2010 Alabama House Bills

A list of all 2010 Alabama House Bills. Click any bill to read the full text and get the current status.

BillTitleSponsorLast ActionSigned
HB828Sexual offenses, age of consent for sexual acts increased, Secs. 13A-6-62, 13A-6-64, 13A-6-67, 13A-6-69, 13A-6-70, 13A-6-120 am'd.Mac McCutcheon04/14/2010
HB827Education fiscal accountability, local superintendent of education and board members personally responsible for fiscal mismanagement, Sec. 16-13A-11 am'd.James O. Gordon04/13/2010
HB826Campaign contributions, reports required to include occupation and name of employer of contributor, public officials or spouses of public officials, names and compensation of those who are employed by or have contracts with a municipality, a county, or the state, public disclosure required, filing with Ethics Commission, state agencies, Internet database of state expenditures, Comptroller to include subcontracts and purchase orders, competitive bids, exemption granted to Legislature, certain colleges and universities, and Postsecondary Education Department for professional services, removed, Alabama Full Disclosure Act, Sec. 36-25-5.1 added, Secs. 17-5-8, 41-4-65, 41-16-72 am'd.; Act 2009-750, 2009 Reg. Sess.; Act 2009-751, 2009 Reg. Sess.Mike Ball04/08/2010
HB825Counties, 78,000 to 81,000, (Talladega Co.), transient occupancy tax (lodging tax), not applicable to certain campingSteve Hurst04/14/2010
HB824Calhoun Co., sales persons, door-to-door, business license required, license commissioner to issue, penaltiesSteve Hurst04/08/2010
HB823Calhoun Co., sex offenders registry, registration fee required, distrib. for sheriff's officeSteve Hurst04/08/2010
HB822Transportation Department, Good Faith Effort Committee, members subject to diversity, annual report to LegislatureLaura Hall04/06/2010
HB821Cherokee Co., Tennessee Valley Authority, payments in-lieu-of-taxes distributions to county pursuant to Act 2010-135, 2010 Reg. Sess., distrib.Richard Lindsey04/22/2010Signed
HB820Federal cap and trade regulations, goods produced and distributed only in Alabama (intrastate), exempt from cap and trade regulationsSteve Hurst04/06/2010
HB819Autauga Co., sheriff, work release program and board, established, audit, Act 419, 1975 Reg. Sess. repealed and supersededH. Mac Gipson04/22/2010Signed
HB818Colbert Co., court costs in domestic violence cases in circuit, district, and municipal court, distrib. to circuit clerk for domestic violence programs, Act 2009-367, 2009 Reg. Sess. am'd.; Sec. 45-17-80.02 am'd.Johnny Mack Morrow04/22/2010Signed
HB817Chiropractic Examiners, State Board of, licensure qualifications, testing for applicants, Sec. 34-24-160 am'd.Mike Millican04/14/2010
HB816Coosa Co., sheriff, pistol permits, fee amount set for persons under and over age 65, distrib. for law enforcement purposes, Act 81-297, 1981 Reg. Sess. am'd.Barry Mask04/22/2010Signed
HB815Selma, motor vehicles, automated traffic infraction device, use for red light enforcement authorized, procedures, posting of informational signs, civil fines, record keeping by Criminal Justice Information Center, appeals, Selma Red Light Safety ActJames L. Thomas04/22/2010Signed
HB814Bed bugs, control in multi-dwelling residential buildings, legislative findings, definitions, landlord obligations, tenant obligations, publication of pamphlets by Health Department regarding bed bug identification, preention, and reporting of infestations, liability for damages, Multi-Dwelling Bed Bug Control ActMike Hill04/06/2010
HB813Health care, persons, employers, or health care providers, mandatory participation in any health care system prohibited, const. amend.Jeremy Oden04/01/2010
HB810Wireless communications, collocation and modification of wireless facilities by local governing authorities, application process, Advanced Broadband Collocation ActChris England04/01/2010
HB811Assault in the third degree, if assault is committed by a person 21 years of age or older against a person who is less than 18 years of age on school property, school bus, or at a school-sponsored function, penalties increased, Sec. 13A-6-22 am'd.Demetrius C. Newton04/01/2010
HB812Motor vehicles, distinctive license tags, disabled veterans authorized to obtain certain other veteran tags at reduced cost, Revenue Department to design decal for tag, Sec. 32-6-354 addedCam Ward04/01/2010
HB809Lake View, corp. limits alt.Gerald H. Allen04/01/2010
HB808Marshall Co., circuit and district judges, nonpartisan electionJeff McLaughlin04/14/2010
HB807Lowndes Co., county commission, contingent fund, appropriation and expenditures authorizedJames L. Thomas04/22/2010Signed
HB806Court Reporting, Board of, Sunset Law review, continued with modifications until October 1, 2012, reference to the Alabama Judicial Conference deleted, appointment of a board member by the Chief Justice from a list of nominees provided by the Administrative Office of Courts provided for, continuing education, admissibility of depositions limited, liability of board limited, temporary graduate license, Secs. 34-8B-4, 34-8B-5, 34-8B-8, 34-8B-9, 34-8B-15 am'd.Jim McClendon04/14/2010
HB805Circuit clerks, participation in Employees' Retirement System authorized, supernumerary status for circuit clerks and registers phased out, current supernumerary clerks authorized to continue supernumerary status, purchase of prior service provided for, const. amend.Marcel Black04/01/2010
HB804New Markets Development Program, established, income tax credit for certain qualified active low-income community businesses, Alabama Development Office to implementRichard Lindsey04/01/2010
HB803Henry Co. and Houston Co. (20th Judicial Circuit), pretrial diversion program, fees, distrib., Act 2003-225, 2003 Reg. Sess. am'd. (2010-21005)Locy Baker04/22/2010Signed
HB802Wilcox Co., ad valorem tax, county commission authorized to levy, distrib. for fire protection, referendumJames L. Thomas04/13/2010
HB801Wilcox Co., county commission, contingent fund, appropriation and expenditures authorizedJames L. Thomas04/22/2010Signed
HB800Baldwin Co., wastewater systems in the unincorporated areas of county, regulation by county commission, utility technical advisory committee established (2010-20888)Steve McMillan04/13/2010
HB799Foley, corp. limits alt., temporary tax exemption on certain property under certain conditions (2010-20858)Steve McMillan04/22/2010Signed
HB798Criminal records, employers prohibited from accessing certain records of employees or potential employeesMike Ball03/30/2010
HB797Elmore Co., board of registrars, meeting days increased, Sec. 17-3-8 am'd.Barry Mask04/22/2010Signed
HB796Barbour Co., sheriff, pistol permits, county commission authorized to increase fee, distrib. for vehicles for sheriff's office, Sec. 45-3-232 am'd.William “Bill” M. Beasley04/14/2010Signed
HB794Alabama Waterfront Access Study Task Force, established, members, duties, appropriationsSpencer Collier03/30/2010
HB795Financial institutions, acquisition of real property interests by a receiver, method of constructive notice of assignment of real property interest, Sec. 35-4-77 addedMike Hill04/14/2010
HB793Telephone lines or cable lines or cell phone or other wireless communication device, willfully and maliciously disabling or obstructing, prohibited, penaltiesTammy Irons03/30/2010
HB792Conecuh Co., board of education, authorized to insure school buildings and property in State Insurance Fund or in an insurance companyCharles O. Newton04/22/2010
HB791Chambers Co., ad valorem tax, for public library purposes, authorized by Amendment 554, Constitution of Alabama of 1901, as amended by Amendment 721, Constitution of Alabama of 1901, (Sections 6 and 7, Chambers County, Local Amendments, Recompiled Constitution of Alabama of 1901, as amended), continued, use specified, const. amend.Duwayne Bridges04/14/2010Signed
HB790Baldwin Co., county commission, subdivisions, changes to wetland setback requirements after approval, prohibited, Act 1094, 1973 Reg. Sess. am'd.Randy Davis04/22/2010Signed
HB789Baldwin Co., Stockton Landmark District, boundaries defined, annexation by local law prohibited, const. amend. (2010-20834)Randy Davis04/22/2010Signed
HB787Franklin Co., court costs, circuit, district, and municipal courts, additional in domestic violence cases, distrib. to district attorney for domestic violence programsJohnny Mack Morrow04/14/2010Signed
HB788Foundation Program, funding prerequisite to participation in, local boards of education not required to provide an amount greater than five percent of total amount contributed during prior fiscal year for fiscal year ending September 30, 2010, Sec. 16-13-231 am'd.Randy Davis03/30/2010
HB786Municipalities, municipal ordinances, fines in certain cases designated and recodified, Sec. 11-45-9 am'd.; Sec. 13A-5-12.1 repealedJeff McLaughlin03/25/2010
HB785Gangs, criminal street gang defined, membership prohibited, graffiti prohibited, murder as part of street gang activity made a capital offense, Street Gang Act, Sec. 13A-5-49 am'd.; Sec. 13A-6-26 repealedRandy Davis03/25/2010
HB784Ad valorem tax, certain personal property used in a business exempt, Section 217 (Section 217, Recompiled Constitution of Alabama of 1901, as amended), am'd., const. amend.Joseph C. Mitchell03/25/2010
HB783Schools, juvenile enrolled, delinquency, finding of delinquency for adult felony to be reported to school of attendence and to transfer with academic records, Sec. 12-15-217 am'd.Yusuf Salaam03/25/2010
HB781Shelby Co., court costs, additional subpoena fee in civil and criminal cases in circuit and district court, distrib. to circuit clerk's officeMike Hill04/13/2010Signed
HB782Shelby Co., probate court, recording fees, additional, for legislative delegation office, Act 248, 1975 Reg. Sess. am'd.Mike Hill04/14/2010Signed
HB780Motor vehicles, license tags and registration fees, active military, exempt from license tax and fees, Sec. 40-12-244 am'd.Victor Gaston03/25/2010
HB779Baldwin Co., county-owned solid waste landfills may be used for the disposal of garbage, household waste, industrial solid waste, and solid waste, certain contracts and disposal of certain debris by municipalities exempt, rates regulated, Baldwin County Solid Waste Management Authority, established, penalties, implementation and administration by local law authorized, const. amend.Randy Davis04/22/2010
HB778Birmingham, board of education, members, when assume office, Lewis Spratt Act amended, Act 2001-224, 2001 Reg. Sess. am'd.Earl F. Hilliard03/25/2010
HB777Birmingham, city elections, qualifying deadline for candidates extended, Act 452, 1955 Reg. Sess. am'd.Earl F. Hilliard04/06/2010
HB775Prepaid Affordable College Tuition Trust Fund, investments required to produce equal return over 20 years, new enrollees prohibited, certain borrowing authorized, const. amend.Robert Bentley04/21/2010
HB776Birmingham, city council, members to take office and first meeting of newly elected council to be on fourth Tuesday in October of year of election, Act 452, 1955 Reg. Sess. am'd.Earl F. Hilliard04/06/2010
HB774Individual Development Account Program, established in Human Resources Department, created for individuals with low incomeMike Ball03/25/2010
HB773Motor carriers, contracts requiring indemnification of entity for losses caused by entity's negligence, etc., unenforceable and void, Sec. 37-2-21 am'd.Ron Johnson03/25/2010
HB772Bullock Co., sheriff, jail vending machines authorized, distrib. of proceeds to sheriff's fund for law enforcement purposesPebblin W. Warren04/14/2010Signed
HB771Baldwin Co., planning commission and county commission, setbacks for wetlands in subdivisions, setbacks not authorized to be changed after subdivision approved, Sec. 45-2-261.17 am'd.Randy Davis03/25/2010
HB770Spanish Fort, corp. limits alt.Randy Davis04/13/2010Signed
HB768Talledega Co., alcoholic beverages, draft or keg beer, sale authorizedBarbara Bigsby Boyd04/14/2010Signed
HB769Triumph the Church and Kingdom of God in Christ, Inc., exempt from state, county, and municipal sales and use taxLocy Baker03/25/2010
HB767Talladega Co., board of equalization, county commission authorized to provide supplemental compensationBarbara Bigsby Boyd04/14/2010Signed
HB766Birmingham, mayor, election, term to be concurrent with the term of the city council, const. amend.Merika Coleman04/13/2010
HB765Negotiating a worthless negotiable instrument (bad check), penalty increased for worthless check over certain amount given to a livestock market for livestock, Sec. 13A-9-13.1 am'd.Johnny Mack Morrow04/14/2010
HB764Elmore Co., coroner, additional expense allowance and salaryBarry Mask03/25/2010
HB762Chambers Co., sales and use tax, county commission authorized to levy additional, amount provided for in police jurisdiction of municipality located outside the county under certain conditions, Sec. 45-9-245.02 am'd. (2010-20784)Richard J. Laird04/14/2010Signed
HB763Calhoun Co., municipal business licenses, rental of residential real estate tax, not to be on a per unit basis, const. amend.Randy Wood04/22/2010Signed
HB761Engineers and Land Surveyors, State Board of Licensure for Professional, renamed Engineers, State Board of Licensure for Professional, land surveyors, licensure and regulation transferred to Land Surveyors, State Board of Licensure for Professional, Secs. 34-44-1 to 34-44-16, inclusive, 34-44-30 to 34-44-37, inclusive, added; Secs. 34-11-1, 34-11-2, 34-11-3, 34-11-4, 34-11-5, 34-11-6, 34-11-7, 34-11-8, 34-11-9, 34-11-11, 34-11-14, 34-11-15, 34-11-16, 34-11-30, 34-11-31, 34-11-35, 34-11-36 am'd.Ron Johnson03/23/2010
HB760Macon Co., county commission, commissioners, maintenance of unpaved roads in his or her district, authorized, Act 97-663, 1997 Reg. Sess. am'd.Pebblin W. Warren04/14/2010Signed
HB759Macon Co., Economic Development Authority, Tuskegee University to appoint voting member, Act 93-875, 1993 1st Sp. Sess. am'd.Pebblin W. Warren04/14/2010Signed
HB758Cockfighting, crime of owning or operating a cockpit, penalties, spectator or person in attendance, fine provided for, Sec. 13A-12-4 am'd.James C. Fields03/23/2010
HB756Old Federal Road Task Force, established to assess and promote Old Federal Road as a historical trail, members, duties, compensation, reports to Legislature and GovernorCharles O. Newton04/21/2010
HB757Class 1 municipalities, (Birmingham), mayor, election for two-year term in 2011, mayor and city council, election at same election in 2013 for four-year termMerika Coleman04/22/2010Signed
HB755Criminal sex offenders, registration, registration fee upon initial registration and annually thereafter, penalties, Sec. 13A-11-200.1 addedMac McCutcheon03/23/2010
HB754Jefferson Co., one cent sales tax levied by governing body, interest to be used for academic purposes only, const. amend.Oliver Robinson03/23/2010
HB753School of Mathematics and Science, appropriation for repair of flood-related damageJoseph C. Mitchell03/23/2010
HB752Court costs in criminal cases, additional in municipal, district, and circuit courts, distrib., appropriation, Sec. 12-19-182 added; Sec. 36-18-32 am'd.; Act 2009-768, 2009 Reg. Sess. am'd.Cam Ward03/23/2010
HB751Conservation and Natural Resources Department, Advisory Board, appointment of additional member who is a commercial fisherman, nominated by Organized Seafood Association of Alabama, Inc., Sec. 9-2-14 am'd.Richard J. Laird03/23/2010
HB749Bonds, general obligation bonds issued under Amendment 666 (Section 219.04, Recompiled Constitution of Alabama of 1901, as amended), Alabama Capital Improvement Trust Fund, and increases in bonding authority pursuant to Amendment 796 (Section 219.041, Recompiled Constitution of Alabama of 1901, as amended), refunding bonds not subject to the amount of bond issuance authority, const. amend.John F. Knight Jr04/08/2010
HB750Kidney Foundation, Inc., appropriation, operations plan and audited financial statement required, quarterly and end-of-year reports requiredJohn F. Knight Jr04/14/2010Signed
HB748Infants, sudden unexplained infant death, Sudden Unexplained Infant Death Investigation Team, established, duties, coordination of county officials, law enforcement, medical or emergency personnel, immunity, Sudden Unexplained Infant Death Investigation ActRonald Grantland04/14/2010
HB747Corrections Department, certain employees who work inside a security fence under certain conditions, compensation increasedTammy Irons03/23/2010
HB746Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center Commission and the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center, members, operation, powers, duties, fees, crime of misuse of ACJIC information established, Alabama Statistical Analysis Center established, background checks by licensing agencies, ratification of compact, penalties, Secs. 41-9-590, 41-9-591, 41-9-592, 41-9-594, 41-9-595, 41-9-596, 41-9-597, 41-9-600, 41-9-601, 41-9-621, 41-9-622, 41-9-623, 41-9-630 am'd.Chris England03/23/2010
HB745Alabama Teacher Recruitment Incentive Program (ATRIP), Commission on Higher Education to provide for leave from program for humanitarian religious trip, retroactive effectMerika Coleman03/23/2010
HB743Public School and College Authority, bonds, issuance for public education and to pay swap agreements, sale of bonds by negotiated sale under certain conditions, revenue appropriated and pledged from Public School Fund, refunding bonds authorized, use of proceeds for school bus fleet renewal and to repay the Education Trust Fund for appropriations made in Act 2009-339 to the local boards of education for school bus fleet renewalRichard Lindsey04/22/2010Signed
HB744Engineers and Land Surveyors, State Board of Licensure for Professional, licensure, graduation and experience qualifications for professional engineers, Sec. 34-11-4 am'd.Mac McCutcheon03/23/2010
HB742Ad valorem tax, reappraisal, Class II and Class III property, time period limited, const. amend.Steve Hurst03/23/2010
HB741Counties, sales and use tax proceeds, county in default on sewer system debt authorized to pledge revenues for financing or refinancing sewer system debt on a one-time basisDemetrius C. Newton03/23/2010
HB740Elmore Co., sheriff, service of process, contracts for, fees imposed on all criminal and civil documents served, distrib. to sheriff's fund for law enforcement purposes upon agreement with county commission (2010-20919)Barry Mask04/14/2010Signed
HB739Baldwin Co., planning and zoning commission and board of adjustment, members, jurisdiction, members with real estate licenses and setbacks for wetlands further provided for, appeals, procedure for the implementation of planning and zoning and for certain conflicts, Secs. 45-2-261.01, 45-2-261.02, 45-2-261.07, 45-2-261.10, 45-2-261.13, 45-2-261.17, 45-2-261.40 am'd. (2010-20821)Randy Davis04/21/2010Signed
HB737Brewton, pretrial diversion program, establishedSeth Hammett04/08/2010Signed
HB738Mobile Co., bingo authorized by nonprofit organizations for charitable and education purposes, regulated by sheriff, penalties, Amendment 440 (Section 1, Mobile County, Local Amendments, Recompiled Constitution of Alabama of 1901, as amended), repealed, const. amend.Joseph C. Mitchell03/23/2010
HB736Morgan Co., Hartselle, Falkville, and Decatur, bingo further defined, bingo permit holders authorized to advertise bingo sessions with municipal governing body approval, Act 96-648, 1996 Reg. Sess. am'd.Ronald Grantland04/22/2010Signed
HB735Escambia Co., county sales and use tax, manufacturing equipment and manufactured homes, exempt, prior actions of county commission ratified and confirmed, retroactive effect, Act 2004-325, 2004 Reg. Sess. am'd.Seth Hammett04/13/2010Signed
HB734Pickens Co., solicitor's fee, authorized in all criminal cases where court costs are assessed, waiver prohibited unless other costs waived, Act 2007-277, 2007 Reg. Sess. am'd.Alan Harper04/13/2010Signed
HB733Pickens Co., drug enforcement fee in certain cases in circuit, district, and municipal courts, authorized, distrib. to district attorney drug enforcement fundAlan Harper04/13/2010Signed
HB731Montgomery and Pike Road, Woodland Creek subdivision, election on being annexed into Montgomery or Pike RoadGreg Wren03/23/2010
HB732Montgomery, motor vehicles, automated photographic speeding enforcement, authorized, procedures, posting of informational signs, adoption of municipal ordinances, civil fines, record keeping, municipal court jurisdiction, appeals, Montgomery Speed Limit Safety ActGreg Wren03/23/2010
HB730Montgomery, boundary lines established to annex certain property, settlement of legal dispute with Pike RoadGreg Wren03/23/2010
HB729Pike Road, boundary lines established to annex certain property, settlement of legal dispute with MontgomeryGreg Wren03/23/2010
HB728Montgomery and Pike Road, settlement agreement regarding boundary dispute over annexations, validationGreg Wren03/23/2010
HB727Lauderdale Co., county commission, chair, election on countywide basis, duties, compensation, judge of probate not to serve as chair, referendumMike Curtis04/08/2010Signed
HB726Lauderdale Co., lodging tax, bed and breakfast establishments included, distrib., county tourism board established, Act 86-441, 1986 Reg. Sess. am'd.Mike Curtis04/08/2010Signed
HB724Education Trust Fund Appropriations Act, appropriation for Public School Fund to local boards of education for operating expenses for fiscal year 2011, expenditure authorizedRichard Lindsey04/08/2010Signed
HB725Calhoun Co., revenue commissioner, county commission authorized to reimburse for monetary losses for good faith errors and worthless checksRandy Wood04/14/2010Signed
HB723Hayden, corp. limits alt.Jeremy Oden04/08/2010Signed
HB722Schools, Foundation Program, minimum instructional days altered, Sec. 16-13-231 am'd.Jeff McLaughlin03/11/2010
