2019 Alabama Senate Bills

A list of all 2019 Alabama Senate Bills. Click any bill to read the full text and get the current status.

BillTitleSponsorLast ActionSigned
SB424Shelby Co., probate court, recording fees, additional, for probate office, Act 248, 1975 Reg. Sess. am'd.Cam Ward05/30/2019Signed
SB425Health care, treatment guidelines relating to buprenorphine, review committee established to aid in rule draftingLarry Stutts05/31/2019Signed
SB426Wrongful incarcerated, Committee on Compensation for Wrongful incarceration, Legislature authorized to negotiate and appropriate lump sum payout in lieu of certified amount, Secs. 29-2-159, 29-2-165 am'd.Greg Albritton05/23/2019
SB427Business entity law, authorizing the creation of benefit corporations, Secs. 10A-12-1.01, 10A-12-1.02, 10A-12-1.03, 10A-12-2.01, 10A-12-2.02, 10A-12-2.03, 10A-12-3.01, 10A-12-3.02, 10A-12-3.03, 10A-12-4.01, 10A-12-4.02, 10A-12-5.01 added; Sec. 10A-1-1.08 am'd.Cam Ward05/23/2019
SB417Abortion, legislative findings, criminal penalties for the performance of, Act 2019-189, 2019 Reg. Sess., repealedVivian Davis Figures05/21/2019
SB418Macon Co., occupational privilege license fee, authorized, application of the fee further provided, Act 97-522, 1997 Reg. Sess., am'd; Sec. 45-44-244.31 am'd.William “Bill” M. Beasley05/29/2019Signed
SB419Morgan Co., T.V.A. distribution of designated portion under Act 2010-135, distrib to certain named mun, until fiscal year commencing October 1, 2020, use of any remaining funds further providedArthur Orr05/29/2019Signed
SB420Pell City, corp. limits, alt.Jim McClendon05/29/2019Signed
SB421Macon Co., bingo, may be played on electronic machines authorized by the National Indian Gaming Commission, const. amend.William “Bill” M. Beasley05/29/2019
SB422Water Works Bd, incorp. by mun. having assets in four or more counties or serving customers in four or more counties, reorganized, appt. of members, Secs. 11-50-301, 11-50-302, 11-50-303 am'd.J.T. Waggoner05/21/2019
SB423Shelby Co., churches, deadly physical force, use in self-defense or defense of others, const. amend.Cam Ward05/21/2019
SB413Grand jury, prohibit polygraph evidence before grand jury, Sec. 12-16-200 am'd.Greg Albritton05/28/2019
SB414Taxation, provide income tax deduction, military stationed out of stateDonnie Chesteen05/16/2019
SB415Moundville, alcoholic beverages, authorize City Council to provide by local ordinance for the sale of keg or draft beerBobby D. Singleton05/31/2019Signed
SB416Talladega Superspeedway, International Speedway Corp., sales and use tax exemption for purchases of construction materials related to and ad valorem tax exemption on real and personal property, Sec. 40-9-25.23 addedJim McClendon05/23/2019
SB411Education, public K-12, buses, local boards of education authorized to sell advertising space on buses, prohibit certain types of advertisingGreg J. Reed05/28/2019
SB412Governor's Office of Minority Affairs, name changed to Alabama Office of Minority Affairs, authorized to draft policy recommendations, merit and non-merit staff provided for, technical corrections re name change made to Historic Tax Credit Evaluating Committee, Secs. 36-13-50, 36-13-51, 36-13-53, 40-9F-38 am'd.Rodger Smitherman05/23/2019
SB410Military bases, counties and municipalities, formation of redevelopment authorities to finance projects contiguous to operating or closed bases, eminent domain powersTom Butler05/30/2019
SB409Barbour Co., sheriff, service of process fee, deposit in sheriff's fund, Secs. 45-3-233.01, 45-3-233.02 am'd.William “Bill” M. Beasley05/23/2019Signed
SB402Barbour Co., law enforcement, authorized to take an individual with mental illness into protective custody under certain conditions, protection from civil and criminal liabilitiesWilliam “Bill” M. Beasley05/31/2019Signed
SB403Baker Hill, corp. limits, alt.William “Bill” M. Beasley05/23/2019Signed
SB404Alcoholic beverages, small beer manufacturers, financial interest in brewpub authorized, transfer of alcoholic beverages to brewppub required to go through wholesaler, Sec. 28-4A-3 am'd.Rodger Smitherman05/29/2019Signed
SB405Montgomery, mayor-council, salary of council-mayor, Act 618, 1973 Reg. Sess., am'd.David Burkette05/14/2019
SB406Motor vehicles, oversized vehicle permits, annual commercial wrecker emergency tow permit, provided, Sec. 32-9-29 am'd.Greg J. Reed05/30/2019Signed
SB407Judges, vacancies, initial term of judges appt. to fill, further provided for, Amendment 328, Constitution of Alabama of 1901, am'd, const. amend.Sam Givhan05/22/2019
SB408Courts, circuit and district judges, qualifications, min times of state licensure to practice law, persons with certain professional disciplinary actions, prohibited from qualification, Secs. 12-11-1, 12-12-1 am'd.Sam Givhan05/14/2019
SB400Barbour Co., sheriff's pistol permit, deposit in Sheriff's Fund, use for law enforcement purposes, Sec. 45-3-232 am'd.William “Bill” M. Beasley05/23/2019Signed
SB401Macon Co., sales and use tax, co. commission to levy, distrib. of proceeds to fund ambulance service for citizens, penaltiesWilliam “Bill” M. Beasley05/23/2019Signed
SB387Court Reporting, Board of, freelance, official, and supervising court reporter defined, board staff, investigations and hearings pursuant to APA, temporary licensure, lapsed and expired licenses, and fees, Secs. 34-8B-2, 34-8B-4, 34-8B-5, 34-8B-6, 34-8B-8, 34-8B-10, 34-8B-12, 34-8B-13, 34-8B-15, 34-8B-16, 34-8B-17 am'd.Steve Livingston05/07/2019
SB394Public contracts, competitive bids, further provided, local preference zone, further provided, Sec. 41-16-50 am'd.Bobby D. Singleton05/21/2019
SB395Code of Alabama 1975, Acts of 2018 Regular Session, supplements and certain replacement volumes, codified with certain corrections, local laws of certain counties codified, duties of Secretary of StateArthur Orr05/30/2019Signed
SB396Alabama Athletic Commission, regulation of bare knuckle boxing added, membership of medical advisory panel revised, drug testing of competitors expanded, temporary license provided, Secs. 41-9-1021, 41-9-1023, 41-9-1024, 41-9-1027, 41-9-1028, 41-9-1029, 41-9-1030, 41-9-1031, 41-9-1032, 41-9-1033, 41-9-1034, 41-9-1035, 41-9-1036, 41-9-1037, 41-9-1038 am'd.Gerald H. Allen05/31/2019Signed
SB397Public K-12 Education, State Board of Education renamed the Alabama Commission on Elementary and Secondary Education, members appointed by Governor, State Superintendent of Education renamed as the Secretary of Elementary and Secondary Education, secretary appointed by commission, Governor to appoint team to advise commission on functions and duties of St. Dept. of Edu., const. amend.Del Marsh05/31/2019Signed
SB398Education, Alabama Commission on Elementary and Secondary Education, Governor required to consult with all minority caucuses when appointing members to the commission, contingent effective dateDel Marsh05/31/2019Signed
SB399Discrimination in wages, prohib. employer from paying employees of another sex or race for equal work less wage rates, except pursuant to seniority system, a merit system, and system that measures earnings by quantity or quality of productionVivian Davis Figures05/09/2019
SB391Drug paraphernalia, use to analyze or test controlled substances, excluded from criminal violations re use, possession, or sale for use to test or analyze controlled substance, Sec. 13A-12-260 am'd.Jim McClendon05/15/2019
SB392Firearms, Lifetime Carry PermitRandy Price05/15/2019
SB393Baldwin Co., Daphne, corp. limits alt.Chris Elliott05/30/2019Signed
SB381Limestone Co., TVA in-lieu-of-taxes payments, distrib. to volunteer fire depts, further provided for when volunteer fire dept is decertified, Sec. 45-42-163 am'd.Tom Butler05/21/2019Signed
SB382Crimes and offenses, to amend threshold amounts for theft and receiving stolen property offenses, drug offense, amend sentences for certain drug offenses, create add'l drug offenses, relating to sentencing, clarify community corrections programs, Secs. 13A-12-211.1, 13A-12-212.1, 15-10-3.1 added; Secs, 13A-5-9, 13A-5-10, 13A-5-10.1, 13A-8-4.1, 13A-8-8.1, 13A-8-10.25, 13A-8-18.1, 13A-12-215, 13A-12-232, 13A-12-250, 13A-12-270 repealed; Secs. 12-25-34, 12-25-34.2, 12-25-36, 13A-5-6, 3A-5-8.1, 13A-12-231, 15-22-54, 13A-4-1, 13A-4-2, 13A-4-3, 13A-8-1, 13A-8-3, 13A-8-4, 13A-8-5, 13A-8-7, 13A-8-8, 13A-8-9, 13A-8-10, 13A-8-10.1, 13A-8-10.2, 13A-8-10.3, 13A-8-16, 13A-8-17, 13A-8-18, 13A-8-19, 13A-8-144, 13A-8-194, 13A-12-211 to 13A-12-214, inclusive, 13A-12-218, 40-17A-9,15-10-1, 15-20A-7, 15-20A-9 to 15-20A-18, inclusive, 15-20A-20, 15-20A-23, 15-20A-24, 15-20A-25, 15-20A-29, 15-20A-30, 15-20A-31, 15-20A-32, 15-20A-34, 15-20A-36, 15-20A-37, 15-20A-39 am'd.Cam Ward05/07/2019
SB383Etowah Co., co. commission, add'l powers to levy local taxes and abate nuisances, referendums authorizedAndrew Jones05/09/2019
SB384Etowah Co., levy lodging tax,, rentals or services excluded, Etowah County Mega Sports Complex/Little Canoe Creek Megasite Promotion ActAndrew Jones05/09/2019
SB385Etowah Co., tourism board, membership revised and board to perform studies relating to and provide, if feasible, for mega sports complex, Etowah Co. Mega Sports Complex Authority repealed, Sec. 45-28-91.06 added; Sec. 45-28-220.03 repealed; Secs. 45-28-91.01, 45-28-91.02, 45-28-91.05, 45-28-243.02, 45-28-244.01 am'd.Andrew Jones05/09/2019
SB386Prisoners, adopting federal procedures for use of restraints on pregnant womenRodger Smitherman05/14/2019
SB388Bail bonds, Alabama Bail Bond Regulatory Act, regulation of further provided for, Professional Bail Bonding Board created, licensure of bondsmen and recovery agents, continuing education,Phillip W. Williams05/07/2019
SB389State Board of Auctioneers, qualifications for licensure, annual single use auction license, inactive licenses, reciprocal licensing of apprentice auctioneer prohibited, conduct of auctions without a license, disciplinary actions pursuant to APA, board membership and meetings, Secs. 34-4-21, 34-4-23, 34-4-25, 34-4-27, 34-4-28, 34-4-29, 34-4-30, 34-4-31, 34-4-33, 34-4-50, 34-4-52 am'd.Garlan Gudger05/14/2019
SB390Entertainment, increase cap on film production tax credits, Sec. 41-7A-48 am'd.Garlan Gudger05/07/2019
SB378Taxation, sales and use taxes, Upper Sand Mountain United Methodist Larger Parish Incorporated exempt from state, county, and municipal taxesSteve Livingston05/07/2019
SB379Consumer Protection, Alabama State of Emergency Consumer Protection Act, enhanced criminal penalties provided under certain conditions, Secs. 13A-9-114, 34-8-6, 34-14A-14, 34-31-32, 34-36-16, 34-37-17 am'd.Randy Price05/23/2019
SB380Huntsville, ad valorem taxes, for public schools modified to apply citywide in Madison, Limestone, and Morgan Counties at same rateSam Givhan05/28/2019Signed
