2021 Alabama Senate Bills

A list of all 2021 Alabama Senate Bills. Click any bill to read the full text and get the current status.

Bill Title Sponsor Last Action Signed
SB43 Emergency Management Agency, shelters, to adopt guidelines for identifying and designating safer place shelters throughout the state Randy Price 02-02-2021
SB42 Public K-12 schools, Seizure Safe Schools Act, Secs. 16-30C-1 to 16-30C-6, inclusive, added. William “Bill” M. Beasley 02-02-2021
SB40 Taxation, exempt state, county, and municipal sales and use tax from certain entities Sam Givhan 02-02-2021
SB41 Crimes and offenses, assault (2nd degree), the term firefighter includes volunteer firefighters, Sec. 13A-6-21 am'd. Randy Price 02-02-2021
SB38 Emergency responders, Alabama Fire College authorized to provide certification to peer support members, Sec. 36-21-14 am'd. Steve Livingston 02-02-2021
SB39 Consumer Protection, Alabama State of Emergency Consumer Protection Act, enhanced criminal penalties provided under certain conditions, Sec. 13A-9-111.1 added; Sec. 13A-9-114, 34-14A-14, 34-31-32, 34-36-16, 34-37-17 am'd. Randy Price 02-02-2021
SB37 Public Service Commission, telecommunication services, retail services, to restore the jurisdiction of the Public Service Commission, Sec. 37-2A-4 am'd. David Sessions 02-02-2021
SB36 Parole and Probation violations, limits of confinement for parole and probation violations further revised, provide that the Dept. of Corrections shall reimburse the counties for health care costs of state parolees and probationers, require the Dept. of Corrections to designate county jails for confinement of parole and probation violators, require courts to send electronic notification when a defendant sentenced to Dept. of Corrections, Secs. 14-3-30, 15-22-29, 15-22-32, 15-22-52, 15-22-54 am'd. Greg Albritton 02-02-2021
SB35 Trusts, Alabama Uniform Trust Decanting Act, failure to receive notice further provided, Secs. 19-3D-7, 19-3D-9 am'd. Greg Albritton 02-02-2021
SB34 Public contracts, contracts for heating and air conditioning systems, exemption further provided, Sec. 39-2-2 am'd. Will Barfoot 02-02-2021
SB32 Land Bank Authority, local land bank authorities, municipalities, and counties, tax delinquent properties, Secs. 24-9-6, 24-9-7, 24-9-8, 24-9-10 am'd. Linda Coleman-Madison 02-02-2021
SB33 Voter registration lists, to permit a registered voter or spouse of a registered voter who is a prosecutor, judge, or law enforcement officer to have info omitted, Sec. 17-4-33 am'd. Linda Coleman-Madison 02-02-2021
SB31 Runoff elections, four weeks after municipal and special primary elections, period revised, Secs. 11-46-6, 11-46-21, 11-46-55, 17-13-3 am'd. Dan Roberts 02-02-2021
SB30 Coronavirus, immunity for certain entities from claims relating to contraction of or exposure to coronovirus Arthur Orr 02-02-2021
SB29 Boards of Registrars, process for updating voter registration lists revised, Sec. 17-4-30 am'd. Tom Butler 02-02-2021
SB28 Motor vehicle dealers and motorcycle dealer, used vehicle license plates, combined total increased, Sec. 40-12-264 am'd. Andrew Jones 02-02-2021
SB27 State Board of Auctioneers, qualifications for licensure, annual single use auction license, inactive licenses, reciprocal licensing of apprentice auctioneer prohibited, conduct of auctions without a license, disciplinary actions pursuant to APA, board membership and meetings, Secs. 34-4-21, 34-4-23, 34-4-25, 34-4-27, 34-4-28, 34-4-29, 34-4-30, 34-4-31, 34-4-33, 34-4-50, 34-4-52 am'd. Randy Price 02-02-2021
SB25 Insurance Dept., expenses related to examination by Commissioner of Insurance, Vehicle Protection Products Act, fees deposited in Insurance Dept. Fund, expense related to exam by commissioner, Sec. 8-33-14 added. Shay Shelnutt 02-02-2021
SB26 Insurance, to provide for opinion of appointed actuary, to permit an insurer to apply for an exception for annual actuarial opinion requirement, Sec. 27-3-26.1 am'd. Shay Shelnutt 02-02-2021
SB24 Insurance, reinsurance, regulation and credit against reserves, adoption of similar to Credit for Reinsurance Model Law by Nat. Assoc. of Insurance Commissioners, Secs. 27-5B-8.1, 27-5B-20 added; Secs. 27-5B-3, 27-5B-9, 27-5B-11, 27-5B-14, 27-5B-19 am'd. Shay Shelnutt 02-02-2021
