2018 Alabama Senate Bills

A list of all 2018 Alabama Senate Bills. Click any bill to read the full text and get the current status.

BillTitleSponsorLast ActionSigned
SB396Macon Co., tobacco tax, distrib. of portion for recreational purpose, Sec. 45-44-246 am'd.William “Bill” M. Beasley03/29/2018Signed
SB381Motor vehicles, distinctive license plates, provide for "person with autism" motor vehicle platePhillip W. Williams03/20/2018
SB380Administrative procedures, terminology updated, business impact analysis further specified when agency is required to prepare, revise the name of the Joint Committee on Administrative Regulation Review, Secs. 41-22-2, 41-22-3, 41-22-5, 41-22-5.1, 41-22-5.2, 41-22-6, 41-22-7, 41-22-8, 41-22-22, 41-22-22.1, 41-22-23, 41-22-27 am'd.Greg Albritton03/13/2018
SB379Taxation, tax abatements, authorized for data processing centers, extended for five years, Sec. 40-9B-4.1 amd.J.T. Waggoner03/15/2018
SB378Water authorities; regulation by Public Service Commission for certain authorities authorized.Tom Whatley03/08/2018
SB377Colbert Co., gasoline tax, three cents per gallon, distrib. to co. and mun. for road and bridge constructionLarry Stutts03/28/2018
SB376Firearms, Voluntary Alabama Firearms Do Not Sell List, createdTrip Pittman03/15/2018
SB375Taxation, individual and corporate tax structure revised, specific tax rate, reduction of rate under certain conditions, const. amend.Bill Hightower03/08/2018
SB374Retailers, refund policy, required to print on sales receiptTrip Pittman03/08/2018
SB373Camden, corp. limits alt.Hank Sanders03/06/2018
SB371Jackson Co., co. commission, chair, compensation, Sec. 45-36-70 am'd.Steve Livingston03/28/2018Signed
SB370Forever Wild Land Trust, purchase of property in counties of 20,000 population or less, property may not exceed 11,000 acres, const. amend.Clyde Chambliss03/06/2018
SB369Beneficiaries, permit Supernumerary Circuit Clerk or Register to change beneficiary, seek refund under certain circumstances, Secs. 12-17-142, 12-17-143 am'd.Bobby D. Singleton03/06/2018
SB382Appropriations, supplemental appropriations for fiscal year ending September 30, 2018, from Security Certification Fund to the Alabama Security Regulatory BoardWilliam “Bill” M. Beasley03/15/2018
SB383Assault weapons, prohibit possession, sale or transfer of assault weapons and large-capacity ammunitionHank Sanders03/13/2018
SB372Dallas Co., sales and use tax, co. commission authorized to levy, distrib. to co. bd of ed. and City bd of ed for SelmaHank Sanders03/22/2018
SB395Coastal areas, shoreline restoration, living shoreline techniques, use of sand and sediment by riparian property owners without fee or charge by Conservation and Natural Resources Dept. and Environmental Management Dept.Greg Albritton03/20/2018
SB394Firearms, subject any person who carries or possesses a weapon on public school premises to criminal penalties, Sec. 13A-11-61.4 addedHarri Anne Smith03/15/2018
SB393Tuscaloosa Co., sales and use tax, city prohibited from levying add'l without vote, const. amend.Gerald H. Allen03/22/2018
SB392Baker Hill, alcoholic beverages, Sunday sales under certain conditionsWilliam “Bill” M. Beasley03/28/2018
SB391Education, public schools, grades 6 to 12, allow elective courses on the study of the Bible and display artifacts, monuments, symbols, and text related to the study of the Bible, State Board of Education to implement rules and policiesTim Melson03/21/2018
SB390State income tax, federal deduction limited for individual taxpayers, state sales tax on food and over-the-counter drugs removed, Amendment 225 (Section 211.04, Recompiled Constitution of Alabama of 1901, as amended), repealed, const. amend.Hank Sanders03/13/2018
SB389Greene Co., bingo on electronic machines or devices authorized for licensed racetracks, Greene Co. Gaming Commission, established, const. amend.Bobby D. Singleton03/21/2018
SB385Coosa Co., judge of probate, driver's license issuance fee, use for operation of officeClyde Chambliss03/28/2018Signed
SB386Coosa Co., judge of probate, fees for scanning, faxing, and electronic transmittal of documents, authorized, disposition of fundsClyde Chambliss03/22/2018Signed
SB387Coosa Co., judge of probate, fees for remote access of records, authorized, disposition of fundsClyde Chambliss03/28/2018
SB388Sexual Assault Survivors Bill of Rights, created, provide for victim notification, require submission and examination of kit within certain time, create task forceCam Ward03/13/2018
SB384Birmingham, alcoholic beverage, Sunday sales, city council authorized to commence at 10:00 a.m.Linda Coleman-Madison03/22/2018Signed
SB302Immigration, crime to aid or enable violation of immigration law, state, municipalities, or counties, Class C felony, Sec. 31-13-5 am'd.Bill Hightower03/08/2018
SB301Driving under the influence, ignition interlock devices, further provided, blood alcohol content (BAC) for enhancement lowered, distrib of court fees, use for bond and pretrial diversion, indigent further provided for and funded, Sec. 32-5A-191, 32-5A-191.4 am'd.Paul Bussman03/28/2018
SB300Credit Unions, regulation of; voting and notice requirements for board meetings, provided for, conversion of credit unions chartered in other states to Alabama state chartered credit union, provided for, access provided to certain third-party examination reports, executive session of boards, provided for, certain public disclosures, provided for, Secs. 5-17-22, 5-17-40, 5-17-45, 5-17-56, 5-17-60, am'd.Mark Slade Blackwell03/01/2018
SB299State sales and use tax increased, phase-in period, sales and use tax on food phased out, exempt by 2021, counties and municipalities prohibited from increasing sales tax on food, Secs. 40-23-2, 40-23-61 am'd.Gerald O. Dial02/08/2018
SB322Domestic violence, protection orders, definitions clarified, notice of hearing and service of process requirements clarified, fines and penalties for violations clarified, Sec. 13A-6-139.1 repealed; Secs. 13A-6-130, 13A-6-131, 13A-6-132, 13A-6-134, 13A-6-138, 13A-6-142, 15-10-3, 15-13-190, 15-23-68, 30-5-2, 30-5-3, 30-5-5, 30-5-8 am'd.Clay Scofield03/15/2018
SB297Cottage food production operations, baked goods and roasted coffees, exempt from obtaining food service permit from health department, labeling of baked goods, other food items, food safety course required, Sec. 22-20-5.1 am'd.Rusty Glover03/20/2018
SB296State government, public funds, jurisdiction of Board of Adjustment further provided for, use of state or public funds being paid toward any claim alleging sexual harassment or sexual assault prohibited, Sec. 41-9-62 am'd.Bill Hightower02/20/2018
SB295Madison Co., noise ordinances outside municipality, co. commission authorized to enact criminal penaltiesBill Holtzclaw03/06/2018Signed
SB294Taxation, Josh Willingham Foundation, exempt from sales and use taxesTim Melson03/15/2018
SB293Trailers, manufacturers and dealers, including boat trailers, add'l authorization to provide temporary license plates and registration certificates when sold out of state, Sec. 32-6-212 am'd.Bill Hightower03/20/2018Signed
SB292General appropriations bill to include expenses for public postsecondary education and public institutions of higher education, const. amend.Bill Hightower02/08/2018
SB303Taxation, corporate income tax rate reduction trigger, Amendment 212, Constitution of Alabama of 1901, am'd, const. amend.Bill Hightower02/13/2018
SB304Alabama Justice Information Center, duties and responsibilities, ratify Crime Prevention Act compact, authorize commission to adopt rules and set fees for ALEA to do background checks for noncriminal purposes, Secs. 41-9-650 to 41-9-652, inclusive, added; Secs. 41-9-597, 41-9-622, 41-9-629 repealed; Secs. 41-9-590 to 41-9-595, inclusive, 41-9-621, 41-9-623, 41-9-625, 41-9-637 am'd.Phillip W. Williams03/20/2018
SB315Alcoholic beverages, governing bodies of wet counties and wet municipalities authorized to regulate and permit Sunday sales and draft beer, Secs. 28-3A-23, 28-3A-25 am'd.Tom Whatley02/13/2018
SB314Education Retirees' Trust Fund for Cost-of-Living Allowances, creation in State Treasury, investment of fundsTom Whatley02/13/2018
SB313Motor vehicles, administrative driver license, suspension, Sec. 32-5A-304 am'd.Tom Whatley02/13/2018
SB312Military Family Jobs Opportunity Act, professional licensing boards required to issue licenses and certificates to military spouses who hold licenses and certificates from other states, required to issue temporary licenses and certificates in certain instances when other state has lesser requirements, Sec. 31-1-6 am'd.Gerald O. Dial02/13/2018
SB311Jefferson Co., automobile rental tax, add'l tax levied, Act 2001-550, 2001 Reg. Sess., am'd; Sec. 45-37-244.01 am'd.J.T. Waggoner03/21/2018Signed
SB310Jefferson Co., fire districts, exclusion of forest lands, Act 79, 1966 Sp. Sess., am'd; Sec. 45-37-140.02 am'd.J.T. Waggoner02/22/2018
SB309Real estate, licenses, definitions, clarify and add requirements for brokerage agreements, continuing education, Secs. 34-27-2, 34-27-3, 34-27-6, 34-27-30, 34-27-32, 34-27-33, 34-27-34, 34-27-35 am'd.Bobby D. Singleton03/13/2018
SB308Hale Co., sheriff authorized to sell certain abandoned, unclaimed, or stolen property and firearms, notice, record keeping requirement, distribution of funds for law enforcement purposesBobby D. Singleton03/15/2018Signed
SB307Sales and use tax, Simplified Sellers Use Tax Remittance Program, out-of-state vendors, physical presence through acquisition of in-state company authorized, sales of tangible personal property subject to sales tax, marketplace facilitators, collection, Secs. 40-23-190, 40-23-191 am'd.Trip Pittman03/06/2018