SB370Social Work Examiners, Board of, duties, board authorized to charge and collect fees to verify existence of current license, Sec. 34-30-57 am'd.Clyde Chambliss05/14/2019
SB371Supernumerary court reporters, death benefits for surviving spouse providedWilliam “Bill” M. Beasley05/02/2019
SB372Taxation, sale of land for unpaid tax delinquent after January 1, 2020, redemption, Secs. 40-10-75, 40-10-76, 40-10-77, 40-10-83, 40-10-121, 40-10-122 am'd.Cam Ward05/02/2019
SB373Permanent Joint Transportation Committee, membership, Sec. 29-2-2 am'd.Del Marsh05/31/2019Signed
SB374Physicians, rural income tax credit under certain conditions, existing credit terminated, new credit provided, Secs. 40-18-130.1 to 40-18-132.1, inclusive, added.Steve Livingston05/22/2019
SB375Corporate Income Tax, allow taxpayer who is part of a controlled group to factor that controlled group in computing deduction limitations, Sec. 40-18-39.1 added.Dan Roberts05/02/2019
SB376Health care, hospitals, procedure for aftercare when discharged from hospital, designation of a family caregiver, Family Caregiver ActVivian Davis Figures05/02/2019
SB377Juveniles, dependency hearing, allow statements to be entered into evidence in cases if they were made by a child under the age of 12 during a forensic interview and pertain to allegations of abuse against the child, Secs. 12-15-301, 12-15-310 am'd.Sam Givhan05/15/2019
SB362Taxation, Prince Hall Grand Lodge Free and Accepted Masons and Most Worshipful Grand Lodge F. and A.M., exempt from sales, county and municipal taxesBobby D. Singleton05/29/2019
SB363Alabama Private Investigation Regulatory Act, private investigator, fees clarified, qualifications, licensing, procedure and fee to reinstate inactive licenses, increase number of hours for continuing education, Secs. 34-25B-4, 34-25B-7, 34-25B-11, 34-25B-12, 34-25B-13, 34-25B-17, 34-25B-18, 34-25B-21, 34-25B-22, 34-25B-26 am'd.Rodger Smitherman05/14/2019
SB364Teachers' Retirement System, UAB employees who served as postdoctoral fellow, allowed to purchase up to two years credit in the systemLinda Coleman-Madison05/02/2019
SB365Alabama Job Creation and Military Stability Commission, membership, to include Commissioner of Dept. of Veterans Affairs, Sec. 31-14-3 am'd.Tom Whatley05/23/2019
SB366Baldwin Co., to provide for the formation of a city school systemChris Elliott05/29/2019
SB367Baldwin Co., lease tax, distrib of proceeds, Sec. 45-2-244.183 am'd.Greg Albritton05/23/2019Signed
SB368Alcoholic beverages delivery service permit, authorizes delivery of alcoholic beverages from certain licensed retailers to adult residents in state, Sec. 28-3A-3.1 added; Sec. 28-1-4 am'd.Shay Shelnutt05/02/2019
SB369Agriculture, to provide that lab grown meat may not be labeled for sale as "meat" or a "meat product", Sec. 2-17-10 am'd.David Sessions05/23/2019
SB361Administrative procedures, minimum threshold for a proposed rule's economic impact set, measures to reduce cost of proposed rules, Secs. 41-22-5.1, 41-22-5.2, 41-22-23 am'd.J.T. Waggoner05/02/2019
SB346Beer suppliers and wholesalers, regulation of contracts governing, revised, Sec. 28-9-5.1 added; Sec. 28-9-4 am'd.Cam Ward04/30/2019
SB347Toll Roads and Bridges, notice to pay a toll, further provided, failure to pay toll citation, further provided, non-renewal of vehicle registration, provided, authority to enter in reciprocal agreements, further provided, Secs. 23-2-167, 23-2-168, 23-2-169, 23-2-172, 23-2-173, 23-2-175 am'd.David Sessions05/30/2019Signed
SB348Motor vehicles, automated traffic enforcement systems, provides that State Law Enforcement Agency gives approval to a municipality before authorized to use, municipality issues notices of violations, civil fines, late fees, Automated Traffic Enforcement Safety ActGerald H. Allen05/23/2019
SB349Tallapoosa Co., Willow Point Subdivision, estab. of road maint. district, referendum, fees, bd. of directorsClyde Chambliss05/14/2019Signed
SB350Tallapoosa Co., platted subdivisions, local laws authorized to establish road maint. districts, referendums, assessments for road maint, const. amend.Clyde Chambliss05/14/2019
SB351Justices and judges, revise compensation received by retired justices and judges who are called to active duty, Secs. 12-18-10, 12-18-61 am'd.Clyde Chambliss05/07/2019
SB352Etowah Co., constable, office abolishedAndrew Jones05/07/2019
SB353Etowah Co., Personnel Board of Office of Sheriff, abolished, effective upon ratification of const. amend., placing employees under county personnel bd., Secs. 45-28-234 to 45-28-234.18, inclusive, repealedAndrew Jones05/07/2019
SB354Etowah Co., sheriff, co. commission, provide add'l expense allowanceAndrew Jones05/30/2019Signed
SB355Colleges and universities, Alabama State University, tuition rates, board of trustees, authorized to extend resident tuition rates to qualified nonresident students of other schoolsBobby D. Singleton05/29/2019
SB356Elder abuse, require redaction of contract information from court documents released to the public, to clarify that an elderly person of sound mind or body may hire legal counsel for representation, Sec. 38-9F-6 am'd.Rodger Smitherman05/08/2019
SB357Taxation, require Dept. of Revenue to enter into agreements with financial institutions to develop a financial institution data match program, Sec. 40-29-23.1 added.Rodger Smitherman05/14/2019
SB358Apprenticeships, completion of apprenticeship and fulfillment of other requirements to entitle applicant to receive occupational licenseClay Scofield05/28/2019
SB359Notaries public; to create online Notary Public Act, to provide for electronic acknowledgement of instruments, Sec. of State to perform attestations and affixments in an electronic manner, Secs. 35-4-128, 36-20-85 to 36-20-96, inclusive, added; Secs. 36-14-1, 36-20-73 am'd.Clay Scofield04/30/2019
SB360Long Term Care Ombudsman Program, update provisions and delete outdated and absolete terms and provisions, Secs. 22-5A-1 to 22-5A-7, inclusive, am'd.Bobby D. Singleton04/30/2019
SB330Public Health, require Dept of Public Health to provide education to public regarding care for Alzheimer's and dementia patients, provide funding, Secs. 22-50-70, 22-50-71, 22-50-72, 22-50-73, 22-50-74 repealedGreg Albritton05/30/2019Signed
SB331Baldwin Co., judge of probate authorized to exercise equity jurisdiction under certain conditions, const. amend.Greg Albritton05/23/2019Signed
SB332Baldwin Co., judge of probate, employment of Chief Admin. of Motor Vehicle Tags and Licenses, appt, duties, compensationGreg Albritton05/21/2019
SB333Circuit clerks, qualifications for supernumerary status revised, Sec. 12-17-140 am'd.Randy Price04/30/2019
SB334Etowah Co., coroner, expense allowance and salary, appointment of a deputy coroner, Act 2000-651, 2000 Reg. Sess, repealed; Sec. 45-28-60 repealedAndrew Jones05/14/2019Signed
SB335Taxation, gas tax proceeds, percentage distributed to counties with population greater than 600,000, distribution alt., Act 329 of 1969 Reg. Sess., amend.Linda Coleman-Madison04/30/2019
SB336Elections, political parties and independent candidates for statewide office, number of names required to gain ballot access, reduced, Secs. 17-6-22, 17-9-3 am'd.Cam Ward04/30/2019
SB337Parole, Board of Pardons and Paroles, violations, confinement period for parole violation reduced for time served in holding, Sec. 15-22-32 am'd.Linda Coleman-Madison04/30/2019
SB338Stolen property, to provide receiving a stolen firearm a felony, technical revisions, Secs. 13A-8-16, 13A-8-17, 13A-8-18, 13A-8-18.1, 13A-8-19 am'd.Linda Coleman-Madison04/30/2019
SB339Real Estate Appraisers Board, evaluations of property for financial institutions authorized by federal financial institutions regulatory agencies, excluded from regulation by the board, investigators employed by board authorized to be licensees, Secs. 34-27A-2, 34-27A-3, 34-27A-5, 34-27A-23 am'd.Linda Coleman-Madison04/30/2019
SB340Health care employees, requiring employees to receive human trafficking trainingLinda Coleman-Madison04/30/2019
SB341Law enforcement officers, Alabama Peace Officers' Standards and Training Commission (APOSTC) provide mandatory training, human trafficking, state and local agencies, human trafficking trainingLinda Coleman-Madison04/30/2019
SB342Employment discrimination, prohibited based on race, color, religion, national origin, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability, or ageLinda Coleman-Madison04/30/2019
SB343Real estate sold for payment of taxes, recovery actions by owner and actions for possession by tax purchaser, further provided for, tax lien by tax purchaser, authorized, Act 2018-494, 2018 Reg. Sess., repealed; Secs. 40-10-82, 40-10-120 am'd.Tom Whatley04/30/2019
SB344Morgan Co., co. commission, county portion of proceeds from simplified seller use tax (SSUT), distrib. to local bds of ed.Arthur Orr05/21/2019Signed
SB345Drug screenings, sale or marketing of human or synthetic urine to defraud a drug or alcohol screening test prohibited, possession, sale, or advertising of adultrants designed to defeat a screening test prohibited, criminal penaltiesCam Ward04/30/2019
SB329Coal, excise and privilege tax, proceeds distribution further provided, termination of tax on October 1, 2033, Secs. 40-13-6, 40-13-8 am'd.Garlan Gudger04/25/2019
SB325Crimes and offenses, to amend the threshold amounts for theft of property offenses and receiving stolen property offenses, Secs. 13A-8-1, 13A-8-3, 13A-8-4, 13A-8-4.1, 13A-8-5, 13A-8-7, 13A-8-8, 13A-8-8.1, 13A-8-9, 13A-8-10, 13A-8-10.1, 13A-8-10.2, 13A-8-10.25, 13A-8-10.3, 13A-8-16, 13A-8-17, 13A-8-18, 13A-8-18.1, 13A-8-19 am'd.Bobby D. Singleton04/25/2019
SB326Coosa Co., judge of probate, fees for remote access of records, authorized, disposition of fundsClyde Chambliss05/15/2019Signed
SB327Coosa Co., graphite, severance tax, Sec. 45-19-244.07 repealed; Secs. 45-19-244, 45-19-244.01, 45-19-244.02, 45-19-244.03, 45-19-244.05 am'd.Clyde Chambliss05/15/2019Signed
SB328Storage facilities, self-service, Self-Service Storage Facilities Act, created, definitions, operator's liens, authorized, Secs. 8-15-40 to 8-15-49, inclusive, added; Secs. 8-15-30 to 8-15-38, inclusive, repealedTim Melson05/29/2019
SB322Macon Co., bingo, may be played on electronic machines authorized by the National Indian Gaming Commission, const. amend.William “Bill” M. Beasley05/16/2019
SB323Alexander City, corp. limits alt.Clyde Chambliss05/14/2019Signed
SB324Soil and water conservation districts, extend limited civil liability immunity to district supervisors and employees for rental or lending of equipment, Sec. 9-8-25 am'd.Donnie Chesteen05/15/2019Signed