HB721Nursing homes, privilege license tax per bed, amount increased, additional supplemental tax per bed from September 2010 to August 2011, Medicaid per diem rate increase effective January 2011, reductions under certain conditions, Sec. 40-26B-21 am'd.John F. Knight Jr04/14/2010Signed
HB720Restaurants, smoking prohibited in, Secs. 22-15A-3, 22-15A-5, 22-15A-6 am'd.Demetrius C. Newton03/11/2010
HB719Counties with Class 1 municipality, elected county council, elected chief executive, and appointed county manager, positions established, members, dutiesPatricia Todd03/11/2010
HB718Cleburne Co., court costs in traffic cases, county commission authorized to levy additional in civil and criminal cases in circuit, district, or municipal court, distrib.Richard Lindsey03/30/2010
HB717Mandatory ethics training for public officers and employees, and lobbyistsPaul DeMarco03/11/2010
HB716Workers' compensation, owner-operator defined, Sec. 25-5-1 am'd.Paul DeMarco03/11/2010
HB715Ethics Law, lobbyist to include persons who lobby executive branch, Sec. 36-25-1 am'd.Paul DeMarco03/11/2010
HB714Foundation Program, in times of financial emergency Legislature may reduce number of contract days in Education Trust Fund Appropriations Act, Sec. 16-13-231 am'd.Richard Lindsey03/11/2010
HB712Teachers, local boards of education required to notify teachers of reduction in compensation due to loss of supplemental position, Sec. 16-24-12 am'd.Betty Carol Graham04/14/2010
HB713Insurance Department, required to collect information from insurance companies on homeowners insurance policies and premiums by counties and Zip Code and post aggregate information on website, penalties for insurance companies not in compliance, Department of Insurance Transparency ActJames O. Gordon03/11/2010
HB711Private schools, use of terms profit and nonprofit in definition clarified, baseline exemption date changed, Secs. 16-46-1, 16-46-3 am'd.Victor Gaston03/11/2010
HB710Stroke Registry Task Force, established by Health Department, statewide system for stroke response and treatment, reports to Governor and Legislature, Stroke Improvement ActRandy Wood03/11/2010
HB709Motor carriers, federal Unified Carrier Registration Act of 2005, responsibility for administration transferred from Public Service Commission to Revenue Department, distrib. of net fees to Public Safety Department, Sec. 37-3-32.1 amended and renumbered as Sec. 40-12-435Ronald Grantland03/11/2010
HB708Locksmiths, locksmiths with certain experience exempt from continuing education requirementsRandy Wood03/11/2010
HB707Tuscaloosa Co., countywide E-911 communications district, direct dispatch of E-911 calls, const. amend.Gerald H. Allen03/11/2010
HB705Citronelle, oil and gas revenue, distrib. of portion to volunteer fire department in lieu of rescue squad, certain funds in escrow authorized to be distributed, Act 85-490, 1985 Reg. Sess. am'd.Chad Fincher04/13/2010Signed
HB706Divorce, property division, military retired pay, division limited to a percent based on military spouse's rank and pay rate on date of final order and any cost-of-living increases in effect on date military spouse begins drawing retirement, factors for court to consider when awarding, military disability ay may not be used to offset income, Sec. 30-2-51 am'd.Barry Mask03/11/2010
HB704Entertainment districts, Class 1, 2, and 3 municipalities authorized to establish, regulation of sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages, retail liquor license issued by Alcoholic Beverage Control Board, license fee levied, Sec. 28-3A-21 am'd.Locy Baker04/14/2010
HB703Winston Co., ad valorem tax, senior property tax appraisal, taxpayers 65 and older, assessed value of property frozen for principal residences of 10 years or more, const. amend.Ken Guin03/11/2010
HB702Tuscaloosa Co., ad valorem tax, senior property tax appraisal, taxpayers 65 and older, assessed value of property frozen for principal residences of 10 years or more, const. amend.Ken Guin03/11/2010
HB701Commercial property, right of redemption, time period reduced, Sec. 6-5-248 am'd.Todd Greeson04/14/2010
HB699Child abuse or neglect, suspected, mandatory reporting, requirements for school teachers and school officials, established, responsibilities of principals and local superintendents of education Sec. 26-14-3 am'd.Ronald Grantland03/09/2010
HB700Unemployment compensation, limit findings of fact, conclusions of law, Sec. 25-4-98 addedJohn F. Knight Jr04/14/2010
HB698Family Resource Centers, Alabama Network of, adoption of rules regarding distribution of funds, publication of notice regarding rules in Alabama Administrative Monthly, Sec. 30-8-2 am'd.Tammy Irons04/22/2010Signed
HB697Drugs, chemical compounds HU-210, JWH-018, JWH-073, and salvia divinorum or salvinorum A, possession prohibited, penalties (2010-20801)Barbara Bigsby Boyd04/22/2010Signed
HB696Homestead exemption, increased for protection against confiscation of a homestead for debts, Sec. 6-10-2 am'd.Barbara Bigsby Boyd04/14/2010
HB695Prichard, supplemental appropriation for fiscal year ending September 30, 2010, for purchase of retirement benefits for current municipal retirees and credit in Employees' Retirement System for current municipal employeesJames O. Gordon03/09/2010
HB694Oxford, civil service board, members, compensation, Sec. 45-8A-112.05 am'd.Steve Hurst04/08/2010Signed
HB693Walker Co., manufactured dwellings which are abandoned or unsafe, county commission authorized to declare a public nuisance under certain conditions, notice and hearing requirements, abatement procedures, civil actions authorizedTommy Sherer03/23/2010
HB691Walker Co., circuit court, court reporters, compensation increased, Act 433, 1973 Reg. Sess. repealedTommy Sherer03/23/2010
HB692Walker Co., county commission, vacancies, filling by special electionTommy Sherer03/23/2010
HB690Walker Co., board of registrars, appointment of members by judge of probate, sheriff, and circuit clerk, const. amend.Tommy Sherer03/30/2010
HB689Walker Co., ad valorem tax, senior property tax appraisal, taxpayers 65 and older, assessed value of property frozen for principal residences of 10 years or more, const. amend.Tommy Sherer04/14/2010
HB688Nursing, certified registered nurse practitioners and certified nurse midwives, prescribing certain controlled substances authorized, Secs. 34-21-81, 34-21-86 am'd.Ron Johnson03/09/2010
HB687Pharmacy, Alabama State Board of, hospital pharmacy services permit defined and authorized, delivery of pharmacy services for hospitals further provided for, Secs.34-23-1, 34-23-30, 34-23-70, 34-23-74 am'd.Ron Johnson04/14/2010
HB685Walker Co., supernumerary sheriff program established, qualifications, duties, appointment, elections, compensation, retroactive operation, disability coverageTommy Sherer03/23/2010
HB686Motor vehicles, mandatory liability insurance, registration reinstatement fees and proof of insurance, payment to circuit clerk or Administrative Office of Courts, distrib., Sec. 32-7A-9 am'd.Jack Page04/22/2010Signed
HB684Etowah Co., monies received by county commission from U. S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to be paid into Sheriff's Law Enforcement Fund, retroactive effectJack Page04/08/2010Signed
HB683Sex offenders and violent crime offenders, prohibitions on residency near a long-term facility, notification procedures to Health Department, Senior Services Department, long-term care facility, and its residents under certain conditions, Secs. 15-20-22, 15-20-26 am'd.; Act 2009-558, 2009 Reg. Sess.; Act 2009-619, 2009 Reg. Sess. am'd.Jeremy Oden03/04/2010
HB682State employees, donation of leave for catastrophic, sick, or maternity leave, leave may be donated from employee in any pay grade, limitation on hours donated removed, Sec. 36-26-36.2 am'd.Yusuf Salaam04/14/2010
HB681District attorneys, investigators, appointment authorized, duties, powers and authority of other law enforcement officersYusuf Salaam04/14/2010
HB679Public Service Commission, powers expanded to authorize officers of enforcement division to enforce state law regarding Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations and the Federal Hazardous Material Regulations, Sec. 37-1-66 am'd.Tammy Irons03/04/2010
HB680Judges, circuit and district court, nonpartisan election, Legislature may provide by local lawJeff McLaughlin03/04/2010
HB678State employees under Merit System, voluntary furlough plan approved by State Personnel Department authorized, Sec. 36-26-26 am'd.; Act 2009-502, 2009 Reg. Sess. am'd.Jay Love04/22/2010Signed
HB677Public K-12 education, responsibilities of state and local boards of education and schools, authorizers, and charter schools provided for, application process and renewal, revocation and closure of schools as public schools, application of existing law and exemptions from provided, Innovative Charter Schools ActJoe Hubbard03/04/2010
HB676Polygraph examiners, applicants for license required to submit to criminal background checks by Public Safety Department and Federal Bureau of Investigation, Sec. 34-25-22 am'd.Steve Hurst04/14/2010
HB675Perry Co., coal ash, disposal fee levied, distrib. evenly to Uniontown and Marion general funds, const. amend.Ralph Howard03/04/2010
HB673Transportation Department, director authorized to appoint assistant counsel subject to State Merit System, Sec. 23-1-26 am'd.Jay Love04/14/2010
HB674Secretary of State and probate judges, authorized to refuse for filing any false, fraudulent or unlawfully issued document, removal, expungement, correction, crime of offering a false instrument for recording against a public employee or public official, established, penalties, Sec. 36-14-18 added; Secs. 12-13-40, 13A-9-12 am'd.Chris England04/14/2010
HB672Tax delinquent properties, Alabama Land Bank Authority, acquisition of property, definition of tax delinquent property altered, board voting procedures altered, civil immunity for board members, holding certain property to be redeemed for taxes, Act 2009-738, 2009 Reg. Sess. am'd.; Secs. 24-9-2, 24-9-4, 24-9-5, 24-9-6, 24-9-7, 24-9-8 am'd.Ken Guin04/14/2010
HB671Alabama Incentives Financing Authority, bonding authority increased, funding agreements, maintenance fund, and projects further provided for, withdrawal of funds from reserve funds to meet obligations, Secs. 41-10-541, 41-10-547, 41-10-550, 41-10-551 am'd.John F. Knight Jr04/22/2010Signed
HB670Funeral Service, Board of, mortuary service regulated, diversity in board membership, fees and fines increased, authorized agent and liability of funeral director substantially revised, Secs. 34-13-1, 34-13-7, 34-13-9, 34-13-11, 34-13-12, 34-13-20, 34-13-22, 34-13-23, 34-13-26, 34-13-50, 34-13-51, 34-13-53, 34-13-55, 34-13-56, 34-13-70, 34-13-72, 34-13-73, 34-13-74, 34-13-90, 34-13-111, 34-13-113, 34-13-114, 34-13-115, 34-13-116, 34-13-120 am'd.; Secs. 34-13-150, 34-13-151, 34-13-152 repealedH. Mac Gipson04/14/2010
HB669Pike Co., coroner, county commission authorized to set salary and expense allowanceAlan Boothe03/25/2010Signed
HB668Municipal housing authorities, members, one member to be resident of public housing or recipient of housing assistance, if member ceases to meet qualifications, new member to be appointed, Sec. 24-1-24.1 addedRon Johnson04/22/2010Signed
HB667Game and fish, yellow perch raised in farm ponds, excluded from sale prohibition, Sec. 9-11-84 am'd.Jeff McLaughlin04/21/2010
HB666Montgomery, municipal court judges elected at-large, election, terms, duties, compensation, const. amend.Alvin Holmes03/03/2010
HB665School attendance, prior notice of prosecution for nonattendance requirement deleted, distribution and verification of receipt of school and state attendance policy required, Sec. 16-28-16 am'd.Thad McClammy04/14/2010
HB663Agricultural Center Board, appropriations for renovation and rehabilitation of Garrett Coliseum conditioned on $30 million renovation agreement, Garrett Coliseum Agricultural Center Restoration and Improvement ActJohn F. Knight Jr04/22/2010Signed
HB664Stevenson, corp. limits alt.John Robinson03/25/2010Signed
HB662Emergency telephone service (E-911), Commercial Mobile Radio Service (CMRS) Board renamed Alabama Wireless E-911 Board, members increased, Attorney General assistance in legal matters authorized, oversight and regulation by Public Service Commission, Secs. 11-98-7, 11-98-8 am'd.Craig Ford03/03/2010
HB661Prescription drugs or personal property purchased pursuant to a prescription from a nonresident retailer, fee leviedCraig Ford03/03/2010
HB660Lauderdale County Association of Volunteer Fire Departments, Inc., exempt from state, county, and municipal sales and use taxMike Curtis03/03/2010
HB658Alabama Indigent Defense Commission, established, duties, powers, appointment, terms, Office of Indigent Defense Services, established, Indigent Defense Advisory Board in each judicial circuit, appropriation, Secs. 12-19-252, 15-12-1, 15-12-4, 15-12-5, 15-12-6, 15-12-21, 15-12-22, 15-12-23, 15-12-26, 15-12-27, 15-12-40, 15-12-41, 15-12-42, 15-12-43, 15-12-44, 15-12-45, 15-12-46 am'd.; Secs. 15-12-2, 15-12-3, 15-12-24.1 repealedJohn F. Knight Jr03/03/2010
HB659Farm-raised fish and wild fish used for human consumption, labeling with country of origin, required, criminal penalties and civil fines, Secs. 22-20A-1 to 22-20A-8, inclusive, 22-20A-30 to 22-20A-32, inclusive, repealed; Act 2009-582, 2009 Reg. Sess. repealedSpencer Collier03/03/2010
HB657Lauderdale Co., circuit judges, retired or semi-retired of 11th Judicial Circuit, salary supplement further provided for, Act 800, 1975 Sp. Sess. am'd.Tammy Irons04/08/2010Signed
HB656Fair Campaign Practices Act, political action committee, treasurer required to maintain records of expenditures greater than amount allowed by federal law, candidates required to timely file statement of economic interests with Ethics Commission, fines, Secs. 17-5-2, 17-5-3, 17-5-4, 17-5-8 am'd.; Act 2009-751, 2009 Reg. Sess. am'd.Marcel Black04/14/2010
HB655Supernumerary circuit clerks, eligible to receive certain retirement benefits under certain conditions, Sec. 36-27-8.2 am'd.Marcel Black03/02/2010
HB653Class 2 municipalities, (Mobile), state sales and use tax, aircraft reconfiguration, parts exempt under certain conditions, retroactive effectJames O. Gordon03/04/2010
HB654Municipal taxation, sales and use tax, levy in settlement of a boundary dispute at different rates, sharing of revenue pursuant to contract, Secs. 11-51-200, 11-51-202, 11-102-1, 11-102-2, 11-102-5 am'd.Thad McClammy04/14/2010
HB652Medical Examiners, State Board of, and Medical Licensure Commission, licensure hearings, attorney fees, assessment standard for violations, altered, Secs. 34-24-380, 34-24-381 am'd.Blaine Galliher04/22/2010Signed
HB651Madison Co., dogs, dangerous dogs, areas outside corporate limits of any municipality, procedure for determining and humanely destroying or returning to owner, dog required to be kept in secure enclosure, penalties, const. amend.Laura Hall03/23/2010
HB650Etowah Co., solicitor's fee equal to fee for Fair Trial Tax Fund, distrib., additional court costs levied, distrib., effective on adoption of const. amend.Jack Page04/08/2010Signed
HB649State Employees' Health Insurance Plan, retiree sliding scale premium calculation required to be based on years of coverage in the plan or for time served in the United States Armed Forces or as an employee as defined in Sections 16-25A-1 and 16-25A-11, Secs. 36-29-1, 36-29-10, 26-29-19.7 am'd.Richard Lindsey03/02/2010
HB648Chattahoochee River, landfills and junkyards prohibited within certain distance of riverAlan Harper04/14/2010
HB647Teachers' Retirement System, membership and retirement credit for administrators, teachers, and support personnel whose place of work is outside the State of Alabama, prohibited, retirement contributions not authorized on salary earned for certain correspondence courses and on-line courses under certain conditionsBarry Mask03/02/2010
HB646Methamphetamine laboratories (meth labs), decontamination and certificate of inspection by Health Department, public disclosure of location required to be recorded on websiteRonald Grantland03/02/2010
HB644Banking Department, regulation of banks, removal of officers, prohibition of certain persons participating in affairs of a bank, review of applications for change of control, quorum of Banking Board, acquisition of out-of-state banks, Secs. 5-2A-12, 5-3A-6, 5-5A-44, 5-8A-20, 5-8A-24, 5-13B-3, 5-13B-4, 5-13B-5, 5-13B-6 am'd.Mike Hill04/14/2010
HB645Residency, declaration by persons outside the state on military duty, mission assignment, etc., filing with judge of probate, not effective for election purposesJack Page04/14/2010
HB643Vessels, storing or docking at private property, public water, port or harbor without consent, prohibited, penalties, procedure for seizing and selling derelict vessels at public auction under certain conditionsSteve McMillan04/14/2010
HB642Marijuana, medical use for certain qualifying patients, authorized, Michael Phillips Compassionate Care ActPatricia Todd04/14/2010
HB641Baldwin Co., leasing or rental privilege license tax, portion distrib. to Historic Blakeley Authority for capital outlay and operation, Sec. 45-2-244.183 am'd.Randy Davis04/13/2010Signed
HB640Health benefit plans and prescription drugs, same copayment, coinsurance, deductible, and quantity limits within same employer group, drug changesWilliam “Bill” M. Beasley02/25/2010
HB639Driver's license, suspension or restriction due to child support arrearage, cost of contempt petition, reimbursement of attorney fees and court costs by obligor required before license may be restored, Sec. 30-3-177 am'd.Tammy Irons02/25/2010
HB638Beer containing caffeine or other central nervous system stimulant, sale prohibited, penaltiesJohn W. Rogers02/25/2010
HB636Collinsville, corp. limits alt.Richard Lindsey03/25/2010Signed
HB637Small wineries, sales and distribution of wine by wineries, wine tasting facilities, direct sale of small wineries' wine, Small Winery Business Viability Act, Sec. 28-7-18 am'd.Johnny Mack Morrow02/25/2010
HB635State employees, sick leave, donation of catastrophic leave, bereavement leave, altered and clarified, Secs. 36-26-35.2, 36-26-36.2, 36-26-36.3 am'd.Laura Hall04/14/2010
HB634Indecent exposure, third or subsequent conviction, penalties increased, Sec. 13A-6-68 am'd.Craig Ford04/14/2010
HB633Law enforcement officers, death and disability benefits for municipal police officers, state troopers and certain other state law enforcement officers, extended to all law enforcement officers, definition of occupational disease to include cancer, AIDS, and hepatitis, Secs. 36-30-20, 36-30-21, 36-30-22, 36-30-23 am'd.Ron Johnson04/08/2010
HB632Life settlement contracts, providers, licensure and regulation, enforcement by Commissioner of Insurance Department, criminal and civil penalties, Life Settlements ActThad McClammy02/25/2010
HB631Credit cards, banks issuing, increasing interest rates or lowering credit lines prohibited more than once every 12 monthsJames O. Gordon02/25/2010
HB630City of Huntsville Federal Building Authority, BRAC distributions from State of Alabama authorized for financing infrastructure and improvements in certain areas of North Alabama impacted by 2005 Base Realignment and ClosureRonald Grantland02/25/2010
HB629Corrections Department, prison industries, contracts with private industry for on-site work projects, authorized, additional vocational training and rehabilitation, Secs. 14-7-7, 14-7-8, 14-7-12, 14-7-13, 14-7-14, 14-7-15, 14-7-18, 14-7-19, 14-7-20, 14-7-21, 14-7-22 am'd.; Secs. 14-7-9, 14-7-10, 14-7-11 repealedSteve Hurst02/25/2010
HB628Clay Co., sheriff, service of process, fees for in-state and out-of-state increased, Sec. 45-14-80.01 am'd.Richard J. Laird04/08/2010Signed
HB627Education certificate, State Superintendent of Education to promptly notify holder of investigation of misconduct and prohibited from taking negative action against holder until all due process exhausted, Sec. 16-23-5 am'd.Laura Hall02/23/2010
HB626Limestone Co., county commission, sales and use tax, use of proceeds to refinance bonds, authorized, Act 2001-557, 2001 Reg. Sess. am'd.Henry A. White04/06/2010
HB625Real estate, licensing requirements, certain on-site apartment managers, exempt, Sec. 34-27-2 am'd.Ron Johnson04/14/2010
HB624Montgomery Co., Montgomery Industrial Development Board, two additional members appointed by county commissionDavid Grimes02/23/2010
HB623Montgomery Co., airport authority of City of Montgomery, two additional members appointed by county commissionDavid Grimes02/23/2010
HB621Jefferson Co., county commission, districts, election of chair from county at large, const. amend.Mary Moore02/23/2010
HB622Birmingham, city council, election from single-member districts, president elected at large, redistricting, const. amend.John W. Rogers02/23/2010
HB620Judges, circuit and district, nonpartisan election, filing fee, Secs. 17-6-20, 17-6-24, 17-6-25, 17-13-8 am'd.Charles O. Newton02/23/2010
HB619Junkyards, licensing and regulation of junkyards by counties and municipalities outside of the corporate limits, public forum and joint resolution required prior to licensing in police jurisdiction of municipality, county to regulate after licensure, Sec. 11-80-10 am'd.Barbara Bigsby Boyd04/14/2010
HB618Housing authorities, municipal and county, authorized to purchase property for public housing, approval of city council or county commission, Secs. 24-1-28, 24-1-67 am'd.Mac McCutcheon02/23/2010