SB306Coosa Co., graphite, severance tax, Sec. 45-19-244.07 repealed; Secs. 45-19-244, 45-19-244.01, 45-19-244.02, 45-19-244.03, 45-19-244.05 am'd.Clyde Chambliss02/13/2018
SB305Community development districts, add'l type authorized, marina on lake, sale of alcoholic beverages for on-premises and off-premises consumption, Secs. 35-8B-1, 35-8B-2, 35-8B-3 am'd.Tim Melson03/08/2018
SB291Insurance, title insurers authorized to form rating bureau for purposes of filing rates on behalf of members, Secs. 27-13-140 to 27-13-146, inclusive, 27-25-6.1 added; Secs. 27-13-2, 27-25-6 am'd.Gerald O. Dial02/08/2018
SB290Clay Co., tobacco tax, distrib. further provided for, Act 2017-65, 2017 Reg. Sess., am'd; Sec. 45-14-244.07 am'd.Gerald O. Dial03/21/2018Signed
SB289Electric lines, high voltage overhead lines, operation of equipment, etc, near prohibited under certain conditions, distance increased, warning signs on certain equipment required, Secs. 37-8-52, 37-8-53 am'd.Cam Ward03/22/2018Signed
SB275Tax Exemption Reform Act, united appeal fund entities and supported charities, grace period to obtain or renew certificate of exemption from Dept. of Revenue provided through Sept. 30, 2018, Sec. 40-9-12.1addedShay Shelnutt02/01/2018
SB274Local Government Health Insurance Board, optional health coverages or services including on-the-job injuries, coverage authorized, Sec. 11-91A-7 am'd.Steve Livingston02/15/2018
SB273Environmental Management Commission, membership, certified ground water member further provided for, may be a licensed geologist, Sec. 22-22A-6 am'd.Clay Scofield03/15/2018
SB272Capital defendant, execution of, elect to be executed by nitrogen hypoxia if lethal injection is unavailable, Secs. 15-18-82, 15-18-82.1 am'd.Trip Pittman03/21/2018Signed
SB271Division of Conservation and Natural Resources, created, Ag. and Industries Dept., Secs. 2-2-8, 9-2-14, 9-2-15 am'd.Tom Whatley03/01/2018
SB270Education, Kyle Graddy Act, administration of single dose autoinjectable epinephrine on K-12 school campuses by students and pursuant to anaphylaxis preparedness program provided, Secs. 16-1-39, 16-1-48 am'dTom Whatley02/27/2018
SB269Sex education, public K-12 school, content and course materials revised, Sec. 16-40A-2 am'd.Tom Whatley02/15/2018
SB268Gas, natural gas, conversion of motor vehicles for operating on compressed natural or liquefied gas, extended weight allowances, Sec. 32-9-20 am'd.Gerald H. Allen02/08/2018
SB267Ethics Commission, enforcement provisions revised, Secs. 36-25-1, 36-25-4, 36-25-27 am'd.Cam Ward03/28/2018Signed
SB266Taxation, sales and use tax, Alabama Wildlife Center, exempt from payment of all state, county, and municipal taxes, Sec. 40-23-5 am'd.J.T. Waggoner03/15/2018
SB265Electronic Security Board of Licensure, alarm system installer changed to system installer, bd. authorized to meet via video conference, provide further for persons of bd and exemptions, criminal penalties provided for certain activities, Secs. 34-1A-1 to 34-1A-8, inclusive, am'd.Cam Ward03/27/2018Signed
SB276Motor vehicles, vehicle registration, to require parking tickets be paid prior to registration, feesLinda Coleman-Madison02/01/2018
SB277Taxation, income tax credit, created for businesses involved with construction relating to national border securityTom Whatley02/01/2018
SB288Courts Judicial Resources Allocation, Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Alabama, require to reassign judges for prompt administration of justice, presiding circuit judge, authorized to reassign judges within circuit, Secs. 12-9A-7, 12-9A-8 addedGreg Albritton02/08/2018
SB287Sewer systems, solid waste, septic tank sewage-systems, regulated by Dept. of Public Health, rules limiting systems based on types of materials used in treatment supersededGreg Albritton02/08/2018
SB286Revenue Department, prosecutions for tax law violations, reimbursement of to Attorney General or district attorney for costs, Sec. 40-2-11 am'd.Greg Albritton03/01/2018
SB285Elected state officials, prohibited from placing his or her likeness on materials printed with federal, state, or local fundsGreg Albritton02/20/2018
SB284Appropriation, for fiscal year ending September 30, 2019, from State General Fund to the Governor's Office of Minority AffairsRodger Smitherman02/06/2018
SB283Insurance companies, unsolvenices, Alabama Insurance Guaranty Association Act, provisions conformed to most recent model act, obligation of assoc. to pay covered claims before order of liquidation of insolvent insurer, statutory cap for benefits and aggregate cap provided, Secs. 27-42-3, 27-42-5, 27-42-8, 27-42-11, 27-42-12 am'd.Mark Slade Blackwell03/27/2018Signed
SB282Vending machines, sale of corn in, authorized, inspection by Agriculture and Industries Dept, requiredTom Whatley02/06/2018
SB281Prattville, corp. limits, alt.Clyde Chambliss03/06/2018Signed
SB280County Superintendent of Education, required to be appointed unless provided otherwise by constitutionDick Brewbaker03/15/2018
SB279Union Springs, alcoholic beverages, Sunday sales authorized, referendum requiredWilliam “Bill” M. Beasley03/06/2018Signed
SB278Mayors, legislative functions in cities/towns with 12,000 or more but less than 25,000 inhabitants, authorized to continue operating as a city or town with less than 12,000 inhabitants by majority vote of council and mayor under certain conditions, veto power restricted, Secs. 11-43-2, 11-43-3, 11-43-40, 11-45-4, 11-45-5 am'd.Jim McClendon03/15/2018
SB264Driving under the influence, pretrial diversion programs, fee to Ala. Head and Spinal Cord Trust Fund, payment provided for, Sec. 32-5A-191 am'd.Cam Ward03/08/2018
SB316Engineers and Land Surveyors Board, licensing of professional engineers and land surveyors, definitions, board duties, disciplinary actions, competitive bids based solely on price or fee prohibited, civil enforcement, Secs. 34-11-9.1, 34-11-11.1, 34-11-11.2 added; Sec. 34-11-16 repealed; Secs. 34-11-1 to 34-11-15, inclusive, 34-11-30, 34-11-31, 34-11-32, 34-11-34, 34-11-35, 34-11-35.1, 34-11-36, 34-11-37 am'dClyde Chambliss03/27/2018Signed
SB298Alcoholic beverages, retail sale by state phased out, privilege granted to Class A and Class B licensees, inventory bailment system, tax, displaced employees benefits, leases, market zones established, Secs. 28-1-4, 28-2-22, 28-3-40, 28-3-43, 28-3-53.1, 28-3-53.2, 28-3-202, 28-3-205, 28-3-207, 28-3-241, 28-3A-11, 28-3A-12, 28-3A-19, 28-3A-21, 28-3A-22, 28-7-16 am'd.; Secs. 28-3-74, 28-3-280 to 28-3-286, inclusive, repealed on October 1, 2012Arthur Orr02/08/2018
SB355Sex crimes, require testing of all sexual assault kit evidence within 90 daysVivian Davis Figures03/01/2018
SB354Sexual offenses, redefined certain sexual offenses, sex offender registration, community notification act, add foster parent engaging in sex act, technical revisions, Secs. 13A-6-60 to 13A-6-67, inclusive, 13A-6-70, 13A-6-71, 13A-6-81 to 13A-6-83, inclusive, 13A-6-122, 13A-6-241, 13A-6-243, 13A-11-9, 13A-12-120, 13A-12-121, 15-20A-5, 15-20A-6, 15-20A-44, 15-23-101, 15-23-102 am'd.Vivian Davis Figures03/21/2018
SB353Medicaid, funding through General Fund, additional 5 mill statewide levy in ad valorem tax distributed for Medicaid purposes, const. amend.Vivian Davis Figures03/01/2018
SB352Alcoholic Beverage Control Board, manufacturer licenses, sale of liquor produced on site for off-premises consumption, amount increased, Sec. 28-3A-6 am'd.Jimmy Holley03/21/2018Signed
SB351Health care, Alabama Rural Hospital Resource Center, created, within Univ. of Alabama at Birmingham, staffing and reporting requirements, rural administrative residency program, createdGreg J. Reed03/21/2018Signed
SB350Education Retirees, COLA Trust Fund for TRS, created, permanent trust and investment account to fund cost-of-living adjustments to retirees, established, powers and duties of trustees, provided forRodger Smitherman02/27/2018
SB349Drugs, prescription, exempt from business license tax based on gross receipts, Sec. 40-23-4.1 am'd.William “Bill” M. Beasley03/08/2018
SB348Pharmacies, pharmacy records, auditing procedures, further provided for, recoupment limited under certain conditions, Secs. 34-23-181, 34-23-184, 34-23-185, 34-23-186 am'd.William “Bill” M. Beasley03/08/2018
SB347Jackson Co., T.V.A. in lieu of tax payments, redistribution to Jackson County Legislative Delegation Critical Needs Fund, fund closed thereafter, Sec. 45-36-162 am'd.Steve Livingston03/13/2018Signed
SB346Registrars of voters, paid personal leave day and per diem for official travel granted, office business hours clarified, duties etc., Secs. 17-3-5, 17-3-8, 17-3-11, 17-4-3 am'd.Jimmy Holley03/06/2018
SB345General Fund Appropriation Act, max. amount of annual approp, General Fund Reserve Fund and Capital Fund estab., unspent approps transfer to fund, General Fund Budget Reform ActClyde Chambliss03/01/2018
SB356Taxation, businessess, income tax credit to a business that loses an employee to another business receiving any economic tax incentive from state governmentPaul Sanford03/08/2018
SB357Education, Alabama Commitment Scholarship program, created, Alabama Commission on Higher Education to administer, Alabama Commitment Scholarship Fund createdLinda Coleman-Madison03/01/2018
SB368Anniston, council-manager, city council, transfer of appropriations, Act 404, 1953 Reg. Sess., am'd; Sec. 45-8A-23.176 am'd.Del Marsh03/22/2018Signed
SB367Relating to state owned lands; to further provide for sale of state owned land and surplus state-owned land; to provide for inventory of state-owned lands, Secs. 9-15-70, 9-15-74, 9-15-75, 9-15-76, 9-15-80, 9-15-82, 9-15-83, 9-15-84, 41-4-18 am'd.Bill Hightower03/21/2018