SB311Alabama School Choice and Student Opportunity Act, local revenue projections provided for charter school applicants, terms for amt of local revenue following child from non-charter public to public charter school provided, Sec. 16-6F-10 am'd.Del Marsh05/02/2019
SB312Shared micromobility device systems, operation provided for, Sec. 32-19-2 added; Secs. 32-1-1.1, 40-12-240 am'd.Rodger Smitherman05/30/2019Signed
SB313Constitution of Alabama of 1901, proposed state and local constitutional amendment, and state and local referendums shall be held at statewide primary or general election, const. amend.Del Marsh05/30/2019
SB314Conservation and Natural Resources, wildlife, possession for public exhibition purposes, importing of cervidae, prohibited, Sec. 9-11-328 am'd.Bobby D. Singleton05/28/2019Signed
SB315Underground utilities, one-call notification system, notification further provided for, Underground Damage Prevention Fund, created, Secs. 37-15-10.1, 37-15-10.2 added; Secs. 37-15-2, 37-15-4, 37-15-4.1, 37-15-5, 37-15-6, 37-15-9, 37-15-10 am'd.Dan Roberts05/29/2019Signed
SB316Electricity utility services, to remove sunset provision from Energy Security Act of 2015, Sec. 37-4-150 am'd.Cam Ward05/22/2019
SB317Governor's Mansion Authority, Secs. 41-9-541, 41-9-542, 41-9-544, 41-9-545 am'd.Clyde Chambliss05/29/2019
SB318Transportation, Class A restricted CDL, issued to applicants aged 18 years but under 21 years, restriction limits, operation of commerical vehicles within state linesDonnie Chesteen04/25/2019
SB319Retirement, RSA, ERS, Tier III Retirement plan created, plan benefits defined, Secs. 36-26-36.1, 36-27-1, 36-27-16, 36-27-24, 36-27-59 am'd.Will Barfoot04/18/2019
SB320Sexual offenses, redefined certain sexual offenses, sex offender registration, community notification act, add foster parent engaging in sex act, technical revisions, Secs. 13A-5-6, 13A-6-60 to 13A-6-65, inclusive, 13A-6-65.1, 13A-6-66, 13A-6-67, 13A-6-68, 13A-6-70, 13A-6-71, 13A-6-81,13A-6-82, 13A-6-122, 13A-6-241, 13A-6-243, 13A-11-9, 13A-11-32.1, 13A-12-120, 13A-12-121, 13A-12-190, 13A-12-192, 15-3-5, 15-20A-5, 15-20A-44, 15-23-101, 15-23-102 am'd.Vivian Davis Figures05/29/2019Signed
SB321Greene Co., bingo on electronic machines or devices authorized for licensed racetracks, Greene Co. Gaming Commission, established, const. amend.Bobby D. Singleton05/14/2019
SB309Jefferson Co., Retirement System, definitions, pension board, qualification, elections of members, duties, Secs. 45-37-123.01, 45-37-123.21, 45-37-123.22, 45-37-123.24, 45-37-123.53, 45-37-123.54, 45-37-123.82, 45-37-123.101, 45-37-123.103, 45-37-123.104, 45-37-123.151, 45-37-123.195 am'd.J.T. Waggoner05/16/2019
SB310Barbour Co., elected officials authorized to participate in Employees' Retirement System, supernumerary program phased out, const. amend.William “Bill” M. Beasley05/14/2019
SB308Transient occupancy tax (lodging tax), not applicable to tent camping, marine ships, and recreational vehicles, Sec. 40-26-1 am'd.Gerald H. Allen05/30/2019Signed
SB286Motor vehicle dealer licensing, master regulatory dealer license, provided, wholesale motor vehicle auction license provided, Secs. 40-12-445 to 40-12-450, inclusive, added; Secs. 40-12-264, 40-12-390 to 40-12-393, incl., 40-12-395, 40-12-398 am'd.Steve Livingston04/25/2019
SB287Autauga Co., supt. of ed., appointment by co. bd. of ed., referendumClyde Chambliss05/21/2019Signed
SB288Teachers' Retirement System, retirees, one-time lump sum retirement payment in December 2017, approp. from Edu. Trust Fund in Oct. 2016.Rodger Smitherman05/21/2019
SB289Fireworks, State Fire Marshal, fees for manufacturing, sale, display, increased, common fireworks, redesignated consumer fireworks, authorized to be sold at retail, preemption of co. and mun ordinances or laws, fees increased based on increases in Consumer Price Index (CPI), transfer of funds to Firefighter Annunity and Benefit Fund, Secs. 8-17-210, 8-17-211, 8-17-216.1, 8-17-217, 8-17-218, 8-17-219, 8-17-220, 8-17-225, 8-17-226, 8-17-255, 34-33-11 am'd.Tim Melson05/23/2019
SB290Taxation, inspection fees, penalties, transfer distribution responsibilities from State Treasurer to the Dept. of RevenueGarlan Gudger05/15/2019
SB291Taxation, tax credits, Railroad Modernization Act, state income tax credit authorized for qualified railroad reconstruction or replacement expendituresBobby D. Singleton04/16/2019
SB292Hoover, alcoholic beverage, Sunday sales, city council authorized to commence at 10:00 a.m.J.T. Waggoner05/22/2019Signed
SB293Health care, requires health care practitioners to include information about licensure in advertising and in other communications with patientsTim Melson04/25/2019
SB294Public assistance, certain eligibility requirements for TANF and SNAP revised, fraud detection measures requiredArthur Orr04/25/2019
SB295Alabama Industry Recognized and Registered Apprenticeship Program Act, Alabama Office of Apprenticeship created to administer state programs in lieu of federal office, apprenticeship tax credit and aggregate apprenticeship tax credit increases, Secs. 40-18-422, 40-18-423, 40-18-424 am'd.Arthur Orr05/30/2019Signed
SB296Taxation, Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum, sales and use tax exemption, to include construction materials, ad valorem tax exemption, further provided for, Sec. 40-9-25.14 am'd.Dan Roberts05/21/2019
SB297Courts, circuit and district, to further provide for the jurisdiction of the circuit and district courts, Secs. 12-11-30, 12-12-30 am'd.Sam Givhan05/31/2019Signed
SB298Lee Co., boards of registrars, increase maximum number of days board may meet each year, Sec. 17-3-8 am'd.Tom Whatley05/02/2019
SB299State Treasury, Education Retirees' Trust Fund, created, cost-of-living adjustments, to provide funding by lottery if one is authorizedTom Whatley04/16/2019
SB300Taxation, sales and use taxes, lodging taxes, provide those taxpayers option to file reports on quarterly, semiannual, or annual basis, Secs. 40-23-7, 40-23-68, 40-26-3 am'd.William “Bill” M. Beasley05/16/2019
SB301Absentee voting, procedures revised, circumstances when authorized expanded, photo identification for application required, Secs. 17-9-51 repealed; Secs. 17-9-30, 17-10-1, 17-10-2, 17-11-3, 17-11-4, 17-11-5, 17-11-7, 17-11-18, 17-11-19 am'd.Rodger Smitherman05/30/2019Signed
SB302Public assistance, administration of Lifeline qualifying public assistance programs, Sec. 37-2A-7 am'd.Rodger Smitherman05/30/2019Signed
SB303Corrections Dept., two-step salary increase for certain employees, to receive payment for any accrued and unused annual leave, bonuses, Sec. 14-1-20 am'd.Cam Ward04/23/2019
SB304Teachers, provisional teaching certificates, length of time for which emergency certificate is valid is extended from one year to two years, Secs. 16-3-16, 16-23-3, 16-23-16.1, 16-24C-3 am'd.Clyde Chambliss05/23/2019
SB305Municipal occupational taxes, prohibited if not already in effect unless authorized by local lawJimmy Holley05/22/2019
SB306Crimes and offenses, criminal surveillance, crime further provided to include the commission of the crime using a unmanned aircraft system, Secs. 13A-11-30, 13A-11-32 am'd.Gerald H. Allen04/16/2019
SB307Municipalities, business license tax on gross receipts, gross receipts not to include any other taxes on gasoline or motor fuels, Sec. 11-51-90.1 am'd.Gerald H. Allen04/25/2019
SB278Boards and commissions, Alabama Small Business Commission, appointing authority further provided, Sec. 41-29-240 am'd.Garlan Gudger05/31/2019Signed
SB279Elections, courts, supreme court and courts of appeal, judicial seats further provided forRodger Smitherman05/30/2019Signed
SB280Motor vehicles, seat belt use required for each occupant while vehicle is in motion, Secs. 32-5B-4 am'd.Bobby D. Singleton04/16/2019
SB281Alabama State University, board of trustees, Governor, serve as an ex officio member, selection of president and president pro tempore by membership of the board, Secs. 16-50-20, 16-50-26 am'd.Bobby D. Singleton05/30/2019Signed
SB282Fire districts, exempting timber lands from fire district service charges, responsibility for fire services under the Alabama Forestry CommissionGreg Albritton05/29/2019Signed
SB283Domestic violence, protection orders, definitions clarified, notice of hearing and service of process requirements clarified, fines and penalties for violations clarified, Sec. 13A-6-139.1 repealed; Secs. 13A-6-130, 13A-6-131, 13A-6-132, 13A-6-134, 13A-6-138, 13A-6-142, 15-10-3, 15-13-190, 15-23-68, 30-5-2, 30-5-3, 30-5-5, 30-5-8 am'd.Clay Scofield05/16/2019
SB284DeKalb Co., sheriff, pistol permits, fee reduced for persons age 62 or older, Sec. 45-25-232 am'd.Steve Livingston05/14/2019Signed
SB285Motor vehicles, unclaimed motor vehicles, title hold, further provided, bond requirement, provided, Secs. 32-8-84, 32-13-2, 32-13-3 am'd.Steve Livingston04/25/2019
SB272Abortion, prohibits issuance of public funding to abortion providers or affiliates, with exceptionsGerald H. Allen04/11/2019
SB273Bicycles, to allow a person riding a bicycle to treat a stop sign as a yield sign, Sec. 32-5A-267 added; Sec. 32-5A-260 am'd.Gerald H. Allen04/11/2019
SB274Alcoholic beverages, wine, direct shipment to consumer, authorized under certain conditions, wine direct shipper license required by Alcoholic Beverage Control Board, penalties, Sec. 28-3A-6.1 added; Sec. 28-1-4 am'd.Bobby D. Singleton04/25/2019
SB275Constitution, Legislature authorized to recompile constitution and submit at 2022 Reg. Sess., and provide for its ratification, const. amend.Rodger Smitherman04/23/2019
SB276Entertainment districts, allow wineries, distilleries, and breweries to sell alcohol for consumption within districts, revise qualifications for certain municipalities to establish, Sec. 28-3A-17.1 am'd.Rodger Smitherman05/30/2019Signed
SB277Criminal history background checks, require background check for only adult working in a child care institution, group home, maternity center, or transitional living facility, Secs. 38-13-2, 38-13-4 am'd.Rodger Smitherman05/23/2019Signed
SB266Child custody, parenting plan required in all cases, court established plan in certain cases, remedies for violations of plan, Sec. 30-3-158 added; Secs. 30-3-150, 30-3-151, 30-3-152, 30-3-153 am'd.Larry Stutts05/02/2019
SB267Motor vehicles, authorized emergency vehicles, volunteer firefighters may use personal vehicles as emergency vehicles with purple emergency lights, Secs. 32-1-1.1, 32-5A-115 am'd.Larry Stutts05/29/2019
SB268Ports, inland facilities, $10 million of add'l. motor fuel tax levied by Act 2019-2 transfered from Rebuild Alabama Fund to Economic and Community Affairs Dept., Inland Port and Intermodal Fund created, use for inland ports and intermodal facilities to interconnect with other modes of transportationArthur Orr05/08/2019
