, Act 2021-134, 2021 Reg. Sess., am'd; Sec. 32-5A-267 am'd.Gerald H. Allen02/10/2022
SB112Motor vehicles, motor vehicle dealers, off-site sale requirements, further provided, Sec. 40-12-395 am'd.J.T. Waggoner02/16/2022
SB111Employees' Retirement System, compensation, providing a longevity bonus addition to retirement benefits of certain retirees and beneficiariesGreg Albritton03/30/2022Signed
SB110State employees, cost-of-living increase for fiscal year beginning October 1, 2022.Greg Albritton03/15/2022Signed
SB109Coalition Against Domestic Violence, appropriation, operations plan and audited financial statement required, quarterly and end-of-year reports requiredGreg Albritton03/15/2022Signed
SB108Supplemental appropriations, from the Alabama Board of Examiners in Counseling Fund to the Alabama Board of Examiners in Counseling, from the Alabama Board of Examiners of Assisted Living Administrators Fund to the Alabama Board of Examiners of Assisted Living Administrators, and from the State General Fund to various agencies and entities. for the fiscal year September 30, 2022.Greg Albritton03/30/2022Signed
SB107Children First Trust Fund, appropriations from for fiscal year ending September 30, 2023, use of allocation pursuant to Section 41-15B-2.2 and this act, tobacco settlement revenues deposited in fund within 30 days of receipt, Finance Director to notify each agency of allocation, appropriations conditional on tobacco revenues, appropriation of additional tobacco settlement funds, audit, Children's Affairs Department to report to Legislature and Children's Policy Council, appropriations from General Fund to various entitiesGreg Albritton03/15/2022Signed
SB106General Fund budget, appropriations for other functions of government, debt service, and capital outlay for fiscal year ending September 30, 2023.Greg Albritton03/31/2022
SB105Henry Co., law enforcement, authorized to take an individual with mental illness into protective custody under certain conditions, protection from civil and criminal liabilitiesWilliam “Bill” M. Beasley03/01/2022Signed
SB104Corporations, stock, issuance in fractional shores reg., issuance of scrip in bearer form prohibited, Sec. 10A-2A-6.04 am'd.Sam Givhan03/03/2022Signed
SB103Courts, Twenty-third Judicial Circuit, Nineteenth Judicial Circuit, Twenty-eighth Judicial Circuit, additional circuit judge, compensation and benefitsSam Givhan01/18/2022
SB102Pharmacy Board, prescriptions, dispensing and compounding, intern or extern permits for college students and graduates serving internships, restrictions, fees, Sec. 34-23-50 am'd.William “Bill” M. Beasley03/03/2022Signed
SB101Podiatry, scope of practice expanded to include foot and ankle, Sec. 34-24-230 am'd.Linda Coleman-Madison04/06/2022
SB100Employment, seasonal employment procedures, established, unemployment benefits further provided, definitionsChris Elliott04/06/2022
SB99Professional counseling, Counseling Compact, licensed professional counselors authorized to practice on a limited basis among compact member statesAndrew Jones03/01/2022Signed
SB98Real Estate Commission, Sunset Law review, continued until October 1, 2023.Will Barfoot02/22/2022Signed
SB96Foresters, State Board of Registration for, Sunset Law review, continued until October 1, 2026.Will Barfoot02/22/2022Signed
SB97Construction Recruitment Institute, Sunset Law review, continued until October 1, 2023.Will Barfoot02/22/2022Signed
SB95Sickle Cell Oversight and Regulatory Commission, Sunset Law review, continued until October 1, 2026.Will Barfoot02/22/2022Signed
SB94Prosthetists and Orthotists, State Board of, Sunset Law review, continued until October 1, 2026.Will Barfoot02/22/2022Signed
SB93Home Medical Equipment, Board of, Sunset Law review, continued until October 1, 2026.Will Barfoot02/22/2022Signed
SB92Surface Mining Commission, Sunset Law review, continued until October 1, 2026.Will Barfoot02/22/2022Signed
SB91Pharmacy Bd., pharmacist and permit holders, delivery of charges, election of board, delivery of ballots, Secs. 34-23-34, 34-23-90 am'd.William “Bill” M. Beasley03/10/2022Signed
SB90Assault in the second degree, physical injury to employee of Dept. of Human Resouces or social worker, included in offense, Sec. 13A-6-21 am'd.April Weaver04/05/2022Signed
SB89State employees' retirement, to classify a K9 officer as a state police officer, to provide for retroactive effect, Sec. 36-27-1 am'd.William “Bill” M. Beasley04/06/2022