SB366Courts, grand jury proceedings, disclosure of certain evidence and testimony relating to officer-involved shootings, Sec. 12-16-216 am'd.Vivian Davis Figures03/15/2018
SB365Rosa Parks Day, first day of December of each year, designated holiday, allow co. and municipality to observe, Sec. 1-3-8 am'd.Vivian Davis Figures03/27/2018Signed
SB364Local governments, bond financing review forms, bond financing agreement documents to include a schedule of all of the debt obligations of the county under certain conditions, signed acknowledgement required, municipalities and local school boards required to follow the same procedures required of a county before entering into a bond financing agreement and required to complete a government bond financing review form developed by the Department of Examiners of Public Accounts, Secs. 11-8A-3 & 11-8A-4 am'd.Arthur Orr03/20/2018
SB363Portable benefit plans established for contractors of market place platforms.Arthur Orr03/13/2018
SB362Medicaid services, provision through regional care organizations repealed, Secs. 22-6-150 to 22-6-165, inclusive, repealed; Secs. 22-6-220, 22-6-221,27-1-17.1, 40-26B-70, 40-26B-77.1, 40-26B-79, 40-26B-80, 40-26B-81, 40-26B-82 am'd.Paul Sanford03/01/2018
SB361Colbert Co., gas tax proceeds required to pay off debt obligations for Shoals Economic Development Project, Sec. 45-17-90.52 am'd.Larry Stutts03/15/2018
SB360Conecuh Co., county commission authorized to create voting centers, existing county voting center validatedGreg Albritton03/22/2018Signed
SB359Motor vehicles, mandatory liability insurance, second or subsequent violation, time period decreased for increased penalty, min. suspension period removed, Sec. 32-7A-12 am'd.Clyde Chambliss03/15/2018
SB358Alabama Private Investigation Regulatory Act, private investigator, fees clarified, qualifications, licensing, procedure and fee to reinstate inactive licenses, increase number of hours for continuing education, Secs. 34-25B-4, 34-25B-7, 34-25B-11, 34-25B-12, 34-25B-13, 34-25B-17, 34-25B-18, 34-25B-21, 34-25B-22, 34-25B-26 am'd.Cam Ward03/01/2018
SB344Calhoun Co., Alexandria, license commissioner and revenue commissioner, branch office, funding by co. gen. fund, other branch office authorizedDel Marsh03/15/2018Signed
SB317Veterans, provide start up fee exemption for new veteran-owned businesses for two-year period, new language, Alabama Entrepreneurial Veteran Soldier ActTom Whatley02/22/2018
SB329Volunteer Rescue Squad Tuition Reimbursement Act of 2018, tuition reimbursement program for emergency medical technician or paramedic certification establishedGerald O. Dial02/22/2018
SB328Insurance, self-service storage facilities, limited license provided for personal property related to rental agreement, Sec. 27-7-5.3 added; Sec. 27-7-1 am'd.Shay Shelnutt03/01/2018
SB327Pistol permits, sheriff authorized to issue to resident of another county, Sec.13A-11-75 am'd.Shay Shelnutt02/20/2018
SB326Alabama Lottery estab., Alabama General Fund Lottery, participation in multi-state lottery games only, constitutional amendmentPaul Sanford03/01/2018
SB325Fantasy contests, regulation of, consumer protection measures by operators required, audits, civil penalties, Fantasy Contests Act, establishedPaul Sanford03/01/2018
SB324Chambers Co., sheriff, compensation, increased, Sec. 45-9-230.01 am'd.Gerald O. Dial03/13/2018Signed
SB323Education Trust Fund Rolling Reserve Act, Education Trust Fund Budget Stabilization Fund, authorize funds to be used for school security, Sec. 29-9-4 am'd.Trip Pittman03/29/2018Signed
SB321Examination of Bank Service Providers Act, created, authorize Superintendent of Banks to examine service providers that provide services to certain banks, Secs. 5-3A-30 to 5-3A-35, inclusive, addedLinda Coleman-Madison03/20/2018
SB320Corrections Dept., correctional officer retention, pilot program for bonuses, expirationGreg Albritton02/22/2018
SB319Retirement Systems, dependent child, to provide direct retirement benefits be paid to a special needs trust, authorized, Secs. 12-18-156, 16-25-14, 36-27-16 am'd.Cam Ward02/22/2018
SB318Consumer protection, Alabama Data Breach Notification ActArthur Orr03/27/2018Signed
SB330Mental health, allowing for commitment of mentally ill persons 18 years old and older, Sec. 22-52-16 am'd.Tim Melson03/15/2018
SB331Rural Hospital Transformation and Stability Act, Ala. Rural Hospital Global Budget Board established, funding for rural hospitals accepted into program through global payment from certain insurersTim Melson02/22/2018
SB343Ethics, Alabama Ethics Act, Secs. 36-25-3.1, 36-25-3.2, 36-25-3.3, 36-25-4.4, 36-25-7.1, 36-25-7.2 added; Secs. 36-25-1, 36-25-2, 36-25-3, 36-25-4, 36-25-4.2, 36-25-5, 36-25-5.1, 36-25-7, 36-25-8, 36-25-9, 36-25-10, 36-25-11, 36-25-12, 36-25-13, 36-25-14, 36-25-15, 36-25-17, 36-25-18, 36-25-19, 36-25-23, 36-25-24, 36-25-26, 36-25-27am'd; Sections 36-25-1.1 and 36-25-6 repealedDel Marsh02/22/2018
SB342Income tax credit only offset tax liability derived from non-Alabama sources, Sec. 40-18-21 am'd.Rodger Smitherman03/01/2018
SB341Missing persons, persons with Alzheimer's or dementia eligible for Silver Alert regardless of age, law enforcement personnel required to undergo training in searching for dementia patients, Secs. 26-19A-2, 26-19A-4 am'd.Rodger Smitherman03/15/2018
SB340Adult Protective Services Act, revise definition of protected person, to persons with Alzheimers disease or dementia and remove reference to senile, Sec. 38-9-2 am'd.Rodger Smitherman03/06/2018
SB339Entertainment districts, revise qualifications for certain municipalities to establish, Sec. 28-3A-17.1 am'd.Rodger Smitherman03/15/2018
SB338Constitution, Legislature authorized to recompile constitution and submit at 2022 Reg. Sess., and provide for its ratification, const. amend.Rodger Smitherman02/22/2018
SB337Property, Uniform Condo Act, rights to developers and owners, specified, procedures for creation and management, Title 35, Chapter 8A, am'd.Rodger Smitherman03/22/2018Signed
SB336Grandparent visitation, action in circuit court, assignment to domestic relation division or judge, Sec. 30-3-4.2 am'd.Rodger Smitherman03/08/2018
SB335Law enforcement, to require law enforcement officers to undergo sensitivity training, require law enforcement to recruit social workersRodger Smitherman03/13/2018
SB334Alcoholic beverages, beer manufacturers sell on Sundays in limited circumstances, Sec. 28-3A-25 am'd.Bill Holtzclaw03/20/2018
SB333Missing persons, persons with Alzheimer's or dementia eligible for Senior Citizen's Alert regardless of age, law enforcement personnel required to undergo training in searching for dementia patients, Secs. 26-19A-2, 26-19A-4 am'd.Bobby D. Singleton02/22/2018
SB332Adult Protective Services Act, revise definition of protected person, to persons with Alzheimers disease or dementia and remove reference to senile, Sec. 38-9-2 am'd.Bobby D. Singleton02/22/2018
SB221Ethics, legislators engaged in professional services, opinion of Ethics Commission required, Sec. 36-25-7.1 addedTrip Pittman02/15/2018
SB220Priceville, alcoholic beverages, draft beer authorizedArthur Orr02/13/2018Signed
SB219Motor fuel taxes, single point of filing and payment system, Rev. Dept. to administer, taxes and exemptions standardized, Local Motor Fuel Tax Advisory Committee estab.Shay Shelnutt02/01/2018
SB218Railroad authorities, add board members and amend certificate of incorporation, authorized, Secs. 37-13-1, 37-13-4, 37-13-5, 37-13-7 am'd.Arthur Orr02/15/2018
SB217State employees, certification by agency head required prior to certain travel in service of the state, Sec. 36-7-21 am'd.Clyde Chambliss02/22/2018
SB216Morgan Co., sheriff, salary, use of funds for feeding prisoners, only for that purpose, const. amend.Arthur Orr02/13/2018Signed
SB222Pilotage Commission, State, Sunset Law Review, continued until October 1, 2020, add'l nonvoting member appt. by Governor, Sec. 33-4-1 am'd.Trip Pittman03/28/2018Signed
SB223Firearms, prohibited for a person convicted to add'l penalty for committing a felony, misdemeanor crime against protected persons, Sec. 13A-11-72 am'd.Hank Sanders01/25/2018
SB224Historic Chattahoochee Commission and Compact, participation terminated, Sec. 41-9-311 repealedWilliam “Bill” M. Beasley02/27/2018Signed
SB225Alabama Cold War Victory Medal Act, establishedJim McClendon03/06/2018
SB226Lodging tax, rooms and spaces not used for overnight accomodations, exemption, consistent with rule of Revenue Dept., Sec. 40-26-1 am'd.Paul Sanford03/08/2018
SB227Trusts, Uniform Trust Decanting Act, enacted, decanting power of fiduciaries of certain trusts to distribute assets of the trusts to other trusts, fiduciary duties, procedures, notice, limitations, trusts for the care of animals, authorizedGreg Albritton01/25/2018
SB228Absentee voting, procedures revised, circumstances when authorized expanded, photo identification for application required, Secs. 17-9-51, 17-11-19 repealed; Secs. 17-9-30, 17-10-1, 17-10-2, 17-11-3, 17-11-4, 17-11-5, 17-11-7, 17-11-18 am'd.Rodger Smitherman03/21/2018
SB229Home Inspectors Licensure Board, established to license and regulate the practice of home inspections, penalty for unlawful practice, Secs. 34-14D-1 to 34-14D-9, inclusive, added; Secs. 34-14B-1 to 34-14B-10, inclusive, repealedSteve Livingston01/25/2018
SB230Community development districts, add'l type provided for, including resort areas, marinas, and restaurants meeting certain conditions, Secs. 35-8B-1, 35-8B-2, 35-8B-3 am'd.Steve Livingston03/21/2018Signed
SB215Employees' Retirement System, retirees, one-time lump-sum additional paymentGerald O. Dial03/15/2018Signed
