HB128 Vote on January 19, 2010 – Motion to Read a Third Time and Pass

Bill Status: Passed
Motion to Read a Third Time and Pass
Chamber: House
John F. Knight JrDemocratYes
Ronald GrantlandDemocratYes
Tammy IronsDemocratYes
Laura HallDemocratAbsent
Artis McCampbellDemocratYes
James L. ThomasDemocratYes
Barbara Bigsby BoydDemocratYes
Joseph C. MitchellDemocratAbsent
Jeff McLaughlinDemocratYes
Terry SpicerDemocratYes
Randy HinshawDemocratYes
Betty Carol GrahamDemocratYes
Locy BakerDemocratYes
Yusuf SalaamYes
Demetrius C. NewtonDemocratYes
James O. GordonDemocratYes
Pebblin W. WarrenDemocratYes
Ralph HowardDemocratYes
Thad McClammyDemocratYes
Earl F. HilliardDemocratYes
Chris EnglandDemocratYes
Oliver RobinsonDemocratYes
Yvonne KennedyDemocratYes
Mike CurtisDemocratYes
Mike MillicanRepublicanYes
Marcel BlackDemocratYes
Alan HarperRepublicanYes
Thomas JacksonDemocratAbsent
Bill J. DukesDemocratYes
Lesley VanceRepublicanYes
William "Bill" M. BeasleyDemocratYes
Steve HurstRepublicanYes
James E. BuskeyDemocratYes
Mary MooreDemocratAbsent
Seth HammettDemocratYes
Merika ColemanDemocratYes
Richard LindseyDemocratYes
Tommy ShererDemocratYes
Ken GuinDemocratYes
Henry A. WhiteDemocratYes
Butch TaylorDemocratYes
William E. ThigpenDemocratYes
Jack PageDemocratAbsent
James C. FieldsDemocratYes
John RobinsonDemocratYes
Patricia ToddDemocratYes
Johnny Mack MorrowDemocratYes
Jeremy OdenRepublicanYes
Elwyn ThomasRepublicanYes
Cam WardRepublicanYes
Craig FordIndependentYes
Todd GreesonRepublicanYes
Randy DavisRepublicanYes
H. Mac GipsonRepublicanYes
Mike HillRepublicanYes
Mac McCutcheonRepublicanYes
Gregory CanfieldRepublicanYes
Pat MooreRepublicanYes
Jay LoveRepublicanYes
Victor GastonRepublicanYes
Mike BallRepublicanYes
Paul DeMarcoRepublicanYes
Jack WilliamsRepublicanYes
Dickie DrakeRepublicanYes
Gerald H. AllenRepublicanYes
Joe HubbardDemocratYes
Jimmy MartinRepublicanYes
Harry ShiverRepublicanYes
Joe FaustRepublicanYes
Chad FincherRepublicanYes
Alan BakerRepublicanYes
Steve McMillanRepublicanYes
Jamie IsonRepublicanYes
Jim McClendonRepublicanYes
Randy WoodRepublicanYes
Jim BartonRepublicanYes
Steve ClouseRepublicanYes
Barry MaskRepublicanYes
Duwayne BridgesRepublicanYes
Howard SanderfordRepublicanYes
David GrimesRepublicanYes
Phil WilliamsRepublicanYes
Micky HammonRepublicanYes
Greg WrenRepublicanYes
Robert BentleyRepublicanYes
Frank McDanielDemocratYes
Alvin HolmesDemocratYes
Blaine GalliherRepublicanYes
Spencer CollierRepublicanYes
Allen TreadawayRepublicanYes
Arthur PayneRepublicanYes
Charles O. NewtonRepublicanYes
Richard J. LairdIndependentYes
Ron JohnsonRepublicanYes
Alan BootheRepublicanAbsent
Warren BeckRepublicanYes
Benjamin H. LewisRepublicanYes
Mary Sue McClurkinRepublicanYes
John W. RogersDemocratAbsent
Elaine BeechDemocratYes
Rod ScottDemocratYes
Lawrence McAdoryDemocratAbsent
George "Tootie" BandyDemocratYes
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