SB23 Captive Insurance Companies, insurance in alien jurisdictions auth., requirements for an Alabama Coastal Captive Insurance Company revised, certificate of dormancy provided for, Secs. 27-31B-26, 27-31C-3.1 added; Sec. 27-31C-4 repealed; Secs. 27-31B-2, 27-31B-3, 37-31B-6, 27-31C-3 am'd. Shay Shelnutt 02-02-2021
SB22 Medical Examiners, required to notify next of kin when retaining organ of deceased, prohibit medical examiner from retaining organ for use not in conjunction with autopsy Linda Coleman-Madison 02-02-2021
SB21 Chiropractic Examiners, St. Bd. of, fees for services, bd authorized to charge by rule, Sec. 34-24-146 added Linda Coleman-Madison 02-02-2021
SB20 World games, Birmingham, exempt non-resident credentialed health providers providing medical care to their athletes from state licensure requirments temporarily Dan Roberts 02-02-2021
SB19 Etowah Co., board of registrars, working days increased, Sec. 17-3-8 am'd. Andrew Jones 02-02-2021
SB18 Utility gross receipts tax, Floyd Cherokee Medical Center LLC in Centre exempt, Sec. 40-21-82.1 am'd. Andrew Jones 02-02-2021
SB17 Water utilities, nonprofit corps.not organized under Title 11, Code of Alabama 1975, audit by Examiners of Public Accounts Andrew Jones 02-02-2021
SB15 Competitive bids by co. and city bds of ed and gov't entities, exclusion for purchases through cooperative purchasing agreements to include leases and lease/purchase agreements, Secs. 16-13B-2, 41-16-51 am'd. Andrew Jones 02-02-2021
SB16 Teachers, St. Board of Education, authorized to issue alternative teaching certificates to qualified former members of Armed Forces, Sec. 16-23-3 am'd. Andrew Jones 02-02-2021
SB14 Law enforcement officers, requiring officers to have not less than 16 hours of crisis intervention training Andrew Jones 02-02-2021
SB13 Alarm system, battery charged fences, defined, counties and mun. authority limited Steve Livingston 02-02-2021
SB12 Education, constitutional amendment, public K-12 schools required to play Star-Spangled Banner on schools and at school athletic events, const. amend. Gerald H. Allen 02-02-2021
SB11 Airport authorities, sales and use tax exemption, issuance of certificate of exemptions by Revenue Dept., Secs. 40-9-14.1, 40-9-60 am'd. Sam Givhan 02-02-2021
SB10 Vulnerable Child Compassion and Protection Act, prohibits gender change therapy for minors, prohibits withholding of certain related information from parents Shay Shelnutt 02-02-2021
SB9 Schools, Foundation Program Fund, determination of cost to include student growth as an allowable cost, allowance for non-virtual and virtual students, provisions for increases based on increase in average daily membership in the current school year deleted, Secs. 16-13-231, 16-13-232 am'd. Chris Elliott 02-02-2021
SB8 Property, homeowner's associations and condominium associations, prohibited from restricting display of state flag Chris Elliott 02-02-2021
SB7 Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, any credits, refunds or loan forgivneness received from, excluded from Alabama taxation Chris Elliott 02-02-2021
SB6 Gulf of Mexico Energy Security Act of 2006, legislative intent relating to the expending of funds by the Dept. of Conservation and Natural Resources expressed Chris Elliott 02-02-2021
SB5 Firearms, possession and carrying of, certain requirements for, repealed or deleted, Secs. 9-11-304, 13A-11-50, 13A-11-51, 13A-11-52, 13A-11-59, 13A-11-71, 13A-11-73, 13A-11-74, repealed; Sec. 13A-11-61.2 am'd. Gerald H. Allen 02-02-2021
SB4 Motor vehicles, rules of the road, construction zone violations, further provided, Sec. 32-5A-176.1 am'd. Gerald H. Allen 02-02-2021
SB3 Education, requires local boards of education to adopt rules requiring schools to play "the Star-Spangled Banner" during school hours at least once a week and also at school-sanctioned sporting events Gerald H. Allen 02-02-2021
SB2 License plate scanners, limited use of on public highways by law enforcement agencies, confidentiality, destruction of information collected, criminal penalties Arthur Orr 02-02-2021
SB1 Contact tracing, privacy protections established Arthur Orr 02-02-2021