SB214Motor vehicles, distinctive license plate, owners may authorize release of personal information to sponsoring organization,including colleges, Secs. 32-6-64, 32--6-67 am'd.Gerald O. Dial03/06/2018Signed
SB200Prescription Drug Monitoring Program, revise definitions, create a review committee, Secs. 20-2-211, 20-2-212, 20-2-214, 20-2-215 am'd.Gerald O. Dial02/27/2018Signed
SB201First-time home buyers, to establish ability to open first-time home buyer savings accounts to save funds for a down payment and closing costs and establish a tax deduction for contributions to the accountTrip Pittman01/23/2018
SB202Education, school buses, 12-year depreciation schedule for, Sec. 16-13-233 am'd.Paul Bussman03/08/2018
SB203Securities, registration fees for agents and investment advisor representative increased, filing fees for certain management investment companies revised, Secs. 8-6-3, 8-6-10 am'd.Trip Pittman03/13/2018Signed
SB204Municipality, council-manager form of gov., council-manager act of 1982, composition of council, alternate forms, Sec. 11-43A-1.1 added; Secs. 11-43A-8, 11-43A-9, 11-43A-14, 11-43A-16, 11-43A-32 am'dMark Slade Blackwell03/13/2018
SB205Craft Training Board, members, terms and term limits, bd reappointed, Sec. 41-4-412 am'd.Mark Slade Blackwell03/01/2018Signed
SB206Insurance Dept, licensure of producers and service representatives, continuing education for renewals, civil penalties, provisions for extension deleted, Secs. 27-8A-1, 27-8A-2 am'd.Mark Slade Blackwell01/23/2018
SB207Taxation, Victims of Crime and Leniency, Incorporated, exempt from state, county and municipal sales and use taxesWilliam “Bill” M. Beasley03/08/2018
SB208Elections, special elections to fill vacant state legislative seat, provided for, abbreviated processJim McClendon01/23/2018
SB209Taxation, tax credit for private intrastate adoptions, applicable to any private adoptions, Secs. 40-18-360, 40-18-361 am'd.Dick Brewbaker03/27/2018Signed
SB210Physician Initiative, phase in provision of 100 scholarships per year, scholarships for students who commit to practice family medicine in underserved areas of state, AL. Medical Education Consortium to administer, Dept. of Public Health to fundLarry Stutts02/01/2018
SB211Child custody, parenting plan required in all cases, court established plan in certain cases, remedies for violations of plan, Sec. 30-3-158 added; Secs. 30-3-150, 30-3-151, 30-3-152, 30-3-153 am'd.Larry Stutts03/08/2018
SB212Education, Alabama Cyber Engineering School established, bd of directors, programs and eligibility requirements, conditional appropriation of $1,500,000 from Education Trust Fund for fiscal year ending October 1, 2019.Arthur Orr03/27/2018Signed
SB213Asset forfeitures, criminal procedure, Forfeiture Database and Reporting Act, createdArthur Orr03/22/2018
SB199Forestry Commission, authorized to adopt rules concerning state forests and other land it controls, penalties; Sec. 9-13-10.2 addedGreg Albritton03/13/2018
SB231Forests, appropriation to the Emergency Forest Fire, Insect and Disease Fund from state General Fund and max amount of accumulation, increased, Sec. 9-3-10.1 am'd.Steve Livingston03/13/2018Signed
SB249Advisory Board to the State Health Officer, authorize to meet by electronic means and establish rules of procedures for meetings, Sec. 22-21-27 am'd.Tim Melson03/08/2018
SB250Kinship guardianship, to remove certain requirements for appointment of guardians by the juvenile court, Sec. 12-15-314 am'd.Dick Brewbaker02/22/2018
SB251Marijuana, possession of, penalties revised, quantities included, possession of marijuana in third degree created, Secs. 13A-12-214.4, 13A-12-214.5 added; Secs. 13A-12-213, 13A-12-214 am'd.Dick Brewbaker02/22/2018
SB252Grove Hill, corp. limits alt.Greg Albritton03/13/2018Signed
SB253Sales tax, licenses from Revenue Dept., two-year surety bond required with new or renewal sales tax license registration under certain conditions and certain non-compliant licenses, Sec. 40-23-6 am'd.Clyde Chambliss02/22/2018
SB254Alcoholic beverages, retail licensees, making of infusions using distilled spirits authorized, Sec. 28-3A-20.3 added; Sec. 28-3A-25 am'd.Paul Sanford03/15/2018
SB255Hotels and motels, adoption of health rules relating to operation of facilities, reserved to St. Board of HealthVivian Davis Figures01/30/2018
SB256Income tax, credit for certain qualified clean-burning motor fuel property including motor vehicles propelled by compressed natural gas, liquified natural gas, or liquified petroleum gas, limitation, Revenue Dept. authorized to make rulesCam Ward01/30/2018
SB257Taxation, sale of land for unpaid tax delinquent after January 1, 2018, redemption, interest rate lowered Secs. 40-10-75, 40-10-76, 40-10-77, 40-10-83, 40-10-121, 40-10-122 am'd.Hank Sanders03/28/2018Signed
SB258Food service establishments, grease traps required to be secured and locked, civil finesTom Whatley03/13/2018Signed
SB259Controlled substances; controlled substances schedules; statutory schedules repealed; schedules of the State Board of Health to be the official controlled substances list; Secs. 20-2-23, 20-2-25, 20-2-27, 20-2-29, 20-2-31 repealed; Secs. 20-2-20, 20-2-32 am'd.Tom Whatley01/30/2018
SB260Corrections Dept., Dept. of Finance, Purchasing Division, to provide exemptions from purchasing requirements, Sec. 14-7-8 am'd.Greg Albritton02/06/2018
SB261Taxation, sale of tax liens, tax liens authorized to be sold at auction to the bidder with the lowest interest rate, Secs. 40-10-199, 40-10-200 added; Secs. 40-10-180 to 40-10-198, inclusive, am'd.Gerald O. Dial03/28/2018
SB262Courts, magistrates, fees and costs, authorized to assess, duties, use of electronic communication for notification purposes authorized, Secs. 12-14-51, 12-19-150 am'd.Rodger Smitherman03/20/2018Signed
SB247Custodial sexual misconduct, crimes further defined, community corrections program, alcohol or drug abuse court referral and treatment program included, Secs. 14-11-30, 14-11-31 am'd.Phillip W. Williams03/21/2018
SB246EMS personel, revise licensing process to authorize criminal background checks, revise licensing fees, etc., Secs. 22-18-4, 22-18-6 am'd.Gerald O. Dial02/22/2018
SB232Dogs, dangerous defined, procedure and hearing provided to determine if dangerous, registration, penalties, liability of owner, Emily's LawSteve Livingston03/01/2018Signed
SB233Income tax, filing requirement threshold to be sum of standard deduction and personal exemptions, Sec. 40-18-27 am'd.Steve Livingston03/20/2018
SB234Chiropractors, chiropractic agreements with patients, not considered insurance, license to sell or market not required, requirements for agreement established, discontinuance of services under the agreement, Ala. Chiropractors Direct Pay ActPriscilla Dunn03/20/2018Signed
SB235Insurance contracts, homeowners, discounts for wind mitigation, evidence of certification in lieu of construction records, Secs. 27-31D-1, 27-31D-2 am'd.Rusty Glover02/20/2018
SB236Alabama State University, authority and responsibilities of the board of trustees and president of university, further provided for, Secs. 16-50-20, 16-50-23, 16-50-27 am'd.Bobby D. Singleton03/28/2018Signed
SB237Taxation, Alabama Tax Delinquency Amnesty Act, Revenue Dept. require to establish a tax amnesty programTim Melson01/30/2018
SB238Conservation and Natural Resources Dept., deputy game and fish wardens, positions abolished, Sec. 9-11-17 repealed; Secs. 9-2-28, 9-2-64, 9-11-1 amd.Tim Melson02/06/2018
SB239Lauderdale Co., gas tax proceeds required to pay off debt obligations for Shoals Economic Development Project, Sec. 45-39-92.52 am'd.Tim Melson02/20/2018Signed
SB240Louisville, alcoholic beverages, Sunday sales under certain conditionsWilliam “Bill” M. Beasley03/06/2018Signed
SB241Clio, alcoholic beverages, Sunday sales under certain conditionsWilliam “Bill” M. Beasley03/06/2018Signed
SB242Mortgages, fee increase for recording of mortgages, deeds of trust, distribution of proceeds to Alabama Housing Trust Fund, Sec. 40-22-2 am'd.Linda Coleman-Madison01/30/2018
SB243Alcoholic beverages, wine, direct shipment to consumer, authorized under certain conditions, wine direct shipper license required by Alcoholic Beverage Control Board, penalties, Sec. 28-3A-6.1 added; Sec. 28-1-4 am'd.Bill Holtzclaw03/22/2018
SB244Bridgeport, alcoholic beverages, Sunday salesSteve Livingston03/06/2018Signed
SB245Governor, strategic four-year plan, transmit to legislators in electronic format, posting on Governor's website, Sec. 41-19-3 am'd.J.T. Waggoner03/22/2018Signed
SB263Crimes and offenses, J.K. Elrod Act, murder, knowingly selling or distributing a controlled substance that causes the death of another, exemption for physicians and pharmacistsCam Ward01/30/2018
SB198Employment practice, unlawful to inquire from job applicant information relating to arrests or conviction of crimes, criminal record, with exceptionsBobby D. Singleton03/22/2018
SB248Indigent Defense Advisory Boards, immunity for board members, annual meetings required, governing rules to be adopted by the Office of Indigent Defense Services, Sec. 15-12-4 am'd.Phillip W. Williams03/01/2018
SB177Children First Trust Fund, appropriations from for fiscal year ending September 30, 2019, use of allocation pursuant to Section 41-15B-2.2 and this act, tobacco settlement revenues deposited in fund within 30 days of receipt, Finance Director to notify each agency of allocation, appropriations conditional on tobacco revenues, appropriation of additional tobacco settlement funds, audit, Children's Affairs Department to report to Legislature and Children's Policy Council, appropriations from General Fund to various entitiesTrip Pittman03/13/2018Signed