SB269Wine and beer festivals authorized, licensed by ABC Board, allow retail sale of wine and beer by manufacturers, Sec. 28-3A-20.3 added.Andrew Jones05/02/2019
SB270Etowah Co., sheriff, feeding of prisoners further provided for, and for exoense allowance for sheriff, Prisoner Food Fund established, const. amend.Andrew Jones05/14/2019Signed
SB271Alcoholic beverages, wine, direct shipment to consumer, authorized under certain conditions, wine direct shipper license required by Alcoholic Beverage Control Board, penalties, Sec. 28-3A-6.1 added; Sec. 28-1-4 am'd.Andrew Jones04/18/2019
SB247Reapportionment, redistricting or reapportionment plan, Permanent Legislative Committee on Reapportionment to intervene in any legal action that contests the validity of, Sec. 29-1-2.5 am'd.Jim McClendon04/16/2019
SB248Taxation, adaptive equipment, exempt from sales and use taxes, Sec. 40-23-4 am'd.Jim McClendon05/21/2019
SB249Entertainment events, limiting the circumstances in which a ticket vendor or entertainment venue can place restrictions on the resale or transfer of ticketsBobby D. Singleton04/16/2019
SB250Baldwin Co., schools, impact certain new subdivisions or multi-family devleopment have on student capacityChris Elliott05/09/2019
SB251Law enforcement, to require law enforcement officers to undergo sensitivity training, require law enforcement to recruit social workersRodger Smitherman05/02/2019
SB252Mines and Mining, revise qualification guidelines for coal mine personnel, Secs. 25-9-11, 25-9-12, 25-9-17 am'd.Gerald H. Allen05/15/2019Signed
SB253Terrorism, forfeiture of property derived from, authorization of claims by injured parties and law enforcement, allocation of proceeds from forfeiture, civil action for damages, limitationsGerald H. Allen05/08/2019
SB254Motor vehicles, Roderick Scott Safety Belt Use Act of 2019, safety belt use further provided, Secs. 32-5B-1, 32-5B-4 am'd.David Burkette05/30/2019Signed
SB255Education, school resource officers, qualifications further provided for, Sec. 16-1-44.1 am'd.Tim Melson05/22/2019
SB256Health, St. Bd. of, immunization registry, reports re immunization vaccines, review by providers, Sec. 22-11B-2 am'd.Tim Melson05/15/2019
SB257Shelby Co., privately owned sewer systems using public rights-of-way of public roads, required to be regulated and certified by PSC, const. amend.J.T. Waggoner04/09/2019
SB258Edcuation, schools, pledge of allegiance, be conducted at the beginning of each school day, Sec. 16-43-5 am'd.Steve Livingston05/02/2019
SB259DeKalb Co., City of Fort Payne, city council, election of members further provided for, vacancies, Sec. 45-25A-40 am'd.Steve Livingston05/14/2019Signed
SB260Jackson Co., gasoline and motor fuel tax, distrib. for roads and bridges, Act 88-291, 1988 Reg. Sess., am'd; Sec. 45-36-243.12 am'd.Steve Livingston05/15/2019Signed
SB261Tax exemption, Long RanchSteve Livingston04/09/2019
SB262Motor vehicles, animals, crime to leave an animal in an unattended motor vehicle, immunity to a public safety official who rescues an animal under certain circumstances, Sec. 13A-11-241 am'd.Jimmy Holley05/15/2019
SB263Education, K-3 grades, Alabama Literacy Act, established, steps to improve reading proficiencyArthur Orr04/09/2019
SB264Telecommunications, installation and deployment of small wireless facilities and associated poles, towers, and base stations on the public rights-of-way, authorized, Secs. 37-3A-1 to 37-3A-12, inclusive, added.Arthur Orr05/09/2019
SB265Historical Commission, monuments for Rosa Parks and Helen Keller, public and private funds, including in-kind services used to commission monumentsLinda Coleman-Madison04/16/2019
SB232Municipalities, zoning in police jurisdiction, in counties where another municipality has zoning authority in police jurisdiction, authorizedDavid Burkette05/16/2019
SB233Occupational licensing, providing for waiver of licensing fees for certain applicants, requiring licensing authorities to clarify crimes for which a conviction could result in a denial of an application, providing for a denial review process and an avenue to challenge denials, Sec. 31-1-6 am'd.Greg Albritton04/04/2019
SB234Small farm wineries, authorize to sell to consumers or distribute to retailersTom Whatley04/25/2019
SB235Health, Alabama Injection-Associated Infectious Disease Elimination Act, authorizing the establishment of local and state programs to combat spread of such diseasesBobby D. Singleton05/08/2019
SB236Medical Marijuana, program established to allow use of for certain conditions, defense against prosecution for marijuana possession established, Secs. 2-33-1 to 2-33-8, incl., 2-33-20 to 2-33-23, incl., 2-33-40 to 2-33-49, incl., added; Secs. 13A-12-213, 13A-12-214, 3A-12-214.2, 13A-12-214.3 am'd.Tim Melson05/31/2019Signed
SB237Open Records Act, est., process for access to public records, provided for, fees, Office of Public Access Counselor in Dept. of Examiners of Public Accounts, est., appointment, duties, appeals process and admin, and judicial remedies, provided for, civil penalties, Sec. 36-12-40 repealedCam Ward04/04/2019
SB238Appellate procedure, certain legislative entities and officers authorized to file amicus briefs in certain proceedingsCam Ward05/15/2019
SB239Insurance, Dept. of Insurance, Strengthen Alabama Homes Program, to maintain confidential documents, materials, and other information submitted by property owners, Sec. 27-31E-3 am'd.Phillip W. Williams04/16/2019
SB240Elections, authorize student interns to assist, program createdDonnie Chesteen05/30/2019Signed
SB241Prescriptions, practitioner, electronic prescription specify whether a generic may be dispensed, Sec. 34-23-8 am'd.Larry Stutts04/16/2019
SB242Education, Construction Trade Academy Funding Act, created, Alabama Energy and Residential Codes Board, required to develop program, ADECA, required to administer programSam Givhan05/30/2019Signed
SB243Motor vehicles, ad valorem tax, tax collector, revenue commissioner, or other tax collecting official, final settlement required by Nov. 1 of each year with State Comptroller's office, civil penalties, Sec. 40-5-44 am'd.Randy Price05/30/2019Signed
SB244Plastic bag bans, prohibiting local governments from banning plastic bagsSteve Livingston04/09/2019
SB245Pharmacists, biological drug products, substitution with interchangeable biological products as defined, Sec. 34-23-8.1 added; Sec. 34-23-1 am'd.Tom Butler05/29/2019Signed
SB246Health, mentally ill persons, probate court, authorized to issue a renewal of an involuntary commitment order for treatment, after a hearing, Sec. 22-52-10.10 added; Secs. 22-52-10.2, 22-52-10.3 am'd.Garlan Gudger05/28/2019Signed
SB224Motor vehicle rentals, private motor vehicle rentals, subject to all insurance, taxation, and licensing laws and rules relating to rental ofJ.T. Waggoner04/03/2019
SB225Hemp, require state to seek federal approval of state program regulating hemp production, deschedule THC derived from hemp as a controlled substance, Secs. 2-8-381, 2-8-383, 20-2-2, 20-2-23 am'd.Tim Melson05/30/2019Signed
SB226Taxation, High Socks for Hope, Inc., exempt from state, county, and municipal sales and use taxesTim Melson05/29/2019
SB227University of North Alabama, technical correction removing reference to State Superintendent of Edu., at-large member from within or without state added, Secs. 16-51-1, 16-51-3 am'd.Larry Stutts04/03/2019
SB228Sheriffs, co. jails, feeding or prisoners, fee increased, deposit in Prisoner Feeding Fund, increases provided every two years, continuous approp. from St. Gen Fund for emergency costs overruns, Secs. 14-6-40, 14-6-42, 14-6-47, 14-6-48, 36-22-17 am'd; Sec. 14-6-43 repealedArthur Orr05/02/2019Signed
SB229Elections, Boards of Registrars, Chambers Co., working days increased to 180 days, Sec. 17-3-8 am'd.Randy Price05/31/2019Signed
SB230Ethics, thing of value definition revised, lobbyists required to report the gifts to the Ethics Commission, penalties, Secs. 13A-10-61.1, 13A-10-61.2, 36-25-1.3, 36-25B-1 to 36-25B-25, inclusive, added; Secs. 36-25-1 to 36-25-30, inclusive, repealed; Secs. 13A-10-60,13A-10-61 am'd.Greg Albritton04/04/2019
SB231Etowah Co., office of Sheriff, nonexempt employees, under authority of co. personnel bd., Amendment 899 (Section 7.50, Local Amendments, Etowah County, Recompiled Constitution of Alabama of 1901, as amended) am'd., const. amend.Andrew Jones05/23/2019
SB183Pet stores, regulation of, prohibit from providing false information on certifications, civil penalities, Dept. of Agriculture and Industries provided rulemaking authority, Agricultural Fund, createdDavid Sessions04/03/2019
SB184Peace officers and firefighters, injury or death benefits, certain wildland firefighters eligible, Peace Officers' and Firefighters' Death Benefit Fund, created, conditional appropriation, Sec. 36-30-6.1 added; Secs. 36-30-1, 36-30-6 am'd.Greg Albritton05/08/2019
SB185Taxation, tax credits, Railroad Modernization Act, state income tax credit authorized for qualified railroad reconstruction or replacement expendituresBobby D. Singleton04/02/2019
SB189Mortgages, fee increase for recording of mortgages, deeds of trust, distribution of proceeds to Alabama Housing Trust Fund, Sec. 40-22-2 am'd.Linda Coleman-Madison04/02/2019
SB193Unemployment benefits, maximum amount paid to an individual revised contingent on the state's average unemployment rate, maximum weekly benefits revised, terms of losing benefits due to disqualification, Secs. 25-4-72, 25-4-74, 25-4-78 am'd.Arthur Orr05/14/2019Signed
SB195Appropriations, supplemental appropriations for fiscal year 2018, from Education Trust FundArthur Orr05/29/2019Signed
SB197Talladega College, appropriationHank Sanders05/29/2019Signed
SB198Courts, Administrative Director of Courts, appointment by the Supreme Court of Alabama, procedure establishedArthur Orr05/30/2019Signed
SB199Education budget, appropriations for the support, maintenance, and development of public educationArthur Orr05/31/2019Signed
SB200Tuskegee University, appropriationWilliam “Bill” M. Beasley05/30/2019Signed
SB201Taxation, Victims of Crime and Leniency, Incorporated, exempt from state, county and municipal sales and use taxesWilliam “Bill” M. Beasley05/23/2019
SB202Local governments, bond financing review forms, bond financing agreement documents to include a schedule of all of the debt obligations of the county under certain conditions, signed acknowledgement required, municipalities and local school boards required to follow the same procedures required of a county before entering into a bond financing agreement and required to complete a government bond financing review form developed by the Department of Examiners of Public Accounts, Secs. 11-8A-3, 11-8A-4 am'd.Arthur Orr04/23/2019
SB203Lyman Ward Military Academy, appropriationTom Whatley05/30/2019Signed