HB617Guardians, kinship guardianships, subsidy program established, procedures for and legal authority of kinship guardians, duties and subsidies through Human Resources Department, Kinship Guardianship Subsidy Act, Secs. 12-15-301, 12-15-314, 12-15-315, 38-12-2, 38-12-4 am'd.Laura Hall04/22/2010Signed
HB615Health, smoking prohibited in enclosed public places, places of employment, private clubs, enclosed residential facilities, outdoor areas, exceptions, posting of signs, enforcement by State Board of Health, fines, Smokefree Air Act, Secs. 22-15A-1 to 22-15A-10, inclusive, repealedRonald Grantland02/23/2010
HB616Local boards of education, reporting requirements, publications of financial statements in local newspaper, optional, signing of payrolls by chair of board, requirement abolished, Secs. 16-8-37, 16-11-24 am'd.; Secs. 16-9-28, 16-9-33, 16-12-17 repealedButch Taylor02/23/2010
HB614Public Service Commission, electric companies, rate adjustments, efficiency measuresThomas Jackson02/23/2010
HB613Jefferson Co., bonds and other debt issued by county and certain swap agreements, notice, public records, requirements, competitive bids on swap agreementsDemetrius C. Newton04/14/2010Signed
HB612Child custody, child who is certain age may choose custodial parent, exceptions, presumption that child may designate custodial parentSteve McMillan04/14/2010
HB611Motor vehicles, liability insurance, online verification by Revenue Department authorized, penalties, Secs. 32-7A-23 to 32-7A-39, inclusive, 32-7B-1 to 32-7B-6, inclusive, added; Secs. 32-7-19, 32-7-20, 32-7-22, 32-7-24, 32-7A-2 to 32-7A-8, inclusive, am'd.; Secs. 32-7A-9 to 32-7A-22, inclusive, repealedJoe Hubbard02/23/2010
HB610Winston Co., judge of probate, motor vehicle, boat, and business licenses, issuance by mail or electronic means, fee, referendumJody Letson04/14/2010Signed
HB608Insurance, discretionary clause in insurance policies prohibited, interpretation clause in insurance policy to be void and unenforceableDemetrius C. Newton02/23/2010
HB609Lawrence Co., court costs, additional for county jail, use of portion to renovate courthouse under certain conditions, Act 95-119, 1995 Reg. Sess. am'd.Jody Letson04/08/2010Signed
HB607Veterans' Affairs, State Department of, income tax refund check-off for voluntary contribution to, duties to Revenue DepartmentAlan Harper04/21/2010
HB606Fayette Co., court costs, drug enforcement fees, specified fees provided for, distrib. to clerk of the court and district attorney's drug enforcement fund, Legislature authorized to provide for additional court costs and distribution, const. amend.Alan Harper04/06/2010Signed
HB605Ethics Law, prohibition of public officials or public employees from serving in certain employment for two years after leaving employment, state certified water and waste water treatment plant operators exempt, Sec. 36-25-13 am'd.Randy Wood02/23/2010
HB604State employees, annual leave, payment for certain amount of accrued and unused leave under certain conditions, Sec. 36-26-35 am'd.Ronald Grantland02/23/2010
HB602Class 1 municipalities, (Birmingham), mayor and city council members election at same electionOliver Robinson03/11/2010
HB603Alabama Law Institute, retired employees, employment with certain Legislative agencies, authorized, Sec. 29-4-6 am'd.Demetrius C. Newton02/23/2010
HB601Chemical endangerment of exposing a child to an environment in which contolled substances are produced or distributed, crime of, children, exposure to controlled substances by mother, to include child in utero, venue established, presumption of guilt created by positive drug test at time of birth, Sec. 26-15-3.2 am'd.Jeff McLaughlin04/14/2010
HB600Health Department, cancer, programs for breast, cervical, and colorectal cancer awareness, establishment requiredPaul DeMarco04/13/2010Signed
HB599Walker Co., occupational tax, levy prohibited, const. amend.Tommy Sherer03/23/2010
HB598Municipalities, weed abatement, adoption of alternate procedures, Sec. 11-67-60.1 addedRandy Hinshaw04/22/2010
HB597Municipalities, domestic violence statistics compiled and maintained by a municipality, posted on municipal website, Melanie Camp ActBetty Carol Graham04/14/2010
HB595Pharmacy, practice of pharmacy includes consultation regarding prescription drugs, Sec. 34-23-2 am'd.Ron Johnson02/17/2010
HB596Counseling, Board of Examiners In, confidentiality of records of complaint and investigation files, internal code references further provided for, Sec. 34-8A-16 am'd.; Act 2009-587, 2009 Reg. Sess. am'd.Arthur Payne04/14/2010
HB594Assisted living administrators, licensure and regulation, voting members, fees, disciplinary actions, Secs. 34-2A-2, 34-2A-3, 34-2A-11, 34-2A-12, 34-2A-13 am'd.Alan Boothe04/21/2010
HB593Colleges and universities, boards of trustees, authorized to participate in meetings by telephone or video conference under certain conditionsLaura Hall04/14/2010
HB592Talladega Co., board of registrars, meeting days increased, Sec. 17-3-8 am'd.Steve Hurst03/25/2010
HB591Property sold for nonpayment of taxes, mortgagee, judgment creditor, or other creditor having a lien in the real estate lands sold for nonpayment of taxes may redeem the property in the name of the owner of the property, Secs. 40-10-120, 40-10-122 am'd.; Act 2009-508, 2009 Reg. Sess. am'd.Mike Hill02/17/2010
HB590Alimony, payments limited to five years or to length of the marriage whichever is the greater length of time, Sec. 30-2-55 am'd.Phil Williams04/14/2010
HB589Lamar Co., court costs, drug enforcement fee, Legislature authorized to provide by local law, distrib. to clerk of the court and drug enforcement fund, const. amend.Alan Harper03/25/2010Signed
HB587Pharmacy, practice of pharmacy declared a learned profession, Sec. 34-23-2 am'd.Ron Johnson02/17/2010
HB588Preneed funeral and cemetery services, sellers of required to be licensed by Board of Funeral Service or obtain certificate of authority from Insurance Department, certificate of authority requirements altered, trust requirements specified, bonds, penalties increased, Funeral and Cemetery Preneed Consumer Protection Fund established, cemetery authorities further provided for, Secs. 27-17A-5, 27-17A-26 added; Secs. 27-17A-3, 27-17A-10, 27-17A-11, 27-17A-12, 27-17A-13, 27-17A-14, 27-17A-15, 27-17A-22, 27-17A-25, 27-17A-30, 27-17A-31, 27-17A-32, 27-17A-40, 27-17A-41, 27-17A-42, 27-17A-43, 27-17A-44, 27-17A-50, 27-17A-55 am'd. (2010-20437)Ron Johnson04/22/2010
HB586Onsite Wastewater Board, membership, definitions, classes of licenses, application and issuance procedures, records, disciplinary powers, penalties increased, Secs. 34-21A-1, 34-21A-2, 34-21A-3, 34-21A-4, 34-21A-7, 34-21A-10, 34-21A-12, 34-21A-13, 34-21A-14, 34-21A-15, 34-21A-16, 34-21A-17, 34-21A-21, 34-21A-22, 34-21A-24, 34-21A-25 am'd.Howard Sanderford03/23/2010
HB585Teachers' Retirement System, Alabama Higher Education Partnership, Inc., officers and employees of authorized to participateRichard Lindsey04/22/2010Signed
HB584Motor vehicles, headlights and emergency flashers, use of required in funeral processions, penaltiesJohn W. Rogers02/16/2010
HB583Colleges and universities, sports, employment, interview of minority candidates requiredOliver Robinson02/16/2010
HB581Coroners and deputy coroners, duties, reimbursement of physicians and surgeons, delivery of deceased's possessions to county treasurer, limitations on coroner's investigation, power and authority of peace officer, provision for fees for certain examinations by physicians and surgeons repealed, penalties, Secs. 15-4-2, 15-4-10 am'd.; Sec. 15-4-11 repealedRandy Wood02/16/2010
HB582Criminal history background information checks, expanded to include contractual service provider employees with access to school property when students are present, penalties, Secs. 16-22A-60 to 16-22A-67, inclusive, addedOliver Robinson02/16/2010
HB580Midfield, bingo, authorized for certain charitable or educational purposes, penalties, const. amend.Earl F. Hilliard02/16/2010
HB579Alabama Coal Mine Safety Law of 1975, state mining laws extensively revised to modernize and supplemented to comply with federal law to enhance mining safety, Secs. 25-9-31, 25-9-32, 25-9-217, 25-9-380, 25-9-400 to 25-9-407, inclusive, added; Secs. 25-9-7, 25-9-9, 25-9-20, 25-9-22, 25-9-24, 25-9-40, 25-9-60, 25-9-61, 25-9-67, 25-9-80, 25-9-81, 25-9-82, 25-9-83, 25-9-86, 25-9-88, 25-9-131, 25-9-132, 25-9-133, 25-9-210, 25-9-216, 25-9-273, 25-9-276, 25-9-277, 25-9-278, 25-9-279, 25-9-280, 25-9-282, 25-9-360, 25-9-361 am'd.; Secs. 25-9-87, 25-9-153 repealedRonald Grantland02/16/2010
HB578Jefferson Co., sewer fees, refunds for payments not made by tenants of property, retroactive effect, Amendment 818 (Section 12.10, Jefferson County, Local Amendments, Recompiled Constitution of Alabama of 1901, as amended) am'd., const. amend.Oliver Robinson02/16/2010
HB577Veterans' Affairs, State Department of, veterans organizations making nominations, Alabama Alliance of the Military Officers Association of America, Inc., added to nominating organizations, Sec. 31-5-3 am'd.; Act 2009-788, 2009 Reg. Sess. am'd.Merika Coleman02/16/2010
HB575Jefferson Co., bingo, authorized for certain charitable or educational purposes, regulation by sheriff, penalties, Amendment 386 (Section 2, Jefferson County, Local Amendments, Recompiled Constitution of Alabama of 1901, as amended), repealed, const. amend.Earl F. Hilliard02/16/2010
HB576Fairfield, bingo, authorized for certain charitable or educational purposes, const. amend.Earl F. Hilliard02/16/2010
HB574Banks, holding companies, certain transactions not subject to review by Superintendent of Banks, superintendent authorized to declare a bank in default or misconduct, receivers, superintendent approval required prior to company acquiring a bank holding company or state bank, Secs. 5-5A-44, 5-8A-20, 5-8A-24, 5-13B-4 am'd.Mike Hill02/16/2010
HB573Insurance companies, domestic, home office kept outside this state, requirement for duplicate records and office managed by officer of company deleted, records available to commissioner on request, Sec. 27-27-29 am'd.Mike Hill04/14/2010
HB572Oil and gas, severance tax, local governmental entities prohibited from levying tax on oil or gas severed on which state severance taxes have been paid, Sec. 40-20-2 am'd.Mike Hill02/16/2010
HB571Pharmacy, Alabama State Board of, pharmacists, regulation and licensing, pharmacy and permit defined, Sec. 34-23-1 am'd.Victor Gaston02/16/2010
HB570Motor vehicles, handicapped parking placards, Revenue Commissioner authorized to require driver's license number or photo of person to whom issued on placard, sign designating handicapped parking place not required to include minimum fine, use of bollards authorized, municipality authorized to deputize persons for issuing tickets, Secs. 32-6-231, 32-6-233.1 am'd.Tommy Sherer03/11/2010
HB569Accountancy, Alabama State Board of Public, certified public accountants, requirements for certification, Sec. 34-1-4 am'd.Oliver Robinson04/14/2010
HB568First Stop, Inc., exempt from state, county, and municipal sales and use taxLaura Hall02/16/2010
HB567Lake View, corp. limits alt.Gerald H. Allen02/16/2010
HB566Tuscaloosa, motor vehicles, automated traffic infraction device, use for red light enforcement authorized, procedures, posting of informational signs, civil fines, record keeping by Criminal Justice Information Center, appeals, tampering with photographic traffic signal enforcement system, prohibited, Tuscaloosa Red Light Safety ActChris England04/22/2010Signed
HB565Tuscaloosa, alcoholic beverages, Sunday sales authorized under certain conditions, referendumChris England03/25/2010Signed
HB564Butler Co., sheriff, pistol permits, fee increased, Act 97-594, 1997 Reg. Sess. repealed; Sec. 45-7-230 repealedCharles O. Newton03/25/2010Signed
HB563Postsecondary Education Department, flight schools exempt from licensure requirement, Sec. 16-46-3 am'd.Greg Wren02/16/2010
HB561Agriculture and livestock, regulation of livestock and animal husbandry, sole jurisdiction of Agriculture and Industries Department, State Veterinarian, duties re livestock diseases, etc., exclusive, cruelty to animals, penalties, Secs. 2-4-1, 13A-11-14 am'd. (2010-20627)Ralph Howard04/14/2010Signed
HB562Home Medical Equipment Services Providers, Board of, name changed to Home Medical Equipment Board, duties revised, licensure and regulation, disciplinary hearings, administrative fines, injunctions, penalties, Secs. 34-14C-1, 34-14C-2, 34-14C-4, 34-14C-4.1, 34-14C-6, 34-14C-8 am'd.Jim McClendon02/16/2010
HB560Jefferson Co., automobile rental tax, operative date of tax immediately, Act 2001-550, 2001 Reg. Sess. am'd.Demetrius C. Newton02/11/2010
HB559Businesses or public employers, reguired to verify legal status of new employees through federal E-verify program, penaltiesMary Sue McClurkin02/11/2010
HB558Gun shows, business license tax levied on organizer not participants under certain conditions, Sec. 40-12-143 am'd.Micky Hammon02/11/2010
HB557Employment, employers to provide for accrual and use of paid sick and safe time, exercise of protected rights, retaliation prohibited, posting of notice, confidentiality of records, Labor Department to implement and enforce subject to Administrative Procedures Act, administrative and civil remedies, Healthy and Safe Families and Workplaces ActMerika Coleman02/11/2010
HB555Marengo Co., court costs, Legislature authorized to provide by general or local law, prior local laws ratified, const. amend.Artis McCampbell04/06/2010Signed
HB556Municipal subdivision regulation, nothing shall impair or limit a lawful contract for the purchase or sale of any lot in a proposed subdivision, Sec. 11-52-33 am'd.Chris England04/14/2010
HB554Limestone Co., sheriff, compensationHenry A. White03/25/2010Signed
HB553Franklin Co., proposed constitutional amendment to authorize additional court costs in domestic violence cases, repealed, Act 2009-305, 2009 Reg. Sess. repealedJohnny Mack Morrow03/25/2010Signed
HB552Macon Co., court costs, certain costs earmarked for county jail not pledged for county jail authorized to be used for roads and bridges, Amendment 530 (Section 4, Local Amendments, Macon County, Recompiled Constitution of Alabama of 1901, as amended) am'd., const. amend.Pebblin W. Warren03/25/2010Signed
HB551Conservation and Natural Resources Department, Advisory Board, appointment of two additional members who are commercial fisherman, nominated by Organized Seafood Association of Alabama, Inc., Sec. 9-2-14 am'd.Pat Moore02/11/2010
HB550Motor vehicles, distinctive license tags, out-of-state colleges and universities authorized with minimum commitments prior to manufacture, Sec. 32-6-67 am'd.Paul DeMarco04/14/2010
HB548Counties, appeal bond in civil actions not requiredDemetrius C. Newton02/11/2010
HB549Motor vehicles, distinctive license tags, retired professional firefighter tag authorized, duties to Revenue Department, penaltiesJoseph C. Mitchell04/22/2010Signed
HB547Granite and limestone surface mining, local approval prior to issuance of state permit required, public hearings required, Sec. 22-22A-5.1 addedJeff McLaughlin02/11/2010
HB546Law enforcement officers, firefighters, or volunteer firefighters, death benefits for death in line of duty, requirement that death be within 10 years of injury deleted, Sec. 36-30-2 am'd.Paul DeMarco04/22/2010Signed
HB545Competitive bids, state agencies, minimum amount increased, Sec. 41-16-20 am'd.; Act 2009-763, 2009 Reg. Sess. am'd.Mike Hill04/14/2010
HB544Juvenile probation officers, employed by state and employed by certain counties, salary reduction consistent based on Administrative Office of Courts, Sec. 12-5A-5 am'd.Jack Page04/13/2010
HB542Judges, circuit, district, appellate, and Supreme Court Justices, nonpartisan election, special ballot for state judicial candidates, filing fee, Secs. 17-6-20, 17-6-24, 17-6-25, 17-6-48 am'd.Jeff McLaughlin02/11/2010
HB543Marshall Co., circuit and district judges, nonpartisan election, const. amend.Jeff McLaughlin04/06/2010
HB541Misdemeanor non-traffic violations, issuance of electronic uniform non-traffic citation and complaint (eUNTCC), summons and complaint process or notice to appear in courtMarcel Black04/14/2010
HB540Criminal sentencing, new voluntary sentencing standards adopted, effective October 1, 2010, Sec. 12-25-34.2 addedMarcel Black04/14/2010
HB539Probation, limits to probation periods, incarceration in the penitentiary for technical violations of probation, prohibited, intermediate sanctions for violations, appropriations, Secs. 15-22-54.1, 15-22-54.2 added; Sec. 15-22-54 am'd.Marcel Black04/14/2010
HB538Human papillomavirus, State Board of Health required to provide information regarding to parents or guardians of sixth grade female studentsJoseph C. Mitchell03/23/2010
HB537Judicial offices, maximum age for election or appointment to judicial office increased to 72 years, Section 6.16 (Section 155, Recompiled Constitution of Alabama of 1901, as amended), am'd., const. amend.Marcel Black04/22/2010
HB536Fee covenants, transfer fee covenants prohibited, Prohibition Against Transfer Fee Covenants Act, Sec. 35-4-77 addedMarcel Black02/11/2010
HB535Cullman Co., court costs, additional for domestic violence cases in the circuit, district, and municipal courts, distrib. for domestic violence shelter, Harbor HausRonald Grantland03/09/2010Signed
HB534Jefferson Co., sewer system, fee on person, entity, or property not connected to system, prohibitedElwyn Thomas02/11/2010
HB533Supernumerary ad valorem tax officials, cap on compensation increased, Sec. 40-6-3 am'd.Ronald Grantland04/13/2010
HB532Capital offenses, sentencing, reduction of sentence for first-time felony offender from life without possibility of parole to life with possibility of parole, under certain conditions, retroactive effect, Sec. 13A-5-57.1 addedJames C. Fields02/11/2010
HB531Murder, no statute of limitations for damages, Sec. 6-2-31 am'd.Jack Page04/14/2010
HB529Alabama Veterinary Medical Association for the Spay-Neuter Program, income tax refund check-off for voluntary contribution to, duties to Revenue DepartmentCam Ward03/30/2010
HB530Sex crimes, person over age 21 convicted of rape in the first degree, sodomy in the first degree, or sexual torture in the first degree of a child age 6 or younger, sentence of life without possibility of parole requiredSteve Hurst04/14/2010
HB528Ephedrine and pseudoephedrine, over-the-counter products, sales further regulated, on-line electronic verification system operated by Criminal Justice Information Center, penalties, Drug Abuse Task Force, established, members, Sec. 20-2-190 am'd.; Act 2009-283, 2009 Reg. Sess. am'd.Rod Scott03/11/2010Signed
HB527Municipalities, elected officials, mayor and council members, attendance at meetings, removal from office for missed meeting under certain conditions, exception for military service, reinstatementJack Page03/23/2010
HB526Public works or works for businesses obtaining state or local incentive tax credits, abatements, or preferences, employment of certain amount of resident workers, penaltiesEarl F. Hilliard04/14/2010
HB525Camellia State, Alabama officially namedJohnny Mack Morrow02/09/2010
HB524State agencies, boards, commissions, or any public entity with diversity mandate required to report to Legislature annually regarding compliance, legislative intent expressedArtis McCampbell02/09/2010
HB522Dental Examiners of Alabama, Board of, fees, quorum, disciplinary actions, appeals, Secs. 34-9-10, 34-9-16, 34-9-41, 34-9-42 am'd.Cam Ward03/23/2010
HB523Civil and criminal litigation and investigations involving the state, Attorney General to direct, Governor has no authorityJeff McLaughlin02/09/2010
HB521Cullman Co., sheriff and county revenue commissioner authorized to participate in Employees' Retirement System in lieu of supernumerary program, const. amend.Ronald Grantland03/09/2010Signed
HB520Institutions of higher education, requiring students to live on campus, prohibitedRandy Hinshaw02/09/2010
HB519Girls and Women in the Criminal Justice System, Commission on, established, composition, duties, compensation, operation, annual report to Governor and LegislatureTammy Irons04/14/2010Signed
HB518Franklin, corp. limits alt., boundary description corrected and clarified, retroactive effect, Act 2004-477, 2004 Reg. Sess. am'd.Pebblin W. Warren04/14/2010Signed
HB517Office of Administrative Hearings, established, State Advisory Council on Administrative Hearings, established, consolidation of Administrative Law Judge and hearing officers, appointment of Chief Administrative Law Judge and Administrative Law Judge, duties, appropriationMike Ball02/09/2010
HB516Escambia Co., court costs, in circuit, district, juvenile, and small claims courts, additional for law library and Judicial Administration Fund, Act 2007-343, 2007 Reg. Sess. am'd.Seth Hammett03/25/2010Signed
HB515Presidential and vice presidential electors, elected in direct proportion to popular vote, Sec. 17-14-34 am'd.Demetrius C. Newton04/14/2010
HB514Economic Development and Fiscal Accountability Act, Revenue Department to report to Legislature regarding yearly economic development expenditures, economic development subsidies through Economic and Community Affairs Department, defaults on development subsidies, civil actionsPatricia Todd02/09/2010
HB513Hate crimes, motivated by victim's sexual orientation, additional penalties imposed, Sec. 13A-5-13 am'd.Patricia Todd04/14/2010
HB512Affordable Housing Trust Fund and Affordable Housing Trust Fund Committee, established to provide housing opportunities for low to moderate income households, members, duties, Affordable Housing ActPatricia Todd04/14/2010
HB510Stun guns or tasers prohibited on school property or any vehicles transporting students, finesJohn W. Rogers02/04/2010