SB88Lake View, corporate limits alt.Gerald H. Allen01/13/2022
SB87Crimes and offenses, Sergeant Nick Risner Act, created, to prohibit anyone who is charged pursuant to a plea agreement of a lessor offense, Sec. 14-9-41 am'd.Larry Stutts01/13/2022
SB86Motor vehicles, authorized volunteer firefighter vehicles, authorized to be equipped with emergency lights, certain operating privileges, provided, Sec. 32-5A-7.1 added.Larry Stutts04/06/2022
SB85Toll road and bridge fees, income tax credit for state taxpayers for payments to Ala. Toll Road, Bridge, and Tunnel Authority, Revenue Dept. authorized to adopt rules, funds transferred from sales tax revenue to coverChris Elliott01/13/2022
SB84Education, Prepaid Affordable College Tuition Program board, may meet electronically, Sec. 16-33C-4.1 am'd.Donnie Chesteen03/30/2022
SB83Airports, Alabama Airport Economic and Infrastructure Program, established within Transportation Dept., grants for improvementsTim Melson03/17/2022Signed
SB82Judges, to further provide for the initial appointment to a newly created judgeship, const. amend.Sam Givhan04/06/2022
SB81Alabama Trust Fund, virtual meetings, provided for, operation of board provided for, Sec. 36-17-21 added.Donnie Chesteen04/07/2022Signed
SB80Military, spouses, occupational licensing boards, date revised by which rules must be adopted, timeframe extended for which a temporary permit to practice is effective, Sec. 31-1-6 am'd.Tom Butler01/13/2022
SB79Education, K-12, procedural due process protection for suspensions and expulsions provided, findings, hearing officers, Sec. 16-1-14 am'd.Rodger Smitherman02/16/2022
SB78Education, Alabama Literacy Act, postpone implementation of the third grade retention requirments from 2021-2022 school year until 2025-2026 school year, Sec. 16-6G-5 am'd.Rodger Smitherman01/13/2022
SB77Flags, prohibits state agencies or institutions from purchasing American flag or Alabama State flag manufactured outside the United StatesSam Givhan03/02/2022Signed
SB76Governor, granting of reprieves and commutations, notice to victims required under certain conditions, const. amend.Sam Givhan01/13/2022
SB75Probate Courts, jurisdiction further provided including for name changes for minors and elder abuse protection orders and enforcement, Secs. 38-9-3.1, 38-9-6.1 added; Secs. 12-13-1, 38-9-2, 38-9F-4 am'd.Will Barfoot03/03/2022Signed
SB74Retirement benefits, State Police Tier II Plan, to reopen to any employee of the State Law Enforcement Agency who is certified by the Alabama Peace Officers' Standards and Training Commission and perform law enforcement duties, Secs. 36-27-1, 36-27-16, 41-27-7 am'd.Will Barfoot01/13/2022
SB73Bail bonds, cash bail only requirement removed, under certain conditions, arrest and delivery of a defendant further provided, time frames for providing notice and conducting hearings increased in conditional forfeiture proceedings, Bail Bond Reform Act of 1993, Secs. 15-13-103, 15-13-107, 15-13-111, 15-13-114, 15-13-118, 15-13-125, 15-13-128, 15-13-131, 15-13-132, 15-13-136, 15-13-137, 15-13-138, 15-13-141, 15-13-145, 15-13-159, 15-13-160, 15-13-164 am'd.Jack W. Williams04/06/2022
SB72Public contracts, exemption from certain bid requirements for certain educational entities providing meals under the Child Nutrition Program, Secs. 16-13B-2.1, 41-16-51.2 added.Jack W. Williams03/30/2022Signed
SB71Motor vehicles, license plates, county licensing official contract with a third party with county commission approval for print-on-demand validation decals, Sec. 32-6-64.2 added.Clyde Chambliss04/06/2022Signed
SB70Education, K-12, procedural due process protection for suspensions and expulsions provided, findings, hearing officers, Sec. 16-1-14 am'd.Rodger Smitherman01/11/2022
SB69Home inspectors, contractual limitations of liability, not prohibited under certain conditions, Secs. 34-14B-2, 34-14B-3, 34-14B-4, 34-14B-4.1, 34-14B-5, 34-14B-6, 34-14B-8, 34-14B-9, 34-14B-10 am'd.Gerald H. Allen01/11/2022
SB68Wastewater treatment facilities, loan payback period by local governing bodies extended, Sec. 22-34-11 am'd.Gerald H. Allen02/15/2022Signed
SB67Federal Aid Highway Finance Authority, date for payment of principal and interest, further provided, Sec. 23-1-314 am'd.Clyde Chambliss03/03/2022Signed