SB205Home Builders Licensure Board, salary, executive director and deputy director, board required to obtain approval of Governor and the State Personnel Board when setting salary for, Sec. 34-14A-4 am'd.Steve Livingston04/30/2019
SB207Motor vehicles, removal of child or incapacitated person from locked vehicle, immunity under certain conditionsJimmy Holley05/30/2019Signed
SB208Association of Realtors, distinctive license plates, redirect distribution of proceeds of sales from Alabama Children's Trust Fund to the Alabama Realtors Foundation, Sec. 32-6-523 am'd.Jimmy Holley05/07/2019Signed
SB210Contract Review Permanent Legislative Oversight Committee, membership altered to include chairs of House Ways and Means General Fund and Education and Senate Finance and Taxation General Fund and Education Committees, provide further for the length of terms on the committee, Sec. 29-2-40 am'd.Jimmy Holley04/23/2019
SB211Abortion, make abortion a Class A felony and attempted abortion a Class C felonyGreg Albritton04/02/2019
SB212Montgomery Co., rental tax, co. commission authorized to levy and collect, exemptions, administration and enforcement of rental taxDavid Burkette05/14/2019Signed
SB214Motor vehicles, school and church buses, special stops required when approaching, criminal penalties for violations, further penalties for causing death or bodily injury, Sec. 32-5A-154 am'd.Gerald H. Allen04/16/2019
SB217Courts, Alabama Court Cost Commission, established, const. amend.Greg Albritton05/14/2019
SB174Business entities, revising the Alabama Business Corporation Law, to reflect national standards set by the Model Business Corporation Act, Secs. 10A-2A-1.01 to 10A-2A-17.06, inclusive added; Secs. 10A-1-1.02, 10A-1-1.03, 10A-1-1.08, 10A-1-1.12, 10A-1-3.05, 10A-1-3.06, 10A-1-3.32, 10A-1-3.42, 10A-1-4.01, 10A-1-4.02, 10A-1-4.04, 10A-1-4.06, 10A-1-4.11, 10A-1-4.13, 10A-1-4.15, 10A-1-4.21, 10A-1-4.23, 10A-1-4.24, 10A-1-4.25, 10A-1-4.26, 10A-1-4.31, 10A-1-5.01, 10A-1-5.08, 10A-1-6.01, 10A-1-6.02, 10A-1-7.01, 10A-1-7.04, 10A-1-7.11, 10A-1-7.21, 10A-1-7.31, 10A-1-8.01, 10A-1-8.02, 10A-1-8.04, 10A-1-9.01, 10A-4-2.02, 10A-4-4.01, 10A-4-4.02, 10A-4-5.01, 10A-4-5.04, 10A-5A-10.01, 10A-5A-10.03, 10A-5A-10.04, 10A-5A-10.05, 10A-5A-10.07, 10A-5A-10.08, 10A-8A-9.02, 10A-8A-9.04, 10A-8A-9.05, 10A-8A-9.06, 10A-8A-9.08, 10A-8A-9.09, 10A-9A-10.02, 10A-9A-10.04, 10A-9A-10.05, 10A-9A-10.06, 10A-9A-10.08, 10A-9A-10.09, 10A-10-1.09, 10A-10-1.12, 10A-10-1.15, 10A-10-1.16, 10A-11-1.01, 10A-11-1.03, 10A-11-1.04, 10A-11-1.06, 10A-11-1.12, 10A-30-2.01, 10A-30-2.03, 10A-30-2.04, 10A-30-2.05, 10A-30-2.06, 10A-30-2.09, 10A-30-2.12, 10A-30-2.13, am'd; Secs. 10A-2-1.01 to 10A-2-17.02, inclusive, repealedSam Givhan04/18/2019
SB175Municipalities, council-manager form of government, procedures and timing further provided for, petition and election required, ballot, Secs. 11-43A-1.1, 11-43A-7, 11-43A-8 am'd.J.T. Waggoner05/15/2019
SB176Hoover, ad valorem tax for public schools, increase by 2.4 mills, referendumJ.T. Waggoner05/14/2019Signed
SB179Jefferson Co., judges, circuit or district, temporary assignment, prohibiting Chief Justice of the Supreme Court from assigning circuit or district judge to serve within another judicial circuit, Secs. 12-9A-7, 12-9A-8 am'd.Rodger Smitherman05/22/2019
SB180Teachers' Retirement System, retirees and beneficiaries of deceased retirees, cost-of-living increase, provided forRodger Smitherman04/02/2019
SB204Administrative procedures, terminology updated, business impact analysis further specified when agency is required to prepare, revise the name of the Joint Committee on Administrative Regulation Review, Secs. 41-22-2, 41-22-3, 41-22-5, 41-22-5.1, 41-22-5.2, 41-22-6, 41-22-7, 41-22-8, 41-22-22, 41-22-22.1, 41-22-23, 41-22-27 am'd.Greg Albritton05/30/2019Signed
SB206Employees' Retirement System, retirees and beneficiaries, one-time lump-sum additional paymentCam Ward05/22/2019
SB209Saltwater fishing licenses, military veterans appreciation saltwater fishing license, authorized, 3-day saltwater fishing event licenses for disabled persons, authorized, Sec. 9-11-56.5 added; Sec. 9-11-53.1 am'd.Jimmy Holley05/02/2019Signed
SB213Alabama Genetic Counselor Act, Board of Genetic Counseling created to license genetic counselors, powers of board, qualifications for licensure, exemptions from licensure provided, funding, and penalties for violationsJ.T. Waggoner05/15/2019Signed
SB215Environment, dredging regulated, exempt certain construction projectsDavid Sessions04/18/2019
SB216Constitutional amendment, Judicial Article revised, vacancies in the office of a judge, procedure further provided, age restriction on judicial office, increased, judicial discipline further provided, Judicial Inquiry Commission, membership further provided, impeachment of justices of supreme court deleted, Administrative Director of Courts, appointed further provided, const. amend.Arthur Orr05/15/2019Signed
SB218Relating to simplified sellers use tax; to modify certain definitions; to clarify when certian taxes can or cannot be remitted; and to provide for adjustments to simplified sellers use tax. Amended code sections: 40-23-191, 40-23-192, 40-23-193, 40-23-195, 40-23-199.2Greg Albritton04/02/2019
SB219Education, National Guard, to limit amount of private tuition reimbursed to eligible guard members, Secs. 31-10-20 to 31-10-25, inclusive, repealed; Secs. 31-10-2, 31-10-3, 31-10-4.1 am'd.Tom Whatley05/30/2019
SB220Alabama Lottery estab., Alabama General Fund Lottery, participation in multi-state lottery games only, constitutional amendmentGreg Albritton05/15/2019
SB221Judicial circuits and districts, reallocate the number of circuit judges and district judges every 20 years based on population, Secs. 12-11-2, 12-12-1 am'd.Tom Whatley04/11/2019
SB222County Superintendent of Education, required to be appointed unless provided otherwise by constitutionTom Butler05/31/2019
SB223Elmore Co., county engineer or chief engineer, duties, surpervison of employees, Sec. 45-36-130 am'd.Clyde Chambliss05/14/2019Signed
SB177Mountain Brook, ad valorem tax for schools, city council authorized to levy, referendumJ.T. Waggoner05/14/2019Signed
SB178Corporations, name of Alabama Limited Liability Company Law revised, duty of partner not to compete before dissolution of partnership, clarified, Secs. 10A-5A-1.01, 10A-8A-1.01, 10A-8A-4.11 am'd.Rodger Smitherman05/23/2019
SB181Real Estate Appraisers Board, evaluations of property for financial institutions authorized by federal financial institutions regulatory agencies, excluded from regulation by the board, investigators employed by board authorized to be licensees, Secs. 34-27A-2, 34-27A-3, 34-27A-5, 34-27A-23 am'd.Shay Shelnutt04/16/2019
SB182Public water utilities, regulation of certain private water system utilities in Class 8 municipalities, Sec. 37-4-2.1 am'd.Clyde Chambliss05/15/2019
SB186Railroads, Class II or Class III, corporate income tax credit for railroad reconstruction and replacements expenditures, transfer to taxpayers subject to corporate or indiv. income taxBobby D. Singleton04/04/2019
SB187State income tax credits, to extend rural practice tax credit to certified registered nurse practitioners and certified registered nurse anesthetists, Secs. 40-18-130, 40-18-131, 40-18-132 am'd.Bobby D. Singleton04/04/2019
SB188Motor fuel taxes, to authorize Revenue Commissioner to temporarily waive licensing requirements for fuel importers, exporters, and transporters during a state of emergency, Sec. 40-2-11 am'd.Gerald H. Allen04/02/2019
SB190Courts, magistrates and clerks of circuit, and district courts, absolute judicial immunity granted under certain conditionsLinda Coleman-Madison05/15/2019Signed
SB191Asset forfeitures, Alabama Forfeiture Accountability and Integrity Reform Act, established, Secs. 13A-8-117, 13A-11-37, 15-5-60 to 15-5-65, inclusive, 20-2-93 repealedArthur Orr05/30/2019Signed
SB192Public education employees, salary increase, including K-12 and certain other designated education institutionsArthur Orr05/29/2019Signed
SB194Nurse Anesthetists, certified registered (CRNA's), insurance and health benefit plans, direct payments for services, definition of CRNA for purposes of law updated, Sec. 27-46-3 am'd.Bobby D. Singleton05/16/2019
SB196Appropriations, supplemental appropriations for fiscal year ending September 30, 2018, from the Education Trust Fund Advancement and Technology Fund to various school systems and colleges and universities, and other entitiesArthur Orr05/30/2019Signed
SB173Legislative Oversight Committee, distinctive tag program, private two-year colleges, Sec. 32-6-67 am'd.Garlan Gudger05/08/2019
SB172Manufactured homes, distribution of certificate of title transaction fees clarified; years for requirement for certificate of title updated. Section amnd 32-20-4, 32-20-20, and 32-20-21Garlan Gudger04/16/2019
SB171Lodging tax, rooms and spaces not used for overnight accommodations, exemption, consistent with rule of Revenue Dept., Sec. 40-26-1 am'd.Garlan Gudger05/31/2019Signed
SB170Mountain Brook, ad valorem tax for schools, city council authorized to levy, referendumJ.T. Waggoner03/21/2019
SB169Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Contractors, Board of, replace definition, qualifications, and registration requirements for positions of an apprentice with the positions of Technician I and Technician II, Secs. 34-31-18, 34-31-24, 34-31-25, 34-31-28 am'd.Clay Scofield05/08/2019
SB167Conservation and Natural Resources Dept., sensitive personally identifying information, removed from fishing equipment and trapping equipment, Secs. 9-11-22, 9-11-59 am'd.Randy Price05/23/2019
SB168State Board for Registration of Architects, exemption from registration as architect expanded to include townhomes, duplexes, and buildings containing single family residence units, Sec. 34-2-32 am'd.Steve Livingston03/21/2019
SB166Beer suppliers and wholesalers, regulation of contracts governing, revised, Sec. 28-9-5.1 added; Sec. 28-9-4 am'd.Cam Ward03/21/2019
SB165Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Patient Safety Act, Alabama Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Bd created, licensing of limited x-ray machine operators, magnetic resonance technologist, nuclear medicine technologist, radiation therapist, radiographer, and radiologist assistants, providedTom Whatley03/21/2019
SB164Juveniles, authorize juvenile court judges to extend jurisdiction of a community mental health officer in his or her county to juveniles, Secs. 22-52-90, 22-52-91, 22-52-92, 22-52-93 am'd.Unknown03/21/2019
SB163Occupational licensees, process created to allow persons convicted of crime to apply for if granted relief by courtCam Ward05/29/2019Signed