HB511Environmental Management Commission, member must be certified by National Ground Water Association Certification Program, licensing requirements, Sec. 22-22A-6 am'd.Patricia Todd02/09/2010
HB509Law enforcement officers, fleeing or attempting to elude, injury or death to law enforcement officer included in felony enhancement provision of law, Sec. 13A-10-52 am'd.; Act 2009-616, 2009 Reg. Sess. am'd.Steve Hurst03/23/2010
HB508Jefferson Co., stun guns or tasers prohibited on school property or any vehicles transporting students, fines, const. amend.John W. Rogers02/04/2010
HB507Bingo, federally recognized bingo, authorized, regulated, and taxed in seven Congressional Districts, distrib., State Gaming Commission established, maritime gaming operators on cruise ships, further provided for, const. amend.John F. Knight Jr02/04/2010
HB505Private toll roads and bridges, Public Service Commission to regulate ratesGerald H. Allen02/04/2010
HB506Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation, Inc., exempt from state, county, and municipal sales and use taxRod Scott02/04/2010
HB504Income tax, estimated individual and corporate payments to conform to federal system, individual estimated tax payment threshold increased, corporate estimate tax payment threshold decreased, Secs. 40-18-80, 40-18-80.1 am'd.; Secs. 40-18-82, 40-18-83, 40-18-83.1, 40-18-85 repealedCharles O. Newton04/08/2010Signed
HB503Jefferson Co., civil appeals, bond, exempt from requirement to postDemetrius C. Newton02/04/2010
HB502Constitutional Convention, election for calling to amend and replace Constitution of Alabama of 1901, delegates, election for ratification or rejectionDemetrius C. Newton02/04/2010
HB501Gasoline tax, county commission authorized to levy additional, distrib. for county road and bridge projects, referendumSeth Hammett02/04/2010
HB500Alcoholic beverages, draft or keg beer defined for ABC Board licensing purposes, Sec. 28-3-1 am'd.; Act 2009-771, 2009 Reg. Sess. am'd.Mike Millican02/04/2010
HB498Health care, persons, employers, or health care providers, mandatory participation in any health care system prohibited, const. amend.Cam Ward02/04/2010
HB499Jefferson Co., criminal sex offenders, only one adult or juvenile sex offender may reside in a residence, only one adult may reside in an apartment complex under certain conditions, civil penalties, exceptionsEarl F. Hilliard04/14/2010Signed
HB497Shelby Co., 18th Judicial Circuit, additional district judge, election, conditional appropriationCam Ward02/04/2010
HB496Municipalities, mayors, serving on council or not after certain change in population after federal census, public hearing, petition and referendum, Sec. 11-43-2 am'd.Steve McMillan04/14/2010
HB495Montgomery Co., county revenue commissioner authorized to participate in Employees' Retirement System in lieu of supernumerary program, const. amend.Alvin Holmes04/13/2010Signed
HB494Montgomery Co., solicitor's fee authorized equal to fee for Fair Trial Tax Fund, distrib. for district attorney's officeGreg Wren02/04/2010
HB492Randolph Co., county capital improvement fund, money paid into pursuant to Amendment 668 (Section 219.05, Recompiled Constitution of Alabama of 1901, as amended), use for economic development, const. amend.Richard J. Laird04/06/2010Signed
HB493Montgomery Co., work release program and community corrections program, funding, additional amount determined by sentencing judge assessed on offender's gross earningsGreg Wren04/22/2010Signed
HB491Mental Health Department, certain institutions, leasing, transferring, or management by nongovernmental entities, approval by Legislature required, Sec. 22-50-9 am'd.Terry Spicer02/04/2010
HB490Real Estate Appraisal Management Companies, subject to regulation by Real Estate Appraisers Board, Real Estate Appraisers Act, renamed the Alabama Real Estate Appraisers and Appraisal Management Company Registration and Regulation Act, Secs. 34-27A-50 to 34-27A-64, inclusive, added; Secs. 34-27A-1, 34-27A-2 am'd.Randy Wood04/14/2010
HB489Eagle's Nest of Alabama, Inc., exempt from state, county, and municipal sales and use taxWarren Beck02/04/2010
HB488Lake View, boundaries altered to annex municipal complexGerald H. Allen02/04/2010
HB486Limestone Co., employers reguired to verify legal status of new employees, penaltiesHenry A. White04/06/2010
HB487Morgan Co., employers reguired to verify legal status of new employees, penaltiesMac McCutcheon02/25/2010
HB485Court costs in criminal cases, solicitor's fee assessed in all counties equal to fee for Fair Trial Tax Fund, distrib. for district attorney's office and circuit clerk for administration, application to counties with a local law specifiedJohnny Mack Morrow04/08/2010Signed
HB484Criminal homicide, common law doctrine requiring death to occur within one year and a day abolished, Sec. 13A-3-4 addedJeff McLaughlin02/02/2010
HB483Criminal charges or convictions for certain felony or misdemeanor offenses, petition for expungement of records authorized under certain conditions, proceduresChris England04/14/2010
HB482Identity theft, penalties increased, statute of limitations removed, Sec. 13A-8-192 am'd.James L. Thomas02/02/2010
HB481Board of Adjustment, State, limitation for certain claims affected by Ex Parte Hale County Board of Education extended, Sec. 41-9-65 am'd.Randy Wood04/14/2010
HB479Protection From Abuse Act, issuance and procedures for issuance of protection orders relating to domestic violence and abuse, plaintiffs further defined according to relationships with defendant, jurisdiction, relationship to uniform acts, petitions, Protection Order Registry at Administrative Office of Courts, criminal penalties repealed, Secs. 30-5-1, 30-5-2, 30-5-3, 30-5-4, 30-5-5, 30-5-6, 30-5-7, 30-5-8 am'd.; Secs. 30-5-9, 30-5-10 repealedJeff McLaughlin04/14/2010
HB480Animals, procedures for seizing when involved in charge for fighting dogs, hog and canine fighting, cruelty to dogs and cats, disposition of animal expedited, bond required under certain conditions, Secs. 3-1-29, 13A-11-244, 13A-12-6 am'd.Jamie Ison04/14/2010
HB478Domestic violence, protection orders, defined, penalties increased, lack of knowledge of order as a defense eliminated, Domestic Violence Protection Order Enforcement Act, Secs. 30-5A-1, 30-5A-2, 30-5A-4 am'd.; Sec. 30-5A-3 amended and renumbered as 13A-6-150Jeff McLaughlin04/14/2010
HB477Property insurance, hurricane deductible only applied on damages from named hurricane or tropical storm, certain personal lines insurance policies to offer voluntary buy-back provision, penaltiesJames O. Gordon02/02/2010
HB476Toll bridges, authorized distance between decreased, Sec. 23-1-81 am'd.Barry Mask02/02/2010
HB475Creek War and War of 1812 Bicentennial Commission, established, members, powers, duties, termination, Secs. 41-9-1060 to 41-9-1067, inclusive, addedBetty Carol Graham04/22/2010
HB474Mental Health Department, licensure for care or treatment for mental or emotional illness or individuals with an intellectual disability, non-clinical religious treatment excepted, Sec. 22-50-17 am'd.Joe Hubbard04/14/2010
HB473Property owners, liability limited for leasing property for hunting or fishing, Landowners Protection ActGerald H. Allen04/14/2010
HB472Firearms and ammunition, sales tax limited, const. amend.Dickie Drake02/02/2010
HB471Lake View, corp. limits alt.Gerald H. Allen02/02/2010
HB470Class 7 municipalities, council manager form of government, alternate procedure for adoption to be operative in November 2012, referendum prior to January 1, 2011, Sec. 11-43A-3.3 added; Secs. 11-43A-16, 11-43A-18, 11-43A-32 am'd.Gregory Canfield04/14/2010
HB469Ad valorem tax, collection further provided for, counties authorized to contract for collection, Secs. 40-2A-2, 40-6A-6 am'd.Jack Williams01/28/2010
HB468Commercial passenger aircraft with 25 seats or more, parts, components, systems, supplies, and ancillary items used in conversion or refurbishing of, sales and use and property tax exempt, Secs. 40-9-1, 40-23-4, 40-23-62 am'd.Terry Spicer01/28/2010
HB467Boating, operators of certain recreational boats required to travel at idle speed when within certain distance of shoreline, boathouse, or pier in certain waterway areas of state, exceptionsCraig Ford04/14/2010
HB466Criminal sex offenders, residence prohibited within certain number of feet of park or playground, penalties, Sec. 15-20-26 am'd.; Act 2009-558, 2009 Reg. Sess. am'd.Henry A. White04/14/2010
HB465Continuous sexual abuse of a child, crime of established, penaltiesHenry A. White04/14/2010
HB464Etowah Co., board of education, election, legislative delegation authorized to establish and reapportion districts, Atalla and Gadsden excepted, const. amend.Jack Page02/23/2010
HB463Teachers' Retirement System and Employees' Retirement System, reopened for purchase of prior service credit for employment as student assistant or work/study student at a college or universityVictor Gaston01/28/2010
HB462Midwives, State Board of Midwifery, established, licensure and regulation, fees, penalties, Secs. 34-19-11 to 34-19-19, inclusive, added; Secs. 34-19-2 to 34-19-10, inclusive, repealedLaura Hall01/28/2010
HB461Utilities, underground facilities, excavations or demolitions, excavator required to notify "One-Call Notification System" or in-house program of utility, operation of system further provided for, damages limited under certain conditions, design and survey locate requests provided for, civil penalties increased, criminal penalties for destruction of line markers, Sec. 37-15-4.1 added; Secs. 37-15-2, 37-15-4 to 37-15-10, inclusive, am'd.Ron Johnson01/28/2010
HB460Deputy sheriffs, practice of law, prohibition removed, Sec. 34-3-14 am'd.Earl F. Hilliard04/14/2010
HB458Class 2 municipalities (Mobile), tax sale properties acquired from State Land Commissioner, procedure to quiet title in lieu of procedures in Title 40, Chapter 10, Code of Alabama 1975Jamie Ison04/08/2010Signed
HB459Schools, public schools K-12, new construction to include a safe room or hallway approved by Building Commission, Education Department to coordinate with Building Commission to implementEarl F. Hilliard04/22/2010Signed
HB457Boxing Commission, name changed to Athletic Commission, mixed martial arts, authorized and regulated, definitions, commission authorized to employ executive director, penalties, Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts Act, Act 2009-622, 2009 Reg. Sess. am'd.; Secs. 41-9-1020, 41-9-1021, 41-9-1023, 41-9-1024, 41-9-1028, 41-9-1029, 41-9-1030, 41-9-1032, 41-9-1033, 41-9-1034, 41-9-1035, 41-9-1036, 41-9-1037, 41-9-1038, 41-9-1039, 41-9-1040 am'd.Terry Spicer03/02/2010
HB456Civil procedure, civil defendants required to inform court of current address and name and address of employer, in contempt for failure to reportElwyn Thomas04/14/2010
HB455Social Security number and birth date, person recording required and judge of probate authorized to redact, remove, or make illegible on marriage licenses and public documents, including military discharge forms, Sec. 12-13-22 am'd. (2010-20171)Butch Taylor04/22/2010Signed
HB454Income tax, tax credit authorized for retrofitting home due to loss from hurricane or windstorm events, for sales tax paid on retail sale of tangible personal property used to retrofit home, and for excess premium paid for property and casualty insurance, Consumer Hurricane Mitigation Tax Credit ActJames O. Gordon01/26/2010
HB452Forestry Commission, administrative rules, violations pertaining to conduct of persons on land designated as state forest, penalties, Sec. 9-3-9 am'd.Steve McMillan01/26/2010
HB453Pharmacy, Alabama State Board of, pharmacists, regulation and licensing, pharmacy services permit defined, Sec. 34-23-1 am'd.Jamie Ison01/26/2010
HB451Churches, exempt from state, county, and municipal sales and use taxCam Ward01/26/2010
HB450Human Resources Department, child care facilities, drop-in child care center defined, Sec. 38-7-2 am'd.Laura Hall04/21/2010
HB449Court costs, additional in certain original contested divorce cases, records, distrib. to Children's Trust FundSpencer Collier04/14/2010
HB448Watercraft and commercial fishing vessels, certain vessels over five tons, equipment, sales and use tax exemption further provided for, Secs. 40-23-4, 40-23-62 am'd.Spencer Collier04/14/2010Signed
HB447Fire protection sprinkler systems, State Fire Marshall authorized to issue permits for installation, Secs. 34-33-1, 34-33-2, 34-33-3, 34-33-4, 34-33-5 am'd.Randy Wood04/14/2010
HB446Alabama Firefighters Annuity and Benefit Fund, established, voluntary participation established for paid and volunteer firefighters, board of commissioners to administer, investment of assets by Employees' Retirement System, qualified service, disability and death benefits, annual audits and reports, voluntary contributions of policyholders of property and casualty insurance, duties to Insurance DepartmentRandy Wood01/26/2010
HB445Homeowners insurance, homeowner policyholders provided certain information and rights regarding homeowners policies, violations under Unfair Trade Practices Act, Homeowners Bill of Rights ActBetty Carol Graham01/26/2010
HB444Pregnant women, umbilical cord blood, education regarding the potential benefits of donations, storage, and use, Umbilical Cord Blood Use ActMike Millican04/21/2010
HB443Judicial vacancies, statewide plan for filling vacancies in circuit, district, appellate, and Supreme Court, Section 6.14 as added by Amendment 328, Constitution of Alabama of 1901 (Section 153, Recompiled Constitution of Alabama of 1901, as amended), repealed and added, const. amend.Marcel Black04/14/2010
HB440Interior Designers, Alabama Board for Registered, established, State Board of Registration for Interior Design continued and renamed, board membership altered, registration, licensing, and regulation of interior designers, Alabama Interior Design Registration Act, Secs. 34-15C-1 to 34-15C-18, inclusive, added; Secs. 34-15B-1 to 34-15B-18, inclusive, repealed (2010-20336)Marcel Black04/22/2010Signed
HB441Criminal sentencing, suspended sentences, split sentences, consecutive incarcerations prohibited, maximum probation, defendant not eligible for good time or parole, probationary sentences subject to modification, order regarding substance abuse treatment and full credit for treatment, Secs. 15-18-8, 15-22-54 am'd.Marcel Black04/21/2010
HB442Community Punishment and Corrections Act, nonprofit entities included in definition of board, county commission authorized to provide insurance, exclusion of offenders convicted of selling controlled substances from participation in programs deleted, Secs. 15-18-171, 15-18-184 am'd.Marcel Black04/14/2010
HB439University of Alabama, board of trustees, age requirement altered, Section 264 (Section 264, Recompiled Constitution of Alabama of 1901, as amended), am'd., const. amend.Marcel Black04/14/2010
HB438Boards of registrars, county, compensation increased, Secs. 17-3-5, 17-3-12 am'd.Betty Carol Graham01/26/2010
HB437Courts, municipal, court costs, levy of additional equal to district court, deposit in Corrections Fund, use for purchase of land and equipment, retroactive effect, Sec. 11-47-7.1 am'd.Jay Love04/13/2010Signed
HB436Small businesses certified under federal HUBZone program given preferred vendor status under competitive bid law, Sec. 41-16-20 am'd.; Act 2009-763, 2009 Reg. Sess. am'd.Yusuf Salaam04/14/2010
HB435Banks and banking, Section 247, (Recompiled Constitution of Alabama of 1901, as amended), am'd. to prohibit establishment of a bank except by general banking law, to provide for unlimited duration, to prohibit political subdivisions from owning stock or lending credit, and to provide for examination requirements; Sections 248, 249, 251, 252, 253, 254 (Recompiled Constitution of Alabama of 1901, as amended), repealed, const. amend.Gregory Canfield04/14/2010
HB433Elections, person who is convicted of certain election offense prohibited from serving in certain capacitiesCam Ward04/14/2010
HB434Private corporations, railroads, canals, constitutional provisions in Article XII, Constitution of Alabama of 1901, amended and repealed, Sections 229, 240 (Recompiled Constitution of Alabama of 1901 as amended), am'd., Sections 230, 231, 232, 233, 234, 236, 237, 243, 244, 245, 246 (Recompiled Constitution of Alabama of 1901, as amended), repealed, const. amend.Gregory Canfield04/14/2010
HB432Human trafficking, coercion or deception causing a person to work or to perform services having financial value or to perform certain sexual activities, prohibited, criminal penalties, Representatives Jack Williams and Merika Coleman Act (2010-20826)Laura Hall04/22/2010Signed
HB431Higher education, employees prohibited from receiving incentives from publishers, posting of required textbook lists, cost of textbooks limited, College Textbook Review Board established, members, dutiesJeremy Oden01/26/2010
HB430State warrants issued by Comptroller to business entities, disbursed electronically, Sec. 41-4-50 am'd.John F. Knight Jr04/14/2010
HB429Fortified wine, sale by all valid licensees of Alcoholic Beverage Control Board authorized, Secs. 28-1-3.1, 28-3-1, 28-3-53.2, 28-3-187.1, 28-3A-8, 28-7-16 am'd.; Sec. 28-7-2 repealed; Act 2009-509, 2009 Reg. Sess.; Act 2009-771, 2009 Reg. Sess. am'd.John F. Knight Jr01/26/2010
HB428Motor carrier, broker, or freight forwarder, fuel surcharges of, certain fuel cost disclosures and fuel cost reimbursements required, false or misleading information prohibited, certain information regarding timber and timber products required, Trust in Reliable Understanding of Consumer Costs Act or the TRUCC ActArtis McCampbell04/14/2010
HB426Railroads, standards of stationary assembly points and mobile labor camps for maintenance-of-way employees, established, drinking water provided, Board of Health to adopt rules for mobile camps, investigations, inspection fees, distrib.Ronald Grantland01/26/2010
HB427Conservation and Natural Resources Department, gill net permits, voluntary buyback program, established, surcharge on saltwater fishing licenses, authorized, Secs. 9-12-232, 9-12-233, 9-12-234 am'd.Randy Davis01/26/2010
HB425Clay Co., coroner, expense allowance increased, Sec. 45-14-60 am'd.Richard J. Laird03/02/2010Signed
HB424Elections, Internet voter registration authorized, Secretary of State to maintain websiteJimmy Martin04/14/2010
HB423Prescription legend drugs, donation of drugs by hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, or hospices to charitable pharmacies, authorized, physicians' samples authorized to be donated and transferred to charitable clinics and pharmacies, Secs. 20-3-2, 20-3-3 am'd.Jack Page04/14/2010
HB422Mardi Gras, certain parades, civil immunity to certain participants under certain conditionsJames O. Gordon01/26/2010
HB420Hemophilia and other blood disorders, blood clotting products used at home, specifications, duties to health care insurers, physicians, and pharmacies, Health Department to administer, Hemophilia Standards of Care ActBarry Mask01/26/2010
HB421Municipalities, municipal courts, court costs for jails, distrib. for municipal jails, Sec. 11-47-7.1 am'd.Lawrence McAdory04/14/2010
HB419Motor vehicles and motorcycles, new POW/MIA distinctive license tags, authorized for any resident, additional fee, distrib. to Veterans' Assistance Fund, duties to Veterans' Affairs Department and Revenue DepartmentSteve Clouse03/23/2010
HB418Blount Co., constable, office abolishedElwyn Thomas04/08/2010Signed
HB417Baldwin Co., personnel appeals board for county employees, election procedures, evaluation of contract employees, Secs. 45-2-120.08, 45-2-120.12 am'd.Randy Davis04/08/2010Signed
HB416Autauga Co., judge of probate and revenue commissioner, duties regarding ad valorem tax sales transferred from judge of probate to revenue commissionerH. Mac Gipson01/26/2010
HB415Podiatry, practice of, further defined, Sec. 34-24-230 am'd.Patricia Todd01/26/2010
HB414Campaign contributions, limitation imposed on contributions by political action committees to candidatesJeff McLaughlin01/26/2010
HB413Ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, and phenylpropanolamine, State Board of Health required to classify as controlled substances, exemptions, removed from list of precursor chemicals maintained by State Board of Pharmacy, Secs. 20-2-20, 20-2-181 am'd.Rod Scott01/21/2010
HB412Aliens, illegal, forfeiture of property acquired while illegal alien, procedures, exceptionsTammy Irons01/21/2010
HB411Motor vehicles, driving without license or insurance or proof of legal entry into the United States, motor vehicle may be impounded, Secs. 32-6-18, 32-7A-4 am'd.Tammy Irons01/21/2010
HB410Child custody, records available to both parents, term "physiological" replaced with the term "psychological," Sec. 30-3-154 am'd.Greg Wren04/14/2010
HB409Alimony, provision for termination if recipient remarries or cohabitates with person of opposite sex, application to divorce decrees prior to effective date of statute, deleted, language deleted regarding no requirement for reimbursement of alimony received, Sec. 30-2-55 am'd.Greg Wren04/14/2010
HB408Child custody, parent deployed in military service outside of state, not construed to waive any rights or protections with regard to custody of or visitation with the deployed parent's child or children, exception (2010-20334)Jeff McLaughlin04/21/2010
HB406Alcoholic beverages, beer manufacturers authorized to sell alcohol on-premises for on-premises consumption, Alabama Brewpub Act changed to Brewery Modernization Act, Secs. 28-4A-1 to 28-4A-6, inclusive, am'd.Oliver Robinson04/14/2010
HB407Sheriffs, prisoners in county jail, allowance for feeding, Prisoner Feeding Fund, established, records, audit, Secs. 14-6-40, 14-6-41, 14-6-42, 14-6-43, 14-6-47, 14-6-48, 36-22-17 am'd.Mac McCutcheon04/14/2010