SB66Study Commission on Interagency Cooperation and Collaboration on the Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Formerly Incarcerated Individuals, to extend dissolution date of the commission and provide for expenses, Act 2021-478, 2021 Reg. Sess. am'd.Clyde Chambliss04/07/2022Signed
SB65Motorcycles, reflective protective headgear required, Sec. 32-5A-245 am'd.Clyde Chambliss01/11/2022
SB64Community development districts, entertainment districts, establishment authorized under certain conditions, Sec. 35-8B-3 am'd.Clyde Chambliss02/17/2022Signed
SB63Health Benefit Plans, to require coverage of continued glucose monitoring for patients with diabetes, Secs. 10A-20-6.16, 27-21A-23 am'd.Linda Coleman-Madison01/11/2022
SB62Marshall Co., sheriff, use of debit or credit card provided forClay Scofield03/01/2022Signed
SB61Albertville, alcoholic beverages, entertainment districts, established in certain historic villages in city, open containers from licensees authorizedClay Scofield03/03/2022Signed
SB60Boards of Registrars, require diversity of membership, Sec. 17-3-2 am'd.Bobby D. Singleton01/11/2022
SB59Pardons and Paroles Board, establishment of pilot program for small business development for ex-offenders, appropriations, at J.F. Ingram State Technical College, Sec. 41-29-320 repealed and supersededBobby D. Singleton03/29/2022Signed
SB58County tax assessing official, tax valuation disputes, authorized to defend state, Sec. 40-3-26 am'd.Donnie Chesteen02/03/2022
SB57Economic tax incentives, reporting requirements of state agencies, Sec. 40-1-50 am'd.Arthur Orr01/11/2022
SB56Facial recognition technology, use of match as the sole basis of probable cause or arrest, prohibitedArthur Orr04/06/2022Signed
SB55Student athletes, compensation for use of student athlete's name, image, or likeness, Act 2021-227, 2021 Reg. Sess., repealedGerald H. Allen01/11/2022
SB54Alabama Memorial Preservation Act, governmental entity that replaces a memorial building required to maintain original name or erect a marker memorializing the name, If Committee on Alabama Monument Protection fails to act on an application for waiver within 90 days the petition for waiver is deemed denied, penalties revised, Sec. 41-9-238 added; Secs. 41-9-233, 41-9-235 am'd.Gerald H. Allen04/06/2022
SB53Crimes and offenses, crime of damaging public monuments, createdGerald H. Allen04/06/2022
SB52Motor vehicle dealers, warranty service by dealers paid by manufacturers, reasonable compensation to be paid, determination procedures, Sec. 8-20-7 am'd.Donnie Chesteen03/01/2022Signed
SB51Education, K-12, mental health service coordinator for each school system, subject to Legislative appropriation, Dept. of Mental Health and State Department of Education duties specified, qualifications providedRodger Smitherman03/01/2022
SB50Discrimination, hair and ethnicity, relating to discrimination, to prohibit discrimination in employment, public accommodations, housing, and to create cause of action against employer who discriminatesRodger Smitherman01/11/2022
SB49Law enforcement, requiring mandatory mental health evaluations for any or continued employment, exceptionsRodger Smitherman04/06/2022
SB48Motor vehicle, financing and lease agreements, lease waiver agreements to pay deficiency balances at end of lease, motor vehicle value protection agreements to reduce deficiency balances, Secs. 8-37A-1 to 8-37A-6, inclusive, added; Sec. 8-37-2 am'd.Tom Whatley03/17/2022Signed
SB47Voting, paper ballot as integral part of state's electronic vote counting system, required, Sec. 17-7-23 am'd.Clyde Chambliss02/16/2022
SB46Elections, electronic vote counting systems, use of electronic vote counting systems capable of connecting to the Internet or cell phone networks, or that possess modem technology are prohibited, Sec. 17-7-21 am'd.Clyde Chambliss02/16/2022
SB45Income tax, historic structures, qualified rehabilitation, tax credits extended to 2027, residential structures disqualified, admin. by Historical Commission, Sec. 40-9F-36 am'd.Clyde Chambliss01/11/2022
SB44Municipalities, occupational tax, phased out not to apply in police jurisidiction, new taxes prohibited, Sec. 11-51-91.1 added.Andrew Jones04/06/2022
SB42Property, homeowner's associations and condominium associations, prohibited from restricting display of state flagChris Elliott03/30/2022Signed
SB43Sales and use tax on food, exemption established, income tax deduction, deduction based on federal income tax paid, limit established, const. amend.Andrew Jones01/11/2022