SB162Motor fuel taxes, to authorize Revenue Commissioner to temporarily waive licensing requirements for fuel importers, exporters, and transporters during a state of emergency, Sec. 40-2-11 am'd.Vivian Davis Figures05/02/2019
SB161Alabama Security Regulatory Board, bd. auth. to hold hearings and issue subpoenas, fees set by rule of board, classroom training requirements provided and modified by rule of board, practice without license a Class A misdemeanor, Secs. 34-27C-1 to 34-27C-5, inclusive, 34-27C-7 to 34-27C-13, inclusive, 34-27C-16, 34-27C-17, 34-27C-18 am'd.J.T. Waggoner05/15/2019Signed
SB157Mandatory Liability Insurance Law, definitions updated, eliminate four-month suspension of registration for second and subsequent violations, allow voluntary surrender of vehicle registration and license plate under certain conditions, Secs. 32-7A-2, 32-7A-5, 32-7A-8, 32-7A-11, 32-7A-12 am'd.Clyde Chambliss05/28/2019
SB160Animals, required rabies vaccines for certain canidae and felidae, further provided for, possession of certain large felidae, wolves, or bears, prohibited under certain conditions, minimum caging requirements, penalties, Secs. 3-8-1 am'd; Sec. 3-8-2 added.Chris Elliott03/20/2019
SB159Telecommunications, broadband services, deployment of broadband infrastructure and telecommunication services near the right-of-way of railroads, procedure establishedDonnie Chesteen03/20/2019
SB156Nursing, Board of, scope of practice of Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists revised, authorized to practice in coordination with a licensed physician, Sec. 34-21-81 am'd.Jim McClendon03/20/2019
SB158Taxation, tax credit, authorized for the cost of acquisition and construction of a qualified storm shelterTom Whatley05/21/2019
SB155Juvenile Justice, provisions relating to the juvenile justice system substantially revised, adoption of policies for absenteeism and school misconduct required, Juvenile Justice Reinvestment Fund, created, Secs, 12-15-102, 12-15-107, 12-15-119, 12-15-120, 12-15-126, 12-15-127, 12-15-128, 12-15-132, 12-15-207, 12-15-209, 12-15-211, 12-15-215, 12-15-221, 12-15-701, 12-25-9, 15-20A-5, 16-28-2.2, 16-28-8, 16-28-13, 16-28-14, 16-28-16, 16-28-17, 16-28-18, 44-1-24, 44-1-36 am'd.Cam Ward03/20/2019
SB154Toll roads and bridges, Toll Road, Bridge and Tunnel Authority, state and local tax exemptions further provided, Secs. 23-2-142, 23-2-153 am'd.Chris Elliott05/30/2019Signed
SB153Taxation, simplified sellers use tax, updates to the amnesty and class action provisions, collection of tax clarified, Sec. 40-23-199 am'd.Tim Melson05/23/2019
SB151Health care, requires health care practitioners to include information about licensure in advertising and in other communications with patientsTim Melson03/20/2019
SB152Vessels, certificate of title, uniform act, requirements, issuance by State Law Enforcement Agency, security agreement, perfectionWilliam “Bill” M. Beasley04/03/2019
SB150Boxing, Wrestling, and Mixed Martial Arts Act, Athletic Commission, membership revised for the medical advisory panel, drug testing, licenses. Secs. 41-9-1023, 41-9-1027, 41-9-1030 am'd.Gerald H. Allen03/20/2019
SB149Retirement, Deferred Retirement Option Plan (DROP), open participation in Employees' Investment Retirement Plan (EIRP), options for Tier I and Tier II members to participate, reopened, Secs. 16-25-150, 16-25-151, 36-27-170, 36-27-171 am'd.Shay Shelnutt03/20/2019
SB148Pharmacy Bd., appeals of decisions to circuit court, venue in county where bond is located, Sec. 34-23-94 am'd.J.T. Waggoner03/20/2019
SB146Mountain Brook, alcoholic beverage, Sunday sales, city council authorized to commence at 10:00 a.m.J.T. Waggoner05/14/2019Signed
SB147Retirement, benefits for local employers participating in ERS, retirement benefits given to Tier I plan members authorized for Tier II plan members, Sec. 36-27-6.5 addedJ.T. Waggoner05/02/2019Signed
SB145Civitan International, Inc., exempt from all sales and use taxesJ.T. Waggoner04/04/2019
SB143Motor vehicles, Fleet vehicles, licensing and registration of, provided, Revenue Dept. required to establish a fleet online tax system, Secs. 40-12-305 to 40-12-309, inclusive, added; Sec. 40-12-240 am'd.Dan Roberts04/02/2019
SB144Dental Scholarship Awards Board, Alabama Dental Service Program, name revised from Council on Dental Education to Commission on Dental Accreditation of the American Dental Association, Sec. 16-47-78 am'd.Garlan Gudger05/02/2019Signed
SB142Taxation, Alabama Eye Bank, exempt from state, county, and municipal sales and use taxesJ.T. Waggoner05/30/2019Signed
SB141Motor vehicles, distracted driving, use of cell phone while operating a motor vehicle prohibited, exceptionsJ.T. Waggoner05/31/2019Signed
SB140Sex education, public K-12 school, content and course materials revised, Sec. 16-40A-2 am'd.Tom Whatley05/02/2019
SB139Eminent domain, condemnation actions, land acquisitions of rights-of-way, waiver valuations authorized under certain conditions, Secs. 18-1A-3, 18-1A-22 am'd.William “Bill” M. Beasley04/18/2019
SB137Lee Co., additional circuit judge, conditioned on funding for compensation and benefits by county commission, electionTom Whatley03/19/2019
SB138Statewide 911 Board, statewide voice and data system administered, fund grants, annual report published on status of 911 service, Sec. 11-98-4.1 am'd.Jimmy Holley04/16/2019Signed
SB136Veterans, provide a waiver for a three year period of all regulatory fees associated with new veteran-owned businesses, Alabama Entrepreneurial Military Veteran ActTom Whatley04/16/2019
SB135Expungement of criminal records, authorized for youthful offenders, Sec. 15-27-2.1 addedTom Whatley04/25/2019
SB134Lee Co., four-way stops, solicitation, prohibited, civil penalties for violationsTom Whatley05/14/2019Signed
SB133Driving under the influence, ignition interlock devices, other alcohol monitoring device approved by the court, Secs. 32-5A-191, 32-5A-191.4 am'd.Tom Whatley05/23/2019
SB132Veterans, Emergency Missing Veteran Alert Program, created, ALEA to implement program, rulemaking authority, activation and deactivation of an alert proceduresTom Whatley03/19/2019
SB130Lottery, authorized, Alabama Lottery Corporation, created, distrib. of revenues for college scholarships, Sec. 65, Constitution of Alabama of 1901 am'd., const. amend.Jim McClendon03/19/2019
SB131National Guard benefits, increase survivor and education benefits, Secs. 31-3-2, 31-6-4, 31-12-1, 31-12-2 am'd.Tom Whatley05/28/2019
SB129Protect Alabama Small Businesses Act, regulation of franchisers and representatives in effort to prevent fraud, unfair business practices and abuses on franchisees, penaltiesChris Elliott05/16/2019
SB128Elections, revealing the contents of another voter's ballot prohibited, violation a Class B misdemeanor, Sec. 17-9-50.1 addedChris Elliott05/28/2019Signed
SB127Future Advance mortgages, provide that future indebtedness secures when mortgage created, Sec. 35-10-120 to 35-10-124, inclusive, added.Shay Shelnutt04/03/2019
SB125Juvenile Justice, provisions relating to the juvenile justice system substantially revised, adoption of policies for absenteeism and school misconduct required, Juvenile Justice Reinvestment Fund, created, Secs, 12-15-102, 12-15-107, 12-15-119, 12-15-120, 12-15-126, 12-15-127, 12-15-128, 12-15-132, 12-15-207, 12-15-209, 12-15-211, 12-15-215, 12-15-221, 12-15-701, 12-25-9, 15-20A-5, 16-28-2.2, 16-28-8, 16-28-13, 16-28-14, 16-28-16, 16-28-17, 16-28-18, 44-1-24, 44-1-36 am'd.Cam Ward03/19/2019
SB126General Fund Appropriation Act, max. amount of annual approp, General Fund Reserve Fund and Capital Fund estab., unspent approps transfer to fund, General Fund Budget Reform ActClyde Chambliss04/25/2019
SB124American Lebanese Syrian Associated Charities, Inc., sales and use tax, exemptJ.T. Waggoner04/30/2019
SB123Revenue Dept, income tax refunds, set off debt collection, sums collected on behalf of claimant agency by other authorized entities are considered debts, Sec. 40-18-100 am'd.Tim Melson05/07/2019Signed
SB122ClasTran, Birmingham Regional Paratransit Consortium, exempt from all sales and use taxesJ.T. Waggoner05/30/2019Signed
SB121State employees, cost-of-living increase for fiscal year beginning October 1, 2018.Greg Albritton03/19/2019
SB119Common Core Curriculum Standards, terminated, prior courses of study to be implementedDel Marsh03/21/2019
SB120Crimes and offenses, theft of shoplifting, crime createdClyde Chambliss05/21/2019
SB118Homeowner's Insurance, companies writing to offer fortified bronze roof endorsement upgrading home to fortified standard when roof damage requires roof to be replaced, Sec. 27-31D-4 added.Phillip W. Williams04/16/2019
SB117Mental health, provide right of appeal for Dept. of Mental Health if court denies petition to release defendant adjudicated not guilty by reason of insanity, Secs. 15-16-41, 15-16-43, 15-16-60 to 15-16-71, inclusive, am'd.Cam Ward05/22/2019
SB116Lottery, authorized, Alabama Lottery Corporation, created, distrib. of revenues for college scholarships, Sec. 65, Constitution of Alabama of 1901 am'd., const. amend.Jim McClendon03/19/2019
SB114Optometrists, practice of optometry defined, Secs. 34-22-1, 34-22-42 am'd.Tom Whatley03/19/2019
SB115Health, neonatal abstinence centers, provide for licensure and regulation by State Board of HealthJim McClendon03/19/2019
SB113Expungement, to allow expungement of convictions if the person has received a pardon, Secs. 15-27-1, 15-27-2 am'd.Cam Ward05/22/2019
SB112Class 2 municipalities, business improvement districts, levy on class of businesses for promotion of tourism, including for room levy, procedures for establishment, expansion or reduction of other business improvement districts, Secs. 11-54B-40, 11-54B-41, 11-54B-43 to 11-54B-50, inclusive, 11-54B-57, 11-54B-58 am'd.Vivian Davis Figures05/14/2019Signed
SB111Capital offenses, requiring juvenile defendant convicted of capital murder to be eligible for parole after serving 25 years, Secs. 13A-5-2, 13A-5-43, 13A-6-2, 15-22-27.3 am'd.Cam Ward03/19/2019
SB109Elections, tampering with an electronic voting machine, voter fraud, Election Integrity Act, Secs. 17-17-23, 17-17-24 am'd.Cam Ward05/07/2019
SB110Commerce, recapture benefit extended to call centers that relocate out of stateCam Ward05/29/2019Signed
SB108Pharmacy, St. Board, pharmacy technicians, reinstatement of license, lapsed fees limited to five years, Sec. 34-23-131am'd.Tom Butler04/30/2019
SB107Pharmacists, collaborative practice agreements with a physician, agreements to be submitted to Bd. of Pharmacy and St. Bd. of Medical Examiners, Sec. 34-23-77 addedTom Butler03/19/2019
SB106Age of majority, members of Armed Forces, may open checking or savings account, Sec. 26-1-5 am'd.Andrew Jones05/15/2019Signed