HB405Timber and forest products, altering a weight measuring device prohibited, penalties, unauthorized cutting, removal, transportation, sale, or purchase of timber and other forest products designated Class A misdemeanor, exception for electric utility workers, Sec. 9-13-60 am'd.Chad Fincher04/22/2010Signed
HB404Class 6 municipalities, council manager form of government, alternate procedure for adoption, Secs. 11-43A-3.1, 11-43A-3.2, 11-43A-7, 11-43A-8, 1143A-9, 11-43A-14, 11-43A-16, 11-43A-18, 11-43A-32 am'd.Gregory Canfield01/21/2010
HB403Obscene material involving children, disseminate further defined, material that constitutes possession of visual obscene matter further provided for, Secs. 13A-12-190, 13A-12-192 am'd.Tammy Irons04/14/2010
HB402County humane society, income tax refund check-off for voluntary contribution to, duties to Revenue DepartmentSteve Clouse04/14/2010
HB401Montgomery, alcoholic beverages, city council authorized to establish one entertainment district as defined, consumption authorized anywhere within district under certain conditionsJohn F. Knight Jr03/09/2010Signed
HB400Veterans, education benefits, qualifications altered, Sec. 31-6-11 am'd.Robert Bentley01/21/2010
HB398Nursing scholarships, qualifications altered, funding increased, appropriation, Graduate Degree Scholarship for Nurses, Secs. 34-21-60, 34-21-61, 34-21-62, 34-21-63 am'd.Yusuf Salaam04/14/2010
HB399Class III residential property, ad valorem tax, annual increase prohibited if same owner for previous valuation under certain conditions, const. amend.Robert Bentley01/21/2010
HB397Motor vehicles, Corridor X/I-22, speed limit, considered an interstate for purpose of maximum speed limit, Sec. 32-5A-171 am'd.Mike Millican04/08/2010Signed
HB396Motor vehicles, disabled veterans distinctive license tag, veteran with service-connected disability of 100 percent exempt from license fees and ad valorem tax, Sec. 32-6-130 am'd.Duwayne Bridges01/21/2010
HB395Motor vehicles, veterans, permanently and totally disabled, exempt from license tax and registration fee for one tag, Sec. 40-12-244 am'd.Duwayne Bridges01/21/2010
HB394Homestead exemption, ad valorem tax except taxes for schools, permanently and totally disabled veterans and surviving spouses, exempt from under certain conditions, Sec. 40-9-19 am'd.Duwayne Bridges01/21/2010
HB393Physical Therapy, Board of, members further provided for, Sec. 34-24-192 am'd.; Act 2009-27, 2009 Reg. Sess. am'd.H. Mac Gipson04/22/2010Signed
HB392Building Code Council established, managed by Economic and Community Affairs Department, to adopt statewide minimum standards for building residential and commercial structures, certain farm structures exemptH. Mac Gipson01/21/2010
HB391Monroeville, corp. limits alt.Thomas Jackson02/25/2010Signed
HB389Monroeville, corp. limits alt.Thomas Jackson03/02/2010Signed
HB390Monroe Co., sales and use tax, county commission authorized to levy, revenue from tax for property annexed to Monroeville after January 1, 2010, to be retained by county with the exception of two parcels, Act 85-898, 1985 2nd Sp. Sess. am'd.Thomas Jackson03/02/2010Signed
HB388Sex offenses, school officials or foster parents, sexual conduct with child 16 to 18 years of age, prohibited, consent of child not a defense, penalties, Secs. 13A-6-60, 13A-6-61, 13A-6-64, 13A-6-66 am'd.Lesley Vance01/21/2010
HB387Sex offenses, person in position of authority, defined, sexual conduct with child 16 to 18 years of age, prohibited, consent of child not a defense, penalties, Secs. 13A-6-60, 13A-6-61, 13A-6-64, 13A-6-66 am'd.Lesley Vance01/21/2010
HB386Saltwater pier fishing licenses, nonresident license provided for, expiration date altered for public fishing pier license and saltwater pier fishing license, Sec. 9-11-56.3 am'd.Thomas Jackson04/14/2010Signed
HB385Capital offenses, defendants, procedure established for determining whether defendant is an individual with an intellectual disability under certain conditionsLaura Hall01/21/2010
HB384Alzheimer's Disease Task Force, established to assess the current and future impact of Alzheimer's disease in Alabama, members, duties, Mental Health Department to provide administrative support, report of findings to Governor and Legislature, termination date (2010-20980)Laura Hall04/22/2010Signed
HB383County ad valorem tax, expenses incurred in assessing and collecting, financing providedJack Williams04/14/2010
HB381Lakes with restrictions for houseboats and vessel size and speed, Lake Jordan included, Sec. 33-6A-3.1 am'd.Barry Mask04/14/2010
HB382Competitive bids, public works projects, life cycle costs may be considered in determining lowest responsible bid, life cycle costs, public works, and personal property further defined, local governments authorized to purchase goods and services through vendors with current contract with Government Services Administration without further competitive bidding, Secs. 39-2-1, 39-2-6, 41-16-51, 41-16-57 am'd.; Act 2009-653, 2009 Reg. Sess.; Act 2009-760, 2009 Reg. Sess. am'd. (2010-20971)Jack Williams04/22/2010
HB380Motor vehicles, heavy vehicles required to pay federal heavy vehicle excise tax, proof of payment required for registration, statute clarified to delete outdated weight, commercial motor vehicles, superseded statute regarding registration deadline repealed, Sec. 32-6-58 am'd.; Sec. 40-12-267 repealedSteve Hurst03/11/2010
HB379Blount Co., municipality located entirely outside of Blount County prohibited from imposing municipal ordinance or regulation in its police jurisdiction located in Blount County, reglatory functions and police or fire protection services in its police jurisdiction prohibited, except public safety mutual aid, const. amend. (2010-20879)Jeremy Oden04/13/2010Signed
HB378Class action lawsuits filed in Alabama, plan for undistributed funds to be distributed to Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Department if class members cannot be located, or if distribution to class is not economically feasible, or if class members do not make a claim to the class fundsRonald Grantland01/21/2010
HB377Antifreeze and engine coolant, addition of bittering agent (denatonium benzoate) required, exceptionsCam Ward04/14/2010
HB376Trails Commission, established in Economic and Community Affairs Department, promotion of Alabama Trails System, advisory board establishedCam Ward04/13/2010Signed
HB375Homestead exemption, increased for protection against confiscation of a homestead for debts, Sec. 6-10-2 am'd.Steve Clouse04/14/2010
HB374Children's Advocacy Programs, appropriation for Children's Advocacy Centers and Alabama Network of Children's Advocacy Centers, Inc., allocation, operations plan and audited financial statement required, quarterly and end-of-year reports requiredYusuf Salaam04/14/2010Signed
HB372Reeltown Youth Baseball League, Inc., exempt from state, county, and municipal sales and use taxBetty Carol Graham01/21/2010
HB373Code of Alabama 1975, Acts of 2009 Regular Session and Act 2009-814 of the 2009 First Special Session, and certain replacement volumes, codified with certain corrections, 2009 Volume 22E of local permanent laws of certain counties codified, duties of Secretary of State, Sec. 19-3B-816 corrected and amendedDemetrius C. Newton03/23/2010
HB371Alabama Kiwanis Foundation and Alabama Kiwanis Foundation dba Jean Dean RIF exempt from state, county, and municipal sales and use taxJoe Hubbard01/21/2010
HB370Motor vehicles, distinctive license tags, out-of-state colleges and universities, legislative oversight committee authorized to approve applications, Sec. 32-6-67 am'd.Jay Love04/14/2010
HB369Commercial fishing vessels, purchase of certain equipment, exemption from sales and use taxation, formSpencer Collier04/14/2010Signed
HB368Assault in the second degree, utility workers included as a protected class, utility worker defined, Sec. 13A-6-21 am'd.; Act 2009-586, 2009 Reg. Sess. am'd.Ronald Grantland04/08/2010Signed
HB367Funerals, authorizing agents, priority to person designated on Department of Defense Record of Emergency Data form completed by persons serving on active duty in any branch of U.S. Armed Forces, U.S. Reserve Forces, or National Guard, Sec. 34-13-11 am'd.Jeff McLaughlin04/22/2010Signed
HB366Supreme Court and courts of appeals, court costs increased, filing fees decreased, distrib. of increased court costs for Supreme Court Law Library, Sec. 12-2-159 am'd.Jack Page04/21/2010
HB364Firearms and ammunition in motor vehicles, certain persons and entities prohibited from establishing policies against persons transporting or storing firearms or ammunition in motor vehicles under certain conditionsCraig Ford03/30/2010
HB365State Employees' Health Insurance Plan, certain persons serving in legislative, judicial, or executive branch authorized to participate under certain conditions, Sec. 36-29-16 am'd.Lesley Vance04/08/2010
HB363Motor vehicles, traffic offenses, arrest at the scene of a traffic accident based on probable cause when officer did not witness the offense, Sec. 32-1-4.1 addedDavid Grimes01/19/2010
HB362Lifespan Respite Resource Network, established, Alabama Respite Coalition, establishedCam Ward01/19/2010
HB361Children, dependency cases, testimony of child regarding sexual contact, admissible whether or not brought by Human Resources Department, Sec. 12-15-310 am'd.David Grimes01/19/2010
HB360Madison Co., rock quarries, location near schools regulated outside corporate limits of municipalityRandy Hinshaw02/25/2010
HB359Vital statistics, fetal death of stillborn child, mother or father may request Certificate of Birth Resulting in Stillbirth, Brooklee Act, Sec. 22-9A-13 am'd.Tommy Sherer04/14/2010
HB358Civil action for damages against convicted drug dealers for death of individual, establishedTommy Sherer03/11/2010
HB356Angel Food Ministries exempt from state, county, and municipal sales and use taxMerika Coleman01/19/2010
HB357Hand-In-Paw exempt from state, county, and municipal sales and use taxMerika Coleman01/19/2010
HB355Public establishments, certain, automated external defibrillator required, Health Department to administer and enforceMerika Coleman01/19/2010
HB354Teachers' Retirement System and the Employees' Retirement System, reopened for purchase of prior service credit for service with United States Department of Agriculture Farm Service Agency (2010-20304)Richard J. Laird04/22/2010
HB353Alcoholic beverages, sales tax altered, Secs. 28-3-280, 28-3-281, 28-3-282, 28-3-283, 28-3-284 am'd.; Sec. 28-3-286 repealedRichard Lindsey04/14/2010
HB352Teachers' Retirement System and Employees' Retirement System, pension accumulation fund, accrued liability contribution rate authorized to be computed by Board of Control over 30-year period, Sec. 16-25-21, 36-27-24 am'd.Richard Lindsey03/23/2010
HB351Criminal sex offenders over age 21, sex offenses against child 12 years of age or younger, surgical castration required prior to release from custody of Corrections DepartmentSteve Hurst01/19/2010
HB350Municipalities, annexation of property enclosed within corporate limits, special procedureJames O. Gordon01/19/2010
HB348Drug courts, presiding judge of judicial circuit with consent of district attorney authorized to establish, drug offenders, screening, treatment, support services, and drug testing, referrals to certain programs for treatment, Administrative Office of Courts required to assist in planning, developing, and implementing of drug courts, Drug Offender Accountability ActTerry Spicer04/22/2010Signed
HB349Railroads, Mississippi-Louisiana-Alabama Rapid Rail Transit Commission, name changed to Southern High-Speed Rail Commission, Sec. 37-11-1 am'd.Oliver Robinson04/22/2010Signed
HB347Motor Vehicle Franchise Act, definitions, unfair and deceptive trade practices, buy back requirements at termination, cancellation, or nonrenewal for a franchise or dealer agreement extended, compensation provided to dealer by manufacturer as result of discontinuation of a line, Secs. 8-20-3, 8-20-4, 8-20-5, 8-20-7 am'd. (2010-20446)Ron Johnson03/02/2010Signed
HB346Emergency medical services, definitions, regulation by Health Department further provided for, licensure category added for advanced emergency medical technicians, Secs. 22-18-1, 22-18-2, 22-18-3, 22-18-4, 22-18-6, 22-18-8, 22-18-40, 22-18-41, 22-18-42 am'd.Ronald Grantland04/13/2010Signed
HB345Counties and municipalities, development of blighted areas, tax increment districts, extended to enhanced use lease areas which are under utilized areas on military base leased by secretary of a military department, taxes on incremental increase in value of development paid to finance development, Enhanced Use Lease Area Act, Secs. 40-9E-1, 40-9E-2 added; Secs. 11-99-1, 11-99-2, 11-99-4, 11-99-5, 11-99-6, 11-99-10, 40-18-70 am'd.Laura Hall03/23/2010
HB344Marriage and family therapy, insurance companies, health maintenance organizations, and health benefit plans required to provide coverage, Secs. 10-4-115, 27-21A-23 am'd.H. Mac Gipson01/19/2010
HB343Jefferson Co., sewer system, county commission to notify owners of property of delinquent sewer bill within 90 days, failure to notify makes bill uncollectible, const. amend.Demetrius C. Newton04/14/2010
HB342Cockfighting, penalties increased, presence at cockfights, penalties, confiscation procedures, terms defined, reporting procedures, Secs. 13A-12-4.1, 13A-12-4.2 added; Sec. 13A-12-4 am'd.James C. Fields01/19/2010
HB340Etowah Co., elected officials authorized to participate in Employees' Retirement System in lieu of supernumerary program, const. amend.Jack Page04/06/2010Signed
HB341Etowah Co., sales and use tax, portion of proceeds distributed to capital projects, use for salary of certified personnel of school systems and Gadsden State Community College authorized during proration, Act 95-284, 1995 Reg. Sess.; Act 2009-302, 2009 Reg. Sess.; Act 2009-591, 2009 Reg. Sess. am'd.Jack Page04/08/2010Signed
HB339Motor vehicles, trailers, safety devices required when connecting to motor vehicle, duties to Public Safety Department, penaltiesMike Curtis04/14/2010
HB338Electrical Contractors, Board of, compensation increased, expired licenses restoration fee, investigations, appeals, continuing education, penalties, Sunset Law provided for, Secs. 34-36-1, 34-36-3, 34-36-4, 34-36-5, 34-36-6, 34-36-7, 34-36-8, 34-36-9, 34-36-13, 34-36-15, 34-36-16, 34-36-17 am'd.; Sec. 34-36-14 repealedAlan Harper01/19/2010
HB337Boat trailers and personal watercraft trailers, license taxes and registration fees imposed, distrib. to Alabama Association of Rescue Squads, Inc., Transportation Department for public boat ramps, Peace Officers' Annuity and Benefit Fund, and Public Safety Department for district trooper posts, effective upon adoption of constitutional amendment, Secs. 40-12-240, 40-12-252 am'd.Joe Faust01/19/2010
HB336"Alabama", the poem and music, designated as state anthem, "Stars Fell on Alabama", designated as state song, Sec. 1-2-16 am'd.Tammy Irons04/14/2010
HB335Motor vehicles, distinctive license tags, new categories for members and former members of U. S. Air Force, Army, Navy, Coast Guard, and Merchant Marines, established, fees, designs by Veterans' Affairs DepartmentRonald Grantland04/14/2010Signed
HB334Women's Commission, qualifications, duties, funding, terms of office, altered, employees and benefits provided for, fees for programs authorized, Secs. 41-9-415, 41-9-416 added; Secs. 41-9-410, 41-9-411, 41-9-413 am'd.Yvonne Kennedy04/14/2010Signed
HB332Elections, board of registrars, prohibited time of registering any person as a qualified elector extended from 10 to 14 days prior to election, Sec. 17-3-50 am'd.Cam Ward01/19/2010
HB333Elections, computerized statewide voter registration list, residential address of domestic violence victims omitted, Sec. 17-4-33 am'd.Cam Ward04/14/2010
HB331Elections, absentee voting, persons authorized to apply for and vote by absentee ballot or emergency absentee ballot include spouse or primary caretaker of physically ill or infirm person or spouse or primary caretaker of person requiring emergency medical treatment certain number of days prior to election, Sec. 17-11-3 am'd.Cam Ward01/19/2010
HB330Conservation and Natural Resources Department, hunting lands owned or managed by, replacement acreage for hunting required when existing land closed, annual written report to department and Legislature, Sec. 9-11-2.1 addedCraig Ford03/11/2010Signed
HB329State property, time period for state to repurchase land sold by state to certain entities if later sold to private person or entities, decreased, municipal commercial development authorities exempt from procedures regarding sale or transfer of state property, retroactive effect, Sec. 9-15-82 am'd.Alan Harper04/08/2010Signed
HB328Emergency management, Governor and local emergency management agencies, mutual aid agreements with federally recognized Indian tribes, authorized, Secs. 31-9-6, 31-9-9 am'd.Alan Harper04/22/2010
HB327Veterans, education benefits, qualifications altered, Sec. 31-6-11 am'd.Howard Sanderford04/14/2010
HB326Prichard, bingo authorized by nonprofit organizations for charitable and education purposes, const. amend.James O. Gordon01/19/2010
HB325Boats, including outboard motors and parts, vessel trailer, identification numbers and registration, altering prohibited, penalties including illegal possession, forfeitureMike Ball04/14/2010
HB323Eye care providers including optometrists and ophthalmologists, health insurance policies or plans, prohibited from requiring provider to purchase certain supplies, Access to Eye Care Act, Sec. 27-56-4 am'd. (2010-20388)Mike Millican04/13/2010Signed
HB324Private Investigation Board, established, members, terms, powers, vacancies, private investigators, licensure and regulation, subject to Administrative Procedure Act and Sunset Law review, civil and criminal penalties, Private Investigators Licensing and Regulatory ActJim McClendon01/19/2010
HB322Motor vehicles, driving under the influence, penalties to include mandatory use of ignition interlock device under certain conditions, Forensic Sciences Department to approve devices, Public Safety Department to issue restricted driver's license, fee, provisions for indigent defendants, Sec. 32-5A-191.4 added; Sec. 32-5A-191 am'd. (2010-20173)Jim McClendon04/21/2010
HB321Elections, absentee voting, application and vote by commercial carrier authorized, Sec. 17-11-3 am'd.Cam Ward01/19/2010
HB320Elections, absentee voter and provisional absentee voter, identification at time of application required, reidentification of inactive absentee applicants provided for, Secs. 17-9-30, 17-10-1, 17-10-2, 17-11-9 am'd.Cam Ward01/19/2010
HB319Class 7 municipalities, overgrown grass and weeds, city council authorized to adopt alternate procedures to declare nuisance and abateDuwayne Bridges04/08/2010Signed
HB318Hunting, veterans with disabilities hunting license established, continuously valid with proof of permanent and total disability, issuance feeOliver Robinson01/19/2010
HB316Unborn child, civil action for injury or death of, authorized, Secs. 6-5-390, 6-5-391 am'd.Spencer Collier01/19/2010
HB317Conservation and Natural Resources Department, State Lands Division, revenues from lease of submerged lands, redistribution for certain public uses in Bayou la Batre, Dauphin Island, and Mobile County, Sec. 9-15-15 am'd.Spencer Collier01/19/2010
HB315Oysters and certain other seafood, harvesting regulated by Marine Resources Division of Conservation and Natural Resources Department, oyster management stations provided for, regulation of sacking by Health Department, certain fees further provided for, penalties, Secs. 9-12-28, 9-12-32, 9-12-33, 9-12-35, 9-12-37, 9-12-42, 9-12-67, 9-12-121 am'd.; Secs. 9-12-34, 9-12-38, 9-12-39, 9-12-43, 9-12-44 repealedSpencer Collier04/22/2010Signed
HB314Housing Finance Authority, authorized to service loans that are not secured by eligible housing units, Secs. 24-1A-2, 24-1A-5 am'd.Lesley Vance03/03/2010
HB313Prosthetists and Orthotists, State Board of, appointments altered and clarified, Sec. 34-25A-8 am'd.; Act 2009-300, 2009 Reg. Sess. am'd.Lesley Vance04/14/2010
HB312Coroners, dead bodies, autopsies, storage and transportation to Forensic Sciences Department, coroner responsible under certain conditions, person or entity requesting to reimburse county commission, county fund provided forLesley Vance04/14/2010
HB311Ad valorem tax, definition of residential property expanded to include dwellings under construction, Sec. 40-8-1 am'd.; Act 2009-508, 2009 Reg. Sess. am'd.Jack Williams01/19/2010
HB310Private toll roads and bridges, Transportation Department to regulate ratesH. Mac Gipson01/19/2010
HB308Alabama G.I. and Dependents' Educational Benefit Act, children of certain disabled veterans eligible for education benefits for certain time period, retroactive effect, Sec. 31-6-6 am'd.; Act 2009-559, 2009 Reg. Sess. am'd.Alan Harper01/19/2010
HB309Alabama High School Athletic Association, review by video of certain types of officiating calls during all state championship football games for its member schools, requiredH. Mac Gipson01/19/2010
HB307Motor vehicles, used motor vehicle dealer or motor vehicle wholesaler, licensure and regulation, additional training required for new applicants, Revenue Department to enforce, Secs. 40-12-390, 40-12-391 am'd.Alan Harper04/14/2010
HB306Motor vehicles, accident response service fee imposed by law enforcement officer or agency on or from insurance company or driver or owner of motor vehicle, prohibitedAlan Harper04/22/2010Signed