SB41Class 1 municipalities, entertainment districts, additional authorized, under certain conditions, Sec. 28-3A-17.1 am'd.Rodger Smitherman03/03/2022Signed
SB40Public K-12 education, State Department of Education required to develop a program to address the mental health of students (Tier II students) who are considered at-risk for developing inadequate social-behavioral skills, such as ADHD or anger management issuesRodger Smitherman03/10/2022
SB39Jefferson Co., municipality or municipal utility system, boards, mayor, service as superintendent of utility, salary increased, authorize under Sec. 11-43-80, Code of Alabama 1975, Act 258, 1975 Reg. Sess. am'd.Linda Coleman-Madison04/07/2022Signed
SB38State Auditor, Office abolished, duties and responsibilities transferred to State Treasurer, const. amend.Andrew Jones04/07/2022
SB36Oil and Gas Board, underground gas storage facilities, regulation, gas further defined to include abandonment of underground storage facilities, performance bonds, fees by board, Secs. 9-17-150, 9-17-151 am'd.Greg Albritton02/16/2022Signed
SB37Insurance Risk Management and Insurance Center, Insurance Dept. to establish at state university and support, fund estab., approp. for center, Sec. 27-2-39 am'd.Greg Albritton04/06/2022
SB35Collectible items, sports memorabilia, art, etc., represented as authentic, recovery of purchase price if not authentic, civil actions, damagesAndrew Jones01/11/2022
SB34Etowah Co., board of registrars, working days increased, Sec. 17-3-8 am'd.Andrew Jones03/02/2022Signed
SB33Water utilities, nonprofit corps, not organized under Title 11, Code of Alabama 1975, audit by Examiners of Public Accounts under certain conditionsAndrew Jones04/07/2022Signed
SB32Legislature, courts, civil procedure, authority of members of Legislature to intervene in certain legal actions, providedAndrew Jones04/06/2022
SB31Adoption, family leave, to require certain employers to provide certain amounts of family leave to employees who adopt children, and to require employers who provide maternity benefits to female employees to offer equivalent benefits to adoptive parents, Secs. 16-25-11.12, 36-26-35.2, 36-26-36.2 am'd.Andrew Jones04/07/2022Signed
SB30Teachers' Retirement System, retirees and beneficiaries, one-time lump-sum paymentBobby D. Singleton03/17/2022Signed
SB29Elections, prefilling of any field on voter registration application or absentee ballot application, prohibited, criminal penalties for violations imposed, Secs. 17-3-54, 17-11-4 am'd.Tom Butler01/11/2022
SB28National Guard, Space Force, Space National Guard, bill operative only if federal government creates Space National Guard, Secs. 31-2-1, 31-2-3, 31-2-55, 31-2-57, 31-3-1 am'd.Tom Butler03/01/2022Signed
SB27Health care, require health insurer to act on prior authorization request or supplementation to prior authorization request within 72 hours of receipt with regard to prescriptionsTom Butler01/11/2022
SB26Drug trafficking, wiretapping by ALEA, interception of wire, oral, or electronic communications, Attorney General authorized to apply for court order for intercept and to apply for intercept orders, disclosure of recorded communications, penalties for violations, Secs. 20-2A-1 to 20-2A-15, inclusive, addedTom Butler02/10/2022
SB25Armed forces, Alabama State Defense Force (ASDF), provide pay for members, authorization for Governor to activate, further provided, commissioning of officers and specify qualifications, provided, Secs. 31-2-37, 31-2-46, 31-2-69, 31-2-70 am'd.Tom Butler02/15/2022
SB24Child custody, parenting plan required in all cases, court established plan in certain cases, remedies for violations of plan, Sec. 30-3-158 added; Secs. 30-3-4.2, 30-3-150, 30-3-151, 30-3-152, 30-3-153 am'd.Tom Butler01/11/2022
SB23Firearms, President of the U.S., executive orders limiting firearms, local government officials or agents, enforcement by prohibited, Alabama Second Amendment Preservation ActTim Melson03/17/2022
SB22Alcoholic beverages, retail table wine licensee, off-premises sale of approved containers, provided for, Sec. 28-3A-15 am'd.Randy Price02/16/2022Signed
SB21Lineville, draft or keg beer, governing body may authorize saleRandy Price03/15/2022Signed
SB20Crimes and offenses, Sergeant Nick Risner Act, created, to prohibit anyone who commits the crime of manslaughter from receiving good time, Sec. 14-9-41 am'd.Tim Melson01/11/2022