SB104Taxpayers Bill of Rights, revised to eliminate prohibition against entering into installment payment agreement with certain taxpayers, Secs. 40-2A-4, 40-2A-10 am'd.Bobby D. Singleton03/19/2019
SB105Advisory Board to the State Health Officer, authorize to meet by electronic means and establish rules of procedures for meetings, Sec. 22-21-27 am'd.Greg J. Reed04/18/2019
SB103Vending machines, sale of corn in, authorized, inspection by Agriculture and Industries Dept, requiredTom Whatley03/19/2019
SB102Dogs, used for agricultural work, exempt from local leash laws, exceptionTom Whatley05/31/2019Signed
SB101Alabama Council of Chapters - Military Officers Association of America, and its affiliated local chapters located in Alabama, exempt from state, county, and municipal sales and use taxTom Whatley04/16/2019
SB99Supplemental appropriations, Corrections Dept., Departmental Emergency Fund, and Forensic Sciences, supp. approp. for fiscal year 2018Greg Albritton03/19/2019
SB100Prosthetic and orthotic devices, health benefit plans, coverage the same as Medicare, coverage under health care service plans and health maint. organizations, Secs. 10A-20-6.16, 27-21A-23 am'd.William “Bill” M. Beasley03/19/2019
SB98Marijuana, possession of, penalties revised, quantities included, possession of marijuana in third degree created, Secs. 13A-12-214.4, 13A-12-214.5 added; Secs. 13A-12-213, 13A-12-214 am'd.Bobby D. Singleton04/18/2019
SB97Conservation and Natural Resources Dept., wildlife management areas, penalties for violating laws and rules, classification of offense, Sec. 9-11-307 am'd.David Sessions05/28/2019Signed
SB96Alcoholic beverages, Sunday sales, authorize the governing body of a wet municipality, by ordinance, permit and regulate the sale of, under certain conditions, Sec. 28-3A-25 am'd.Tom Whatley03/19/2019
SB95Telemarketers and telephone solicitations, knowing display of misleading caller identification information prohibited, Sec. 8-19C-2.1 added; Secs. 8-19A-3, 8-19A-20, 8-19C-2, 8-19C-3, 8-19C-5, 8-19C-6, 8-19C-7, 8-19C-11 am'd.Andrew Jones03/19/2019
SB93Hurtsboro, alcoholic beverages, Sunday sales under certain conditionsWilliam “Bill” M. Beasley05/14/2019Signed
SB94Income tax, credit for certain qualified clean-burning motor fuel property including motor vehicles propelled by compressed natural gas, liquified natural gas, or liquified petroleum gas, limitation, Revenue Dept. authorized to make rulesBobby D. Singleton03/19/2019
SB92Dept. of Corrections, inmate escapes, expand notification requirement, Sec. 14-3-58 am'd.Clyde Chambliss05/31/2019Signed
SB91EMS personel, revise licensing process to authorize criminal background checks, revise licensing fees, etc., Sec. 22-18-9 added; Secs. 22-18-4, 22-18-6 am'd.Steve Livingston04/09/2019
SB90Broadband accessibility, grant program to provide broadband in unserved areas revised, Secs. 41-23-212, 41-23-213, 41-23-214 am'd.Clay Scofield05/30/2019Signed
SB88Prescriptions, practitioner, electronic prescription specify whether a generic may be dispensed, Sec. 34-23-8 am'd.Larry Stutts03/19/2019
SB89Lease tax, state and local levies payment and collection based on either seller's place of business or where delivered, automotive vehicles paid where vehicle registered after first payment, Sec. 40-12-222 am'd.Clay Scofield04/18/2019
SB87Children First Trust Fund, appropriations from for fiscal year ending September 30, 2019, use of allocation pursuant to Section 41-15B-2.2 and this act, tobacco settlement revenues deposited in fund within 30 days of receipt, Finance Director to notify each agency of allocation, appropriations conditional on tobacco revenues, appropriation of additional tobacco settlement funds, audit, Children's Affairs Department to report to Legislature and Children's Policy Council, appropriations from General Fund to various entitiesGreg Albritton03/19/2019
SB86Coalition Against Domestic Violence, appropriation, operations plan and audited financial statement required, quarterly and end-of-year reports requiredGreg Albritton03/19/2019
SB85General Fund budget, appropriations for other functions of government, debt service, and capital outlay for fiscal year ending September 30, 2019.Greg Albritton03/19/2019
SB83Education, boards of trustees, four-year institutions of higher education, newly appointed trustee or commissioner required to complete eight hours of professional development during first two yearsTim Melson04/18/2019
SB84Commission on Higher Education, convening deans of all public and private institutions of higher education at least twice a year, discuss improving student access and student success, annual report to Legislature and GovernorTim Melson05/28/2019
SB82Landscape Architects, Board of Examiners of, increase maximum fine from $250 to $2,500 per violation against a licensee, license application fee increased, Secs. 34-17-5, 34-17-25 am'd.Clyde Chambliss04/16/2019
SB77Alcoholic Beverage Control Board, provide for phase out of retail sales of alcohol by board, Secs. 28-3-280 to 28-3-286, inclusive, repealed; Secs. 28-3-43, 28-3-53.1, 28-3-53.2, am'd.Arthur Orr03/05/2019
SB76Estates, probate court proceedings, notice requirements to Alabama Medicaid Agency, provided, probate proceedings, further providedArthur Orr05/31/2019Signed
SB73Pharmacy benefit managers, prohibited from restricting pharmacies and pharmacists from disclosing costs information to patients on alternative drugs or other services and costs, enforcement by Insurance Commissioner, audits further regulated including penalties and assessments against pharmacist, Sec. 34-23-184 am'd.Arthur Orr05/30/2019Signed
SB53Drinking water, to set safety and cleanliness requirements for the design, construction, permitting, and operation of certain water distribution facilities, Sec. 22-23-55 addedCam Ward03/05/2019
SB81Conservation and Natural Resources Dept., illegal parking on department property, fine established, Sec. 9-2-30 added.Chris Elliott05/15/2019
SB79County housing authorities, bonds, electronic posting of notices to potential purchasers of bonds, eliminate bids from being advertised for three weeks, Secs. 24-1-71, 24-1-83, 41-4-16 am'd.Jimmy Holley04/30/2019Signed
SB80Contract Review Permanent Legislative Oversight Committee, membership altered to include chairs of House Ways and Means General Fund and Education and Senate Finance and Taxation General Fund and Education Committees, provide further for the length of terms on the committee, Sec. 29-2-40 am'd.Arthur Orr04/23/2019Signed
SB75Deferred presentment transactions, term set at 30 days, Sec. 5-18A-13 amd.Arthur Orr03/05/2019
SB78Innovation Act, established, tax credits for qualified research expenses, authorized under certain conditions, tax credits authorized to offset certain taxes under certain conditions, to further provide for the allocation and transferability of certain tax credits under certain conditions, Sec. 40-18-390 addedArthur Orr05/31/2019Signed
SB72State employees, lump sum merit reward payments for full-time employees at top of pay ranges authorized, Sec. 36-26-48 addedArthur Orr05/28/2019Signed
SB74Off-road vehicles, all-terrain vehicles (ATV's) and recreational off-road vehicles, registration with Ala. State Law Enforcement Agency, width and weight restrictions increased, Sec. 32-12A-1 am'd.Arthur Orr04/30/2019Signed
SB69Marriage license, recording by judge of probate, transmission to Vital Statistics office, Secs. 30-1-9, 30-1-10, 30-1-11, 30-1-13, 30-1-14 repealed; Secs. 22-9A-17, 30-1-5, 30-1-12, 30-1-16 am'd.Greg Albritton05/28/2019Signed
SB70Aggravated fraud, provide for the crime of, commercial law and consumer protection, securities, crimes and offenses, theft, Sec. 13A-8-220 addedGreg Albritton04/02/2019
SB71Immigration, requiring applicants for business licenses and occupational tax certificates to prove enrollment in and use of E-Verify, exceptions, penalties, Sec. 31-13-15.1 addedArthur Orr04/02/2019
SB67Woodville, corp. limits alt.Steve Livingston04/09/2019Signed
SB68Hale Co., Akron, corp. limits, alt.Bobby D. Singleton04/09/2019Signed
SB65Elected officials, oath of office taken on religious holy book or U.S. or state constitution, const. amend.Shay Shelnutt03/05/2019
SB66Hunting, authorize the taking of whitetail deer or feral swine by means of bait, when baiting privilege license is purchased, under certain conditions, Sec. 9-11-244 am'd.Phillip W. Williams04/30/2019Signed
SB62Consumer protection, roofing, contracts, cancellation of roofing contract further provided, Sec. 8-36-2 am'd.Rodger Smitherman04/25/2019Signed
SB63Underwater Cultural Resources Act, definition of cultural resources, items eligible for, or listed in, the Alabama Register of Landmarks and Hertiage deleted, Sec. 41-9-291 am'd.Jim McClendon05/31/2019Signed
SB64Conservation and Natural Resources Dept., provide legislative findings, prohibiting commissioner and Advisory Board of from limiting use of any species of rattlesnake used in certain hosted events by municipalitiesJimmy Holley03/05/2019
SB60Motor vehicles, reduced speed school zones, to include schools in a municipality, Secs. 32-5A-181, 32-5A-182, 32-5A-183 am'd.Cam Ward04/18/2019
SB61Domestic animals, person who rescues from vehicle, immunity from liability under certain circumstancesDel Marsh03/05/2019
SB58Jackson Co., annual publication of expenditures and receipts, Act 484, 1978 Reg. Sess., repealedSteve Livingston04/09/2019Signed
SB59Public health, to require medical labs to submit certain clinical materials to Department of Public Health in certain cases of suspected disease, and to authorize the State Board of Health to set reasonable schedule of fees for services rendered under Chapter 11A of Title 22, Secs. 22-11A-4, 22-11A-40 am'd.Linda Coleman-Madison05/23/2019Signed
SB56Jackson Co., courts, additional court cost, proceeds to the Jackson County Judicial Employees Fund, to provide staffing for employeesSteve Livingston05/14/2019Signed
SB57Retirement Systems, dependent child, to provide direct retirement benefits be paid to a special needs trust, authorized, Secs. 12-18-156, 16-25-14, 36-27-16 am'd.Cam Ward05/15/2019Signed
SB54Insurance Data Security Law, Insurance Commissioner to regulate, reports to Insurance Dept., licensee to implement information security programs, oversight of third-party providers, reports re cybersecurity events, criminal penalties, Secs. 10A-20-6.16, 27-21A-23 am'd.Shay Shelnutt04/25/2019Signed
SB55Insurance, Commissioner of Insurance authorized to create educational and informational programs, hurricanes and nonhurricane wind and hail added to list of perils insurers required to provide in writing homeowners insurance, Secs. 27-2-7, 27-22-21 am'd.Phillip W. Williams04/16/2019