HB305Transportation Department, utility relocation expenses related to highways not part of national interstate or defense highways, gross income of utilities eligible for reimbursement increased, Sec. 23-1-5 am'd.Terry Spicer04/01/2010Signed
HB304Health benefit plans and health insurance companies, desk audits of claims of health care providers, costs of copies of records and files to be paid by health benefit planRon Johnson01/19/2010
HB303Fertilizers, local ordinance, rule, or regulation pertaining to prohibited, subject matter of Agriculture and Industries DepartmentThomas Jackson01/14/2010
HB302Conservation and Natural Resources Department, commercial bird hunting preserve license, alternate license provided where regular hunting license not required, fees, requirements, Secs. 9-11-410, 9-11-412, 9-11-413, 9-11-414, 9-11-417 am'd.; Secs. 9-11-411, 9-11-415, 9-11-416 repealedThomas Jackson04/22/2010Signed
HB301Forests and grasslands, arson, further defined to include the attempt to set fire to forests, grasses, or woodlands, possession of incendiary paraphernalia prohibited, reckless burning of property of another prohibited, penalty, Sec. 9-13-11 am'd.Randy Wood01/14/2010
HB299Gambling, illegal, civil action to recover monetary penalties, distrib. of proceedsRandy Wood01/14/2010
HB300Voting rights, conditions for restoration of for person convicted of felony, Section 104 and Section 177, Constitution of Alabama of 1901 (Section 104 and Section 177, Recompiled Constitution of Alabama of 1901, as amended) am'd., const. amend.Randy Wood01/14/2010
HB298Secondary metals recyclers, definition, pawnbrokers excluded, records, limits on cash transactions, person selling stolen metal property, penalties increased based on value of transaction, copper, certain cash transactions for prohibited, certain municipal ordinances in effect not affected, Secs. 13A-8-30, 13A-8-31, 13A-8-37, 13A-8-39 am'd.Randy Wood04/14/2010Signed
HB297Alcoholic Beverage Control Board, due notice and hearing required for licensee before citation issued or fine imposed, Sec. 28-3A-24 am'd.H. Mac Gipson01/14/2010
HB296Ad valorem tax, motorcycles included in definition of motor vehicles, Amendment 373, (Section 217, Recompiled Constitution of Alabama of 1901, as amended), am'd., const. amend.H. Mac Gipson01/14/2010
HB295Criminal pleas of nolo contendere or no contest, admissible in this state for impeachment, use for purposes of Habitual Offender Act and for capital murder cases, Lisa Marie Nichols Justice for Victims ActJamie Ison04/14/2010
HB294Children First Trust Fund, appropriations from for fiscal year ending September 30, 2011, use of allocation pursuant to Section 41-15B-2.2 and this act, tobacco settlement revenues deposited in fund within 30 days of receipt, Finance Director to notify each agency of allocation, appropriations conditional on tobacco revenues, appropriation of additional tobacco settlement funds, audit, Children's Affairs Department to report to Legislature and Children's Policy CouncilJohn F. Knight Jr04/14/2010Signed
HB293Coalition Against Domestic Violence, appropriation, operations plan and audited financial statement required, quarterly and end-of-year reports requiredJohn F. Knight Jr04/14/2010Signed
HB291Appropriations, supplemental appropriation to various departments, boards, and agencies, for fiscal year ending September 30, 2010, General Appropriations Act for fiscal year 2010, funding source of certain bonds changed from Capital Improvement Trust Fund to State General Fund, Executive Commission on Community Services Grants, appropriation from State General Fund for fiscal year 2010 deleted, Act 2009-550, 2009 Reg. Sess. Am'd.John F. Knight Jr01/14/2010
HB292Elevator Safety Review Board, operational fund, surplus fees over appropriated amount transferred to General Fund, Sec. 25-13-6 am'd.John F. Knight Jr01/14/2010
HB290General fund budget, appropriations for ordinary expenses of executive, legislative, and judicial departmentsJohn F. Knight Jr04/14/2010Signed
HB289Employees' Retirement System, pension accumulation fund, accrued liability contribution rate authorized to be computed by Board of Control over 30-year period, Sec. 36-27-24 am'd.John F. Knight Jr01/14/2010
HB288Veterinary medicine, definitions, licensure and regulation further provided for, prohibited acts, authorized tasks for veterinary technicians and unlicensed assistants revised, Secs. 34-29-61, 34-29-76, 34-29-77, 34-29-94 am'd.Henry A. White04/14/2010
HB287Mortgages, active duty military who die while deployed overseas, foreclosure proceedings against surviving spouse or estate prohibited under certain conditions, Military Family Relief Fund establishedDemetrius C. Newton01/14/2010
HB286Sixteenth Section Lands, distribution of federal offshore royalty revenues by state to counties based upon calculation by Conservation and Natural Resources Department, annual report to Governor, State Superintendent of Education, and LegislatureThad McClammy01/14/2010
HB284Small businesses certified under federal HUBZone program given preferred vendor status under competitive bid law, Sec. 41-16-20 am'd.; Act 2009-763, 2009 Reg. Sess. am'd.Thad McClammy01/14/2010
HB285Income tax, tax credit for hiring certain persons under age 19 during school breaks, after school, or on weekendsThad McClammy01/14/2010
HB283Library boards, county and municipal boards, additional members, terms, Sec. 11-90-2 am'd.Mike Ball04/21/2010
HB282Alabama Teacher Recruitment Incentive Program (ATRIP), Commission on Higher Education to provide for leave from program for humanitarian religious trip, retroactive effectPat Moore01/14/2010
HB281Appropriations, supplemental appropriation for fiscal year ending September 30, 2010, to Walker County School System for Oakman Elementary School and to Lee County School System for Wacoochee Junior High SchoolTommy Sherer04/22/2010Signed
HB280Death penalty, moratorium on imposition and execution not to exceed three years, procedure for administeringBarbara Bigsby Boyd01/14/2010
HB279Employment Security Enhancement Fund, special assessment, expiration date extended to 2011, extended unemployment compensation benefits paid with federal funds further provided for, Secs. 25-4-40.1, 25-4-54, 25-4-75 am'd.Frank McDaniel04/14/2010Signed
HB278Ethics law, substantially altered, statement of economic interests, categories revised, Ethics Commission, appointment and confirmation of members, complaints further provided for, definition of lobbying, family members of public employees, personal gain, confidential information, filing of electronic reports, mandatory ethics training, Secs. 36-25-1, 36-25-3, 36-25-4, 36-25-5, 36-25-10, 36-25-14, 36-25-18, 36-25-19, 36-25-20 am'd.; Act 2009-225, 2009 Reg. Sess. am'd.Gregory Canfield04/14/2010
HB276Education Appropriations Act for fiscal year ending September 30, 2010, debt service on certain bonds, funding from Capital Improvement Trust Fund reduced, funding from Education Trust Fund increased, supplemental appropriation for debt service on certain Public School and College Authority bond swaps, appropriation to state agencies for fiscal year ending September 30, 2009, reappropriated, certain food stamp funds not to revert from Human Resources Department, use for child care, Act 2009-339, 2009 Reg. Sess. am'd.Barbara Bigsby Boyd04/13/2010Signed
HB277Children First Trust Fund, receipts allocated for State Board of Education transferred to General Fund during fiscal year ending 2011Randy Hinshaw04/08/2010Signed
HB275Teachers' Retirement System, pension accumulation fund, accrued liability contribution rate authorized to be computed by Board of Control over a 30-year period, Sec. 16-25-21 am'd.Barbara Bigsby Boyd01/14/2010
HB274Education budget, appropriations for the support, maintenance, and development of public educationBarbara Bigsby Boyd04/13/2010Signed
HB273Lyman Ward Military Academy, appropriationBarbara Bigsby Boyd04/08/2010Signed
HB272Tuskegee University, appropriationBarbara Bigsby Boyd04/08/2010Signed
HB271Talladega College, appropriationBarbara Bigsby Boyd04/08/2010Signed
HB270Habitual felony offender, alternative sentences for third felony conviction, mandatory penalty for fourth Class A felony conviction revised under certain circumstances, retroactive review for certain persons, Sec. 13A-5-9 am'd.Thad McClammy01/14/2010
HB269Eagles' Wings, Inc., exempt from state, county, and municipal sales and use taxArtis McCampbell04/22/2010Signed
HB267Attorneys, legal services provided state, fees limited, contracts submitted to Contract Review Committee, Private Attorney Retention Sunshine ActBarry Mask01/14/2010
HB268Menacing and reckless endangerment, crimes of, penalties increased, Secs. 13A-6-23, 13A-6-24 am'd.Cam Ward01/14/2010
HB266Child custody or visitation, motion to stay proceeding pending adjudication of criminal charge involving parent, court to consider best interest of childTammy Irons01/14/2010
HB265Motor vehicles, speeding violations, provision authorizing state trooper to give a ticket based on the relay of a speed measuring device reading from another trooper, applicable to any law enforcement officer, Sec. 32-5A-177 am'd.Mike Hill04/14/2010
HB264Alabama Residential Energy Code Board changed to Alabama Energy and Residential Codes Board, Model Energy Code replaced with Alabama Energy and Residential Codes, adoption of modern building and energy codes in compliance with federal law to be implemented by counties and municipalities, board members increased, certain farm structures excluded, sprinkler systems provided for, Secs. 41-23-80, 41-23-81, 41-23-82, 41-23-83, 41-23-84, 41-23-85 am'd.Lawrence McAdory02/25/2010
HB263Driving or operating a vehicle as defined (including vessels) under the influence of alcohol or drugs, criminal negligent homicide or assault in the first degree amended to include, Secs. 13A-6-4, 13A-6-20 am'd.Locy Baker01/14/2010
HB262Motor vehicles, distinctive license tags, Forestry Commission and Firefighters' Personnel Standards and Education Commission required to prepare lists of persons eligible for, widow or widower of firefighter or volunteer firefighter who dies in line of duty authorized to receive free license tag, Sec. 32-6-272 am'd.Richard J. Laird04/13/2010Signed
HB261Cosmetology, Board of, continued in the name of Cosmetic Arts, Board of, regulation of cosmetologists, barbers, estheticians, manicurists, and natural hairstylists and their shops and schools, Secs. 34-7B-1 to 34-7B-26, inclusive, added; Secs. 34-7A-1 to 34-7A-25, inclusive, repealedMerika Coleman01/14/2010
HB259Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision, transfer application fee required, exemptions, distrib. to Pardons and Paroles Board for Probationer's Upkeep Fund, continuous appropriation to board, Sec. 15-22-1.3 addedCraig Ford04/14/2010Signed
HB260Income tax, employment, employers hiring persons receiving unemployment compensation or whose benefits have expired, tax deduction authorized, duties to Revenue Department, Reemployment ActRobert Bentley04/08/2010Signed
HB258Attorney General, opinions, distribution of electronic copies by e-mail in lieu of paper copies, posting on Internet required, Sec. 36-15-1 am'd.Craig Ford04/22/2010Signed
HB257Interagency Council for the Prevention of Elder Abuse, established, members, duties, subject to Sunset Law, reports to Chief Justice of Supreme Court, Governor, and Legislature, Elder Abuse Prevention ActTammy Irons03/11/2010
HB256Fairhope Educational Enrichment Foundation, Inc., exempt from state, county, and municipal sales and use taxJoe Faust01/14/2010
HB255Mobile Co., county officers, credit card payments, fee required to cover costs, Act 99-651, 1999 2nd Sp. Sess. am'd.Chad Fincher03/25/2010Signed
HB254Boilers and pressure vessels, inspection by Labor Department further provided for, written warnings and civil penalties, fees, inspection of operations, criminal penalties, immunity, Secs. 25-12-8, 25-12-10, 25-12-11, 25-12-14, 25-12-17 am'd.Frank McDaniel04/14/2010
HB253Paroles and probation, revocation hearing, disputed positive urine or blood tests, testing agency required to verify through confirmation test, individual requesting responsible for testing costs (2010-20174)Steve Hurst04/22/2010
HB251State Docks Bulk Handling Facility Trust Fund, excess funds, all transfers removed except transfer to General Fund, Sec. 40-13-6 am'd.Barry Mask01/14/2010
HB252Hartselle, board of education, election of members, qualifications, terms, compensation, chair, referendumRonald Grantland02/23/2010
HB250Homeowners insurance, all policies for primary residences required to be all-risk with premium rates not more than 100 percent different per thousand soldVictor Gaston01/14/2010
HB249Homeowners insurance, all policies for primary residences required to be all-risk with premium rates not more than 50 percent different per thousand soldVictor Gaston01/14/2010
HB248Homeowners insurance, all policies for primary residences required to be all-risk with level premium ratesVictor Gaston01/14/2010
HB247Controlled substances, prescription drug monitoring program, meetings of Controlled Substances Prescription Database Advisory Committee, members authorized to meet electronically and by proxy, out-of-state access to prescription drug monitoring database authorized, State Board of Health authorized to use fees for database operations, Secs. 20-2-212, 20-2-214, 20-2-217 am'd.; Act 2009-489, 2009 Reg. Sess. am'd.Ron Johnson04/13/2010Signed
HB246Fuller Center for Housing exempt from state, county, and municipal sales and use tax and ad valorem taxDuwayne Bridges01/14/2010
HB245Alabama Student Grant Program, approved institution of higher learning, requirement to be seeking accreditation by Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools removed, institution in Montgomery Co. added to program, Sec. 16-33A-1 am'd. (2010-20460)Marcel Black04/22/2010
HB243Commercial Fishermen's Rights and Privileges Act, interference with commercial fishermen, prohibited, civil penaltiesSpencer Collier01/14/2010
HB244Shrimp, saltwater bait shrimp license, regulation of shrimping areas for bait and the number of shrimp baskets licensee may have in his or her possession, Sec. 9-12-54.4 am'd.Spencer Collier02/02/2010
HB242Insurance Commissioner, elected on statewide basis, term, compensation, const. amend.Spencer Collier01/14/2010
HB241Health and human services, 2-1-1 Call Centers, established as resource for applying for All Kids Insurance Program, Health Department and United Way of Alabama to implement, appropriationBetty Carol Graham01/14/2010
HB240Group homes for children, establishment of requires approval by county commission or city council, reimbursement authorized to local school system for education expenses of a nonresident studentCraig Ford01/12/2010
HB239Etowah Co., court costs, Legislature authorized to provide by general or local law, Amendment 235 (Section 3, Etowah County, Local Amendments, Recompiled Constitution of Alabama of 1901, as amended), am'd., const. amend.Craig Ford02/18/2010Signed
HB238Etowah Co., solicitor's fee equal to fee for Fair Trial Tax Fund, distrib. for district attorney's office, effective on adoption of const. amend.Craig Ford02/02/2010
HB237Highways and other roads, Alabama Trust Fund, $100 million transferred annually in 2010 to 2019, inclusive, distrib. of portion after appropriation to Transportation Department, distrib. of portion to counties and municipalities for transportation purposes, const. amend.William “Bill” M. Beasley01/12/2010
HB235Alabama Gaming Control and Revenue Act, casino gambling authorized in certain cities, licensure and regulation, Alabama Gaming Control Board and State Casino Gaming Fund establishedJohn W. Rogers01/12/2010
HB236Public education employees and law enforcement officers, offenses committed in the line of duty, arrest warrants, procedures for arrestJohnny Mack Morrow04/22/2010
HB234Alabama Gaming Commission established, members, duties, compensation, authority to license and regulate all gambling activities, criminal and civil penaltiesJohn W. Rogers01/12/2010
HB233Lotteries, prohibition against repealed, Section 65 (Section 65 Recompiled Constitution of Alabama of 1901, as amended), repealed, const. amend.John W. Rogers01/12/2010
HB232Pardons and Paroles Board, members increased, diversity of membership, Sec. 15-22-20 am'd.John W. Rogers01/12/2010
HB231Total Alternative to Street Crime (TASC) Program, appropriationJohn W. Rogers01/12/2010
HB230Colleges and universities, sports, employment, interview of minority candidates requiredJohn W. Rogers01/12/2010
HB229Legislative Building Authority, additional powers regarding control and title to parking areas, streets, issuance of bonds, connection to Capitol, entering into agreements, employment of personnel, Secs. 29-2-203, 29-2-204 added; Secs. 29-2-200, 29-2-201 am'd.; Sec. 29-1-19.1 repealedRichard J. Laird01/12/2010
HB228Prepaid Affordable College Tuition (PACT) Program, separate board of directors, members, duties, annual appropriations from Education Trust Fund to PACT Fund based on a formula for fiscal years for certain period of time, dissolution of PACT Program, Sec. 16-33C-4.1 added; Secs. 16-33C-3, 16-33C-4, 16-33C-5, 16-33C-6, 16-33C-7, 16-33C-8, 16-33C-10, 16-33C-11, 16-33C-12 am'd.; Sec. 16-33C-9 repealedButch Taylor03/02/2010
HB227Elections, photo identification required, Public Safety Department required to issue identification cards to persons without photo identification, Sec. 17-9-30 am'd.Jeremy Oden04/14/2010
HB226Tuscaloosa Co., occupational tax, levy prohibited, const. amend.Gerald H. Allen01/12/2010
HB225Firearms, accessories, and ammunition manufactured in this state, under Commerce Clause of U. S. Constitution exempt from federal regulation, Firearms Freedom ActGerald H. Allen04/14/2010
HB224Tuscaloosa Co., homestead exemptions, extended for three years for property owner who resides in nursing home or assisted living facility, const. amend.Gerald H. Allen01/12/2010
HB223Rules of the road, bicyclists, hand and arm signals, bicyclists authorized to give hand signals from right side, Sec. 32-5A-135 am'd.Gerald H. Allen03/25/2010
HB222Corrections Department, certain correctional officers authorized to participate in Deferred Retirement Option Plan after meeting certain requirements, Sec. 36-27-170 am'd.Johnny Mack Morrow01/12/2010
HB220Surplus line insurance, foreign and alien insurers, requirement for transacting insurance for minimum of five years in its state or country of domicile, exception under certain conditions, Sec. 27-10-26 am'd.Yvonne Kennedy03/04/2010
HB221State of Alabama, counties and municipalities prohibited from issuing business licenses without proof of citizenship or legal status in United StatesJohnny Mack Morrow01/12/2010
HB219Insurance Department, process for consumer assistance, established, nonbinding alternative dispute resolution procedures for certain insurance claims, established, posting of certain information on Internet, legislative reports, Secs. 27-2-8.1, 27-2-8.2, 27-2-8.3 added; Sec. 27-2-9 am'd.Yvonne Kennedy04/14/2010
HB218Hunting and fishing licenses, certain nonresident retired military age 65 years or older exempt under certain conditionsGreg Wren01/12/2010
HB217Commission on Higher Education, chiropractic scholarships, use of funds for certain advanced courses at colleges and universities in this state, Sec. 16-5-11 am'd.Cam Ward02/02/2010
HB216Municipalities, ordinances, planning, zoning, or licensing of businesses, publication or posting further provided for, Sec. 11-45-8 am'd.Cam Ward04/14/2010
HB215Occupational tax, levy by county or municipality, prohibited, const. amend.Tammy Irons04/14/2010
HB214Food stamps and welfare (TANF), persons with felony drug conviction, federal law provisions making ineligible, provision for persons to be eligible under certain conditionsChris England04/14/2010
HB212Businesses, certain companies that create jobs, tax incentives authorized, requirements and standards for qualificationCam Ward01/12/2010
HB213Child custody disputes, procedures for prevention of child abduction, credible risk for abduction factors, applicable to certain international abductions, emergency measures, Uniform Child Abduction Prevention ActCam Ward03/11/2010Signed
HB211Littering, rebuttable presumption of criminal littering provided for, enforcement by county license inspector and solid waste officer, distrib. of fines, Sec. 13A-7-29 am'd.Cam Ward02/25/2010
HB210Criminal defendants, youthful offender status, persons charged with a crime involving serious physical injury or death not eligible, Sec. 15-19-1 am'd.Arthur Payne04/14/2010
HB209Legislature, term limits imposed, Section 46 (Section 46, Recompiled Constitution of Alabama of 1901, as amended) am'd., const. amend.Patricia Todd01/12/2010
HB208Crime Victims' Compensation Commission, emergency award to domestic violence victims, authorized, Secs. 15-23-24, 15-23-25 addedPatricia Todd01/12/2010
HB207Marijuana, use for medical purposes authorized, certified by physician, regulated as controlled substancesPatricia Todd01/12/2010
HB206Income tax, tax credit for hiring certain persons under age 19 during school breaks, after school, or on weekendsThad McClammy01/12/2010
HB203Competitive bids, exemption granted to Legislature, certain colleges and universities, and Postsecondary Education Department for professional services, removed, Sec. 41-16-72 am'd.Mike Hill01/12/2010
HB204Social Security number and birth date, person recording required and judge of probate authorized to redact, remove or make illegible on marriage licenses and public documents, Sec. 12-13-22 am'd.Mac McCutcheon03/23/2010