SB176Coalition Against Domestic Violence, appropriation, operations plan and audited financial statement required, quarterly and end-of-year reports requiredTrip Pittman03/13/2018Signed
SB175Supplemental appropriations for fiscal year 2018, approp. to Corrections Dept., Departmental Emergency Fund, and Forensic Sciences Dept.Trip Pittman03/13/2018Signed
SB174Inmates, counties, jails, to provide certain items including health care, fees set, Sec. 14-6-19 am'd.Greg J. Reed01/25/2018
SB173Dogs, used for agricultural work, exempt from local leash laws, exceptionTom Whatley03/21/2018
SB172Motor vehicles, law enforcement agency, driver's licenses, suspension of, time frame for specified, Secs. 13A-12-290, 32-5A-195 am'd.Tom Whatley01/16/2018
SB171Probate judge, appointment of special judge by Chief Justice upon suspension, removal, or disqualification of sitting judge, Sec. 12-13-37 am'd.Tom Whatley01/25/2018
SB170Poarch Creek Indians, granted police powers under certain conditions, employment of police officers , Secs. 36-21-120 to 36-21-124, inclusive, am'd.Greg Albritton01/18/2018
SB169Injection-Associated infectious disease elimination, pilot programs by Dept. of Public Health and local health authorities authorized, limited criminal immunity grantedBobby D. Singleton02/22/2018
SB168Income, business privilege tax credit, for sales/rent of agricultural assets to beginning farmersTom Whatley03/08/2018
SB167Drivers license, suspension, prohibited for failure to pay fines, fees, or court costs, Sec. 32-5A-195 am'd.Hank Sanders03/13/2018
SB166Courts, fines and fees, Fairness in Enforcement of Fines and Fees Act, required to comply with basic constitutional principles of due process, equal protection, and right to counsel when enforcing fines and feesHank Sanders01/11/2018
SB165Education budget, appropriations for the support, maintenance, and development of public educationArthur Orr01/11/2018
SB164Open Primary elections, system created, qualifications to participate in general election, revised, Sec. 17-13-8.2 added; Secs. 17-13-7.1, 17-13-19, 17-13-20, 17-13-21, 17-13-23, 17-13-41, 17-13-101 repealed; Secs. 17-5-2, 17-5-7, 17-5-8, 17-6-21, 17-6-22, 17-9-3, 17-11-12, 17-13-1, 17-13-2, 17-13-3, 17-13-5, 17-13-6, 17-13-7, 17-13-8, 17-13-16, 17-13-18, 17-13-22, 17-13-50, 17-16-45, 17-16-46, 21-4-21am'd.Bobby D. Singleton01/11/2018
SB163Appropriations, supplemental appropriations for fiscal year 2018, from Education Trust FundArthur Orr03/15/2018
SB162Public education employees, salary increase, including K-12 and certain other designated education institutionsArthur Orr01/11/2018
SB161Lee Co., additional circuit judge, conditioned on funding for compensation and benefits by county commission, electionTom Whatley01/11/2018
SB178General Fund budget, appropriations for other functions of government, debt service, and capital outlay for fiscal year ending September 30, 2019.Trip Pittman03/21/2018Signed
SB179Human trafficking, increase criminal penalties for obstructing enforcement of, Secs. 13A-6-152, 13A-6-153 am'd.Cam Ward03/21/2018Signed
SB190Code of Alabama 1975, Acts of 2016 First Special Session, 2017 Regular Session, supplements and certain replacement volumes, codified with certain corrections, local laws of certain counties codified, duties of Secretary of StatePaul Sanford03/22/2018
SB191Sales and use taxes, exemption for sale of fruit and agricultural products further provided for, all sales tax exemptions incorporated in use tax, Secs. 40-23-4, 40-23-62 am'd.Tom Whatley03/01/2018
SB192Agriculture and Conservation Development Commission, allocation of funds to soil and water conservation districts, minimum deleted, Sec. 9-8A-5 am'd.Gerald O. Dial03/08/2018Signed
SB193Psychology Professional Wellness Committee, established within Psychology Examiners board to provide intervention services to impaired licensed professionals, duties, immunity provided, Sec. 34-26-4 addedGreg J. Reed01/18/2018
SB194University of Alabama, Board of Trustees, congressional districts for membership as constituted on 1/1/2018, State Superintendent of Education removed from membership, age restriction of 70 deleted, Section 264 of the Constitution of Alabama of 1901, am'd, const. amend.Greg J. Reed02/27/2018Signed
SB195Sex offenders, public notice, Sec. 15-20A-21 am'd.Cam Ward01/18/2018
SB196Crimes and offenses, criminal code chapters 1-4 and technical revisions, corporate entities, criminal liability, criminal facilitation offense created, entrapment defined, Secs. 13A-1-5.1, 13A-1-12, 13A-2-27, 13A-2-28, 13A-2-29, 13A-2-30, 13A-4-6 added; Secs. 13A-1-2, 13A-1-4, 13A-1-8, 13A-2-1, 13A-2-2, 13A-2-3, 13A-2-5, 13A-2-6, 13A-2-20 to 13A-2-24, inclusive, 13A-2-26, 13A-3-1, 13A-3-2, 13A-3-21, 13A-3-22, 13A-3-24, 13A-3-25, 13A-3-27, 13A-3-28, 13A-3-30, 13A-3-31, 13A-4-1, 13A-4-2, 13A-4-3 am'd.Cam Ward01/18/2018
SB197Ticket websites, prohibit unauthorized web developers from creating websites with web addresses containing name of venue, artist, or showRodger Smitherman02/22/2018
SB189Wallace-Folsom Savings Investment Plan, certain contributions to savings accounts by guardians and conservators, authorized, Secs. 16-33C-1, 16-33C-3, 16-33C-10,16-33C-25 am'd.Dick Brewbaker03/08/2018
SB188Marriage and Family Therapy Board, practice of marriage and family therapy further defined to include diagnosis of mental and emotional problems, certain limitations deleted, Sec. 34-17A-3 am'd.Cam Ward01/16/2018
SB180Public water systems, notification to State Health Officer required when changes made to fluoride levelsPaul Bussman03/27/2018Signed
SB181Religious freedom provided for, right to worship, display of Ten Commandments on state property and at public schools, authorized, const. amend.Gerald O. Dial03/27/2018Signed
SB182Ad valorem tax, evidence of comparable sales or leases inadmissible in taxpayer appeals from rulings of boards of equalization fixing value of commercial property, Sec. 40-3-27 addedPhillip W. Williams03/13/2018Signed
SB183Cherokee Co., sheriff authorized to sell certain abandoned, unclaimed, or stolen property, and firearms, notice, record keeping requirement, distribution of funds for law enforcement purposesPhillip W. Williams02/06/2018Signed
SB184Contracts, public-private agreements, requirements provided for certain contracts, Sec. 8-29-9 am'd.Arthur Orr01/30/2018
SB185State employees, cost-of-living increase for fiscal year beginning October 1, 2018.Clyde Chambliss03/15/2018Signed
SB186Court reporters, state salary tied to pay scale of Alabama Personnel Dept. Pay Plan for state employees, subject to cost-of-living and merit raises, provide pay for court reporter returning to state service, provide salary of supernumerary court reporters, Secs. 12-17-274, 12-17-292 am'd.Clyde Chambliss02/01/2018
SB187Tax credits, exemptions, deductions, enacted in 2019 Reg. Sess., or thereafter, expiration within seven years from effective date, const. amend.Bill Hightower01/16/2018
SB95Nursing, Board of, loan repayment program for advanced-practice nurses, loan program authorized for certain currently certified nurses, Sec. 34-21-96 am'd.Gerald O. Dial02/06/2018
SB94Education, National Guard, a person does not have to be a resident for Alabama Commission on Higher Education to reimburse if in National Guard, include high school students simultaneously enrolled, Federal funds paid to the student may not be considered to determine benefits under Education Trust Fund Appropriation Act, Secs. 16-64-2, 31-10-3 am'd.Gerald O. Dial03/13/2018
SB93Medicaid, liens and claims against recipient and recipient's estate authorizedArthur Orr02/08/2018
SB92Compensation, unemployment, to increase the possible weekly benefit, to lower weeks of unemployment benefits from 26 to 14 to 20 based on the unemployment rate in the recipient's county of residence, and to provide for additional benefits for persons undertaking job training or certification, Secs. 25-4-72, 25-4-74 am'd.Arthur Orr03/15/2018
SB91Workers' compensation, additional penalties for fraud, restitution, termination of benefits, repayment, Dept. of Labor to preserve certain information under certain conditions, Sec. 13A-11-124 am'd.Arthur Orr01/09/2018
SB90Driving under the influence, second offense, penalty further provided for based on defendant's DUI history, Sec. 32-5A-191 am'd.Arthur Orr03/27/2018Signed
SB89Gasoline and motor fuel tax, county commission authorized to levy up to five cents, referendum, distributed on transportation projectsArthur Orr02/01/2018
SB88Lieutenant Governor, duties and powers over Senate, removed, salary established, const. amend.Gerald O. Dial03/20/2018
SB87Eminent domain proceedings, costs, condemnation proceedings filed by Dept. of Transportation, the department pays condemnee's reasonable attorney fees, appraisal and engineering costs if final award is 20 percent or higher than department's offer, Sec. 18-1A-293 am'd.Cam Ward03/08/2018
SB86Alabama Road and Bridge Rehabilitation and Improvement Authority established to finance road and bridge improvements, authority to issue bonds, etc.Gerald O. Dial03/27/2018
SB85Alabama Public Transportation Trust Fund, established, ADECA required to administer trust fund; Public Transportation Trust Fund Advisory Committee, created.Rodger Smitherman02/27/2018Signed
SB96Nursing, Board of, investigators granted power of peace officers, Act 2017-46, 2017 Reg. Sess.; Sec. 34-21-2 am'd.Gerald O. Dial03/21/2018
SB97Nursing, Board of, anti-competitive rule making, immunity provided, Sec. 34-21-2.1 addedGerald O. Dial03/21/2018