SB19Income tax, optional standard deduction amount and adjusted gross income range allowable for maximum optional standard deduction and dependent exemption, increased, Secs. 40-18-15, 40-18-19 am'd.Arthur Orr04/07/2022Signed
SB18Relating to income taxes, to provide that up to $6,000 of taxable retirement income is exempt from state income tax for individuals 65 years of age or older, Sec. 40-18-19 am'd.Arthur Orr02/16/2022
SB17Critical infrastructure, provides further for crime of unauthorized entry of a critical infrastructure, including unmanned aircraft systems, provides additional penalties, Sec. 13A-7-4.3 am'd.Garlan Gudger02/15/2022Signed
SB16Employees' Retirement System, retirees and beneficiaries, one-time lump-sum additional paymentBobby D. Singleton01/11/2022
SB15State Textbook Committee, publishers permitted to provide standards correlation evidence to State Dept. of Education, State Superintendent of Education to convene other instructional materials review committees to review and rate materials and to establish evaluation criteria, Sec. 16-36-73 added; Secs. 16-13B-2, 16-36-60, 16-36-60.1, 16-36-65 am'd.Tim Melson03/03/2022Signed
SB14Agricultural land ownership, restricted to U.S. citizens and resident aliens with limited exceptions, civil penalty for registration violationTim Melson01/11/2022
SB13Taxation, sales and use tax exemptions for bullion, bullion defined further, sales and use tax exemption extended, reporting requirements waived for certain recipients of tax exemption, Sec. 40-9-61, 40-23-4 am'd.Tim Melson04/07/2022Signed
SB12Firearms, offenses against public order, concealed pistols, concealed carry permit, constitutional carry, pistol permits, Secs. 9-11-304, 13A-11-52, 13A-11-73, 13A-11-74 repealed; Secs. 13A-11-7, 13A-11-50, 13A-11-55, 13A-11-61.2, 13A-11-62, 13A-11-71, 13A-11-85, 13A-11-90 am'd.Tim Melson01/11/2022
SB11Employees' Retirement System, retirees and beneficiaries, one-time lump-sum additional paymentDel Marsh04/06/2022
SB10Freedom of speech, service providers, prohibit from taking certain restrictive actions against a user based on content of speech expressedArthur Orr04/06/2022
SB9Gulf of Mexico Energy Security Act of 2006, intent that federal funds be expended only within Gulf Coast political subdivisions by the Dept. of Conservation and Natural ResourcesChris Elliott03/01/2022Signed
SB8Firearms, prohibitions on use of certain public resources to enforce certain presidential executive orders relating to firearms, const. amend.Gerald H. Allen01/11/2022
SB7Labor, prohibits state and political subdivisions from teaching divisive concepts relating to race or sex in training, prohibits same for state contractors, Dept. of Labor to review state agency training programsWill Barfoot01/11/2022
SB6Voting rights restoration, application requirement eliminated, Board of Pardons and Paroles to determine eligibility to receive Certificate of Eligibility to Register to Vote, indigent individual's voting rights to be restored if individual is in compliance with approved payment plan for payment of fines, court costs and fees, Secs. 15-22-36.1, 17-3-31 am'd.Linda Coleman-Madison04/06/2022
SB5Public health, prohibits medical procedures on minor children intended to alter apprearance of gender with exceptions, provides for certain disclosures by school officials, establishes criminal penaltiesShay Shelnutt01/11/2022
SB4Prosthetists and Orthotists Board, orthosis, further defined to include custom-fitted orthosis, off-the-shelf orthotic device further defined, Sec. 34-25A-3 am'd.William “Bill” M. Beasley03/03/2022Signed
SB3Crimes and offenses, assault against a first responder, created, riot and inciting to riot, further provided, aggravated riot, and unlawful traffic interference, created, holding period after arrest, provided, penalties for defunding police, provided, Secs. 13A-11-3.1, 13A-11-5.1 added; Secs. 13A-6-21, 13A-11-1, 13A-11-3, 13A-11-4, 15-10-3 am'd.Shay Shelnutt01/11/2022
SB2Firearms, President of the U.S., executive orders limiting firearms, local government officials or agents, enforcement by prohibited, Alabama Second Amendment Preservation ActGerald H. Allen04/07/2022Signed
SB1Firearms, possession and carrying of, certain requirements for, repealed or deleted, Secs. 9-11-304, 13A-11-50, 13A-11-51, 13A-11-52, 13A-11-59, 13A-11-71, 13A-11-73, 13A-11-74, repealed; Sec. 13A-11-61.2 am'd.Gerald H. Allen04/06/2022
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