HB205Motor vehicles, buses, length and width requirements, increased, operation of articulated motor buses authorized on state highways, Sec. 32-9-21 am'd.Thad McClammy04/22/2010Signed
HB202Municipal public housing authorities, eminent domain power deleted, purchase of property authorized only for public housing purposes, five-year plan and annual recommendations, submission to city council and county commission if authority serves part of county, public hearing and approval, Secs. 24-1-28, 24-1-43 am'd.Mike Hill01/19/2010
HB201Initiative, constitutional amendments, proposed by people, authorized, Legislature may offer alternate proposal, const. amend.Mike Hill01/12/2010
HB200Campaign contributions, reports required to include occupation and name of employer of contributor, Sec. 17-5-8 am'd.; Act 2009-751, 2009 Reg. Sess. am'd.Mike Hill01/12/2010
HB199State agencies, Internet database of state expenditures, Comptroller to include subcontracts and purchase orders, Act 2009-750, 2009 Reg. Sess. am'd.; Sec. 41-4-65 am'd.Mike Hill04/14/2010
HB198Secretary of State, required to post on website proposed statewide constitutional amendments and to provide a discussion platform with the capability to allow readers to offer comments in an interactive formatMike Hill04/14/2010
HB197Elections, political candidates, campaign contributions and expenditures, failure to file final or annual campaign finance report, penalties, Sec. 17-17-35 am'd. (2010-20086)Mike Hill03/25/2010
HB196Corrections Department and Medicaid Agency, supplemental appropriationsJohn F. Knight Jr01/12/2010
HB195Greenhouse gas emissions, state agency prohibited from adopting or enforcing a state or regional program to limit or regulate motor vehicle fuel economy or from implementing a cap and trade program without legislative authorizationJohnny Mack Morrow01/12/2010
HB194Federal law enforcement officers, permission of sheriff or Attorney General required before conducting arrest or search and seizure, district attorney required to prosecute violations, supremacy of sheriff as chief law enforcement officer of county declaredLesley Vance01/12/2010
HB193Motor vehicles, low speed vehicles and mini trucks, licensure, restrictions, safety equipment title not required, Sec. 32-6-59 added; Secs. 32-8-31, 40-12-240 am'd.; Act 2009-281, 2009 Reg. Sess. am'd.Spencer Collier01/12/2010
HB192Blount Co., elected officials, county commission may provide expense allowance if salary voluntarily diminished due to participation in public or private retirement fundJeremy Oden02/25/2010
HB191Coffee Co., fire protection and emergency medical services, fee levied on certain dwellings and commercial buildings, exemptions, distrib. to Enterprise and Elba, eligible volunteer fire departments and emergency medical service squads, and Volunteer Firefighters Association, referendumTerry Spicer02/16/2010Signed
HB190Class 2 municipalities (Mobile), library board, number of members the same as number of members of city councilJames O. Gordon03/25/2010Signed
HB189Public K-12 education, responsibilities of state and local boards of education and schools, authorizers, and charter schools provided for, application process and renewal, revocation and closure of schools as public schools, application of existing law and exemptions from provided, Innovative Charter Schools ActH. Mac Gipson01/12/2010
HB187Utility and other underground facilities, One-Call Notification System or Call Before You Dig, all underground facility operators required to be members, responsibility of operators conducting in-house program re notifications, further provided for, Sec. 37-15-5 am'd.Ron Johnson03/11/2010
HB188Emergency telephone service, communication districts, employees receiving and disbursing funds, required to be bonded, Sec. 11-98-4 am'd.Ron Johnson04/14/2010Signed
HB186Divorce, property division, military retired pay, division limited to a percent based on military spouse's rank and pay rate on date of final order and any cost-of-living increases in effect on date military spouse begins drawing retirement, Sec. 30-2-51 am'd.Victor Gaston03/23/2010
HB185Abandoned property, next of kin of owner may claim if no surviving spouse or children of owner, Sec. 35-12-84 am'd.Victor Gaston01/12/2010
HB184Sales and use tax, hearing aids, exempt, Sec. 40-23-4.1 am'd.Victor Gaston01/12/2010
HB183Grandparent visitation, one petition per grandparent per 24-month period, parent authorized to petition for amendment or revocation once in 24-month period with respect to each petition awarding visitation, Sec. 30-3-4.1 am'd.Victor Gaston02/25/2010
HB182Ethics Commission, granted subpoena power, Sec. 36-25-3 am'd.; Act 2009-225, 2009 Reg. Sess. am'd.Victor Gaston01/12/2010
HB181Income tax, employer's deduction for health insurance premiums, compensation paid to qualifying employees for calculation of employer's deduction further provided for, Sec. 40-18-15.3 am'd.Tommy Sherer01/12/2010
HB178Public employees, discrimination or discipline for communicating with elected public official, prohibited, Public Employee Representative Political Freedom ActMac McCutcheon01/12/2010
HB179Motor vehicles, new and used vehicles clarified, titles, fees for certain records further provided for, exemption from titling of vehicles authorized, inspections, alternative method of lien release authorized when lienholder no longer in business, Secs. 32-8-2, 32-8-6, 32-8-31, 32-8-32, 32-8-36, 32-8-64 am'd.Alan Harper04/13/2010Signed
HB180Water and sewer services, municipal corporation boards of directors, and municipal and county boards of directors of water, sewer, and fire protection authorities, compensation increased, Prichard excepted, Secs. 11-50-15, 11-50-313, 11-88-6 am'd.Alan Harper04/13/2010Signed
HB177Law enforcement officers, assaults of while performing lawful duty, classified as assault in the second degree, to include off-duty officers employed by a private entity, Sec. 13A-6-21 am'd.Mac McCutcheon04/14/2010
HB176Dale Co., county commission, chair, elected countywide, probate judge no longer to serve as chair, term, compensation, referendum, Act 1955, 1971 Reg. Sess.; Act 87-661, 1987 Reg. Sess. repealedSteve Clouse02/16/2010Signed
HB175Timber and forestry supplies, theft of timber or harvesting equipment and any felony involving unauthorized harvesting, removal, transportation, or disposal of forest products, procedures relating to seizure of certain motor vehicles and equipment further provided for, delivery to regional forester, Secs. 9-13-221, 9-13-222, 9-13-223 am'd.Charles O. Newton03/11/2010
HB174First Nations Outreach Project exempt from state, county, and municipal sales and use taxRichard J. Laird01/12/2010
HB173Health care, ventilators, procedure before and after disconnection process, established, civil penalties, Patients' Ventilator Bill of Rights ActMike Millican01/12/2010
HB171Fish, farm-raised or wild fish, country of origin labeling by restaurants, health and safety policies to be determined by Legislature, suppliers to food service establishments required to disclose country of origin regardless of labeling per federal law, Act 2009-582, 2009 Reg. Sess. am'd.; Secs. 22-20A-1, 22-20A-3, 22-20A-8 am'd.; Sec. 22-20A-4 repealedSpencer Collier04/14/2010
HB172Mobile Co., county license commissioner, appointment of secretary, compensationSpencer Collier03/25/2010Signed
HB170Watercraft, sales and use tax, tax exemption clarified for items required by U. S. Coast Guard in the operation of, Sec. 40-23-62 am'd.Spencer Collier01/12/2010
HB169Services for Alabama Families Study Commission, established, composition, duties, procedures, compensationTammy Irons01/12/2010
HB168Motor vehicles, salvage titles, original owner authorized to rebuild and obtain title under certain conditions, inspection provisions further provided for, approval of Revenue Department regarding valuation of salvage vehicle deleted, duties to scrap metal processors, penalties, Sec. 32-8-87 am'd.Jimmy Martin04/22/2010Signed
HB167Electronic Security Board of Licensure, definitions, training and licensure, locksmiths and alarm system installers, additional classifications established for central station, closed circuit television system, and electronic access system, Secs. 34-1A-1, 34-1A-4 am'd.Tammy Irons04/01/2010
HB166Mobile Co., county commission to provide for the number and districts for election of members, initial districts to be same as Board of School Commissioners, Act 181, 1957 Reg. Sess. repealedYvonne Kennedy02/25/2010
HB165Trademarks, registration with Secretary of State, protection, renewal, goods and services, civil remedies, Secs. 8-12-6, 8-12-10, 8-12-14, 8-12-17, 8-12-18 am'd.Marcel Black04/22/2010Signed
HB163Income tax, employment, employers hiring persons receiving unemployment compensation, tax credit authorized, duties to Industrial Relations Department and Revenue Department, Back to Work Act, Sec. 40-18-136.1 addedDuwayne Bridges01/12/2010
HB164Chambers Co., alcoholic beverages, sale of draft or keg beer or malt beverages for on-premises consumption authorized, referendumDuwayne Bridges03/25/2010Signed
HB162Homestead exemption, jointly owned property, exemption applies only to qualified owner, Secs. 40-9-19, 40-9-21 am'd.Richard Lindsey04/14/2010
HB161Municipal elections, further provided for, statements of candidacy, provisional voting, absentee ballots, recount provisions, certain voter identification provisions not to apply, Sec. 17-9-30(f), Code of Alabama 1975, relating to voter identification, not to apply to municipal elections, Sec. 17-9-30 impliedly amended, Secs. 11-46-25, 11-46-27, 11-46-39, 11-46-44, 11-46-45, 11-46-46, 11-46-50, 11-46-55, 11-46-55.1, 11-46-57, 11-46-58, 11-46-67, 17-7-25, 17-11-14, 17-11-15 am'd.Randy Hinshaw04/21/2010Signed
HB160State Health Planning and Development Agency, appointment of new board, board may adopt rules regarding termination of members for cause, Sec. 22-21-260 am'd.Ron Johnson03/11/2010
HB159Emergency telephone calls (911 calls), release of audio recording limited, release by court order under certain conditions, release to caller or for legal matter, authorized, written or electronic records considered a public writingRon Johnson04/14/2010Signed
HB158Senior Services Department, United We Ride Commission, established to provide transportation for individuals with disabilities, the elderly, and individuals with low incomes, members, terms, duties, annual report to GovernorArtis McCampbell01/12/2010
HB157Municipal annexations, validated and ratified under certain conditions, Sec. 11-42-5 am'd.Marcel Black03/23/2010
HB155Ethics Law, definition of lobbyist and lobbying to include persons attempting to influence no bid contracts, Sec. 36-25-1 am'd.Marcel Black01/12/2010
HB156Architects, State Board for Registration of, responsible control, definition altered, title of superintendent changed to on-site observer, restrictive firm ownership and naming requirements removed, disciplinary actions altered, civil penalties, secretary changed to executive director, Secs. 34-2-30, 34-2-32, 34-2-33, 34-2-34, 34-2-35, 34-2-36, 34-2-37, 34-2-38, 34-2-40, 34-2-41, 34-2-42 am'd.Marcel Black04/14/2010Signed
HB154Bingo, non-Indian operators, equivalent to Indian gamingMarcel Black04/14/2010
HB153Ethics Code, Chapter 25 of Title 36, substantially revised and reorganized, Secs. 36-25-5, 36-25-11, 36-25-12, 36-25-14, 36-25-15, 36-25-16, 36-25-20, 36-25-21, 36-25-22, 36-25-23, 36-25-24, 36-25-25, 36-25-26, 36-25-31, 36-25-32, 36-25-40, 36-25-42, 36-25-43, 36-25-83 added; Secs. 36-25-1, 36-25-2 am'd.; Secs. 36-25-3, 36-25-4, 36-25-5, 36-25-6, 36-25-7, 36-25-9, 36-25-10, 36-25-11, 36-25-13, 36-25-14, 36-25-15, 36-25-16, 36-25-17, 36-25-18, 36-25-19, 36-25-20, 36-25-21, 36-25-22, 36-25-23, 36-25-24, 36-25-26, 36-25-27, 36-25-29, 36-25-30 amended and renumbered; Secs. 36-25-8, 36-25-28 repealedH. Mac Gipson01/12/2010
HB152Pardons and Paroles Board, lesser penalty for parole revocations not based on commission of new crime, Sec. 15-22-32 am'd.John F. Knight Jr01/12/2010
HB151Homestead exemption, ad valorem tax except taxes for schools, permanently and totally disabled veterans and surviving spouses, exempt from under certain conditions, Sec. 40-9-19 am'd.Richard J. Laird01/12/2010
HB149Motor vehicles, veterans, permanently and totally disabled, exempt from license tax and registration fee for one tag, Sec. 40-12-244 am'd.Richard J. Laird01/12/2010
HB150Motor vehicles, disabled veterans distinctive license tag, veteran with service-connected disability of 100 percent exempt from license fees and ad valorem tax, Sec. 32-6-130 am'd.Richard J. Laird01/12/2010
HB148Hunting, veterans with disabilities hunting license established, continuously valid with proof of permanent and total disability, issuance feeRichard J. Laird01/12/2010
HB147Madison Co., dogs, dangerous dogs in unincorporated areas of county, county commission by resolution may establish procedure for determining, dog required to be kept in fenced enclosure, civil penalties, const. amend.Randy Hinshaw04/06/2010Signed
HB146Counties and county entities, claims for expenses denied by state agencies, State Board of Adjustment to approve claims unless state agency has adopted and followed written procedures, Sec. 41-9-65 am'd. (2010-20887)Richard J. Laird04/22/2010Signed
HB145Elections, write-in votes, counting further provided for, Sec. 17-6-28 am'd. (2010-20016)Charles O. Newton04/14/2010
HB144Motor vehicles, commercial driver licenses, passenger vehicles and school buses (P and S endorsement), sex offenders prohibited from driving or obtaining licenses, penalties, Sec. 36-6-49.25 addedArthur Payne02/23/2010Signed
HB143Civil Air Patrol, employees of state, counties, municipalities, and private businesses, military leaves of absence authorized in the same manner as members of National Guard and armed forces reserves, Sec. 31-2-13 am'd.John F. Knight Jr01/12/2010
HB142Elections, independent candidates for statewide office, number of names required to gain ballot access, reduced, Sec. 17-9-3 am'd.Cam Ward01/12/2010
HB141Campaign finance disclosure reports, electronic filing authorized, Secs. 17-5-8, 17-5-9 am'd.; Act 2009-751, 2009 Reg. Sess. am'd.Cam Ward03/25/2010
HB139Motor vehicles, students, drivers' licenses, suspension of by Public Safety Department for disruptive behavior in classrooms resulting in suspension or expulsion from school, based on recommendation of principal, procedures for hearing, Sec. 16-28-40 am'd.Barry Mask01/12/2010
HB140Stored wire and electronic communications, transactional location records, pen registers, and trap and trace devices, federal law to be followed regarding these devices, use of such devices authorized in emergency situations relating to missing personsChris England04/14/2010
HB138Campaign contributions, PAC to PAC transfers, prohibited, Campaign Finance Transparency Act, Secs. 17-5-7, 17-5-15 am'd.Barry Mask01/12/2010
HB137Income tax, work opportunity income tax credit based on federal income tax credit, Sec. 40-18-182 addedBarry Mask01/12/2010
HB136Income tax, employer and employees, income tax credit for educational advancement and training to be defined by workforce developmentBarry Mask01/12/2010
HB134Domestic violence by choking, crime of established, penaltiesDavid Grimes01/12/2010
HB135Person convicted of facilitating solicitation of unlawful sexual conduct with a child, electronic solicitation of child, or facilitating the online solicitation of a child, property subject to forfeitureKen Guin01/19/2010
HB133Teachers and other certified educational employees and student teachers, professional liability insurance, Education Department and Finance Department to purchase or provide, Teacher Protection ActDavid Grimes01/12/2010
HB132Professional and commercial licenses, state or political subdivisions of state prohibited from issuing or renewing license of person not lawfully and physically present in United States, confidentiality of verification documentsVictor Gaston01/12/2010
HB131Public benefits, citizens age 18 or over required to prove lawful presence in United States to receive, verification process, penaltiesVictor Gaston01/12/2010
HB130Alabama Development Office, economic incentives prohibited for employers employing illegal immigrants, Sec. 41-9-202.2 addedVictor Gaston01/12/2010
HB129Electioneering communications and paid political advertising, disclosure of source of funding required, exceptions, contributions by political committees further provided for, Secs. 17-5-2, 17-5-8, 17-5-12 am'd.; Act 2009-751, 2009 Reg. Sess. am'd.Randy Hinshaw02/02/2010
HB128Energy Policy, Permanent Joint Legislative Committee on, established, members, duties regarding state energy plan, subcommittees, reporting of recommendations to Legislature and Governor, Legislative Energy Policy Office, establishedGreg Wren03/11/2010Signed
HB127Trucks, weight limit for vehicles equipped with a functioning auxiliary power or idle reduction technology increased, Sec. 32-9-20 am'd.Greg Wren01/19/2010
HB126Energy efficient equipment, tax credits for residential or business application, Energy Efficiency ActGreg Wren01/12/2010
HB124Prepaid Affordable College Tuition (PACT) Program Advisory Task Force, established, members, dutiesMike Curtis03/02/2010
HB125Annual sales tax holiday, sales and use tax exemption, certain energy efficient products included, Sec. 40-23-210 am'd.Greg Wren01/12/2010
HB123Prepaid Affordable College Tuition (PACT) Program, separate board of directors, members, duties, Sec. 16-33C-4.1 added; Secs. 16-33C-3, 16-33C-4, 16-33C-5, 16-33C-6, 16-33C-7, 16-33C-8, 16-33C-10, 16-33C-11, 16-33C-12 am'd.Mike Curtis03/02/2010
HB122Prepaid Affordable College Tuition (PACT) Program, contracts, Legislative intent regarding expressed, each contract in force on effective date of this act to be honored regardless of date issuedMike Curtis01/12/2010
HB121Agricultural products, cattle, swine, soybeans, eggs, cotton, grain, catfish, sheep, goats, shrimp, assessments for promotional programs by certified associations after referendums, audits changed to every two years, filing of financial statements with State Board of Agriculture and Industries, Secs. 2-8-19, 2-8-59, 2-8-99, 2-8-166, 2-8-207, 2-8-248, 2-8-288, 2-8-323, 2-8-363 am'd.Tammy Irons03/04/2010
HB120Elections, election officers, Legislature by local law authorized to appoint alternate election officers, Sec. 17-8-1 am'd.; Act 2009-638, 2009 Reg. Sess. am'd.Steve Hurst02/02/2010
HB119Cigarettes, tax increased, Sec. 40-25-2 am'd.Patricia Todd01/12/2010
HB118Ethics Commission, lobbyists required to disclose all expenditures on public officials, registration with Ethics Commission, Secs. 36-25-1, 36-25-19 am'd.Patricia Todd01/12/2010
HB117State contracts, competitive bids, awarding authority required to purchase certain amount of products and services from preferred vendors, Sec. 41-16-20 am'd.Patricia Todd01/12/2010
HB115Limited partnerships, Uniform Limited Partnership Act, effective date for certain limited partnerships changed from January 1, 2012, to January 1, 2011, to coincide with the effective date of the new business and nonprofit entities code, Act 2009-621, 2009 Reg. Sess. am'd.; Sec. 10-9C-1206 am'd.Cam Ward03/09/2010Signed
HB116Motor vehicles, taxes and fees, authorized to be used for public transportation, Amendment 93, (Section 111.06, Recompiled Constitution of Alabama of 1901, as amended), am'd., const. amend.Patricia Todd04/14/2010
HB114Guardianships and conservatorships, adults, jurisdiction, transfer of proceedings to another state, enforcement of guardianship and protective orders from other states, Uniform Adult Guardianship and Protective Proceedings Jurisdiction Act, Secs. 26-2B-101 to 26-2B-106, 26-2B-201 to 26-2B-210, 26-2B-301, 26-2B-302, 26-2B-401 to 26-2B-403, 26-2B-501 to 26-2B-503 added; Secs. 26-2A-31, 26-2A-109, 26-2A-131 am'd.Tammy Irons04/14/2010Signed
HB113Coastal Protection and Restoration Fund, establishedSpencer Collier01/12/2010
HB112Public contracts, purchases by hospitals, campus medical facilities operated by public colleges, including pharmacies, pharmacy clinics, veterinary clinics and hospitals, medical teaching clinics and health care clinics, exempt from competitive bids, exceptions, opportunities for minority-owned businesses, Sec. 41-16-21 am'd.James E. Buskey01/12/2010
HB111Uniform Residential Mortgage Satisfaction Act, uniform method for clearing residential land titles for subsequent transactions, Chapter 10B, Title 35 added, Secs. 35-10-26, 35-10-30 am'd.James E. Buskey01/12/2010
HB110Madison Co., occupational tax, levy prohibited, const. amend.Laura Hall02/16/2010Signed
HB109Economic development projects, qualifying projects for tax incentives, base wage requirements under Section 40-18-190, Code of Alabama 1975, amendments in Act 2009-722, effective date of new requirements delayed for applications filed by November 21, 2009John F. Knight Jr03/23/2010Signed
HB108Criminal sex offenders, Legislature by local law authorized to prohibit residing in same residence and provide that no more than one adult criminal sex offender may reside in an apartment complex unless there is a distance of 100 yards or more between residences, civil penalties, Sec. 15-20-26 am'd.; Act 2009-558, 2009 Reg. Sess. am'd.Oliver Robinson01/12/2010
HB106Vital statistics, birth certificates, State Registrar required to issue Certificate of Foreign Birth for any person adopted under any other jurisdiction within or outside of United States, Sec. 22-9A-12 am'd.Randy Hinshaw04/14/2010
HB107Madison Co., Tennessee Valley Authority, payments in-lieu-of-taxes increased by Sec. 40-28-2, Code of Alabama 1975, portion of increases distrib. to county legislative delegation office, Act 80-277, 1980 Reg. Sess. am'd.Laura Hall02/16/2010Signed