SB98Ad valorem taxes, co. commission authorized to abate taxes for Class III property taxed at current use when converted to other taxable use for projects under Ala. Jobs Act, consent of municipality if in corporate limits, Sec. 40-7-25.4 addedArthur Orr01/30/2018Signed
SB108Lowdes Co., sheriff, comp. increases validated, retroactive, expenses allowance and comp.Hank Sanders02/20/2018Signed
SB107Lowndes Co., coroner, expense allowance, Act 91-327, 1991 Reg. Sess., am'd; Act 91-273, 1991 Reg. Sess., repealedHank Sanders02/08/2018Signed
SB106Capital cases, judge not to override jury verdict of life without parole, Act 2017-131 made retroactive, Act 2017-131, 2017 Reg. Sess., am'd.Hank Sanders01/09/2018
SB105State income tax, federal deduction limited for individual taxpayers, state sales tax on food and over-the-counter drugs removed, Amendment 225 (Section 211.04, Recompiled Constitution of Alabama of 1901, as amended), repealed, const. amend.Hank Sanders01/09/2018
SB104Death penalty repealed, Secs. 13A-5-39, 13A-5-43, 13A-5-44, 15-18-100 am'd; Secs. 13A-5-45 to 13A-5-53, inclusive, 13A-5-55, 13A-5-59, 15-18-80 to 15-18-86, inclusive, repealedHank Sanders01/09/2018
SB103Death penalty, moratorium on imposition and execution not to exceed three years, procedure for administeringHank Sanders01/09/2018
SB102Colleges and universities, local boards of education, schools prohibited from using public funds to advocate for or against ballot measuresArthur Orr02/08/2018
SB101Education, gifted or talented children, grants by St. Dept. of Ed. to public schools for educational programs, local bd. of ed. required to matchArthur Orr03/22/2018Signed
SB100Transportation Infrastructure Bank, funding to capitalize and pledge toward bonds, add road and bridge funds authorized to be pledged, operation of bank further provided for, Secs. 23-7-2, 23-7-29, 23-7-30, 23-7-31 added; Secs. 23-7-6, 23-7-7, 23-7-9, 23-7-15, 23-7-17, 23-7-18, 23-7-19, 23-7-20, 23-7-21am'd.Arthur Orr03/15/2018Signed
SB75Surface Mining Commission, Sunset Law review, continued until October 1, 2022.Paul Bussman02/01/2018Signed
SB109Law Enforcement Agency, drivers' license office, operational in each county a minimum of one day each weekHank Sanders01/09/2018
SB84Traffic stops, racial profiling by law enforcement officers, prohibited, written policies, forms for statistics, and reports to Attorney General required, provision for complaintsRodger Smitherman03/15/2018
SB83Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Patient Safety Act, Alabama Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Bd created, licensing of limited x-ray machine operators, magnetic resonance technologist, nuclear medicine technologist, radiation therapist, radiographer, and radiologist assistants, providedGerald O. Dial01/09/2018
SB68Anthony Ray Hinton, approp., wrongful incarcerationPaul Bussman01/09/2018
SB67Pharmaceutical Services Providers, supplemental privilege tax, authorized to petition Dept. of Revenue for direct refund of certain overpayments, Sec. 40-26B-9 am'd.Paul Bussman02/08/2018Signed
SB66Peace Officers' Standards and Training Commission, education requirement to become a law enforcement officer amended to include nonpublic education, Sec. 36-21-46 am'd.Paul Bussman03/01/2018
SB65Transportation network companies, Public Service Commission permit required to operate, minimum requirements imposedBobby D. Singleton01/09/2018
SB64Home Builders Licensure Board, authorized to collect hearing costs, increase fines for violations, and revoke certain licenses, Secs. 34-14A-1 to 34-14A-8, inclusive, 34-14A-14, 34-14A-15 am'd.Steve Livingston01/09/2018
SB63Taxation, sales and use taxes, eliminate jointly filed petition for refund by taxpayer and the consumer/purchaser, definitions, Secs. 40-2A-3, 40-2A-7 am'd.Steve Livingston03/01/2018Signed
SB62State income tax, credits, rural physicians and dentists, extension of credit for residing and practicing in areas of critical need, Sec. 40-18-132 am'd.Gerald O. Dial01/09/2018
SB61Hunting, authorize the taking of whitetail deer or feral swine by means of bait, Secs. 9-11-244, 9-11-245 am'd.Gerald O. Dial01/09/2018
SB60Co. commissions, bank depository, requirement to select in December of each year deleted, Sec. 11-4-41 am'd.Clay Scofield02/22/2018Signed
SB59Local Government Insurance Program, Care Assurance System for the Aging and Homebound authorized to participate, Sec. 11-91A-2 am'd.Clay Scofield01/30/2018
SB69Home Medical Equipment, Board of, Sunset Law review, continued until October 1, 2022.Paul Bussman02/01/2018Signed
SB70Foresters, Board of Registration for, Sunset Law review, continued until October 1, 2022.Paul Bussman02/01/2018Signed
SB71Construction Recruitment Institute, Sunset Law review, continued until October 1, 2022.Paul Bussman02/20/2018Signed
SB82Courts, Judicial retirement fund, probate judges, purchase of creditable service provided for, Sec.12-18-84.2 addedGerald O. Dial01/09/2018
SB81Clay Co., co. courthouse, removal of state courts from historical Clay Co. Courthouse prohibited, const. amend.Gerald O. Dial02/13/2018Signed
SB80Competitive bids on public contracts by state agencies and institutions, preference for vendors owned by veterans of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, joint purchasing agreements further provided for, cities and counties authorized to use fleet fuel cards, Secs. 41-16-20, 41-16-21.1, 41-16-27, 41-4-110 am'd.Gerald O. Dial01/09/2018
SB79Income tax credits, increase for rural physicians and dentists, Secs. 40-18-130 to 40-18-132, inclusive, am'd.Gerald O. Dial01/30/2018
SB78Motor vehicles, overtaking and passing, vehicles to be driven in right lane, with exceptions, Sec. 32-5A-80 am'd.J.T. Waggoner01/30/2018
SB77Securities Commission, directors salary to be fixed by commission with approval of State Personnel Board, Sec. 8-6-56 am'd.J.T. Waggoner03/06/2018Signed
SB76Income tax, individuals, standard deduction increased based on certain adjusted gross income for, Sec. 40-18-15 am'd.Del Marsh03/08/2018Signed
SB74Pilotage Commission, State, Sunset Law Review, continued until October 1, 2020.Paul Bussman02/20/2018
SB73Prosthetists and Orthotists, Alabama State Board of, Sunset Law review, continued until October 1, 2022.Paul Bussman02/01/2018Signed
SB72Sickle Cell Oversight and Regulatory Commission, Sunset Law review, continued until October 1, 2022.Paul Bussman02/01/2018Signed
SB99Transportation Dept., Ala. Federal Fund Exchange Program, political subdivisions or public corporation authorized to puchase fed. transportation funds at a discount, work to be performed by state residents, reports to Jt. Transportation Committee, Ala. Fed. Fund Exchange ProgramArthur Orr01/09/2018
SB160Expungement of criminal records, authorized for youthful offenders, Sec. 15-27-2.1 addedTom Whatley03/21/2018
SB146Community development districts, alcoholic beverages, off-premises sales authorized under certain conditions, Sec. 35-8B-3 am'd.Steve Livingston03/21/2018Signed
SB145Jackson Co., Cumberland Mountain Water and Fire Protection Authority, natural gas service, authorized to provide, const. amend.Steve Livingston02/06/2018Signed
SB144Board of Pharmacy, employment of executive secretary and attorneys with specific experience and training qualifications authorized, Secs. 34-23-90, 34-23-93 am'd.Greg J. Reed01/11/2018
SB143Transportation network companies, Public Service Commission permit required to operate, minimum requirements imposedBobby D. Singleton02/01/2018
SB142Scholarships for programs relating to Automotive manufacturing, appropriation from the Education Trust Fund to the Alabama Community College System.Gerald H. Allen01/23/2018
SB141Education, State Dept. of Education and Alabama Dept. of Rehabilitation Services, to consult with Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind to select language developmental milestones and monitor and track progress of deaf and hard-of-hearing childrenJim McClendon01/11/2018
SB140Medicaid, eligibility verification requirements required, referral of fraud for prosecution, agency required to implement work requirements, exceptionsArthur Orr03/08/2018
SB139Public assistance, certain eligibility requirements for TANF and SNAP revised, fraud detection measures requiredArthur Orr01/11/2018
SB138Deferred presentment transactions, term set at 30 days, Sec. 5-18A-13 amd.Arthur Orr03/08/2018
SB137Franklin Co., sales and use tax, allocation of one-quarter of one cent tax for road and bridges in lieu of ATRIP, tax extended, referendum deleted, Amendment 881 (Section 9.50, Local Amendments, Franklin Co, Recompiled Constitution of Alabama of 1901, as amended) am'd, const. amend.Larry Stutts02/20/2018Signed
SB147Home Builders Licensure Board, hearing costs, collection, fines increased for violations, revocation of certain licenses, Secs. 34-14A-1 to 34-14A-8, inclusive, 34-14A-14, 34-14A-15 am'd.Steve Livingston02/20/2018Signed
SB148Juvenile Justice, provisions relating to the juvenile justice system substantially revised, adoption of policies for absenteeism and school misconduct required, Juvenile Justice Reinvestment Fund, created, Secs, 12-15-102, 12-15-107, 12-15-110, 12-15-117, 12-15-119, 12-15-120, 12-15-121, 12-15-126, 12-15-127, 12-15-128, 12-15-132, 12-15-203, 12-15-204, 12-15-207, 12-15-209, 12-15-211, 12-15-215, 12-15-221, 12-15-701, 12-25-9, 16-28-2.2, 16-28-8, 16-28-12, 16-28-13, 16-28-14, 16-28-16, 16-28-17, 16-28-18, 44-1-1, 44-1-24, 44-1-36 am'd.Cam Ward01/11/2018
SB150Income tax, check-off of contribution for the Alabama State Veterans Cemetery at Spanish Fort, Sec. 40-18-140 am'd.Greg Albritton03/22/2018Signed
SB159Public schools, professional educators' associations granted same level of access to employees of public schoolsShay Shelnutt03/08/2018Signed