SB52Insurance companies, corporate governance, required to provide Commissioner of Insurance annually, insurance holding company systems, definition of internationally active insurance groups, confidentially, Corporate Governance Model Act enacted, Secs. 27-29B-1 to 27-29B-9, inclusive, added; Secs. 27-29-1, 27-29-7 am'd.Shay Shelnutt04/25/2019Signed
SB50Baker Hill, alcoholic beverages, Sunday sales under certain conditionsWilliam “Bill” M. Beasley05/14/2019Signed
SB51Midway, alcoholic beverages, Sunday sales under certain conditionsWilliam “Bill” M. Beasley05/14/2019Signed
SB48Opiods, boards certifying prescribing, opiate risk education requiredAndrew Jones05/21/2019
SB49Union Springs, alcoholic beverages, Sunday sales under certain conditions, Act 2018-191, 2018 Reg. Sess., repealedWilliam “Bill” M. Beasley05/14/2019Signed
SB47Motor vehicles, autonomous vehicles, defined, operation by remote human operator, duties after accident, Transportation Dept to have jurisdiction overGerald H. Allen05/30/2019Signed
SB46Hunting license, disabled person, extending discounted group rate, name change of discounted license to Physically Disabled Sportsman's special three-day event license, Secs. 9-11-49, 9-11-54 am'd.Jimmy Holley03/05/2019
SB44Class 6 municipalities, golf carts, mun. may authorize on mun. streets, regulation, more restrictive ordinances authorized, penaltiesClyde Chambliss05/28/2019
SB45Civil procedure, Asbestos Trust Claims Transparency Act, disclosure of all viable asbestos trust claims required, Secs. 6-5-690 to 6-5-696 added.Dan Roberts05/16/2019Signed
SB42Criminal procedure, pardons and paroles, violent offenses, Sec. 15-22-27.4 added; Secs. 15-22-27.3, 15-22-28 am'd.Cam Ward04/11/2019
SB43Autauga Co., lodging tax, co. commission authorized to levy, distrib.Clyde Chambliss05/14/2019Signed
SB41Sexual assault, provide for victim notification, provide for certain rights to victims, Sexual Assault Task Force, created, Sexual Assault Survivors Bill of RightsCam Ward04/18/2019
SB39Prescription drugs, pharmacists, dispensing of generic drugs further provided for, specified prescription form deleted, provision prohibiting prescription of specific brand drug deleted, Sec. 34-23-8 am'd.William “Bill” M. Beasley03/05/2019
SB40Cherokee Co., coroner, expense allowance and salary, appointment of a deputy coroner, repeal of certain prior actsAndrew Jones05/14/2019Signed
SB37Nursing, Board of, loan repayment program for advanced-practice nurses, loan program authorized for certain currently certified nurses, Sec. 34-21-96 am'd.Greg J. Reed05/23/2019Signed
SB38Nursing, Board of, allow board to enter into the Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact, Secs. 34-21-20.01, 34-21-120 to 34-21-130, inclusive, added; Secs. 34-21-1, 34-21-2, 34-21-21, 34-21-22, 34-21-25 am'd.Greg J. Reed04/30/2019Signed
SB36Crimes and offenses, crimes motivated by race, color, religion, national origin, ethnicity, or physical or mental disability, to include employment as a law enforcement officer within the protected class, Sec. 13A-5-13 am'd.Chris Elliott05/02/2019
SB34Parental rights, provide that a conviction of a parent for rape or incest is a ground for termination of parental rights if the rape or incest resulted in the conception of the child, Sec. 12-15-319 am'd.Clyde Chambliss05/08/2019
SB35Permanent Joint Transportation Committee, technical corrections regarding Dept. of Transporation's long-range plan, long-range plan clarified, clarification of the Alabama Dept.of Transportation's duties and information requirements to the committee relating to the long-range plan, Sections 29-2-1, 29-2-2, 29-2-3, 29-2-4, 29-2-6, and 29-2-8 am'd.Clyde Chambliss03/05/2019
SB33Credit Unions, federal charter parity provision clarified, Credit Union Administration Board authorize to appoint National Credit Union Admin as conservator of a credit union, membership of supervising committees increased, reimbursement of bd and committee member travel costs, merger meeting notice requirement increased, definition of official revised, Secs. 5-17-4, 5-17-8, 5-17-10, 5-17-11, 5-17-22, 5-17-55 am'd.Shay Shelnutt05/02/2019Signed
SB31Municipal courts, pretrial diversion program, voluntary transfer authorizedCam Ward03/20/2019
SB32Crimes and offenses, J.K. Elrod Act, murder, knowingly selling or distributing a controlled substance that causes the death of another, exemption for physicians and pharmacistsCam Ward05/23/2019
SB29Class 8 municipalities, weeds, abatement, alternative procedures to declare a public nuisance after prior abatementCam Ward05/15/2019
SB30Court costs, docket fee, waiver for substantial hardship, verified statement required, time period to pay up denial of hardship petition, Secs. 12-19-43, 12-19-70 am'd.Cam Ward05/29/2019Signed
SB28Municipal courts, mayors and municipal court judges, powers and duties, further provided for, mayor authorized to remit court costs, municipal court judge authorized to issue arrest warrants and hold in contempt of court, Secs. 12-14-15, 12-14-32 am'd.Cam Ward03/05/2019
SB27Elections, distance from polling place where political activity is prohibited, changed to 100 feet, Sec. 17-9-50 am'd.Randy Price05/16/2019
SB26Voyeurism, crime created, criminalize the taking of a video or photo depicting intimate areas of a person without that person's consent, privacy, penaltiesClyde Chambliss05/30/2019Signed
SB25Physical therapy, eliminate requirement for referral from physician or other health care practitioner to perform physical therapy, Secs. 34-24-191, 34-24-210.1, 34-24-217 am'd.Jim McClendon03/05/2019
SB24Public officers and employees, state personnel dept, state employees, suspensions without pay, total time not to exceed 30 business days, state employee must accept or request hearing within 10 business days, Sec.36-26-28 am'd.Clay Scofield04/30/2019
SB17Criminal procedure, crime victims' compensation, Lisa's Law, entity contract, with convicted felons, escrow account for benefit of crime victims created, procedure, Sec. 41-9-80.1 to 41-9-80.8, inclusive, added; 41-9-80 to 41-9-84, inclusive, repealed.Cam Ward05/15/2019
SB18Tuscaloosa Co., sales and use tax, city prohibited from levying add'l without vote, const. amend.Gerald H. Allen05/15/2019
SB19Transient occupancy tax (lodging tax), not applicable to tent camping, marine ships, and recreational vehicles, Sec. 40-26-1 am'd.Gerald H. Allen03/05/2019
SB20Appropriation, to make an approp. from the Education Trust Fund to the State Board of Education for fiscal year ending September 30, 2020, require board to allocate funds to each public K-12 school in the state to establish an anti-bullying programRodger Smitherman03/05/2019
SB21Traffic stops, racial profiling by law enforcement officers, prohibited, written policies, forms for statistics, and reports to Attorney General required, provision for complaints, reporting and collection of data on injuries to officers, requiredRodger Smitherman04/11/2019
SB22Taxation, check-off contribution to State Park Division of the Dept. of Conservation and Natural Resources, Dept. of Mental Health or the Alabama Medicaid Agency, Sec. 40-18-140 am'd.Del Marsh04/11/2019
SB23Municipalities, police jurisdiction and planning jurisdiction, limited to property within corporate limits, provisions for business licenses and sales taxes outside of corporate limits repealed, Secs. 11-51-90, 11-51-206 repealed; Secs. 11-40-10, 11-52-30 am'd.Chris Elliott04/23/2019
SB16Drivers license, suspension, prohibited for failure to pay fines, fees, or court costs, Sec. 32-5A-195 am'd.Cam Ward03/05/2019
SB1Cell phones and other wireless telecommunication devices, use while holding or touching devise prohibited, penalties, exceptions, Sec. 32-5A-350 am'd.Jim McClendon03/05/2019
SB2Driving under the influence, pretrial diversion programs, ignition interlock devices required, provision repealing in July 2023 deleted, Act 2018-517, 2018 Reg. Sess., am'd; Sec. 32-5A-191 am'd.Jim McClendon05/02/2019
SB3Legislative procedure, redistricting bills, exempt from requirement that bill must be read at length prior to final passage, const. amend.Jim McClendon03/19/2019
SB4Firearms, possession and carrying of, certain requirements for, repealed or deleted, Secs. 9-11-304, 13A-11-50, 13A-11-51, 13A-11-52, 13A-11-59, 13A-11-71, 13A-11-73, 13A-11-74, repealed; Sec. 13A-11-61.2 am'd.Gerald H. Allen04/18/2019
SB5Athlete agents, prior to signing an agency contract, allow certain expenses to be paid to student athlete or the family of the athlete, Sec. 8-26B-14 am'd.Gerald H. Allen05/30/2019Signed
SB6Adoption, to provide for correction of inaccurate date of birth or place of birth information on certificates of foreign birth, Secs. 22-9A-11.1, 22-9A-12 am'd.Gerald H. Allen04/18/2019
SB7Telemarketers and telephone solicitation, Secs. 8-19A-3, 8-19C-5, 8-19C-11am'd.Tim Melson03/20/2019
SB8Education, population requirement for city to establish a board of education increased from 5,000 to 20,000, determination of financial capability required, Sec. 16-11-1 am'd.Linda Coleman-Madison03/05/2019
SB9Forensic Sciences Dept., required to notify next of kin when retaining organ of deceased, prohibit medical examiner for retaining organ for use not in conjunction with autopsy, penalties, Sec. 36-18-2.1 added; Sec. 36-18-2 am'd.Linda Coleman-Madison05/29/2019
SB10Service animals, individual with a disability, rights and responsibilities for use in a public accommodation or a housing accommodation, criminal penalties for misrepresentation or denial, interference under certain conditions, Secs. 21-7-1 to 21-7-9, inclusive, am'd.Linda Coleman-Madison05/30/2019Signed
SB11Civil procedure, statute of limitations. sex offense, further provided, statute of limitations tolled until vicitim reaches age of majorityLinda Coleman-Madison05/30/2019Signed
SB12Hunting, authorize the taking of whitetail deer or feral swine by means of bait, when baiting privilege license is purchased, Chronic Wasting Disease Management Zones authorized, Commissioner of Dept. of Consv. and Nat'l Res. to establish, Sec. 9-11-244 am'd.Phillip W. Williams03/05/2019
SB13Municipal corporations, ordinances, issuance of summons and complaint in lieu of custodial arrest, further provided for, Sec. 11-45-9.1 am'd.Tim Melson05/22/2019
SB14Education, public schools, grades 6 to 12, allow elective courses on the study of the Bible and display artifacts, monuments, symbols, and text related to the study of the Bible, State Board of Education to implement rules and policiesTim Melson05/30/2019Signed
SB15Education, Kyle Graddy Act, administration of single dose autoinjectable epinephrine on K-12 school campuses by students and pursuant to anaphylaxis preparedness program provided, Secs. 16-1-39, 16-1-48 am'dTom Whatley04/03/2019
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