HB105Schools, public and private, physical education program, requirements specified, Sec. 16-40-1 am'd.Ken Guin04/21/2010
HB104Homestead exemptions, income qualification increased, Sec. 40-9-19 am'd.Jack Williams01/12/2010
HB103Property owners, limited immunity from civil liability in defense of self, others, and property from person unlawfully on property and engaging in criminal conduct, exceptionsJack Williams01/12/2010
HB102Trade secrets, willful and malicious misappropriation of, civil penalties increased, intentional remuneration of a third person to misappropriate a trade secret, crime of established, Sec. 8-27-4 am'd.Jack Williams04/14/2010Signed
HB100Schools in unincorporated areas of county, reduced speed school zones on roads and highways established, signs required, Transportation Department to provide signs on state highways, fines doubled, County and Municipal Reduced Speed School Zone ActGregory Canfield04/22/2010Signed
HB101Medical savings accounts, established, limits on deductible amounts contributed, interest excluded from gross income, use of funds, withdrawals, distribution upon death of account holder, Medical Savings Account ActGregory Canfield01/12/2010
HB99Education Trust Fund, fiscal year appropriation cap, Budget Stabilization Fund, Capital Fund, Pension Liability Fund, and Retiree Health Benefits Liability Fund, established, Education Trust Fund Rolling Reserve Act, Sec. 40-1-32.1 repealedGregory Canfield01/12/2010
HB98Income tax, retirement income from defined contribution plans, exempt under up to certain amounts, Sec. 40-18-19 am'd.Gregory Canfield01/12/2010
HB96Motor vehicles, rules of the road, distance of three feet required when passing person on bicycle, civil penalties, Three Feet Please ActJames O. Gordon04/14/2010
HB97Municipalities, fire protection sprinkler systems, not required in single-story buildings meeting certain requirementsJames O. Gordon01/12/2010
HB95Prichard, mayors, participation in Employees' Retirement System or municipal retirement system, authorized, retroactive effect, const. amend.James O. Gordon01/12/2010
HB94Income tax, retirement income from defined contribution plans, exempt under up to certain amounts, Sec. 40-18-19 am'd.Gregory Canfield01/12/2010
HB93Legislature, procedures concerning presentment of an adopted bill to the Governor, gubernatorial vetoes, and executive amendments, item vetoes, vote recording, new section, Bills Presented to the Governor, added, Sections 125 and 126 (Sections 125 and 126, Official Recompiled Constitution of Alabama of 1901, as amended), repealed, const. amend.Jack Williams01/12/2010
HB92Dead bodies, State Board of Health required to authorize a relative or other designee, other than the spouse, to release the body to the funeral home in certain circumstancesJames O. Gordon01/12/2010
HB90Income tax, employers creating jobs in certain counties with high unemployment, tax credit, Industrial Relations Department to identify counties, Targeted Job Creation Tax CreditDuwayne Bridges01/12/2010
HB91Prichard, mayors, participation in Employees' Retirement System or municipal retirement system, authorized, retroactive effect, const. amend.James O. Gordon01/12/2010
HB89Franklin Primary Health Center, Inc., exempt from state, county, and municipal sales and use taxJames E. Buskey04/14/2010
HB88Over-the-counter medications, sales and use tax exemption, Sec. 40-23-4.4 addedH. Mac Gipson01/12/2010
HB86Law enforcement agencies, internal investigations, written procedures required within certain time periodSpencer Collier04/14/2010
HB87Driving under the influence, prior convictions defined for purposes of second or subsequent offenses, mandatory minimum imprisonment increased for fourth or subsequent offenses, penalties for offenders with .15 percent alcohol increased, fines within certain periods to conform, Sec. 32-5A-191 am'd.Spencer Collier04/14/2010
HB85Campaign contributions, PAC to PAC transfers, prohibited, Sec. 17-5-15 am'd.Jeff McLaughlin01/19/2010
HB84Income tax, employers, certain small businesses and employees, health insurance premiums, tax deduction under certain conditions, implementation only upon certain revenue growth in Education Trust FundJay Love01/12/2010
HB83Income tax, individuals, personal and dependent exemptions increased, phased out of optional standard deduction, provisions to be operational only after certified revenue growth in Education Trust Fund, Secs. 40-18-15, 40-18-19, 40-18-27 am'd.Jay Love01/12/2010
HB82Uniform Residential Mortgage Satisfaction Act, uniform method for clearing residential land titles for subsequent transactions, Chapter 10B, Title 35 added, Secs. 35-10-26, 35-10-30 am'd.James E. Buskey01/12/2010
HB81Criminal charges or convictions for certain felony or misdemeanor offenses, petition for expungement of records authorized under certain conditions, proceduresChris England04/14/2010
HB80Energy, Alabama Public Interest Energy Research and Development Grants Program, established, funding for energy projects, Commission on Public Interest Energy Research and Development Grants, established, Permanent Joint Legislative Committee on Energy Policy to advise, Public Interest Energy Research and Development Grants Fund, established, appropriationBetty Carol Graham04/13/2010
HB79Education, State Superintendent of Education, county and city superintendents of education, Chancellor of Postsecondary Education Department, certain chief executive officers, vacancies, posting of notices required, Secs. 16-4-1.1, 16-60-111.9 added; Secs. 16-9-11, 16-12-1, 16-60-111.1 am'd.James E. Buskey03/09/2010Signed
HB77Public officials or spouses of public officials, names and compensation of those who are employed by or have contracts with a municipality, a county, or the state, public disclosure required, filing with Ethics Commission, Sec. 36-25-5.1 addedCam Ward04/14/2010
HB78Motor vehicles, low speed vehicles and mini trucks, licensure, restrictions, safety equipment title not required, Sec. 32-6-59 added; Secs. 32-8-31, 40-12-240 am'd.; Act 2009-746, 2009 Reg. Sess. am'd. (2010-20010)Spencer Collier02/04/2010
HB76Appropriations, pass-through appropriations, defined and prohibited, agency director guilty of Class C misdemeanor for violations, line-item appropriations expressed authorized, Budget Accountability ActMac McCutcheon01/12/2010
HB75Surface Mining Commission, meeting days altered, fees, licenses and renewals, contracts with attorneys as hearing officers authorized, requirement for citations compelling attendance at hearings deleted if cessation order issued, Secs. 9-16-73, 9-16-74, 9-16-77, 9-16-78, 9-16-81, 9-16-93 am'd.Tommy Sherer04/14/2010Signed
HB74Veterans, honorably discharged who served in Vietnam War and who did not receive high school diploma due to service, may receive diploma, requirements specified, State Board of Education to develop criteria and guidelines, Sec. 16-1-37 am'd.Jack Page04/22/2010Signed
HB73Income tax, research and development tax credit based on federal income tax credit, Sec. 40-18-180 addedMike Ball01/12/2010
HB72Ad valorem tax, reappraisal, Class II and Class III property, time period limited, const. amend.Gerald H. Allen01/12/2010
HB71Transportation Department and county commissions authorized to designate safety zones in sections of highways with numerous accidents, posting of signs, penaltiesJim McClendon04/14/2010
HB70Transportation Commission, established, members, terms, compensation, appointment of Director of Transportation Department, Secs. 23-1A-1, 23-1A-2, 23-1A-3 added; Secs. 23-1-21, 23-1-21.2, 23-1-22, 23-1-30, 23-1-34, 23-1-39, 23-1-42, 23-1-50, 23-1-54, 23-1-55, 23-1-58, 23-1-59, 23-1-60, 23-1-61, 23-1-249, 23-1-286 am'd.; Secs. 23-1-41, 23-1-63 repealedCam Ward02/02/2010
HB69Auburn University, board of trustees, teleconferencing and videoconferencing authorized, Sec. 16-48-7 am'd.Joe Hubbard04/22/2010Signed
HB68Income tax, employers creating jobs for unemployed persons, tax deduction authorized, Revenue Department to implement, Reemployment Act of 2010Robert Bentley01/12/2010
HB67Teachers' Retirement System, School Superintendents of Alabama, executive officers and employees authorized to continue to participateRichard Lindsey02/17/2010
HB66State employees and employees of public educational institutions in the state, ineligible from holding any statewide elective office or serving in the Legislature, End to Double Dipping Act, Sec. 36-2-1 am'd.Duwayne Bridges01/12/2010
HB65Motor vehicles, three-stage graduated licensing, age requirements for licensed driver accompanying driver with learner's permit, restrictions on persons 16 or 17 years of age with Stage II driver's license further provided for, operation of hand held communication devices prohibited, Secs. 32-5-64, 32-6-7.2, 32-6-8 am'd.H. Mac Gipson04/21/2010Signed
HB64Ad valorem tax, classifications of property, aircraft, privately owned, noncommercial, included within Class IV Property, effective on adoption of const. amend., Sec. 40-8-1 am'd.H. Mac Gipson01/12/2010
HB62Motor vehicles, state, county, municipal, and volunteer fire departments, license tags, fees to be set by Revenue Department, issuance fee, replacement tags, transfers, Revenue Department to retain fees, Sec. 40-12-250 am'd.Randy Wood04/22/2010Signed
HB63Ad valorem tax, classifications of property, aircraft, privately owned, noncommercial, included within Class IV Property, Amendment 373 (Section 217, Recompiled Constitution of Alabama of 1901, as amended), am'd., const. amend.H. Mac Gipson01/12/2010
HB61Wrongful deaths caused by state officer or employee, State of Alabama to pay compensation to estate of decedant, attorney feesJames O. Gordon01/12/2010
HB60Mobile Co. (Thirteenth Judicial Circuit), two additional district court judges, election, terms of office, duties, powers, and necessary funding for compensation and benefits, percentage from each municipality and balance from county commission, exemptions, incumbent district judges, const. amend.James O. Gordon01/12/2010
HB59Ad valorem tax, redemption of property sold for delinquent taxes, subsequent purchases, redemption payment altered, Secs. 40-10-122 am'd.; Act 2009-508, 2009 Reg. Sess. am'd.James O. Gordon01/12/2010
HB58Marshall Co., 27th Judicial Circuit, additional circuit judge, electionJeff McLaughlin01/12/2010
HB55Ethics Commission, granted subpoena power, Sec. 36-25-3 am'd.; Act 2009-225, 2009 Reg. Sess. am'd.Cam Ward01/21/2010
HB56Marshall Co., 27th Judicial Circuit, additional circuit judge, conditioned on funding for compensation and benefits by county commission, electionJeff McLaughlin04/22/2010Signed
HB57Marshall Co., 27th Judicial Circuit, additional circuit judge, election, appropriationJeff McLaughlin01/12/2010
HB54Ethics Commission, granted subpoena power, Secs. 36-25-3 am'd.; Act 2009-225, 2009 Reg. Sess. am'd. (2010-20001)Alvin Holmes02/02/2010
HB53Jefferson Co., elected county council, elected chief executive, and appointed county manager, positions established, members, dutiesPat Moore01/12/2010
HB52Trapping of fur-bearing animals, licensing, use of plastic tags on traps and the requirement that the license number of the owner of a trap be contained on any tag, deleted, Sec. 9-11-59 am'd.Jimmy Martin03/11/2010
HB51Sex offenses, sexual conduct with child 16 to 18 years of age by teachers, counselors, coaches, school administrators, or other persons in substantially similar position of authority, prohibited, consent of child not a defense, penalties, Secs. 13A-6-61, 13A-6-64, 13A-6-66 am'd.H. Mac Gipson01/12/2010
HB50Inmates, assigned to operate a motor vehicle on public roads or streets included within basic liability coverage for state employees, Sec. 36-1-6.1 am'd.; Act 2009-748, 2009 Reg. Sess. am'd.H. Mac Gipson01/12/2010
HB49Montgomery Co., Elmore Co., Autauga Co., occupational tax, levy prohibited, const. amend.H. Mac Gipson01/12/2010
HB48Firearms, accessories, and ammunition manufactured in this state, under Commerce Clause of U. S. Constitution exempt from federal regulation, Firearms Freedom ActH. Mac Gipson01/12/2010
HB47Health care, persons, employers, or health care providers, mandatory participation in any health care system prohibited, const. amend.H. Mac Gipson01/12/2010
HB46Campaign contributions, limited for candidates for Alabama Supreme Court, Court of Civil Appeals, Court of Criminal Appeals, circuit courts, district courtsChris England01/12/2010
HB45Same sex partner benefits, colleges and universities prohibited from offeringDuwayne Bridges01/12/2010
HB44Tennessee Valley Authority, payments in-lieu-of-taxes, redistribution of the payments to dry counties and municipalities under existing law to counties served by TVA, certain increases in liquor tax receipts distributed to dry counties and municipalities, Sec. 40-28-2 am'd.Laura Hall03/04/2010Signed
HB43Foundation Program, alternative method for calculating teacher units in certain extreme circumstances, State Superintendent of Education to approve, Sec. 16-13-232 am'd.Richard Lindsey04/08/2010Signed
HB42Health care, persons, employers, or health care providers, mandatory participation in any health care system prohibited, const. amend.Robert Bentley01/12/2010
HB41Health Care Rights of Conscience Act, health care providers, institutions, and payers right to decline to perform services that violate their consciences, injunctive reliefRobert Bentley01/12/2010
HB40Abortion prohibited except to preserve the life of a pregnant woman, or when rape or incest occurrs, penalties, const. amend.Robert Bentley02/23/2010
HB39Abortion, consent, information required prior to procedure, Sec. 26-23A-4 am'd.Robert Bentley01/12/2010
HB38School employees, engaging in sex act or deviant sexual intercourse with a student or having sexual contact with a student, crimes of established, penaltiesDemetrius C. Newton04/14/2010Signed
HB37Teachers, principals, and education employees, State Superintendent of Education to immediately revoke the education certificate and terminate employment upon conviction of certain felonies or sex offenses involving a child, Teacher Tenure Law, Teacher Accountability Act, and Fair Dismissal Act amended to conform to this act, Secs. 16-24-8.1, 16-24B-3.1, 36-26-102.1 added; Sec. 16-23-5 am'd. (2010-20138)Chad Fincher03/30/2010Signed
HB36Solid waste, application filed with Environmental Management Department for new facility, local governing body approval, deemed denied if not approved within 180 days, Sec. 22-27-48 am'd.Thomas Jackson04/14/2010
HB34Mini-Code, consumer credit transactions, late charge increased under certain conditions, Sec. 5-19-4 am'd.Craig Ford04/14/2010
HB35Motor vehicles, text messaging or operating a handheld global positioning system (GPS) while operating a motor vehicle on public street, road, or highway prohibited, penaltiesCam Ward04/14/2010
HB33Elections, presidential preference primary, counties where Mardi Gras recognized as county holiday and having special provisions, expenses reimbursable by state, retroactive effect, Sec. 17-16-2 am'd.Yvonne Kennedy04/21/2010
HB32Grandparents, visitation with minor child, considerations of court in determining best interests of child, Sec. 30-3-4.1 am'd.Harry Shiver04/21/2010
HB31Waterfront property, piers, permit required from State Lands Division of Conservation and Natural Resources Department, waterfront boundary determination by extension of lot lines, restrictions, State Lands Division to propose rules to administer act, civil penalties, certain piers and structures permitted by the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers or Federal Energy Regulatory CommissionHarry Shiver01/12/2010
HB30Elections, overseas absentee voting, Electronic Overseas Voting Advisory Committee, established to advise whether secure electronic means of voting available, duties of absentee election manager, overseas voter certificate required, Secretary of State to implement rulesJimmy Martin02/02/2010
HB28Counties in which a Class 2 municipality is located, circuit and district judges, election from districts, Sections 6.04, 6.05, (Sections 142, 143, Recompiled Constitution of Alabama of 1901, as amended), am'd., const. amend.Joseph C. Mitchell01/12/2010
HB29Toxic waste, Environmental Management Department required to identify high impact areas for toxic contamination by counties, State Health Officer required to document disease occurrences by countyJoseph C. Mitchell01/12/2010
HB27Counties, municipalities, and political subdivisions, certain employees, collective bargaining authorized, arbitrationJoseph C. Mitchell01/12/2010
HB26Elected officials authorized to solicit funds for private nonprofit organizations, Sec. 36-25-1 am'd.Joseph C. Mitchell01/12/2010
HB25Homestead exemptions, annual adjustment based on gross national product, Revenue Department to calculate, Sec. 40-9-19 am'd.Joseph C. Mitchell01/12/2010
HB24Ad valorem tax, homestead exemption, increased, Sec. 40-9-19 am'd.Joseph C. Mitchell01/12/2010
HB22Property sold for nonpayment of taxes, rate of interest required for redemption reduced, Secs. 40-10-121, 40-10-122 am'd.Joseph C. Mitchell01/12/2010
HB23Education, K-12 employees, portion of salaries received from extracurricular activities subject to proration, Sec. 16-6B-9 am'd.Joseph C. Mitchell01/12/2010
HB21Workers' compensation, partial disability, cap on removed, schedule limit, Secs. 25-5-57, 25-5-68 am'd.Joseph C. Mitchell01/12/2010
HB20Alabama Revised Uniform Arbitration Act, adopted, Revised Uniform Arbitration Act, Sec. 8-1-41 am'd.; Secs. 6-6-1 to 6-6-16, inclusive, repealedJoseph C. Mitchell01/12/2010
HB17Legislature, persons in occupations or vocations involving serving as an officer of the court may not serve in Legislature, Section 47 (Section 47, Recompiled Constitution of Alabama of 1901, as amended), am'd., const. amend.Joseph C. Mitchell01/12/2010
HB18Child abuse or neglect, disability of parent or child under federal Americans With Disabilities Act not to be considered in reporting or determining, Sec. 26-14-2 am'd.Joseph C. Mitchell01/12/2010
HB19Legislative agencies, required to advertise employment opportunities and job vacancies, emergency exceptions, reporting requirementsJoseph C. Mitchell01/12/2010
HB16Legislature, senatorial districts, apportionment, Section 203, Article IX (Section 203, Recompiled Constitution of Alabama of 1901, as amended), repealed, const. amend.Joseph C. Mitchell01/12/2010
HB15Youths Empowerment for Success, Inc., exempt from state, county, and municipal sales and use tax; property owned and used by exempt from state, county, and local ad valorem taxJoseph C. Mitchell01/12/2010
HB14Mobile Arts Council, Inc., exempt from state, county, and municipal sales and use tax, property owned and used by exempt from state, county, and local ad valorem taxJoseph C. Mitchell01/12/2010
HB13House of Representatives, initial apportionment of House districts, provision repealed, Section 202, Article IX, (Section 202, Recompiled Constitution of Alabama of 1901, as amended), repealed, const. amend.Joseph C. Mitchell01/12/2010
HB11Trains obstructing streets, removal required in certain circumstances, time limit imposed, civil penalties, Sec. 37-8-115 am'd.Joseph C. Mitchell01/12/2010
HB12Legislative record, Clerk of the House and Secretary of the Senate to establish procedure to implement and maintain, record to contain committee discussions, floor debate, and other materialJoseph C. Mitchell01/12/2010
HB10Legislature, persons employed by any entity that contracts with any two-year or four-year institution of higher education may not serve in Legislature, Section 47 (Section 47, Recompiled Constitution of Alabama of 1901, as amended), am'd., const. amend.Joseph C. Mitchell01/12/2010
HB9Hospitals or health care facilities, inspection date or time, disclosure in advance by county health department employee or any agent of state or county, prohibited, penalties, Sec. 22-21-29 am'd.Joseph C. Mitchell01/12/2010
HB8Legislative record, Clerk of the House to establish procedure to implement and maintain, record to contain committee discussions, floor debate, and other materialJoseph C. Mitchell01/12/2010
HB7Bayou La Batre Clinic, Inc., exempt from state, county, and municipal sales and use tax, property owned and used by exempt from state, county, and local ad valorem taxJoseph C. Mitchell01/12/2010
HB5Colleges, technical schools, and universities, use of appropriations by Legislature for lobbyists, prohibitedJoseph C. Mitchell01/12/2010
HB6Property sold for nonpayment of taxes, rate of interest required for redemption same as the residential mortgage rate published by the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation at a certain time, Secs. 40-10-121, 40-10-122 am'd.Joseph C. Mitchell01/12/2010
HB4Supreme Court Associate Justices, appellate, circuit, and district judges, election from districts, Sections 6.02, 6.03, 6.04, 6.05, (Sections 140, 141, 142, 143, Recompiled Constitution of Alabama of 1901, as amended), am'd., const. amend.Joseph C. Mitchell01/12/2010
HB3Elections, right of individuals to vote by secret ballot guaranteed, Amendment 579 (Section 177, Recompiled Constitution of Alabama of 1901, as amended), am'd., const. amend.Cam Ward01/12/2010
HB2Short-barreled rifles or short-barreled shotguns, possession, sale, receipt, obtaining, or use, in violation of federal law, prohibited, exceptions, penalties, Sec. 13A-11-63 am'd.Steve Hurst04/14/2010Signed
HB1State income tax, federal deduction limited for individual taxpayers, state sales tax on food removed, Amendment 225 (Section 211.04, Recompiled Constitution of Alabama of 1901, as amended), repealed, const. amend.Johnny Mack Morrow04/14/2010
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