SB158Elmore Co., sheriff, compensation, Act 2003-174, 2003 Reg. Sess., repealedDick Brewbaker03/06/2018Signed
SB157Motor Vehicle Franchise Act, unfair and deceptive trade practices, coercion of dealer to change or modify premises when unreasonable, further provided for, Sec. 8-20-4 am'd.Clay Scofield03/06/2018Signed
SB156Sales and use taxes, exemption for sales of gold bullions, money, etc, Secs. 40-23-4, 40-23-62 am'd.Tim Melson02/27/2018Signed
SB155Medical Marijuana, revise definition of cannabidiol, Leni's Law, Sec. 13A-12-214.3 am'd.Paul Sanford01/11/2018
SB154Municipalities, ordinances, summons and complaint in lieu of arrest, further provided for, exceptions, Sec. 11-45-9.1 am'd.Tim Melson02/22/2018
SB153County Superintendent of Education, prohibition against additional employment removed, Sec. 16-9-12 am'd.Tim Melson03/15/2018
SB152Alabama Uniform Voidable Transfers Act, adopted, creditors, procedures to reach assets transferred to prevent seizure established, Secs. 8-9B-1 to 8-9B-17, inclusive, addedRodger Smitherman02/27/2018Signed
SB151Terrorist threats, crime further defined, specify that schools and churches are protected, Sec. 13A-10-15 am'd.Rodger Smitherman03/28/2018Signed
SB149Broadband internet access in rural areas, Economic and Community Affairs Dept., grant program, Fund and Legislative Oversight Committees, created, Ala. Broadband Accessibility ActClay Scofield03/21/2018Signed
SB136University of North Alabama, Board of Trustees, revised to replace State Superintendent of Ed with at-large member, districts amended to reflect current congressional districts.Larry Stutts02/20/2018Signed
SB135Elevator Safety Review Board, Sunset Law review, continued with certain modifications, Sec. 25-13-6 am'd.Paul Bussman02/01/2018Signed
SB134Oil and Gas Board, State, Sunset Law review, remove board from sunset review processPaul Bussman02/01/2018Signed
SB120Alcoholic Beverage Control Board, markup set, increases limited based on act of LegislatureBill Holtzclaw02/22/2018
SB119Death penalty, persons under certain age exemptHank Sanders01/09/2018
SB118Capital punishment, intellectual disability defendant, procedures for court to determine, established, Sec. 13A-5-60 addedHank Sanders01/09/2018
SB117Election, voter registration, allowed any day board of registrars has office hours, Sec. 17-3-50 am'd.Hank Sanders03/06/2018
SB116Crimes and offenses, Rape 1st degree, parental rights of defendant of child, terminated, Sec. 13A-6-61 am'd.Hank Sanders02/22/2018
SB115Elections, qualification of electors, not serving court-ordered sentence of imprisonment, eligible to register and vote, Sec. 17-3-30 am'd.Hank Sanders01/09/2018
SB114Taxation, sale of land for unpaid tax interest on tax, abolished, Sec. 40-10-121 am'd.Hank Sanders01/09/2018
SB113Pistol permits, sheriff, prohibited from imposing time constraints on applicant taking possession of, Sec. 13A-11-75 am'd.Paul Sanford03/22/2018Signed
SB112Conservation and Natural Resources, game breeder's licenses, issuance, further provided for, penalties, criminal penalties applicable only for intentional violations, Secs. 9-11-30, 9-11-31.1 am'd.Paul Sanford02/27/2018Signed
SB111Revenue Department, local governments regarding tax levies revised, certain collection notification requirement services authorized at no cost, Sec. 11-51-210.1 added; Secs. 11-3-11.3, 11-51-183, 11-51-208, 11-51-210, 40-12-4, 40-12-7 am'd.Paul Sanford02/22/2018Signed
SB110Association of Former Members of the Alabama Legislature, created, board of directors, executive director, and staff provided for, participation of employees in SEHIP and ERSGreg J. Reed01/09/2018
SB121Motor vehicles, distinctive license plates, parent or guardian of a disabled person authorized to apply for a disability access license plate, Sec. 40-12-300 am'd.Bill Holtzclaw03/13/2018Signed
SB122Environment, Alabama Legacy for Environmental Research Trust, use of hazardous waste fees for environmental research and education at public colleges and universities abolished, reversion of funds to Public Health Dept., Sec. 22-30B-19 repealedPaul Sanford02/15/2018
SB123Dental Examiners, Board of, patient abandonment defined, exemption of mobile facilities expanded to all state and local health dept. mobile dental facilities, exemptions for limited pracitce clarified, cont. education providers, time for taking licensing exam extended, display of license and reproduction of registration cert., fees, disciplinary action, approval of specialty status by board, membership ballot procedure, succession on bd., technical corrections, Secs. 34-9-1, 34-9-4, 34-9-6, 34-9-6.1, 34-9-7, 34-9-7.1, 34-9-7.2, 34-9-8, 34-9-9, 34-9-10, 34-9-12, 34-9-13, 34-9-14, 34-9-15, 34-9-16, 34-9-18, 34-9-19, 34-9-22, 34-9-26, 34-9-27, 34-9-28, 34-9-40, 34-9-41, 34-9-43.2, 34-9-88, 34-38-2 am'd.Paul Bussman03/13/2018Signed
SB133Alabama Partnership Act, repealed and replaced, procedures for formation and dissolution, conforming changes, Secs. 10A-1-5.10, 10A-1-9.01 added; Secs. 10A-1-5.07, 10A-1-7.33, 10A-8-1.01 to 10A-8-11.04, inclusive, repealed; numerous sections of Title 10A, am'd.Arthur Orr02/01/2018
SB132General Fund Rainy Day Account , established, re-establishing the Education Trust Fund Rainy Day Account, const. amend.Trip Pittman01/09/2018
SB131Taxation, state tax revenues, distribution further provided for, Secs. 9-13-84, 22-9A-23, 22-21-24, 27-4A-3, 28-3-74, 28-3-184, 28-3-201, 28-3-202, 28-3-204, 28-7-16, 38-4-12, 38-4-12.1, 40-1-31, 40-8-3, 40-21-51, 40-21-87, 40-23-35, 40-23-50, 40-23-77, 40-25-23 am'd.Trip Pittman01/09/2018
SB130Taxation, Simplified Sellers Use Tax Program, affiliate restriction against participation eliminated, certain tangible personal property specified as subject to sales tax, Simplified Seller Use Tax Remittance Act, Secs. 40-23-191, 40-23-193 am'd.Trip Pittman01/09/2018
SB129Vacancies, United States Senator, temporary appointment by Governor until next general election authorized, Sec. 36-9-7 repealed; Sec. 36-9-8 am'dTrip Pittman01/09/2018
SB128Capital defendant, execution of, elect to include by nitrogen hypoxia, capital defendant allowed to choose life without parole in-lieu-of a death sentence, Secs. 15-18-82, 15-18-82.1 am'd.Trip Pittman01/09/2018
SB127Term limits, members of Senate and House of Representatives limited to three consecutive full terms, const. amend.Bill Hightower01/25/2018
SB126Courts, municipal, transfer of cases to district court, participation in pretrial diversion programs of district ct, conditionsTom Whatley01/25/2018
SB125Motor vehicles, following too closely, exemption provided for, truck platoons under certain conditions, Dept. of Transportation authorized to adopt rules, Secs. 32-1-1.1, 32-5A-89 am'd.Tom Whatley03/21/2018Signed
SB124Fort Payne, alcoholic beverages, Sunday sales, city council may permitSteve Livingston02/27/2018Signed
SB21Teachers' Retirement System, retirees and beneficiaries, one-time lump sum funded payment based on years of service, payment in Fiscal Year 2019Gerald O. Dial03/28/2018Signed
SB20Driver's licenses, drowsy driving, requirement that manual and State Dept. of Edu. driver's education courses include information on dangersJimmy Holley03/27/2018Signed
SB19State Parking Deck Authority, maturity date for bonds further provided for, specifications of state parking deck altered, transfer to General Fund from Authority's reserve fund, Sec. 41-10-515 repealed; Secs. 41-10-490, 41-10-497, 41-10-502, 41-10-513, 41-10-516 am'd.Gerald O. Dial01/09/2018
SB18Vacancies, United States Senator, temporary appointment by Governor until next general election authorized, Sec. 36-9-7 am'd; Sec. 36-9-8 repealedGerald O. Dial01/09/2018
SB17Alabama Family Trust Corporation, compliance with federal Social Security law and rules, provisions for successor life beneficiary deleted, disbursement of remainder including reimbursement for medical assistance, trust not to affect Medicaid approps, Secs. 38-9B-2, 38-9B-3, 38-9B-5 am'd.Cam Ward01/30/2018
SB22Education, personnel vacancies, posting of on local bd. of ed. website, at a minimum, or at each school campus and worksite, time to post decreased from 14 to 7 days before position to be filled, Sec. 16-22-15 am'd.Dick Brewbaker03/13/2018Signed
SB23Employee's Retirement System, active members, reopening of service credits for certain employees of local agencies or organizations, qualification that employee had to be employed prior to Oct. 1, 2000, removed, Sec. 36-27-70 am'd.Linda Coleman-Madison03/22/2018Signed
SB24Education, State Bd. of Ed, appointed by State Superintendent of Education, St. Super of Ed. appointed by Governor with confirmation by Senate, terms of currently serving shorten, Amendment 284 (Section 262 of Recompiled Constutiton of Alabama of 1901, as amended) am'd., const. amend.Greg Albritton01/09/2018
SB25Education, membership of St. Bd of Ed. revised and changed from elected to appointed by State Super of Ed., State Super of Ed. changed from appointed by State Bd of Ed. to by Governor with confirmation by Senate, qualifications and terms of board members, Secs. 16-3-1.1, 16-4-1.1 repealed; Secs. 16-2-1, 16-2-2, 16-2-3, 16-3-1 to 16-3-5, inclusive, 16-3-7, 16-3-8, 16-3-9, 16-4-1am'd.Greg Albritton01/09/2018
SB26Juvenile sex offenders, notification provided to school of low-risk sex offender expanded to include local super of edu. and bd of edu., change in school required to be reported to local law enforcement by juvenile sex offender, state board of edu. required to develop and local boards to adopt, model policy for monitoring juvenile sex offenders in school, Secs. 15-20A-27, 15-20A-30 am'd.Clyde Chambliss03/22/2018Signed
SB27Firearm, possession prohibited at certain places including by persons with a valid pistol permit, exception for qualified retired law enforcement officers, Sec. 13A-11-61.2 am'd.Jimmy Holley03/27/2018Signed
SB28Schools, public K-12 teachers and employees, charged with certain sexual crimes against students, paid administrative leave and discipline of school employees charged removed, Sec. 13A-6-83 repealedTrip Pittman02/20/2018Signed
SB29Public Accountancy Board, board composition and powers altered, Secs. 34-1-2, 34-1-3, 34-1-11, 34-1-12 am'd.Jimmy Holley02/08/2018Signed
SB16Health, stem cells, availability of certain investigational treatments, record keeping requirements, penalties, Steve Bowman ActGerald H. Allen01/09/2018
SB15Legislature, House or Senate, vacancies, after Oct 1 of third year, seat to remain vacant until next term, Sec. 46 repealed and replaced, const. amend.Rusty Glover03/21/2018Signed
SB14Education, teachers, time increased for public K-12 teachers to give notice of terminating employment from 5 to 30 days, requirement for postsecondary education employees deleted, Sec. 16-24C-11 am'd.Gerald O. Dial02/08/2018Signed
SB2Retirement, Deferred Retirement Option Plan (DROP), options for Tier I and Tier II members to participate, reopened, Secs. 16-25-150, 16-25-151, 36-27-170, 36-27-171 am'd.Shay Shelnutt01/09/2018
SB3Firearms, possession and carrying of, certain requirements for, repealed or deleted, Secs. 9-11-304, 13A-11-50, 13A-11-51, 13A-11-52, 13A-11-59, 13A-11-71, 13A-11-73, 13A-11-74, repealed; Sec. 13A-11-61.2 am'd.Gerald H. Allen01/09/2018
SB4Fire Departments, non-volunteer, diesel exhaust system installed in the fire station building, required within certain time frame and under certain conditionsRusty Glover01/09/2018
SB5Administrative Procedure Act, rules, notice of intended action, required to contain information about litigation, Sec. 41-22-5 am'd.Paul Sanford02/20/2018Signed
SB6Competitive bids on public contracts by public educational institutions, Alabama Fire College included in law provisions for joint purchasing agreements, Sec. 41-16-50 am'd.Gerald H. Allen03/08/2018Signed
SB7Terrorism, forfeiture of property derived from, authorization of claims by injured parties and law enforcement, allocation of proceeds from forfeiture, civil action for damages, limitationsGerald H. Allen03/22/2018
SB8Treasures and artifacts, cultural resources that are eligible for or listed in National Register of Historic Places, not Al. Register of Landmarks and Heritage, Sec. 41-9-291 am'd.Jim McClendon02/22/2018
SB9Hunting, waterfowl stamps, lifetime stamps, cost adjustments under certain conditions, Sec. 9-11-433 am'd.Tim Melson03/28/2018Signed
SB10Home Builders Licensure Board, residential home builders, proof of current licensure and liability insurance provided to homeowner before beginning constructionTim Melson03/22/2018Signed
SB11Memorial Preservation Act, prohibition against renaming of certain schools and exempts all schools located on public property from act, Act 2017-354, 2017 Reg. Sess., am'd; Secs. 41-9-231, 41-9-232, 41-9-233, 41-9-235, 41-9-236 am'd.Dick Brewbaker01/09/2018
SB12Prosthetists and Orthotists Board, licensure, exemptions further provided for, Sec. 34-25A-5 am'd.William “Bill” M. Beasley02/27/2018Signed
SB13Marriage license, recording by judge of probate, transmission to Vital Statistics office, Secs. 30-1-9, 30-1-10, 30-1-11, 30-1-13, 30-1-14 repealed; Secs. 22-9A-17, 30-1-5, 30-1-12, 30-1-16 am'd.Greg Albritton01/25/2018
SB49Neighborhood Infrastructure Authorities, municipalities, assessments for neighborhood infrastructure revitalization projects, income tax credits, expiration date deleted, tax credits extended until 2022, Secs. 11-71-11, 11-71-12 am'd.Trip Pittman03/01/2018
SB30Residential property, foreclosure, right-of-redemption, time period to redeem further provided for, notice requirement actions, affirmative defense, provided for, time frame for notice requirement actions, further provided for, Sec. 6-5-248 am'd.Clay Scofield02/13/2018
SB46Health care providers, nurse practitioners and nurse midwives authorized to sign forms which may be signed by a physicianJim McClendon03/08/2018
SB47Revenue Dept., sale of state land, employment of auction company, Sec. 40-10-134 am'd.Trip Pittman03/15/2018
SB48Environmental Management Dept., centralized waste treatment facilities, permits, bond or financial assurance further provided for, provisions for fees based on cost to treat repealed, Secs. 22-25C-1, 22-25C-2 am'd.Trip Pittman03/01/2018
SB50Vessels, Alabama State Law Enforcement Agency, procedure for seizure and disposal of abandoned and derelict vessels, Alabama Abandoned and Derelict Vessel Fund, created, crimes and offenses, crime of refusing or failing to remove a derelict vessel from waters of this state, createdTrip Pittman03/01/2018Signed
SB51Crimes and offenses, trafficking, cannabis, minimum amount to constitute trafficking raised, Sec. 13A-12-231 am'd.Dick Brewbaker01/09/2018
SB52Motor vehicles, mandatory liability insurance, vehicle registration suspensions, reinstatement fees, percentage of fees county license plate issuing official authorized to retain, increased, Sec. 32-7A-12 am'd.Clyde Chambliss02/06/2018
SB53Appraisers and appraisal managerial companies, fees charged to be disclosed separately and distinctly, Alabama Real Estate Appraisers Board may adopt rulesClyde Chambliss01/09/2018
SB54Veterans, benefits, requiring dependent of a veteran with at least 20 percent but less than 40 percent disability rating to have been born on or before July 31, 2017, to be eligible for benefits under the Alabama G.I. and Dependent's Edu. Benefit Act, Secs. 31-6-4, 31-6-6 am'd.Clyde Chambliss01/09/2018
SB55Driver's licenses, restricted driver license authorized based on hardship, Sec. 32-6-12.1 am'd.Clyde Chambliss03/15/2018Signed
SB56Competitive Bid law, purchase and installation of heating and air conditioning units for local boards of education, exempted when bid pursuant to purchasing cooperative and process approved by Dept. of Examiners of Public Accounts, Secs. 39-1-5, 39-2-2 am'd.Clyde Chambliss02/15/2018
SB57Voyeurism, crime created, criminalize the taking of a video or photo depicting intimate areas of a person without that person's consent, privacy, penaltiesClyde Chambliss02/22/2018
SB58Crimes and offenses, theft of shoplifting, crime createdClyde Chambliss01/09/2018
SB45Day care centers, influenza vaccine, information to parents, requiredWilliam “Bill” M. Beasley02/27/2018Signed
SB44Education, population requirement for city to establish a board of education increased from 5,000 to 25,000, determination of financial capability required, Sec. 16-11-1 am'd.Linda Coleman-Madison01/09/2018
SB43Alabama Disaster Recovery Program, established to assist counties and municipalities with disaster recovery, committee to administer, Sec. 31-9-86 added; Secs. 31-9-10, 31-9-83 am'd.Greg Albritton02/08/2018Signed
SB31Municipal courts, municipal judges, bail, to require defendants to be released as an unsecured appearance bond or on personal recognizance, with exceptions, Sec. 12-14-5 am'd.Greg Albritton02/13/2018
SB32Pharmacy, State Board of, outsourcing facilities, annual permit required, Secs. 34-23-1, 34-23-32 am'dWilliam “Bill” M. Beasley02/13/2018Signed
SB33Energy Policy, Permanent Joint Legislative Committee on, membership and duties revised, limit reporting of committee, creation of office deleted, authorized to form advisory subcommittees, Secs. 29-2-270 to 29-2-275, inclusive, am'd.Cam Ward03/21/2018Signed
SB34Municipal courts, mayors and municipal court judges, mayor authorized to remit court costs imposed by municipal court judge, municipal court judges authorized to remit certain costs upon a showing of indigency, mayor's authority to commute sentences removed, municipal court judges authorized to issue arrest warrants and hold certain persons in contempt of court, Secs. 12-14-15, 12-14-32 am'd.Cam Ward02/01/2018
SB35Sex offenders, obscene materials containing visual depiction of persons under 17 years, disseminating, publicly displaying, possessing, or possessing with intent to disseminate, term further defined, crime of possession, penalties, Alabama Sex Offender Registration and Community Notification Act on 1st or 2nd offense, Secs.13A-12-190, 13A-12-192 am'd.Cam Ward01/09/2018
SB36Court costs, docket fee, waiver for substantial hardship, verified statement required, time period to pay up denial of hardship petition, Sec. 12-19-70 am'd.Cam Ward03/01/2018
SB37Municipal courts, pretrial diversion program, voluntary transfer authorizedCam Ward03/15/2018
SB38Judges, private, types of cases expanded, Secs. 12-11A-2, 12-11A-4 am'd.Cam Ward03/21/2018Signed
SB39Controlled substances, Fentanyl and Fentanyl analogues included in schedule I, criminal penalties for trafficking, Secs. 13A-12-211, 13A-12-231, 20-2-23 am'd.Cam Ward03/28/2018Signed
SB40Eminent domain proceedings, costs, condemnation proceedings filed by Dept. of Transportation to reimburse condemnee's under certain conditions, Sec. 18-1A-293 am'd.Cam Ward01/09/2018
SB41Municipalities, ordinances, summons and complaint in lieu of arrest, further provided for, exceptions, Sec. 11-45-9.1 am'd.Cam Ward01/09/2018
SB42Class 8 municipalities, weeds, abatement, alternative procedures to declare a public nuisance after prior abatementCam Ward02/15/2018
SB1Driving under the influence, ignition interlock devices, further provided, distrib of court fees, use for pretrial diversion, indigents further provided for and funded, Sec. 32-5A-191, 32-5A-191.4 am'd.Jim McClendon03/29/2018Signed
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